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Table of content Message from the Research Team Introduction to IR Global Rankings Investor relations website | Overview What’s HOT for investor relations websites What’s NOT for investor relations websites Content Benchmark examples for content Design and navigability Benchmark examples for design and navigability Interactivity Benchmark examples for interactivity Technology and data handling Benchmark examples for technology and data handling Timeliness Benchmark examples for timeliness Examples of excellent overall websites to follow

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Message from the Research Team Dear IR Professional, It is our pleasure to present you with the IR Global Rankings Benchmark Study for IR Websites, which aims to provide the key guidelines, best practices and differentials for Investor Relations worldwide. We sincerely hope that this information will be of important use to your company and that it will help you with the ongoing task of improving your Investor Relations program. After 14 years of research, meticulous analysis and more than 5,000 evaluations, we decided to provide this report and other ones for free from now on. It is our pleasure to be a resource of reliable information to IR teams around the World.

Although it is quite complete, it is also a little bit simpler than the usual paid version. However, those who already acquired any past edition of the Benchmark Study will see that the comments are much more detailed and comprehensive. We could not keep this powerful knowledge just to ourselves. It is our contribution to the global capital market to improve even further their relationship with its investors.

Warmest regards, IR Global Rankings Team



Introduction to IR Global Rankings IR Global Rankings (“IRGR”) was created in 1999 and is the most complete ranking system that analyzes IR websites, online annual report, financial disclosure procedures and corporate governance practices. Our methodology is based on an extensive and detailed technical evaluation of over one hundred items and is conducted by a team of Investor Relations specialists and verified by an independent committee. The results are transparent and accessible to all participants of the ranking. Some companies choose to receive an individual feedback report with a detailed summary of the key findings and suggestions for improvements in all categories. The IRGR team is also available for individual conference calls with these participants, if desired.


Envisioning the improvement of IR practices worldwide, the IRGR team has full capability of analyzing and implementing any changes desired by your company. As IR Global Rankings evaluates a large number of companies within various industries worldwide, participants may also choose to receive a best practices report with general key findings and best practices among the participating companies of each edition. IRGR ensures that winners are widely recognized through releases distributed to financial news broadcast agencies around the world. IR Global Rankings, supported by Arnold & Porter, KPMG, MZ Group and Sodali, is a unique, external review of any company’s communication process with analysts and investors. For more information, please visit our website

Financial Disclosure

Corporate Governance

IR Website

Online Annual Report

Overview The Investor Relations (“IR”) website is the first intuitive resource for most people seeking information about a company and is also the main communication channel used by public companies to interact with the capital markets universe as IR teams can manage the company’s message, in multiple formats and languages, and update relevant disclosure quickly and inexpensively. While the IR website targets mostly investors and coverage analysts, it provides equal access to all through real time publishing and interactivity with the general public. Increasingly, regulators and stock exchanges are also concluding that websites can be an effective means of required disclosure for material events, including in lieu of the more traditional means of press releases to the major wire services, hence it is essential for the IR website to be used to its best and full potential.

IR websites should not be static but rather allow for interactive communication with its public and the best IR websites use the power of the Internet to provide investors with all the information they need on a company such as its business strategy, financial performance, prospects, key competitors, culture and history. The information should be easily and quickly provided through customized tools such as webcasts, FAQs, recent events and news, analytical modeling, search mechanisms and e-mail alerts, just to name a few. The SEC recently issued new guidelines for publicly-traded companies regarding the use of websites to disclose corporate information and having high standards of IR websites is a matter of growing importance globally. IR Global Rankings analyzes and ranks the IR websites of its participants by using the following technical criteria:










≥≥Easy-to-follow site structures with all sections viewed from the homepage;

≥≥Translated transcripts (published in at least two languages);

≥≥Animation or videos played on the IR homepage that summarize the company’s investment messages, competitive advantages, strategies, latest results or corporate image;

≥≥Making available the stock research reports of each analyst;

≥≥Industry section updated with information on global and local aspects;

≥≥Complete guidance section;

