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Considerations when Purchasing the Portable Cranefor Your Business Everyone knows how crucial the portable crane is, when it comes to lifting needs in different industries. When purchasing these equipment, you have to make the appropriate selections based upon a wide variety of factors. These cranes are going to meet your material handling and load lifting demands of the project. It will work effectively, irrespective of the worksite involved. This is a cost-effective, smart investment and decision-making should involve a certain diligence. The cheapest is not always the best when you are purchasing something as important as the portable crane. By making any compromises on the quality aspect, you will be putting the safety of your workers and the industry productivity at risk. Important considerations regarding the product features, include under the under-beam height, the headroom, and the chain fall. Chain fall is the chain amount available for lifting purposes. For example, if you are purchasing a gantry crane with 15 feet chain fall this means that you will have this much chain length available to you, when you are lifting the materials. Availability of height adjustment is also important when making investment in the gantry crane. The capabilities of height adjustment access to the flexibility of the equipment when you use the portable crane in your specific project. The purpose of the crane is to lift the loads. Thus, when purchasing these equipment, you are going to find out how much will it lift. This proves to be a critical condition because the machine has to meet the handling and lifting demands of your specific industry and scenario. The aluminum variety of crane will have 1 to5 ton lift capacity, on an average. When you want to lift the heavy objects to overhead position these cranes prove to be highly useful. Those with adjustable height have simple operations and movement so that the workers can use it for hoisting heavy, large items efficiently within the workflow. Because of the aluminum design of the portable crane, these also remain corrosion and rust free. Whether you are using them for outdoor or indoor environment, they will prove to be extremely useful. Aluminum construction makes them light weight, so it facilitates easy and quick height adjustment of the I-beam usually in the increments of 6 inches. For this, it does not need overhead second hoist or forklift to raise I-beam. The design of the gantry crane is for lifting different items using hoist and trolley simple setup and this requires minimal training of the employees. This means that the operations of the portable crane become possible for the operators, quite easily as this does not involve many technicalities.This type of cranes is quite useful for small industrial tasks as well as for lifting heavier items when needed.

Versatile and Utilitarian Features of Durable Aluminum Gantries The aluminum gantry crane has become immensely popular across various industries, due to their utilitarian features. These lightweight gantry cranes are known for their excellent portability. You can move these gantry cranes from one place to another using their tires or wheels. However, you can even move fixed aluminum gantry cranes from one place to another. These cranes come with numerous detachable parts. You can easily dismantle and assemble these parts, without requiring additional help and carry the parts from one place to another. This portability has made aluminum gantry cranes popular in industries. However, portability is not the only advantageous feature of an aluminum gantry crane. Industry Specific Usefulness The use of aluminum gantry crane is limited, not only within the warehouses, workshops or factories. You can use these gantry cranes in outdoor areas. You can use the cranes to lift and transfer loads from one place to another in the construction sites without any overhead bridges. Hence, they can complete the tasks quicker than the bulky overhead bridges. You can even use these gantry cranes in uneven terrains due to their pneumatic wheels. You can also use these lightweight gantry cranes in the HVAC industry. You can use the 12-wheeled aluminum gantry cranes to carry HVAC systems or AC machines on the flat roofs. The aluminum gantry cranes do not damage the roofs due to their lighter weight. Decreased Expense The portability of the aluminum gantry crane can decrease your expenses in three different ways. You can rent these gantry cranes from a supplier, instead of making a purchase. It saves you from making a substantial investment, if you are strapped for money. You can dissemble and carry all the parts of an aluminum gantry crane on the back of a minivan. You need not rent a large truck and this feature saves you expenses. These gantry cranes do not require overhead bridges to function and it is expensive to construct these bridges. No Climatic Limitations The aluminum gantry cranes are usable at any climatic condition, as the aluminum does not rust. The steel cranes need routine application of the antirust coating. You are exempted from these exhausting maintenance requirements with aluminum gantry cranes. There is also no fear of electrocution with aluminum cranes, as this metal offers insulation against electricity. No Fear of Obstruction The aluminum gantry crane can move through narrow passages or under the overhanging structures. You can adjust the height and length of the aluminum gantry cranes. You can adjust the crane’s length from 5-12 feet height depending upon its capability. With this facility, you can easily move these cranes under the overhanging structures. Hence, you can use these cranes within a workshop/factory/warehouse without requiring any type of alteration. You can alter these features without compromising the capability of aluminum gantry cranes.

