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The Continuing Education Department of Portage College has been offering exceptional programming to Northeastern Albertans for nearly 50 years. Whether you are looking to improve work skills, renew a certification, or take a general interest course in cooking or the arts, our instructors and staff in Continuing Education & Faculty of Extension are ready to assist you. Let us know what your organization needs for training if it’s not listed in our catalogue. Please contact Continuing Education and we will deliver customized training at an affordable price. Happy Spring! Nancy Broadbent Executive Vice President Academic



Custom training that fits your needs. Our staff are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for your professional development needs. From safety certificates to leadership training and team building, we’re passionate about engaging you or your employees on an educational journey.


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ARTS & CULTURE Applique Beadwork Hide Tanning Refresher Soap Stone Carving

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COMPUTERS & I.T. Powerpoint 2013

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PORTAGE COLLEGE DRIVING SCHOOL Airbrakes “Q” Endorsement Class I & III Truck Transport Defensive Driving Driver Training - Class V “S” Endorsement Skidsteer Operations Truck Transport – Hours of Service Truck Transport – Pre & Post Trip Inspection

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SAFETY TRAINING Aerial Platform Confined Spaces – OSSA Approved Construction Safety Training System (C.S.T.S.) Fall Protection First Aid/CPR Forklift Operator Ground Disturbance H2S Alive - OSSA Approved Pipeline Construction Safety Training (P.C.S.T.) Roadbuilders Safety Training System (R.S.T.S.) TDG & WHMIS WTA Chainsaw

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PUBLIC LEGAL EDUCATION Colonialism & Historic Trauma: Legal Perspectives Elder Abuse Gladue Reporting How To Find Your Biological Family Identity Theft Restorative Justice

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ENVIRONMENTAL & NATURAL RESOURCES Mushroom ID & Cooking Course Potable & Wastewater Systems Management Wildland Firefighter-Firetack Crew Member

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HEALTH & WELLNESS Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

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GROUP TRAINING Try-on-a-Trade Commercial Driving

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HOSPITALITY & CULINARY Balanced Nutrition Cooking on a Budget Intro to Wine

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W hy Portage? Portage? At Portage College, we believe in empowerment. We’ve seen people of all ages and backgrounds grow spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally through education. Since 1968, we’ve played an integral role across rural Alberta in building successful, small communities. From our origins as Alberta NewStart in Lac La Biche, offering courses like academic upgrading, trapping, wild fur management and oilfield management, to our current state of 7 campuses and over 30 certificate and diploma programs, our involvement has always been geared to the overall needs of the communities we serve. Portage College takes great pride in empowering small communities. With a small, dedicated staff, we’re highly focused on providing our students with exceptional educational experiences. THE PORTAGE COLLEGE TEAM Our team of professional instructors and support staff are highly experienced in providing education that meets your needs. They are well-versed in modern teaching methods and passionate about the subjects they instruct. HOW DO I REGISTER FOR A COURSE? Give our friendly staff a call toll-free at 1-888-745-0719. PLEASE NOTE: Online courses are offered daily but students must register a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

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BUSINESS INCUBATORS OFFICE SPACE FOR ENTREPRENEURS AND START UPS AT OUR ST. PAUL CAMPUS Looking for a space to grow your idea? Consider our suite of Business Incubators that come equipped with multiple workspaces, wifi connections and access to an on-call business consultant. Portage College has partnered with the Cold Lake Rural Alberta Business Centre to provide clients additional entrepreneur development supports and a direct connection to the St. Paul and District Chamber of Commerce. For more information call: 1-888-745-0719



Arts & Culture Applique Beadwork

This course will introduce you to the beautiful world of applique beading. Basic techniques will be covered, showing you the fundamentals of this technique, as well as the different tools, materials and supplies used. You will also be shown how to do a style of beaded edgework. Date(s): May 1-29 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Mon & Thurs / 6:00 - 8:00 pm Cost: $150.00 Hide Tanning Refresher Are you a past graduate of Hide Tanning? Have questions that need answering? Refresh your memory! During this short course you will be able to work along with N.A.C Alumni and Hide Tanning Instructor. Reconnect and find out new and exciting tools and methods used in Tanning. Date(s): Aug 29 - Sept 6 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Sat & Sun / 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Cost: $250.00 Soap Stone Carving This carving course introduces students to carving in soapstone. Basic techniques will be covered as well as tools, supplies and safety concerns. Date(s): May 13-14 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Sat & Sun / 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Cost: $250.00



Computers & I.T. PowerPoint 2013 Impress your boss with dynamic, professionallooking presentations. This module will teach you to create, edit and share presentations with PowerPoint 2013. Date(s): Apr. 5 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Wed / 6:00 - 9:00 pm Cost: $100.0

Try on a Trade-


Are you interested in the trades but do not quite know which one yet? Our week-long Try on a Trade program will provide you with hands-on experience in five trade areas. Training can take place on our campuses in Lac La Biche, Cold Lake, and St Paul or it may be delivered to your site or community. For detailed information about our trades areas and for pricing; call our Continuing Education office at 888.745.0719.




