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PoRTal ZiNE 001 Welcome to the first issue of Portal, a publication from Portal Radio in Porto. This zine is a place for us to recap everything that's been happening at Portal and to talk about upcoming events in and around Porto. The first few months of Portal Radio has been a life affirming experience, the support and encouragment from our collaborators has been imense, and we are eternally grateful to everyone that has come to see us or listened to one of our shows. We envisioned Portal as a platform for people to express themselves, so it made sense that we extend that premise to something more physical, hence this zine. If you would like to collabroate wih us for the next issue or pehaps come to perform at Portal Radio, please get in touch, we couldn't do this without you. Cheers + Beijos


JULY JULY 6TH - SÁ Born and raised in Porto, Sá started collecting vinyl since a young age. Sá’s rolling bass lines and classic breakbeats created a set full of energy and nostalgic moments. With a smile on his face throughout, Sá’s passion for collecting and playing records was obvious as he mixed seamlessly through a range of different genres.

JULY 13TH - MÁRCIO It was in 2011 that Márcio had his first contact with DJ'ing, inspired by friends to play more regularly he is now a staple on the Porto electronic music scene. Márcio has an inante ability to take his listeners on a journey, not knowing where one track begins and the other ends, Marcio had the Portal crowd fully immersed in his set.

JULY 27TH - PHATIC Phatic is a musical nomad which moves among a physical and mental space. Phatic’s breadth of musical taste is just one part of his appeal as a DJ. His ability to mix techno, bass and breaks together is testament to his adventurous and excitable nature. His gleaming smile and bassy tracks filled the room and you couldn't help but dance.

AUgUST 17TH AUGUST - PHANTASMA Pedro Centeno / Phantasma Is an abstract journey into the phantasm of the subconscious. Phantasma knows his music and his wide ranging track selection told a story. From UK Grime to Cornish Acid, his knowledge and skill both as a DJ and an artist shone through with everything he played.

22ND AUGUST - PORTAL PRESENTS SIÂN Siân [DJ and co-founder of Portal Radio] kicked off a new weekly podcast that works as a place for DJs to showcase artists and lables they are currently into. Highlight of this show was an exclusive VSO-XOX track kindly provided by the man himself [Vasco Oliveira]. You can listen back on our mixcloud or tune in live every Wednesday at 21H.

24TH AUGUST - MOJO HANNAH A DJ that is crossing fearlessly uncharted music territories. Mojo Hannah, or Ana Pacheco, has a dedication to music that you don’t often find. Her passion for crafting interesting and energising sound tracks was evident in this set, which she designed around the theme of women in electronic music since the 1950's.

bØn Hi Afonso, your eclectic style and dedication to the music has opened many doors for you so far, what has been your favourite show and why? We learn in every show, even if its for 100 or 1000, I have so many good memories and shows that it’s impossible to name just one. Playing at Lux Frágil, Gare Porto or at the Neopop Festival was a dream come true, but I had great time in a lot of places, Bragança is a city that I love to play, I've so many good friends and places there. Last summer Portimão for EON was special too, Guimarães for the OSI team, and Plano B with Rui Trintaeum too. So, I think that every show has a meaning and even sometimes the bad ones can be the evolution for something better. What are your biggest influences as an artist and DJ? I have so many influences, like DJs and musicians, some of them are my friends some of them I even don’t know. My Dad is addicted to music so since a very young age I listen to Jazz and Classic music at home, even when I didn’t enjoy it that much [ahahah], that was my first influence, then I went to Porto when i was 17 to study, in 2005, I lived there for 10 years and at that time Drum and Bass was giving its first steps and becoming stronger and stronger, so for a kid that comes from a small village in the north of