≥≥Proactive transparency, disclosing more information than required by law or regulators;

≥≥Organizing Investor Days and making available presentations and videos;

≥≥Compensation and contact information for all board members;

≥≥News section with brief summaries;

≥≥Summary of the committee structure and membership information that shows the policy of each committee and a biography of each member; ≥≥Providing search tools for investor relations content that provide summaries of the content; 8

≥≥Providing detailed summaries of the information and estimates published by analysts;

≥≥Up-to-date Fact Sheets on the website; ≥≥Information on Social Responsibility, ideally kept separate from the corporate website; ≥≥Easy-to-find download centers with good historical information and filter options;

≥≥Documents available in HTML format; ≥≥Regulatory filings section with documents available in HTML, PDF, Word and Excel formats;

≥≥Interactive and easy-to-use menu bars, with key content visible without clicking; ≥≥Interactive fundamentals tool for financial data;

≥≥Complete versions of the financial statements available for download in Excel format;

≥≥Interactive tools to illustrate the company’s operations;

≥≥Updated events calendar with Outlook and mobile reminder tools for upcoming events, past events with hyperlinks to corresponding materials a nd bookmark and share tools;

≥≥Investment calculator for retail investors;

≥≥Latest webcasts synchronized with presentations;

≥≥Using social networks as an IR communication tool;

≥≥Maintaining the website up-to-date;

≥≥Allowing users to personalize the homepage;

≥≥Interactive charts for stock prices, analyst recommendations, latest results, operational metrics, etc.;

≥≥Providing different related links for each topic/section;

≥≥Interactive charts with dates for key corporate events/news, including access to the corresponding documents;

≥≥Disclosing information in accordance with IFRS standards;

≥≥Ticker bar with stock prices and indices; ≥≥Navigation compatibility with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, lastests versions for Internet Explorer. 9





≥≥ Institutional website mixed with the investor relations website;

≥≥Links that do not work, go to the wrong section or take users to a page that is not in English;

≥≥Not providing information on the industry;

≥≥ Documents that do not open correctly or are too heavy to download;

≥≥Outdated information; ≥≥Information and Sections that are hard to find; ≥≥Link to social media not related to IR; ≥≥Not having a link to the IR page on the corporate homepage;

≥≥Messages such as “Not Found / The requested URL was not found”; ≥≥Blank sections throughout the website that do not have at least messages such as “This page will be updated when information is available”;

≥≥Long headlines that require the use of ellipses (...);

≥≥Not providing a replay of the last quarterly conference call;

≥≥Search tool in native language on the English website or search tools that ask for passwords;

≥≥Not providing the complete presentation used in webcasts;

≥≥Institutional presentations (such as Investor Day) that do not indicate the speaker;

≥≥Providing conference call audio files only through e-mail requests;

≥≥Not highlighting the investment message and having it “lost” in the company overview section;

≥≥Industry comments that are more specific to the company rather to the industry itself;

≥≥Poorly structured menus in which users must browse in more than two sections to find what they are looking for;

≥≥Providing audio files that do not play correctly;

≥≥Having sections that are not indicated on the Home menu bar;

≥≥Images that can be zoomed, but become illegible;

≥≥Using different languages in the English IR website; ≥≥Not having a specific SEC and local regulatory filing section; ≥≥Historical filings and documents “dumped” into a section without filter options by topic or year; ≥≥Not having both the HTML and PDF versions of the latest online annual report;

≥≥Not providing a scroll tool for long texts;

≥≥Charging a fee to access transcripts; ≥≥Publicity videos inside the IR website; ≥≥Outdated guidance; ≥≥Outdated stock price quotes; ≥≥Outdated FAQ section; ≥≥Not having contact information for the IR team;

≥≥Links that overlap, dysfunctional menu bars, etc.;

≥≥Not informing when sections were updated;

≥≥Not having an easy way to return to the homepage or back to the top of pages;

≥≥Outdated statistics in the “about the company” section; ≥≥Formatting and typing errors.


