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Yilin Li Portfolio Urban Planning

Yilin Li


Education: University of Cincinnati | 2010-2015 College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning • Bachelor of Urban Planning • GPA: 3.7/4.0 Guangdong Experimental High School | 2007-2010 • GPA: 4.0/4.0

Achievements: • • • • •

University Global Scholarship Dean’s List | Fall 2010 to Present Thomas and Susan Wagner Scholarship | 2011 School of Planning Scholarship | 2011 University Honors Program

Skills: Drawing Skills: Software Skills: • 7 years of fine arts drawing • ArcGIS experience • Google Sketchup Pro • 3 years of digital drawing • AutoCAD experience • 3ds Max • Autodesk Revit • Adobe Creative Suite 5 • Microsoft Office • Corel Draw

Foreign Language: • Native Chinese speaker • Native Cantonese speaker • Fluent English speaker

Experience: Liberty Township | Fall 2012 • Downtown Bethany Form Based Plan • Liberty Township 2011 Comprehensive Plan Guangzhou Urban Plan & Design Survey Institute | Spring 2012 • Architectural design of West City Beach in Guangzhou • Cantonese Opera Museum

Guangzhou Echom Sciences & Technology Co. LTD | Summer 2011 • Company Identificaiton of Wei Chom Firm • Interior Design of bathrooms • LED Lamp Product Design


West City Beach


Opera Museum


Pleasant Ridge


Devou Park




2012 Urban Planning Portfolio


Site Plan

HIstoric Pool ---> West City Beach

TTotal area:5.4 hectare Existing Buildings: 36.8Km2 Reserve Buildings: 26.2Km2 Demolish Buildings:10.6Km2 New Buildings:10.6Km2 Total building area:36.8Km2 Building Percentage:0.68

Route Analysis

Section Plan

City Beach Entrance

Equipment Facilities

Clinic service

Guangzhou West Pool, one of the three main pools in the city was founded in 1930. After 80 years, it is still a very popular pool in the city. However, its aging facilities and low capacity limit the the amount of visitors and the quality of pool services. Therefore, in year 2012, Guangzhou Urban Plan & Design Survery Reasearch Inst decided to promote the west city pool to a highlyqualified city beach including one beach pool, one standard pool, one floating Pool and a Cruise bay of the Pearl River Cruise.

Wharf Entrance

Dress Room

Reserve Housing

Feature Corridor Beach Volleyball Cruise Service Center

Standard Pool

City Beach

Wooden Paths Front Bank

Cruise Bay

Floating Pool

Function Analysis

Assort Services

Pool Services

Rendering Image

Bay Services



Feature Architectual Corridor One of the Feature design of the West City Beach Plan is the feature corridor connecting the assort facilities and the pools. The whole corridor is consist of modules imitating the shape of a flower. This corridor feature the famous local industry in the guangzhou area, which is weaving canes and grasses and the special subtropical plant called Banana Leaf grown only in the south China area. The design appreciates the localization of Guangzhou area. Furthermore, the structure is using steel flat rack as its support system.


Rendering Image



Site Plan

Canton Opera’s Holly Land Guangzhou is the birth place of the Cantonese opera. This kind of opera has developed oven several centuries and now has become one of the main kink in China. Cantonese Opera has very rich characteristics that it represents the cantonese culture in the area. It is necessary to build a freatured and high class opera museum to strengthen the knowledge of cantonese culture and the communitcation with other cultures in the world. Therefore, Guangzhou Urban Plan & Design Survey Research Inst. is deciding to build an Cnatonese Oprea Museum on Enning Road in year 2012.



First Floor

Second and Third Floor

First Floor

Second and Floor

Final Proposed Image


Pleasant Ridge A Stronger Business Trianle

First Phase

Site Plan

8 1



1.Demolished building with green roof 2.Mixed-use building 3.Mixed-use building with green roof 4.water feature 5.Sitting area 6.Wooden ground cover for people to sit during winter time 7.Big shopping mall 8.Rise-uped building 9.New right-turn lane 10.Parking garage with green roof 11.Vegetation 12.Green Space

8 1




2 5


2 5

10 6





12 7 11


Section Plan

- Create more greenery pavement in the triangle to be more inviting. - Increase sitting areas and main attraction within the triangle. - Improve the building shape to be more environmental-friendly - Create driveway entrance into the triangle from Ridge to Parkview. - Create more wooden pavement to tmprove the winter image. - Create mixed-use buildings to increase the density of the triangle. - Right-turn lane.

Second Phase

Rendering Images

-Mixed-use parking garage structure with first floor commercial uses and upper three floors garage use. - Replace the existing parking lot. - Provide more visible parking spaces for vistors. - Create a new landmark building structure in Pleasant Ridge.

Section Plan

4 Pleasant Ridge

Devou Park

Final Master Plan

Park---> Mixed Income Community Devou Park is heavily vegetated and has a lot of greenery, especially on the west side. It also has a lot of steep slopes that can be hardly built on. Most of the potential sites for development will be on the east side. In order to develope mixed-income housing for the park, the Devou Park project team decided to: 1 Streets of Mixed Apartments as connection through the park 2 Spread Out different types of housing development patterns around the main attraction: Prisoner’s Lake 3 View Oriented Development Patterns and floow the topography

Devou Park Topography

Large Fmaily Housing


Small Family Housing

Render Image

5 Devou Park

Gallery A growing Process


Perspective Drawing

Improvement Site Plan

Hand Rendered

6 Gallery

Roles in the presented projects: West City Beach: Memeber of Lizhiwan Project team Opera Museum: Member of Lizhiwan Project team Pleasant Ridge: Grouped with Haoyu Li and Yuchen Ma Devou Park: Grouped with Yue Yan

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Ejemplo Portafolio

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