ne Portugal I fell in love with the movement and the music, it was so magical, different and new, it was like I became part of something. I saw artists like Goldie, LTJ Bunkem, Calyx & Teebee, Noisia, Bad Company, Dieselboy, Dom & Roland, Ed Rush, Temper D, Shy FX just to name a few. This was all before I started to listen to Techno in 2008, the first guys there I knew about, but like, knew they work, because I already knew is names and that they were DJs, was Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. In that year Richie was with a project called “Making Contakt” a movie about him traveling the world with Troy Pierce, Magda, Jon Gaiser, Marc Houle and many others, they had this project using Traktor and Abeton that allowed them to play all together at the same time using a time code, and an incredible show of visuals by Ali M. Demirel, who was a History teacher from my school that showed me that in the classroom, you guys need to see that, still awesome, but, it was the first time I saw Traktor and that was the way I start mixing, because, I didn’t have the money to buy turntables or CDJs but I had a computer for school. Luis Lemos, a DJ friend of mine, downloaded the program for me and he give me the first steps of mixing and learning about times and stuff, so thats how it went. But I still have people that influ-


enced me, for example Renato Moreira aka LAB is a friend of mine, he’s a music producer and a DJ, one of the best of Dark Trance, we are friends since we were kids, we lived in the same town during our childhood, he was the first guy I saw making music and mixing and he always helped me with my achievements. He is a true inspiration for me. Bruno Deodato aka Trikk is another one, we met in school in Porto and we started to listen to House and Techno together, at the time I was more into to Jungle and Drum and Bass, we made music together, we

went to parties together, and he always pushed me forward and made me believe, another true inspiration and a special friend. Another one is Luis Ferreira aka Sepypes, he hosted me in the first years of my career, he had these events in the North of Portugal near to my home town called “Trip Vision” and at the time I was the resident DJ, I learned a lot playing there and doing the opening sets for a lot of Portuguese DJ’s and producers and seeing them playing, was like a school to me, I learned how to read the crowd. So to explain all of this, the people who inspire me the most is the ones that live with me and work with me, I have other DJs and producers that influence me but not in such a direct way, but I get influenced very easy and i’m always trying to open my mind to new things and to be able to make them work in my way of playing, and you can hear that in my music I think. What do you think about the current electronic scene in Portugal, has it grown since you started out? Yes, it grows a lot every year, we have so many good things coming from Portugal right now, more people are making music, more people are starting labels and opening Record shops and Clubs and Radio Shows, and we got this explosion of summer festivals this year. It’s good that this is happening and people need to start thinking forward and helping each other, sometimes we lose because people are too closed and they just make things for them selves and their friends, people need to be more open and try different things and don’t be afraid of the change, change is good and it’s a part of the evolution.

What are you listening to most at the moment? I’m always listening to a lot a things as you can imagine, I’m listening to diferent kinds of music, not just electronic music, I do that for sampling and trying to get new ideas, but I can name a few of the tracks I’m currently listening to and playing. The new ep from Donnato Dozzy on Tresor [Filo Loves The Acid] is a must, been playing that a lot, the new realese of Tafkamp [REVENGE1] on Revenge Techniques, a label from Stranger, the Blawan album on is label called Ternesc, “Wet Will Always Dry”, Skee Mask album on Ilian Tape called Compro and the new Aphex Twin of course “T69 Collapse”, Bambounou, Parameter Perkusia on Disk and Fugal “Parallels Ep” on Secondnature are just a few of the things that i’m enjoying.

What does the future hold for Backbone and what can we look forward to? Besides the festival I have a project with Mafalda Martins called Vinculum and we are trying to make some parties in Coimbra, because it's the place that we now live, let’s see how that's gonna go. I have another project with my friend Toni Ribeiro called Vicious Electronic Music,

We have so many good things coming from Portugal right now. After the success of the first Spectrum Festival, what can you tell us about your plans for the next edition? It was the first year, I never did something like that, it went well, was another dream come true. We have some changes to make, gonna make it two days next year, going to see a place near to some rivers and a nice place for camping, we are gonna make our first international booking and make new areas, maybe some places with softer music, a food area, some works shops of music and other themes some art works and something like a spiritual healing for getting back your energy and more stuff, I think I already said too much. [ahahah] I’m really happy to make that in my hometown and trying to bring people there, because it’s a magical place, and I just want to show it to the world.