Tailored Study playing is not enough you need to analyse the best moves

IRGR will conduct an evaluation of your company’s current IR website, Online Annual Report and/or Financial Disclosure Procedures using IR Global Rankings methodology and provide detailed feedback on what should be improved in terms of content, technological tools, design, navigability and responsiveness. This report will be tailored, designed with your company to fit your specific needs. Containing specific recommendations, you can choose to compare your company with 5, 10 or 15 peers, to create a complete picture of how your company compares. SĂŁo Paulo +55 (11) 3529-3707 New York +1 (347) 797 5165

Categories for







Content Content is the most important factor for the analysis of IR websites. After all, information is what users are looking for and, when it comes to websites, there seems to be no such a thing as too much information. In terms of content, simplicity, clearness, timely and relevant are the key words to follow. IR websites must attend to the needs of existing and future investors in a proactive way and ensure that this valuable and useful resource of communication is not used as a mere library of information. Websites that just replicate information that can be found elsewhere do not attend to this important purpose. Companies should review their IR websites regularly and innovate in user-friendly ways to dispose information. Information such as details of operations, timeliness, financial data, share information, bondholder disclosure, news and corporate governance are among the key items analyzed. In this context we are analyzing not only standard content as company information, financial data and


regulatory filings, presentations and shareholder information but also more complex materials such as investment messages, debt information, a comprehensive corporate governance section, social responsibility and guidance.

Key Criteria Adopted by IRGR: ≥≥A clear statement of strategy and vision from the company should be provided. ≥≥A corporate profile detailing the history of the company, what it does, the products/services it supplies, its geographical reach and information on the sector in which it operates such as market shares versus its key competitors. ≥≥Linking users directly to outside sources (such as the SEC website to download filings) is not recommended. Companies should provide all documents on their own IR website.

≥≥Analysis of the company’s principal markets, future trends and strategies should be made available as appropriate.

≥≥Credit ratings, when available, should also be included on the website ideally within a separate section that is easy to find.

≥≥Prepare a separate and detailed section for Corporate Governance. This has been a growing demand due to concerns over corporate responsibility, policies and managing performance and it is no longer sufficient to disclaim corporate governance statements in the annual report only. Include as much information on corporate governance policies and practices as possible.

≥≥All regulatory annual, interim and quarterly reports should be available on a designated section of the website. Supplements such as earnings and press releases should also be included.

≥≥Provide details on the company’s social responsibility policies and achievements including information on relevant environmental and human resources issues as applicable to the company’s sector. ≥≥A clear section with information on outstanding debt, maturities and general terms and conditions of each issue should be available when applicable. Ideally, have the offering memorandum of each issue available for download.

≥≥ Archived financial data going back a minimum of three years should be easily accessible. ≥≥Companies with listings in other markets should include relevant shareholder documentation (ex: 20F for companies listed in the United States). ≥≥Providing equity research analyst estimates is a plus. ≥≥Current and past presentations should be made available, including webcasts and transcripts of such presentations when applicable. Best practice dictates that all audiences should have access to the Q&A sections of all presentations.



Benchmark Examples for Content Sub-category: Investment Message Company: ALL - América Latina Logística Differential: On the homepage, the feature area is well used, with a clear message to investors. Also, ALL highlight the price and quotes within this area. The Table Quotes is easily accessed by an icon on the bottom of the feature area, and data is shown within.


Sub-category: Strategy Company: Hera Differential: The section shows the 4 main strategies in a graph, which is easy to understand. The website also offers information to stakeholders about the growth strategy leveraging upon internal and external drivers. The section is extensive.



Sub-category: Industry Highlights Company: BNP Paribas Differential: The section is extremely interactive, well-organized and contains a wealth of information. As well as helping to organize the information, the interactivity of this section also captures the attention of the user.


Sub-category: Corporate Governance / Policies Company: Tav Airports Holding Differential: The section is extremely complete, providing a broad range of information. The fact that the section is extremely complete demonstrates transparency from the Company. It is easy to find information as the subjects are separated.



Sub-category: Corporate Governance / Biographies Company: MindTree Ltd Differential: The biographies provided are extensive, and also include a photograph, which allows for the members of the management to be identified.