Enhance Productivity and Minimize Effort with Portable Crane For industries of all sizes and scope, the portable crane is an ideal investment. It makes the jobs effortless and saves time as well, so that the productivity of the establishment increases. It is possible to use it for electing bulky, heavy materials across the workshops in multiple units. The lifting and moving processes become faster than before and this proves to be positive for the production site. Based upon the requirements, space availability, and the affordability one can choose the type of crane to use. It is quite surprising to note that the portable crane is suited better for many projects in comparison to its fixed counterpart. Use of innovations and avant-garde the features make them highly useful and increases work efficiency. Because of the compact size, you can use them in all types of scenarios to maneuver even when space limitation is present. Some models also contain telescopic masts straddles. The best thing is that there will be no decrease in efficiency even when the crane works on uneven surfaces. Extremely lightweight, use them for carrying heavy loads. They will carry the heaviest items long distance. The lightweight construction of the portable crane is the biggest advantage in this means that you will be able to carry it anywhere you want from project to project without worries. The setting of the workstation will also direct personal selections. This election will depend upon available configurations and you will find the one that suits your purpose perfectly. The design of the crane is such that you will move them on any surface of your choice to get the needed lift. It fulfils all requirement types and the surface is the last thing to worry. In dockyards, you can use this for lifting the shipping containers and huge concrete slabs. Other than that, warehouses, large workshops, heavy machinery manufacturing plants, automobile industry, and the construction sites commonly use the portable crane as needed. You can always find the crane well within budget but make sure that it had to upgrade facilities. This is necessary because the industry lifting requirements might change or you might want traditional features later. When upgrade possibilities are present, the same machine will give you the required services for years. It is possible to customize the lifting equipment, based upon your requirements. You can also purchase a host of accessories that add to the functionality of the crane as needed by the users. In an optimal capacity, the portable crane will lift 12' x 12' containers. Shipyards tend to have extensively heavy cargo with huge dimensions. When finding the best crane, you have to stress upon the safety features. Other than that, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's specifications during assembly, disassembly, and operations of the crane.

Why Consider Lifting with Aluminum Gantry Crane? When it comes to move heavy loads, the aluminum Gantry Crane is a great choice. You will find them popularity in use at the container terminals, shipyards, and industrial workshops. They get support from ground level and overhead steel rails. At other times, it contains rubber tires for mobility and easy maneuverability on ground. Based on the purpose, there can be different sizes and types of the crane available. It contains hoist for attaching to overhead trolley where the trolley remains fitted to double or single Isteel beam with support from steel vertical legs or the structure of the building. The major components ofaluminum gantry crane are the following: 

The rails might be of different lengths with bottom flange drilled for details of high tensile strength used for fixing rails to steel main work of building. Fitting of the bolts might involve insertion downwards with nuts fitted from underneath to bolts. Even when the nut slackens for some reason, the bolt does not fall because of its ingenious positioning. It is also possible to insert the bolt upwards with nut fitting above.


The drive motor and the wheels are another major component of the crane that makes movement possible. Mobility is one of the significant factors that make portablegantry highly popular. Based on the model type the crane will have two mobile on electric motor power and the other two free running.

Direct mounting of the drive motors is also available on some models and these remain mounted on cross beams or driven wheels. With the portable cranes, you will transport and lift the heavy loads easily with simple maneuvering in the tight locations. These cranes also contain trolley or bogie for cross travel. Electrically driven these contain main hoist. Cross travel of the bogie is possible due to the presence of electric motor. portable gantry cranehas undergone design and technology changes to make them ideal for modern project scenarios. Knowing more about them gets you better prepared for the selection related to your specific requirements. The hoist of the crane remains mounted on bogie for cross travel. It contains steel drum with wire rope coils present around this. The power comes from the electric current and it contains magnetic normal brakes for lowering or raising cranes hook. This works whether this is unloaded or loaded. The application of the aluminum gantry crane is of different types as well. You will find them at the terminal container, storage yards. This will help to stack, shift, or locate their containers as needed. The hoist or the main beam remains supported on steel vertical columns with rubber wheels base. Driven by the electric motors these wheels are perfect for steering crane in the needed direction.

Aluminum Gantries  

EC&MW, INC 2203 Industrial Way Elko, NV 89801 (775) 778-9112 EC&MW, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of...

Aluminum Gantries  

EC&MW, INC 2203 Industrial Way Elko, NV 89801 (775) 778-9112 EC&MW, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of...