and he is hosting me as a DJ. They make parties in the North of Portugal, and we have some live streams every Wednesday, we invite a DJ or producer to show their work and it’s always a nice way to meet new people and to listen to new music. I'm very happy that it's going so good, and we're making our first international booking - can’t tell you guys who the artist is but in a near future you'll know, October is the month. Besides that I have started to make music in December and I’ve already got some tracks, having my music released is another dream that I want to achieve, just trying to get more identity in my music and trying to make it sound like I want it to sound, wish me luck.


VIETNAMESE BANH Mi Hello Peeps - this is fucking delicious and something much greater than the sum of its parts. Imagine those amazing leitão sandwiches at Café Guedes but pimped up with chilli, acidic pickles and a zingy, South East Asian freshness you can't quite put your finger on and something you won't find anywhere near Batalha. Read on, dear Readers, it's worth the perseverance and the 2 days advance preparation… just make sure you do the pickles first. PICKLE INGREDIENTS: 3 Medium Carrots 1 Daikon 240g sugar 2 teaspoons salt 260ml White Wine Vinegar 220ml Warm Water Julienne the carrots and daikon into 3cm x 3cm strips. Add 4 teaspoons of sugar and sugar and salt and massage for about 3 minutes until you can bend the julienned veg in half. Rinse under cold water and drain well. Put into sterilised jar. Dissolve the rest of the sugar in the warm water and add the wine vinegar, pour over the carrot/daikon, seal and leave in the fridge for a minimum of 24 hours. You won't be using all the pickles in the

following recipe but they store well in the fridge and go with anything that likes pickles. BANH MI INGREDIENTS: 90-100ml [more or less] Fish Sauce 70g Sugar [about 5 dessert spoons] 1 large Shallot or 1 medium Onion [finely chopped] 6 cloves of Garlic [finely chopped] 1 stalk of Lemongrass [finely chopped] 1 teaspoon Black Pepper 600g Bifana Steaks [about 5mm thick] Bunch of Coriander [roughly chopped] Sriracha Mayonnaise [3 parts mayo / 1 part Sriracha Chilli Sauce] 6 Baguettes Whisk sugar and fish sauce together until almost dissolved then add onion, garlic, lemongrass and black pepper. Put this mix into a ziplock bag with the steaks, make sure all meat is covered with

imagine a leitĂŁo but pimped up with chilli, garlic and acidic pickles marinade and leave in the fridge for between 1 and 24 hours. Massage the bag a few times whilst it's in there to get the meat really soaked in flavour. Get a ridged grill pan [or regular frying pan] really hot; take the meat out of the ziplock bag and shake off most of the marinade - grill them for about 2 minutes on each side until done, Leave to rest for a couple of minutes then cut each steak into 2 or 3 strips. Split the baguettes and lightly toast them then spread one side with the Sriracha mayo, add some strips of the cooked steaks then top with the carrot/daikon pickle and as much fresh coriander as you want. Close sandwich and devour. Of course, if all this seems like too much of a faff [and it is a bit, let's be honest here] come on down to Portal Radio on Sunday 16th September between 4 and 7pm for 'Painting with Music' and pick one up from Johnny Caralho's Guerrilla Kitchen. There's also a Lemongrass and Coriander marinated Tofu version to give the animals a rest if you're on a Halal, Kosher or Vegetarian diet. You might even end up making it back home to impress your friends and family now you've got the recipe [and to give me a rest, ffs]. Beijos picantes malta.