Sub-category: Corporate Governance / Compensation Company: Hera Differential: The website provides comprehensive information about the remuneration policy for the executives, and shows, through use of a graph, the Company’s organization chart. When you pass the mouse over each box, it shows a photograph of the executive and their biography.



Sub-category: Debt Information Company: EDP Energias do Brasil Differential: The Indebtedness section is not only extensive, but it is also easy to understand as the Company has made effective use of graphs, making this section easy to read.


Sub-category: Debt / Credit Rating Company: Deutsche Post DHL Differential: The Credit Rating section is complete, providing reports, plus both short - and long-term ratings.



Sub-category: Analyst Research Coverage Company: Hera Differential: The Analyst Coverage information is complete, providing Analyst recommendations, reports and change in consensus.


Sub-category: Guidance Company: Tav Airports Holding Differential: The Company highlights the global, regional and sectorial perspectives as “Investment Highlights”Guidance is used by companies to: a) Align their procedures with that of the market’s expectations; and, b) Guide specific stakeholders, such as shareholders, investors, the media, analysts and other investment professionals, among others. Guidance must be used carefully,

so as not to create unachievable expectations for investors, as well as being accountable to regulatory bodies. It is optional; however, once it has been put in place it must always be carried out with respect to equity, consistency and frequency. 25


Sub-category: Presentation & Transcripts Company: RBS Group results_presentations Differential: The section is very well organized. All documents are organized by year and type, making it very easy to find the relevant information. Transcriptions must be true to the original audio and it is important that small errors, hesitations and variations in pronunciation do not interfere with the intended message. It is fundamental that the text be written by someone fluent in the language. 26

Sub-category: Investor Day - Meeting Company: EDP Energias do Brasil http://energiasdobrasil.infoinvest. Differential: The Investor Day gives investors the chance to get to know the company better. The meeting, attended by the CEO, CFO and Chairman, is one of the few opportunities that the investor has contact with all operational directors from all of sections of the company. It is extremely important to provide the name of which officers attended the meeting, and the presence of all 3, in the case of EDP Energias do Brasil, is exceptional. 27


Sub-category: Annual Report Company: Amil Participaçþes Differential: The Annual Report is well designed and easy to navigate, making effective use of tools. Through the Annual Report, the company gets the chance to present all of the work carried out throughout the year; mentioning specific actions, strategic planning of results and activities developed by each area of the company.


Sub-category: Quarterly Results Company: AT&T Differential: It is extremely important that all relevant documents can be found in one page, separated by year and quarter, making it easy to find information.



Sub-category: Press Releases Company: Advent Differential: In the Latest Press Release section, a summary of the news can be read via a “tool tip” on the homepage. If you click on it, you are directed to a page with the full news in HTML format. It is also possible to print easily.


Sub-category: Regulatory Filings Company: Infosys Limited Differential: The Report & Filings section provides all the documentation related to the same topic i.e. first quarter release, which makes it extremely easy to find information.



Sub-category: Social Responsibility Company: Pacific Basin Shipping Limited Differential: The Company provides a wealth of information regarding social responsibility. Social Responsibility is becoming much more important to companies and can be achieved by environmentally conscious manufacturing, conservation, investing in technological research, contributing to the development of the community, etc. As such, the more information the company provides, the more social-environmental recognition they receive. 32

Categories for







DESIGN AND NAVIGABILITY As mentioned before, in order to reach all the company’s public, there is no such thing as too much information. However, content is of little use if the information provided is not easy to find and thus design and user-friendly navigability are key issues for a successful website.

Key Criteria Adopted by IRGR: ≥≥The Investor Relations website should be easy to find through the company’s corporate home page. ≥≥Complex downloads may take time and not all users have the latest versions of software programs. Avoid unnecessary pop-ups or images and allow users the option to download the documents directly rather than automatically opening a new window with the desired file.