Airbrakes “Q” Endorsement

Class I & III Truck Transport

The airbrake endorsement program is intended to provide drivers with the knowledge and skill to inspect their vehicle’s brake system and ensure its roadworthiness. Topics include: • Braking Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Compressed Air • Vehicle Braking Systems & Operations • Foundation Brakes and Brake Adjustment • Brake System Inspections • Long Downhill Grades/Bobtailing

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as Class I & Class III licensed drivers. The course provides practical training in the operation of modern tractor-type truck and trailer. Students advance through a series of practical exercises involving rural, urban or city traffic circuits under actual driving conditions.

Date(s): Offered at the beginning of each month. Days/Times: Please phone for dates and times. Cost: $250.00



Date(s): May 1 (Cold Lake); June 5 (Lac La Biche); July 3 (Cold Lake); Aug. 1 (Lac La Biche) Days/Times: Mon - Fri / 8:30 - 4:30 Cost: Class I - $3,925; Class III - $3,000

Skid Steer Operations This course offers hands on training in the safe operation, pre-operation inspection, regulatory requirements and general maintenance of a skid steer loader.

Defensive Driving This theory course is designed to inform students of the importance of safe driving practices. Upon successful completion of the course, students earn a credit to have 3 demerit points removed from their current driver’s licence record for up to 2 years following the course date. Date: July 8-9 Location: Cold Lake Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $150.00 “S” Endorsement This 18 hour theory course with emphasis on safety is designed to prepare bus drivers on the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the pre-trip inspection and individual driving test to qualify them for their “S” endorsement certification after theory completion. Topics include: inspection & maintenance, loading/unloading, passenger management, bus maneuvers and defensive driving, emergencies, evacuations, passengers with disabilities and communicating with passengers. Date(s): Jan. 17; Apr. 10 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $150.00

This program is designed to familiarize students through practical exercise with the operations, servicing, maintenance, and safety requirements when working with a skid steer. Students are tested on their skill level and either awarded a Skid Steer Basics Certificate or a Skid Steer Operator Certificate. Date(s): May 26 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Fri / 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $250.00 Truck Transport – Hours of Serivce Regulations & Procedures to complete Log Books. Location: Lac La Biche, Cold Lake Cost: $75.00 Please phone for more information. Truck Transport – Pre & Post Trip Inspection The students go through a complete review of all regulations and procedures necessary to do a proper pre-trip and post trip inspection of their vehicle. The students also go through and practice what they have been taught on a semi-vehicle & trailer. Location: Lac La Biche, Cold Lake Cost: $75.00 Please phone for more information.



Environmental & Natural Resources Mushroom ID & Cooking Course Can I eat that mushroom? Join mushroom expert and Natural Resources Technology program instructor Mike Schulz as we learn about the edible and poisonous mushrooms of the Lac La Biche area. The course will include an introduction to mushroom identification and foraging, a foray in a nearby natural area, and cooking and sampling any found edibles. Students are encouraged to bring in their own mushrooms for identification, and purchase a copy of “Mushrooms of the Northwest North America” or “Mushrooms of Western Canada” by Helene Schalkwijk-Barendsen. Date(s): June 17 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Sat / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Cost: $100.00 Potable & Wastewater Systems Management This five module course is approved as Mandatory Entry Level Training for new operators by Alberta Environment and Parks. This set of five individual modules (5-hours each) provides an introduction to the field of potable water treatment, potable water distribution, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment. Course Length: 5 days Location: Lac La Biche or online Please phone for dates and cost. 12


Wildland Firefighter - Firetack Crew Member Part 1 • • •

- Firetack Crew Member (8 days) Wildfire Management and Fire Behaviour Wildfire Preparedness Wildfire Operations

Part 2 • • •

- Safety Training (5 days) Standard First Aid Chainsaw Safety Training (WTA) Bear Awareness

Date(s): Apr.10-22; Apr. 24–May 6th; May 8–May 20; May 22 – June 3; June 5 – June 17; June 19 – July 1 Location: Lac La Biche Cost: • Tuition for Part 1 = $1750.00, • Tuition for Part 2 (optional) = 725.00 • Accommodations: $400.00* • Meals: $750.00* • Recreational Fee: $22.00 (optional)

Heal th & Wellness

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) ASIST provides practical training for caregivers seeking to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. Working mostly in small groups of one training to 15 students, ASIST uses many different teaching processes to create a practice-oriented and interactive learning experience. This course is eligible for advanced credit in the Community Social Work Diploma program. All sessions in Alberta are coordinated by a Centre for Suicide Prevention certified trainer.

