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Media Kit DEC.2010

Your passport to business.

Useful Tool SAN ANTONIO After identifying the primary business and communication needs between San Antonio and other business capitals like Monterrey, Mexico, we have designed a magazine full of high quality content with a modern, attractive look. With the help of a survey and interviews conducted among the business leaders of Monterrey, we have identified the key factors needed to customize a magazine whith affluent and discriminating business people in mind.

SAN ANTONIO This exclusive magazine

is a tactical tool designed, written and distributed to the most influential business people in Monterrey. It serves as a trusted resource and communication link between business communities. Portafolio San Antonio contains information and testimonials from business people, originally from Mexico, who have successfully moved to San Antonio. These testimonials convey accounts of individuals who expanded their businesses and in some cases, launched new ventures; made solid investments; and/or secured important jobs. The magazine also offers substantial information and advice from a range of high level business specialists, including attorneys, accountants, financial consultants, etc.

SAN ANTONIO Inside the magazine, you will find relevant information on different subjects to help ease decision making. • Real Estate • Hotels • Malls • Amusement Parks • Hospitals • Schools • Golf Courses • Airports • Specialized Counseling • Finances and Investments • Insurance Advisory • City/Government Services

SAN ANTONIO Through personal testimonials, we will show you examples of Mexicans who have had much success while living and doing business in San Antonio.

Another focus of the magazine is the promotion of the City and its institutions in a unique and effective way. This will convey the quality of life of the local community through its sports, arts, fashion, and culinary sophistication, among others.

Contents SAN ANTONIO This is a magazine that has different high interest sections such as: • Entrepreneurs • Success stories • Fine examples of Mexican women • A typical day in San Antonio • Social life • Investment allies

• • • • • • •

Real Estate Top 10 Tourist shopping Professional guide Excellent, quality education Did you know? Science and culture Yellow pages

• Campus life

• Gourmet specials


Real Estate

Our yellow pages section is dedicated to real estate matters such as: new homes, property, offices, and investment projects.



An extensive overview of fashion, attractions and quality. • A comprehensive guide to San Antonio’s best shopping. • The top brands and where to find them. • Authoritative recommendations for choosing the best in San Antonio. • The top-ranked places in San Antonio to get really good food.

Reader Profile SAN ANTONIO

5 35 6 MEN




TARGET: A+, A and B+ People from 30 to 60 years old

Competitive Advantages SAN ANTONIO This magazine is a bridge that connects San Antonio with thousands of Northern Mexicans of economic means. • Focus on financially sound individuals • Free and selective distribution • This magazine was created to fulfill today’s needs in Mexico • Magazine is high quality • Collectible item has more impact • The magazine contains pertinent information and in-depth content.

Distribution: Our best asset SAN ANTONIO We have expert and extensive knowledge of Mexico’s business sector and how to provide the best that San Antonio has to offer to this audience. Thanks to two decades of providing professional service in communications, marketing, graphic design, and public relations to the state of Nuevo Leon and Mexico, we have established good relations with the Chambers of Commerce, business networking organizations, business enterprises, and have access to all their distribution and communication channels. We have a very selective distribution to businesses and enterprises that places our magazine in the hands of the ideal reader. This approach optimizes the distribution of Portafolio San Antonio and results in the highest impact.

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SAN ANTONIO With a circulation of 15,000 magazines, advertisement impact is high with at least 60,000 qualified and affluent prospects seeing the magazine. Reader Profile: • Own or manage enterprises that belong to the Chambers of Commerce, Trade, Food, Textile, Industrial and Manufacturers Associations, such as CANACO, and CAINTRA. • Provide or request business advice and consulting. • Belong to sports clubs, social and professional societies. • Attend high quality conferences on finance and management at the most prestigious private universities in Monterrey. • Participate in philanthropic activities that are supported by the highest quality brands and top companies.

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SAN ANTONIO Your passport to business

Portafolio San Antonio Media Kit  
Portafolio San Antonio Media Kit  

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