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Morning Walks at Namwianga Flying Saucers have returned to Mars . . .

Not many wildflowers left . . .

Most have gone to seed.

Water lilies are popping up in every pool – an exception to the rule.

This little toad puffs up the size of a small fist so birds can’t swallow him.

Red ants are on the prowl. They can kill caged chickens or rabbits. They aren’t poisonous, but have an exciting pinch! I’ve seen schoolboys strip in public if they happen to stand in a parade of these hidden in the grass. I was once picking lemons, and didn’t see them down in the greenery till they were all over me. “They aren’t poisonous!” I chanted to myself as I hurried to the house where I could strip in the bathroom without benefit of an appreciative and cheering audience.

Merritt Update  

Our missionaries in Namwianga, Zambia

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