≥≥Emphasize headlines, key points and relevant information so they can be quickly seen on the initial page. Users tend to scan page initially rather than looking for something in detail. ≥≥A dedicated menu where all the content is available through just a few clicks is essential. The website should easily guide and navigate users to relevant information of other sections.

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Benchmark Examples for Design and Navigability Sub-category: Related Links Company: Hindustan Unilever Limited Differential: The related links change depending on the subject


Quarterly Results

Corporate Governance

Sub-category: Navigability Company: Adecco Differential: Very interesting way to show year by year all documents related to the Company´s disclosure. All documents are related by quarter on the top section so it´s unnecessary to scroll down the page. It also contains presentations about M&A and Strategy, and all documents related to the Annual General Meeting.



Sub-category: My Favorites Company: Santander Default.aspx Differential: The favorites section is a differential. It allows you to select your favorite 5 things on the site and keep them on the homepage, making navigation faster.


Sub-category: Homepage Toolbox Company: Mills Estruturas e Serviรงos de Engenharia S.A Differential: The homepage has a toolbox, which makes accessing important information quick and easy.



Sub-category: Don’t Miss Out Company: Gafisa Differential: On the homepage, there is the most recent and most viewed documents. This is an interesting feature as most likely the document that you are looking for is on this list.


Sub-category: Navigation Company: GOL Linhas AÊreas Inteligentes S.A. Differential: GOL’s website displays separate subjects in blocks of information and also has a section for highlights at the side of the main banner, allowing for easier navigation and greater visibility.


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Categories for







Interactivity Some companies overlook the potential of tools that can be provided to enhance interactivity with its public. For example, providing spreadsheets with financial and operating results can be very useful for analysts and interactive price graphs are also helpful for individual investors who do not have access to systems such as Bloomberg. Other important tools that are also overlooked include FAQs, e-mail alerts and events calendar, all updated of course.

Key Criteria Adopted by IRGR: ≥≥Allowing spreadsheet downloads with latest and past financial and operating results is very useful for analysts as it reduces margins for error when they are imputing data into their own files. ≥≥Providing interactive stock quotes in which the company’s shares can be compared with key indexes, for example, allows investors a better sense of the stock’s performance.


≥≥A regularly updated ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQs) section for private investors, that approaches common questions is also helpful. For this section, companies can for example add questions that were frequently asked during the latest quarterly results presentation, or use the list to guide users to where they will find specific information by using a simple link tool. ≥≥Providing user personalization, which allows them the ability to create tailored pages, move content elements around, create their own menu structure, or add electronic notes to pages can be a very innovate way to induce greater interaction with the company.

≥≥Establish an E-mail alert service for news articles and key corporate events so that investors who have registered can receive the information. However, ensure an option that can easily stop the information flow on request. ≥≥A financial calendar of important corporate events (including dividend payment dates, results announcements, investor days and other meetings) can be of potential interest to investors. Best practice indicates to have a calendar entry or e-mail alert to the users as well as links to related information once it has been published. ≥≥Make sure the event calendar is updated!



Benchmark Examples for Interactivity Sub-category: Fundamentals Company: Gafisa Differential: The dynamic spreadsheets make it very easy to download and save important operating figures, which are important to analysts, as they require this information to draw up the company’s financial structure.


Sub-category: Excel Download Company: Hera Differential: The tool allows the user to visualize, in an interactive way, the Company’s financial results, giving the option to download in excel or save as only a graph, pie chart, line or columns.



Sub-category: Interactive Charts Company: STATS ChipPAD Ltd. Differential: The chart is interactive and gives investors a mountain of information. In addition, interactivity is important as it allows for a comparison of the Company’s share performance with that of their peers, for example.


Sub-category: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Company: Grupo Sura Differential: The FAQ section is different in the sense that it has four sections: ADR, Company Information, Shareholder’s Information and Stock Overview. This makes the section organized and easy to find the information that you are looking for. There is also a search tool to facilitate your search.



Sub-category: Social Network Company: Infosys Limited Differential: The Infosys Blog is a real differential. It gets investors interacting with the company, bridging that gap between the two, with experts from the company providing thoughts, articles, and investors are invited to comment or share the information through social media.