Johnny Caralho's been living and working in Porto for nearly 3 years. He started with his own place in Rua do Bonjardim which just as it closed TimeOut Porto nominated his Pork Pie with Leeks and Apricots as one of the thirty best dishes they'd eaten in 2016. Fucking typical. After working at a couple of brunch places in Baixa he set out on his own again supplying places with those famous pork pies, cinnamon rolls, cakes, pastries and classic English Muffins - the only authentic base to serve under Eggs Benedict. You can find his Guerrilla Kitchen popping up at the bimonthly "Sobe e Desce" events on Bonjardim as well as around Baixa late at night. And of course you may have already met him at Portal on Friday and Saturday nights serving up the best Caipirinhas in town: a mix of Limes, Soft Brown Sugar, Cachaça and Ice that together create something proper moorish. Whaddya mean you haven't had one yet??


gabi Ä‘Ub Hi Gabi, as a familiar face on the Porto electronic scene over the years, how have you seen the city change? Porto has always been an epicentre of cultural activity, outputting widely celebrated artists in various fields and creating a strong impression with its restless alternative circuit. Electronic music is no exception to that and particularly the house/techno, drum and bass, hip-hop, psychedelic trance and experimental electronic scenes grew solid overtime, in which many reference [and surely fair to say, legendary] venues, played a fundamental role to establish a weekly schedule of international and national acts, but also to breed new artists in production and djing and new collectives and promoters. Worth to mention the influence of having schools and reference stores, directed to electronic music here.

Chronologically, Porto went through some ups and lows. After being one of the top spots for dance music in the 90's, with Rock's Club, Cais 447, Indústria, Meia-Cave and then Club Trintaeum, Urbansound or Maré-Alta, most of these places closed around the millennium, coinciding with the time Porto was having its first big city and tourism reforms and relocating the "movida" into other parts of the city. From early to mid 00's it kinda was on a limbo and Porto night seemed like half-dead. But in the last decade, we gladly assisted to a new ressurgence so Iguess Porto was never as active as it is nowadays. There´s plenty of offer in style and size. Gare Club, Indústria, Plano B, Passos Manuel, Café au Lait, Hard Club, Maus Hábitos, Lottus After-hours, Sonoscopia, together with an evergrowing number of seasonal festivals and outdoor events are the actual places where you can get into the city's electronic scene. As the co-owner of the successful record label Arctic Dub [Sursumcorda] now based here in Porto, what piece of advice would you give to those starting out as recording artists? Get in the craft and techniques as much as you can and find the way that fits you to achieve what you want to hear. It´s a neverending venture and hard-work is the key word here. Cultivate your musical sense, listening to different styles of music [even music you are not specially into], getting into other forms of art [with or without music associated] and develop your own felt musical taste, pulling yourself out of your musical comfort. All of this adds to trigger curiosity, to develop a sensibility and to give you experience to understand the specific

Porto was never as active as it is nowadays. There´s plenty to offer in style and size. moods of an audience or dancefloor and it's very rewarding in the long term. While in the studio, explore. Approach composition with no style constraints. Could be tempting to just reach a good technical level, in which the music sounds competent, and similar to your preferences, but flourish out of it and explore actively and naturally what you really feel to play. Music can and will be your expression, don´t take it for short and grow it to fit your identiy[ies]. Of great importance, keep your ears fresh and healthy!

How would you describe your sound as Gabi Von Dub to somebody that hasn't heard you play before? It all depends on the context, who´s coming before and after, if applied. Usually I prefer music that has an hypnotic and somewhat spacey quality to it, building an impredictable but always rhythmic journey, from the start.

The label has been busy, outputting vinyl for the first time, while keeping our digital going. I like long sets, going through house, techno, acid, electro... with a certain driven and trancey feeling to it. Love to play my selection of psychedelic trance also. For a listening environment, I love to play ambient-dub-techno, idm, minimal, experimental and weird altogether, in order to create a chilled-out, interesting and cool mood. Being into these styles over the years, not rarely I find a lot of youtube:

