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of St. John’s in Pine Meadow St. John’s purpose is to experience and share with others the good news of faith in Jesus Christ, because we believe Jesus Christ makes lives new. The Rev. Salin Low, Rector

December 2009

The challenges of keeping in touch I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time remembering to dial the area code every time I make a call — local or long distance. And once I do remember, or am reminded by an irritating recorded message, I am likely to goof while dialing all those numbers and have to start over. Our ways of communicating keep changing, and the changes can be perplexing and frustrating. One challenge of communicating with a group of people, say a parish, is that we are inundated with so many messages every day, and it’s hard to sort out the ones which merit our attention. A second challenge is that the time available to absorb information is limited for most of us with busy schedules, and opportune moments take place at all hours of the day and night. A third challenge which has arisen in our current technological age is that there seem to be more varied means of communicating. Some people want to read printed material, while others are more comfortable with digital media, which also come in several varieties. We know that we want to keep up with what’s going on, but the medium can get in the way of the message. Some of this is coming up because Donna Wayne and her company, Benistar, are no longer able to fold and mail our monthly newsletters. They have generously provided this service to the parish for more than five years, and we’ve sort of coasted in adapting to new methods of telling you and the rest of the parish what will happen in the next month.

For the last several months we’ve sent a weekly email to spread current announcements and remind those serving in our worship on the following Sunday. The feedback I’ve gotten is that that is helpful — if you have email. Now that we’re back to handling our own newsletter, we realize we need to think of ways to contain the costs of being in touch. Beginning with next month’s newsletter: 1. The newsletter will be available online. You will receive an email when it’s ready, giving you the link. In fact, you may have already received a test link for this month. 2. If you prefer to receive a printed newsletter, we will have a copy with your name on it in the narthex, usually the last Sunday of the month. If you don’t get it, we’ll mail it. 3. If you are willing to receive your newsletter exclusively by digital means, please notify the office ( This option will save copying costs, folding time, and postage — good stewardship. Whether or not you want to receive your newsletter online, please tell the office if you have an email address you check regularly. This helps us to get important news out quickly. While no means of staying in touch is perfect, taking advantage of those that work for each of us can keep our parish community stronger. Blessings at Christmas & Peace in the coming year.

Bits ‘n Pieces

HOW WE’RE DOING SO FAR OCTOBER RESULTS Operating Income Operating Expenses

$ 14,242 $ 20,841

Year To Date Operating Income Operating Expenses

$ 177,070* $ 191,307

*Includes 33,900 withdrawn so far in 2009 for operating expenses.

Capital Campaign Results Capital Campaign Pledge Goal: $376,284 Pledges Paid Through October: $ 95,667 Pledges Paid to date in November $ 4,084

The parish meetings on September 27 presented plans for beginning construction on the addition in early 2010. In order to accomplish this, we need to collect approximately $145,000 in capital campaign pledges.

Annual Appeal Results      

114 pledge cards were distributed. 72 Pledge cards returned 26 Pledges increased 9 Pledges decreased 36 Pledges unchanged 1 New pledges

Total amount pledged to date: Pledge Goal for 2010

$158,193 $200,000

If you have not returned your pledge card, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you.

If you would like to make a gift to the church of appreciated stock, please call the office for instructions. .

Diane Hayes, Treasurer

Give the office a gift—complete your 2009 pledge before Christmas. The office will be closed between Christmas and New Years. To receive credit for donations made during 2009, checks mailed to the office must be received by Tuesday, 12/22/09 in order to be deposited with the December 27 offering. Christmas Flower Envelopes Enclosed—Donations

can be given in celebration of a person or event, not just for memorials. In addition to donations for Christmas flowers, we are accepting donations for new altar linens. Please return your envelope to the office no later than December 15. Christmas Tree Needed — We need a tree which will be put in the church around Dec. 20 — about 7 feet tall and not too wide at the base. Email or call the office or rector if you wish to make this gift.

WELCOME TO DEBI ALTHEN NEW CHURCH SCHOOL DIRECTOR Debi Althen, a member of St. John’s for more than 15 years, has been selected as the new church school director. She has experience running a day care facility and is a qualified teacher. She is currently a tutor in the Canton Public Schools. Debi surprised us by applying for the position after seeing an ad. She interviewed with the rector and the church school committee and was clearly more qualified than other applicants — and there were several with impressive qualifications. Debi and husband David (Debbie Truss’s brother) were married at St. John’s in 1994. They live in Barkhamsted and have two children — Autumn and Adam. Many thanks go to Lucie Martocchio, who helped get everything ready for the school year and who helped Debi learn the ropes. Many thanks, also, to Cheryl Maust, our former director, who has offered to help teach in the church school. People willing to pitch strengthen the ministry of the parish.

