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Volume 1, Issue 3

March 2013

Delano Bay Christian Camp A Legacy of Christian Values Reaching to Eternity

A Few DBCC Memories:  Does anyone remember when DBCC experienced a high tide so high that water threatened to enter the cabins? Some of you slept with your suitcases on your bed with you! Some of you packed up and left! Great fun!

Lakeview Ladies Retreat - Feb. 2013

 Don & I experienced one of these king high tides in December. We thought SeaBreeze was going to float away. Instead Fir received four inches of water! Great fun!

DBCC Needs You!  Help! The DBCC Camp Bibles have been ordered and the Bible fund has zero dollars!  A few more immediate needs:    

New Brooms New Mops New plastic or rubber doormats Poster frames ($10 at Wal-Mart) for camp pictures.

 Attention all campers: Would you like a blue mattress cover on your mattress? We need 60 additional mattress covers to cover every single mattress. Can you sacrifice a few hamburgers or cokes to put a few dollars in the mattress cover fund?

A Few Thank Yous:  Roger Miller: Ordering and replacing windows in the Girls’ & Boys’ Quads!  Ben Davis: Helping DBCC with our Computer and Wifi issues!  Tony Tittsworth: Teaching Robin how to keep the website updated!  Central Kitsap & Keith Purser for all their hard work on March 17th! Fire wood was cut, batteries in smoke alarms were changed, surveillance equipment was installed at Quads and the toilets were cleaned. Thanks Central Kitsap!

About 50 ladies from the Lakeview Church of Christ enjoyed an overnight retreat at DBCC Feb. 22nd &23rd. Friday started out very ominous as it was raining so hard that a tree (& power lines) fell on Delano Road blocking entrance to the camp for several hours. But the road was cleared by the Fire Department and the skies followed suit. Saturday

turned out to be a gorgeous day and the ladies were blessed by prayers, singing, scripture reading, skits, fellowship, and three wonderful lessons by Lakeview’s own Cindi Oden (“Eve”), Wendy Lauterbach (“Abigail”) & Jackie Jackson (“Naomi”). The ladies also enjoyed meals served by husbands (& a few friends) Roger Miller,

Darrell Davis, Don Hindsley, Dustin Finley and Kenneth Cupp. The DBCC Board would love to encourage more churches to use the camp for Men’s, Ladies’ and Family retreats. It is such an amazing and beautiful place. And it belongs to all of the churches in the Puget Sound. Come see us! Don & Robin

April 27th is the DBCC Work Party! Please join us for a day of needed work & maintenance to prepare the camp for the 2013 camping season. Possible work to be done includes:

Fun! Food! Fellowship! & A Bunch of Good Old-Fashioned Work!

   

Breakfast: 8:00 a.m. Work begins at 9:00 a.m. Lunch: Noon Finish: 5:00 p.m.

  If you are unable to attend, DBCC covets your prayers! If you are able to give a little money towards our projects, that would be awesome too!

Yard work: lawn, shrubbery, bushes, tree limbs, moss & weed removal, planting flowers... Cleaning all gutters Cleaning all decks Various plumbing, electrical, heating & carpentry projects Cleaning of floors, windows, sinks, & showers in lodge, quads, & cabins Painting the interior (beds) & exterior of quads; painting of barn We also need cooks & dishwashers to help w/ meals!

Delano Bay Christian Camp

Upcoming Events:         

April 27: DBCC Work Party April 28-May 9: Sojourners Work Party May 31: DBCC Summer Staff Training May 3-5: Area-wide Youth Work Party May 17-19: Federal Way Youth Retreat May 13-23: Sojourners Workshop May 24-27: Port Orchard Church Retreat June 1: Delano Day July 21-25: Renovo Adventure Camp

The 2013 Summer Camp Season Counselors Wanted! Contact Camp Directors! Staff Applications Due June 1st! Camp Session

JTS 9th & 10th Grades Jul 6th – Jul 13th

Camp Directors

STS 11th, 12th & HS Grads Jun 22nd – Jun 29th Dennis Baker

Deposit Amount

Deposit $100

Early Bird Special

($250 if deposit is postmarked by 6/7/13) Postmarked after 6/7 $300

Camp Dates

Regular Fee

Grades 7th & 8th

Grades 5th & 6th

Grades 3rd & 4th

Grades 1st & 2nd

Aug 4th–Aug.10th

Jul 14h –Jul 20th

Deposit $100

B. Cook & R. Henton Deposit $75

Aug 11th – Aug 17th Lawrence Redding Deposit $75

Jun 30th – Jul 3rd Charlotte Larson Deposit $30

($225 if deposit is postmarked by 6/21/13) Postmarked after 6/21 $275

($150 if deposit is postmarked by 7/19/13) Postmarked after 7/19 $200

($150 if deposit is postmarked by 8/2/13) Postmarked after 8/2 $200

($150 if deposit is postmarked by 6/28/13) Postmarked after 6/29 $200

Carter Davis

Darren Hanson Deposit $75

($75 if deposit is postmarked by 6/14/13) Postmarked after 6/14 $115

Delano Bay Christian Camp Vision

“A harbor of refuge for the spiritual growth and renewal of Christians

and youth in the Pacific Northwest.”

DBCC Board Members: Chairman: Randy Sprague (Springbook CofC) Vice Chairman: Marshall Turner (Orchard St. CofC) Secretary: Gene McCaul (Puyallup CofC) Treasurer: Al Robison (Lakeview CofC) John Bakewell (Olympia CofC) Ben Cook (Port Orchard CofC) Ben Davis (Enumclaw Cof C) Keith Purser (Lakeview CofC) Michael Truan (Central Kitsap CofC) Roger Miller (Alternate) (Lakeview CofC)

Contact Us: 810 Stamford Rd. KP S Lakebay, WA 98349 Phone: (253) 884-2966 Email: or

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