good music that doesn´t belong to the box it was filled under, so I like to clash all of these findings, like colours in a palette. Now that was a long boring description :D What other genres do you listen to outside of electronic music and what are your biggest musical influences? Usually I listen to a lot of avant-garde and experimental music, african [afrobeat, moroccan, guinea, etc], dub, crossover thrash, doom, grind, free-jazz, prog, early alt-rock, spoken word, etc... It's difficult to name just a few bigger influences, but I can say I always tended to the crossover side of the music, while unconsciously absorbing the essence of the styles Ihave been into. Watching all the constant mutations and ramifications in music is a very interesting thing to witness and together with a good practice of listening, these are the main things I would consider really relevant as influence. What does the future hold for Arctic Dub [Sursumcorda] and what can we look forward to? Lately, it's been busy times for the label, outputting vinyl for the first time, while keeping our digital releases going. No better way of celebrating 10 years of releasing music, than releasing more music! Up next until the end of the year we have some debuts at Arctic Dub, with Edward Bei, Dystopian Soundscapes and the duo Enko & Inversus releasing their upcoming EPs, and some more vinyl too. Also the fifth volume of our ongoing compilations, together with the next Dave Wesley EPs. Stay tuned and thanks for having me!

anÐy I’m Andy James, a multi-disciplinary artist from London. I rolled into Porto almost a year ago, after a few years developing my practice with significant projects in Morocco and Sweden. Once the magic of living on the road momentarily flickered out, Porto’s emerging and expanding creative community stopped me in my tracks. This is a city of possibilities. People are making, doing and creating a myriad of artistic investigations, music and performances.

It feels urgent and imperative for me to build my work in this environment, right now. I’m inspired and distracted here, dragged in different directions, shifting up and down, spinning around and spitting everything out when I land in the studio. I construct scenes to engulf, indulge and delight. Primarily, these works strive to be accessible. Through alluring aesthetics, a viewer is invited to observe on a superficial level. There is no imperative to seek meaning or intention. My practice ought


to operate like Times Square; an absorbing experience of flashy emptiness. The visual impact is familiar yet not directly associated to an alternate experience. If there is an invitation to explore, this is it. All in all, mine is a practice of social consideration. I consider things around us, irrelevant but present, that have become so familiar that we do not question their intent. There are the obvious elements of media manipulation, the effects of a typeface, a visual structure, a colour combination. Subtle nuances to evoke a desired outcome. The quit smoking helpline number on every packet of cigarettes, the salt content on snacks, the way the light falls in the dairy isle in the supermarket. I work towards an immersive experience which screams of over exposure, saturated visuals, brains full to the brim with jingles from ads on telly and pop culture references that you don’t It is a preoccupation not just with art, but with the environment within which it exists. Instagram: @andjam247 @gutless_wonder

I am working on a series of paintings and objects for an installation which investigates these ideas. They’re flashy, gross and crude. They seek to invert any sense of specific meaning or intention, instead blurting out buzz phrases and spewing insta-worthy moments of clarity. The objects should function as 21st century icons, like how Jesus has been drawn and redrawn so many times that the hybrid version can be seen in alignment with Bart and Homer. By combining such familiar visuals in such a familiar way, I aim

to reduce my art and myself to a stock image. I want to be Microsoft clip art from a parallel universe. The viewer has to feel that they see “just what they were looking for”, even though they are not quite sure what that is. It should feel good in the way that it feels good when you see the first Christmas commercials of the year. A little bit sick and a little bit panicked. An exhibition of Andy's work will take place here at Portal Radio throughout September


pЛRvЛ muSiCЛ Parva is an underground and independent musical journey in a series of regular happenings. It was born out of the necessity to step away from the established club scene of Porto and to start something new and out of the ordinary. Created by Pedro Centeno (visual artist, curator and musician) and with a lot of help from local musicians and artists who felt excluded from the core of the city's culture but who moved freely on and within the margins. Parva started as

ground zero for musicians, artists + thinkers ground zero for musicians, artists and thinkers who felt the need to be part of something that is both inclusive and groundbreaking. The events usually take place illegally, in an underground basement/studio in the city center of Porto where everything is governed by individual initiative: no brands, no common-sense advertising. An unorthodox sound system, band equipment, program and stage set-up; video works and installations,