Youth Group News December 13th Get-together The Youth Group will be helping out with the Jesse Tree project right after coffee hour, then staying on for skating (weather permitting), lunch and a movie at Licia House. If you have questions, please contact Mimi at or 379-6665.

news from

church school


December 13—Parts assigned for Epiphany Pageant.


Christmas Eve at 5:00 PM—Children to present the Nativity and sing Anthem.


December 27—No church school classes


January 3—Pageant rehearsal


January 9, Saturday —Pageant Rehearsal


January 10 —Epiphany Pageant. Children arrive at 9:00 a.m. to don costumes. Lunch and cake follow 10 AM service.

PARISH REGISTER (Broadly Defined) The register is broadly defined, because there are often events in the lives of parishioners and their families which are not recorded in St. John’s register. It is good, however, for us to hear about these Marriage Susan Gareis & Eric Zeidler (Daughter of Brenda & Joe Gareis) Deaths Irene Palozie Ruth Wells Stull

Thanks to all the Church School children and their parents for helping with the Stone Soup. Special thanks to everyone who helped with the fall cleanup in the Gill Memorial Garden. Thanks to Darrell Hoag cleared the driveway and lawn of leaves at Licia House. Special thanks to Donna Wayne & the crew at Benistar for their years of help folding and mailing the newsletter. Many thanks to Norma Pappalardo who recently retired from the Altar Guild after many years of faithful service. Many thanks to the following parishioners for returning their 2010 pledge cards: Leah & Larry Alibozek, Debi & David Althen, Ann & Robert Atwood, Eileen & Dick Bartram, Donna & Stephen Brehm, Sue & Brad Bremer, Nancy Butler, Anne & Bud Buttrick, Jr., Joan & Ron Caine, Elaine & Andy Cambo, Jeanne Cararini, Lenore & Kevin Case, Tom Chappell, Donna & Gary Colavecchio, Jennifer Caine, Ellen & David Childs, Charlotte Dufour, Jeanne & Ron Dufour, Candy & Jack Flaherty, Laura Frey, Julie & John Gargiulo, Nancy & Murray Gibson, Sue & Blake Hall, Joyce & Paul Halladay, Mimi Harden, Lorraine Hart, Diane & Guy Hayes, Jill & Michael Healey, Barbara Hinman, Barbara & David Henri, Peggy & Ralph Hitchcock, Ginny Hoffmann, Frank Hohmeister, Susie & Gray Horn, Tracy & Scott Hoskins, Sherri & Mel Johnson, Susan & Brian Jones, Judy Jones, Bobbie & Ken Krohner, Helen Kurau, Alan Lawson, Nancy & Jeff Linton, Sylvia Lovley, Salin & Bill Low, Lucie & Louis Martocchio, Sanna & Mert Messenger, Skip & Frank Misiorski, Lois Moraski, Suzi & Stan Moraski, Luke & Christine Nelson, Rose & Bob Osborne, Norma Pappalardo, Barbara & Paul Patch, Halyna Petronchak, Sue & Don Phillips, Gary Pontelandolfo, Maureen & Phil Prelli, Winnie & Leon Pratt, Jill & Matt Ragle, Molly Sexton Read, Kathy & Andy Riberdy, Joanne Ritchie, Joan Rock, Caren & Gordon Ross, Nancy & Joseph Russo, Jill Rock Smith, Doris Bryant & Del Springer, Maggie & Peter Stull, Evangeline & Donald Truax, Debbie & Wally Truss, Cynthia & Bill Welch, Carol & Mac Wilson.

December 20th Holy Eucharist 8 AM Lessons & Carols & Eucharist—10 AM

Christmas Worship

Christmas Eve 5 PM & 10 PM Family service at 5:00 PM. Children help tell nativity story Caroling & Anthems begin at 9:45 PM

Christmas Day 10 AM Holy Eucharist & Carols

Sunday December 27th Morning Prayer & Hymns 10:00 AM

Parish Meeting - Sunday, Dec. 6 - 9:30 a.m. - Details Inside P. O. Box 27 Pine Meadow, CT 06061 Phone: 379-3062

Address Correction Requested

The Episcopal Church We’re Here For You Christmas Flower Envelope Enclosed Return by December 15

Sunday Worship 8 & 10 a.m. Nursery at 10 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 pm

Altar Guild Polish Brass & Silver We will gather in Sheffield Hall to polish the brass and silver on Saturday, December 19, at 9:00 a.m. Anyone available on December 24th to help with the Christmas flowers should meet at the church at 10 a.m. Please call Donna at 379-4643 if unable to attend.