Commercial Driving

GROUP TRAINING This course is a comprehensive commercial driving course that offers a refresher for individuals in need of Load Securement and transportation regulations. The course covers Provincial and Federal policies along with how to properly secure loads. This includes Pre and Post trip inspection, hours of service, safety fitness certificate and many other topics. For detailed information about our Driving School and for pricing; call our Continuing Education office at 1. 888.745.0719.

Date(s): May 1 & 2 Location: Cold Lake Days/Times: Mon & Tues / 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $200.00



Hospitality & Culinary Balanced Nutrition In this course you will be introduced to many of the important aspects of balanced nutrition and its effect on one’s physical wellbeing and how to achieve those results. Date(s): Apr. 21 - 22 Location: St. Paul Days/Times: Fri / 5 - 9 pm & Sat / 10 am - 4pm Cost: $100.00 Cooking on a Budget This two-day course will cover how to cook healthy meals within a limited budget. You will look at economical ways of cooking and creating a healthy sustainable diet. Date(s): May 16 & 17 Location: St. Paul Days/Times: Tues & Wed / 5 - 9 pm Cost: $100.00

Intro to Wine Every time you open a bottle of wine, you embark on a unique journey. Yet for all its pleasures wine can be mysterious and complex, whether you’re hosting a party or simply having a glass with your dinner. Unlocking the secrets of wine—its varieties, its language, the ways it’s made, the techniques of tasting and shopping for it—is the key to heightening your appreciation of this intense and rewarding experience. Date(s): Apr. 28-29 Location: St. Paul Days/Times: Fri / 5 pm- 9 pm & Sat / 10 am - 4 pm Cost: $150.00



Safety Training Aerial Platform This course will give students hands on training in the safe operation, pre-operation inspection, regulatory requirements and general maintenance of Aerial Work Platforms up to 150 ft. Equipment used may include scissor lift and boom lift. Date(s): May 24 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Mon / 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $200.00 Pre-requisite: OSSA accredited Fall Arrest Certification Confined Spaces – OSSA Approved This one-day course will guide you through all aspects of working in a confined space, entry and exit, to safe work and rescue procedures. You will learn proper preparation and what personal protective equipment required for confined space entry, how to work in confined spaces, and postentry debriefing. Upon satisfactory completion of an exam and a successful demonstration of your practical skills, you will obtain a certificate. Date(s): May 9 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Tues / 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $170.00

Construction Safety Training System (C.S.T.S.) This basic Construction Safety Training is a standard requirement to working in trades, road construction, and the oil and gas industry. This interactive video training is easy to use, easy to understand, and flexible to your personal schedule. Date(s): Offered daily Location: Online Cost: $100.00 ENFORM Chainsaw The objective of Level One – Chainsaw Basics (ENFORM Chainsaw Faller Competency Program) is to learn the basics of chainsaw handling and operations and gain an understanding of personal and work site safety. Date(s): April 26-28; May 17-June 2 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $825.00 Fall Protection This one-day course provides participants with the legislated requirements of fall protection systems, including identifying potential fall hazards, hazard analysis and risk assessment, selecting and using a personal fall protection system as well as inspection, maintenance and storage of FPS equipment. Students will also review the governing bodies, which control fall protection regulations and standards. This course includes both a theory and practical session. Date(s): May 23 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $175.00



First Aid/CPR This course is designed to prepare an individual to recognize and provide intervention for life threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives, includes artificial respiration, how to help someone whom is choking, how to deal with shock and unconsciousness, severe bleeding, head and spinal injuries, fractures of the upper and lower limbs and CPR for an adult casualty. Date(s): Apr. 14 & 15; Apr. 21 & 22; May 5 & 6; May 19 & 20; June 2 & 3; June 16 & 17; June 30 & July 1 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $170.00 Forklift Operator Topics covered include: Labour Standards, PreOperation Checks, Refueling and Battery Care, Safety Operations, Forks, Mast, Loading & Unloading, Stacking, Traveling, Load Types, Ramps, Inclines, Docks Safety, Parking and Stability. Certification upon successful completion of exam and operator evaluation issued from the Liftruck Institute of Canada. Date(s): May 25 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $200.00 Ground Disturbance This one-day course provides participants awareness of the legislation and responsibilities when performing any type of excavation. Proper safety methods for excavating and trenching are taught, as well as identifying and carrying out appropriate emergency measures. Includes Level I and II.