street poster art and graffiti bombing with a random bar and drinks thrown in. The name Parva has a latin source, meaning a small amount of money, insignificant or not relevant. The idea came out of an independent publication for arts from the beginning of the 20th century with the same name by Almada Negreiros who wrote the first futurist manifesto in Portugal. The line-ups at our events have a strong emphasis on live music, with more than 10 concerts at each event making it unique and almost impossible to recreate in any other club or venue. We work with local, national and international musicians living in town or just passing through and we focus on searching for the sound of the city: testing new relationships between sounds and artists, from punk to rave, and other bizarre crossovers in which low cultural practises like metal and moshing meet those of the avant-garde such as atonalism and transcendentalism. Parva also produces a series of handmade musical editions available at Please send an email request to and we will add you to our private mailing list.

Original front cover of the publication from 1920


nЛTЛchЛ GuevЛrЛ

33 years old nomadic photographer from Benito Juárez, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. I have always had a keen interest in photography ever since traveling to Patagonia as a child. I used to take photos with my pocket kodak film camera trying to keep the stunning landscapes with me forever. While studying chemistry at the university of La Plata, a friend reintroduced me to photography. I started taking photos at concerts and did collaborations with a

local fashion designer shooting his model students. A job opportunity arose in the caribbean doing candid photography, and since then I have traveled extensively around Latin America, Asia, New Zealand, and Europe, holding all the memories in my camera. I have been living in Porto for over a year where I am working on various projects in the development stage. My work can be found at some local markets or contacting me through the fabebook page “NGR4” and “ NGfotografia”

FESTiVAL Based half way up the mountain of Mondim de Basto in Northern Portugal, Vinculum hosted its first edition of Spectrum Festival in July of 2018. Created by the talented and forward-thinking DJ Backbone, (Afonso Esperança), Spectrum’s location in such a special spot is testament to his creative and inspired nature. Upon arrival the small but beautifully decorated enclosure has an instant magical atmosphere, a few early dancers are mesmerised by the sound and light show coming from the booth, hand crafted to such a high standard it’s hard to believe this festival is only in its first year. With glittering hand-made masks hanging from the trees and a spectrum of ribbon blowing gently

in the breeze, it’s clear to everyone that we're in for a very special night.

Siân, an English DJ living in Porto, warms up the festival with a cool mix of mellow house and acid tracks - The system is loud and warm and extremely impressive for a festival of this scale. It’s clear everyone is thinking the same thing as smiling faces surround the speakers - drink in hand - from the charming bar build into what looks like an old scout hut. Emiliano Saldanha (festival co-founder) and his partner Hortense Loredana Sgueglia are an integral part of the team and it’s clear that every detail of this festival has been carefully considered. Spectrum’s team of dedicated creatives have made sure


character to the place. There are spots for relaxing with vintage chairs as well as generous room to dance, the space feels very safe despite its remote location. There is a feeling that this kind of festival is what we’ve been waiting for, for a long time. Jamie Ferrer brings a harder sound to us eager dancers, his seemless mixing and

There is a feeling that this kind of festival is what we’ve been waiting for, for a long time. everything is complimentary to the natural surroundings and nothing feels synthetic. The DJ booth is a work of art in itself, made from salvaged wood from the surrounding area and supported by a backdrop of rainbow ribbons, the light show and array of colours is now magnetising everyone to the dance floor. James Grouper, a Portuguese DJ from Porto, steps up to play a thoughtful and melodic set that brings out the most enthusiastic dancers from the crowd, gleefully shouting and dancing on the grass podium, with a bright full moon above us, a primal feeling of freedom fills the air Having looked closer, the booth and dancefloor area is on the base of a terraced garden which gives a certain