Categories for







Technology and Data Handling This category basically rates how a company uses technology to further enhance interactivity with its public audience. For example, webcasts are an interesting way to increase the interactivity with the company’s management for individual investors who might not have the opportunity to attend meetings and the option to do provide search mechanisms are just some of the items analyzed.

Key Criteria Adopted by IRGR: ≥≥A site map, search engine or help button should be available to allow users to quickly find the information they are seeking. ≥≥Think of users that need mobile access. In this sense, allow for intensive use of HTML documents in addition to the standard PDF files. This helps when users may need to access information remotely and PDF reader is not installed.


≥≥Many companies post news articles on a website that is separate from the IR page. However, we recommend that the IR website also contain relevant news that investors need to have access to (such as M&A transactions, capital markets transactions, changes in administration, etc.). Another form to establish this can be through “really simple syndication” (RSS) in which users can subscribe and receive automatic updates every time there is new content.

≥≥There should be some kind of tracking mechanism that allows user to get back to the previous page without re-doing the clicks. ≥≥Online stock quotes should be easy to find on the website. ≥≥Provide webcasts of recent meetings. Podcasts are also being introduced.



Benchmark Examples for Technology and Data Handling Sub-category: Search Tool Company: Shinsei Bank investors/en/ir/ Differential: The website has a very good search tool. It is possible to choose where the user wishes to search for the information and also shows content summary.


Sub-category: Price Quote Company: Banrisul banrisul/index_en.htm Differential: The quote section has a variety of information. Providing this information is a differential, and gives shareholders all the information they could need, in one place.



Sub-category: Webcasts Company: BBVA http://shareholdersandinvestors. index.jsp Differential: This webcast is available in both Spanish and English, has a search tool to look for words and phrases within the presentation and also a Notepad that allows you to make notes about the presentation. It allows the download of all documents for the quarter results.


Sub-category: Use of HTML format Company: ALL - América Latina Logística Differential: The Company provides the complete Bylaws in HTML format and also has the option to download the PDF format


New Award for 2013


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Categories for







Timeliness A challenge for many companies is not building a great IR website, but rather keeping it up to date while attending ongoing investor solicitations. This is exactly what the Timeliness category evaluates. Websites are analyzed on the frequency if their updates for all sections and the response time for a simple material solicitation are scored.

Key Criteria Adopted by IRGR: ≥≥The IR website must provide contact details, including an e-mail address and telephone number that is valid for the investor relations officer or team responsible for shareholder communication. Often enough, companies provide a switchboard number which is not helpful. ≥≥Maintain sections regularly updated.


Benchmark Examples for Timeliness Sub-category: Update Date Company: Grupo Energisa http://www.investors. Differential: The Company provides the date that the information was last updated. This is extremely important, as it lets the investor know how recent the information is.



Examples of


Overall Websites to Follow

The following examples can be used as a Benchmark for excellence for the improvement of your IR Website. We recommend that you use these examples as a basis for the continual improvement of your IR Website. The IR Website is the first intuitive resource for most people seeking information about a company and is also the main communication channel used by companies to interact with the capital markets. Good luck with your continued improvement of your IR Website, and we hope that this report will help you to do this.


The Top 5 global scores of the 2012 edition of the IR Global Rankings for IR Websites


Global Ranking Position in 2012: Company: ALL - América Latina Logística Region: Latin America URL:



The Top 5 global scores of the 2012 edition of the IR Global Rankings for IR Websites Global Ranking Position in 2012: Company: Danske Bank Region: Europe URL:



The Top 5 global scores of the 2012 edition of the IR Global Rankings for IR Websites


Global Ranking Position in 2012: Company: Pirelli Region: Europe URL:



The Top 5 global scores of the 2012 edition of the IR Global Rankings for IR Websites Global Ranking Position in 2012: Company: BASF Region: Europe URL:



The Top 5 global scores of the 2012 edition of the IR Global Rankings for IR Websites Global Ranking Position in 2012: Company: Bayer Region: Europe URL:



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