Date(s): Apr. 21; June 9 Location: Lac La Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Biche Cost: $160.00 H2S Alive - OSSA Approved This one-day course provides information on the health hazards and physical properties of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). In this course you will also learn how to protect yourself with the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and basic rescue techniques. Date(s): Apr. 20; May 18; June 15 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $170.00 Pipeline Construction Safety Training (P.C.S.T.) Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) is a general safety training course for the Pipeline Construction Industry. PCST is designed to take the user through the entire pipeline construction process. Location: Online Cost: $150.00 Please phone for more information.

Roadbuilders Safety Training System (R.S.T.S.)

WTA Chainsaw

This online program is designed for the individual worker in the road building industry. The training is divided into separate modules that can be completed at your own pace, and students are tested for 100% mastery of content.

Chainsaw Safety (AWTA) is a level three (intermediate) chainsaw safety training course combining lecture, demonstration and practical components of instruction. It provides students the skills and safe practices required for slashing, bucking and falling. Student assessments include: a written quiz, scored cuts on a bolt and a field assessment of bucking and limbing demonstrating skill and safety.

Date(s): Offered daily Location: Online Cost: $75.00 TDG & WHMIS The TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) online or half-day in-class course is for any individual who would be required to transport or assist in the transportation of any type of dangerous materials. The course includes classification, documentation, safe handling, labeling and the new TDG legislation. The course offers accredited instruction with the Province of Alberta Dangerous Goods & Rail Safety Branch.

Level three is the highest level of certification for chainsaw safety through Woodland Trainers Association (WTA). This course provides the most opportunities for coaching and feedback during chainsaw operation activities Date(s): Apr. 18 – 20; May 2-4; May 16-18; May 30 – June 1; June 13-15; June 27-29 Location: Lac La Biche Days/Times: Fri / 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Cost: $825.00

The WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) online course is for individuals who need to be familiar with hazardous materials symbols and have the necessary skills for working safely around hazardous materials. The course includes workplace labeling and material safety data sheets (MSDS). Date(s): Offered daily Location: Online Cost: $90.00 each or $150.00 for both



Gladue Reporting

Public Legal Education

Gladue reports and plans contain information on the unique circumstances of Aboriginal people accused of an offence or Aboriginal offenders. The court can consider these reports during sentencing. Sentencing in the Gladue report focuses on restorative justice and community justice programs, while also making sure that offenders receive fair sentences. Date(s): May 16 Location: Buffalo Lake How To Find Your Biological Family

Colonialism & Historic Trauma: Legal Perspectives Examination of the legal history of Canada and Indigenous peoples to gain understanding the colonialism meta-narrative and provide insight to today’s issues including: What is Historic Trauma? How has the Canadian legal system subjugated Indigenous Peoples? What are Aboriginal Rights and Indigenous Resistance? Are the Treaties Still Relevant? What is Reconcilliation? Date(s): May 18; June 8 Location: Kikino Elder Abuse This workshop helps to understand what elder abuse looks like by talking about the different kinds of abuse that take place in Aboriginal communities. It briefly discusses the root causes of violence toward elders and how the tradtional role has changed. This workshop also gives insight into sharing circles and other healing resources. Date(s): June 15 Location: St. Paul



How To Find Your Biological Family – Will explain what legislation was created to assist adopted people to find their biologicial families and which will cause roadblocks. We will also explore resources available to assist you in your search. Date(s): May 18 Location: St. Paul Identity Theft What happens when someone uses your name and personal information to commit fraud or theft? This workshop explains what identity theft is and how to protect against it. It also explains what to do if you become a victim. The Identity Theft workshop is for anyone concerned about the subject, especially those at a disadvantage when it comes to navigating this complicated information and technology based society. The workshop is based on four elements: awareness, recognition, reporting and prevention. Date(s): May 18 Location: St. Paul

Restorative Justice Restorative justice is an approach to justice that personalizes the crime by having the victims and the offenders mediate a restitution agreement to the satisfaction of both parties, as well as involving the community. This contrasts the more punitive approaches where the main aim is retributive justice or to satisfy legal principles. Date(s): June 13 Location: Buffalo Lake



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Continuing Education & Faculty of Extension Course Offerings Spring & Summer 2017  

Custom training that fits your needs.

Continuing Education & Faculty of Extension Course Offerings Spring & Summer 2017  

Custom training that fits your needs.