energy in the booth is not unnoticed as the festival starts to fill up quite fast with people from surrounding towns who have heard the news. The bar is busy and managed confidently with a ticket system that means cash isn’t handled openly, which makes perfect sense. With a branded Spectrum cup in hand I am greeted by Mafalda Martins, Spectrum’s Art Director, who is offering complimentary face decorating with jewels and glitter - to which I can’t resist. Rui Trintaeum, a staple on Porto’s electronic scene over the past 25 years is next to play and a sense of excitement ripples through the crowd. His friendly face illuminated by the festival lights

with his energised yet calm approach to the set proves the next two hours are in very safe hands. We dance blissfully unaware of time, all together in this place, it truly feels like we’re one big family. Rui’s eclectic mix of music has something for everyone, a true selector, we enjoy the thudding bass and warm melodies. At around 4am Rui is joined by Backbone himself for an invigorating Back-to-back that has the entirety of the festival dancing like crazy. There’s a sense of admiration for him flooding the dance floor, we are thankful to be here, in this moment, and we don’t want to leave.

Seypyes creates the perfect post 6am set of hard kicks and mind-bending sounds. The sun is rising over the hilltops and this new light exposes a lot of happy, sweaty faces. We’re able to see the beautiful hand-made masks in more detail and begin picking them off the trees to wear during the final set. Seypyes, a DJ from Celorico de Basto, creates the perfect post 6am set full of hard hitting kick drums and mind-bending sounds. We dance together in the early morning sunshine wondering how soon we can return to this enchanting place.


SepTember DESTROY ALL MONSTERS / MAUS HABITOS - 07.9.18 Destroy All Monsters [D.A.M] is not focused in order for you to have fun or to please other people. We prefer to be engaged in an activity that provides an instantaneous and powerful cleansing noise. We are not interested in making music. At Maus Hábitos, Porto.

APHEX TWIN COLLPASE EP PARTY - 14.09.18 In honour of the release of the latest Aphex Twin 'Collapse' EP, Portal are hosting a night of Aphexian music. You can expect lots of AFX, Rephlex, CPU, WeME and more, accominied by a well lush projector set-up. We'll also be playing the EP in full at some point.

DJ LOKI [UK] - 21.09.18 DJ Loki’s encyclopaedic knowledge of Drum and Bass is testament to his fierce and passionate attitude to music. His vast vinyl collection spans back more than two decades and his thirst for discovering new music is still a big part of his life. Loki’s ability to create seamless mixes and relentless energy throughout his sets means he never leaves a dance floor disapointed.

LOTTUS AFTER HOURS - 27.9.18 Portal Radio joins forces with After Lab @theafterlabporto for the first of a series of nights at Lottus After Hours from 00:00 - 05:00am on Thursday 13th September. Line up and more info about the event are on Facebook.

HELENA GUEDES DJ & LUCIANA BASTOS ARTIST - 16.9.18 DJ Helena Guedes will be spinning whilst Brazilian artist Luciana Bastos will be 'painting music'. You might know her work from her project 'Giro - Art on Wheels' where she exhibits her art around the city by bicycle. Drop by to see and hear for yourself |

SOBE E DESCE - 22.09.18 Make your way to R. do Bonjardim for an evening of exhibitions and fun as you make your way up and down this super cool Porto street. Gallerires such as DIVISION ZERO, EXTÉRIL, POSTE, SPUT & NIK and UNTITLED will be keeping their doors late into the night. A great place to meet likeminded people.

Portal Radio Tote Bag Help support us by donating â‚Ź8 for this hand screenprinted all cotton tote bag. Available at and at the station.

MISSING CAT Name: Micky Mouse AKA Pillow Fucker Description: Ginger tabby with a broken tail. Sometimes too friendly. Answers to no one. Hangs out under cars. Last seen near Rua de Cedofeita 612 in August 2018. "REWARD" IF FOUND! CALL +351 910 972 470 Rua de Cedofeita 612, Porto @portoportal

Portal 001  

The first edition of Portal, a zine from Portal Radio.

Portal 001  

The first edition of Portal, a zine from Portal Radio.