The Jesse Tree Is Here! A Tradition of Christmas Sharing Before Christmas we remember that Jesus was of the “tree of Jesse,” the father of King David. The Jesse tree helps this parish to keep Christ as the focus of our Christmas celebration. This year we will help 25 children in the Northwest corner area celebrate Christmas with gifts and food. Please take a tag or two, sign it out on the sheet near the tree. Lists are available for those who wish to donate food. Return the wrapped gifts with tag attached by December 13. The gifts will be sorted and delivered that day! Anyone interested in helping with delivery, call Beth Coates at 379-2488.

We had 17 kids (Grades 7-12) and 5 adults when we went bowling. Some of the pics are blurry, because everybody kept moving, and your photographer was kept busy keeping score. What fun!!

We’re proud of our historic building. These shots give a glimpse of its beauty. It takes a lot of work to keep it beautiful inside and out. Kudos to Ann Atwood for the autumn urns, to Gordon Ross and the garden committee for their work, to Darrell Hoag who mows and blows leaves, and to Louis Martocchio, who as junior warden is always fixing something.

Send us your email: If you want to know all that’s going on.

To see other pictures and other notes go to

December 2009 St. John’s Church – Calendar of Events Anniversaries in Italics













Holy Eucharist 7:30 PM





















Holy Eucharist 8:00 & 10:00 AM

Holy Eucharist 8:00 & 10:00 AM

Vestry 7:00 PM

Holy Eucharist 7:30 PM

Holy Eucharist 7:30 PM

Altar Guild Polish Silver 9:00 AM

Jesse Tree Gifts Youth Group


Holy Eucharist 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist and Lessons & Carols 10:00 AM


Morning Prayer 10:00 AM

Christmas Eve Services at 5 & 10 PM

Holy Eucharist 10 AM

Service TBD


Office closed


Office closed Sue & Brad Bremer

30 Barbara & David Henri


Office closed

Kathy & Steve Jakubowski No Service

December Birthdays 1-Dec 7-Dec 7-Dec 11-Dec

Larry Espinet Halyna Petronchak Frank Misiorski Ben Kimmerle

11-Dec 17-Dec 17-Dec 17-Dec 18-Dec 20-Dec

Zachary Marek Alan Welch Reid Gargiulo Louis Martocchio Tracy Hoskins Lucas Alibozek

21-Dec 22-Dec 25-Dec 26-Dec 26-Dec 27-Dec

Jill Ragle Drew Warren Gayle Moraski Max O'Neill Mimi Harden Jane Krohner

28-Dec 29-Dec 30-Dec 31-Dec

Danny Hoskins Ralph Hitchcock Robert Atwood Meg Toro

Notice of Parish Meeting Sunday, December 6, 2009 9:15 a.m. Nave of the Church A special parish meeting is hereby called by the Vestry for the purpose of approving a $100,000 revolving loan from the Diocese of Connecticut to provide temporary funds for the construction of the addition which was previously approved. Repayment of the loan will come from fulfillment of pledges made during the 2008 Capital Campaign. Background Information: 1. The parish approved the proposed plan and a capital campaign in January, 2008. 2. The campaign secured pledge slightly in excess of the $375,000 goal ($377, 750 as of November 15, 2009). 3. The parish approved the sale of 41 Church St. (Lovely House) and 42 Church St. (Licia House) in January, 2009. 4. The house at 41 Church St. was sold in early September for a net of approximately $168,000. 5. The house at 42 Church St. is currently under contract for $215,000 and is expected to close by early January. This should net the parish around $200,000 after commissions and repairs required by the sale. 6. We have accepted a bid of $516,700 made by Frank Mairano and Associates. Construction should require approximately 5 months. Payments for construction are generally 1/3 billed at beginning of project, payable in 15 days; approximately 30% half-way through the project; and the balance at the conclusion of the project. 7 ½% retainage is withheld pending resolution of incomplete items. In addition the heating and air conditioning will be installed by Quinoco at a cost of $16,000. 7. The Vestry has also recommended 10% reserve or $50,000 for unexpected items. 8. We have collected $95,667 in capital campaign pledges as of November 15, 2009. 9. A reconfirmation of capital pledges shows additional expected payments of $28,091 for the remainder of 2009 and a minimum of $22,000 in the first quarter of 2010 which, with the loan from the diocese and funds from the sale of the houses, will give us enough funds to pay for the construction. 10. We can borrow up to $100,000 from the diocese, pursuant to parish approval at the December 6, 2009, meeting. This loan can be repaid over 10 years, but earlier repayment will minimize our interest costs. We will draw on this loan only as needed during construction. 11. We have received commitments of approval from the Water Commission and our neighbor for necessary easements, which are being prepared by our attorney. Note: See accompanying newsletter for current results of the annual appeal.

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