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Calais, gateway to London and the United Kingdom Located on the busiest straits in the world for international shipping, the port of Calais alone handles 1/3 of all the ro-ro traffic between continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

4th busiest port in France for cargo Leading port in France and 2nd busiest port in Europe for passengers

Port of Calais facts and figures 38 million tons of cargo 10.5 million passengers 1.6 million freight vehicles Between 3,000 and 7,000 trucks / day

Port of Calais: safe and sound A security system ensures both the safety and the flow of traffic. 255 people working day and night to ensure a high level of service guarantee the safe passage of passengers, drivers, and their cargo. A comprehensive network of surveillance cameras monitors all the terminals.

Port of Calais: fast and flexible Calais offers optimum service and cost 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with highly frequent departures (up to 50 crossings per day duration: 75’).

Port of Calais: fluid, direct access to French and European motorways The port is directly connected to an expressway, and to the A16, A26, and A25 motorways on the continent, and to the M20 and M2 motorways in the United Kingdom.

Port of Calais: dedicated to development CALAIS PORT 2015, the proposed extension to the port, provides

for the creation of a new dock north of the current port that will be capable of berthing the future generations of ferries and roll-on/roll-off vessels, and ensuring the traffic flows forecast for the 2020 / 2025 timeline under optimum conditions of security, safety and fluidity.

The railway sidings for the quayage in the East Port will be

operational in June 2011. From that date onwards, trains will be able to offload new vehicles direct from the production sites on to the quayside. The sidings have been designed to handle combined transport, and will be the first link in the CALAIS PORT 2015 terminal for intermodal transport.

CCI Côte d’Opale - Port de Calais - 54 rue du Quai de la Loire - CS 90283 - 62105 Calais Cedex Tel: +33 (0)3 21 46 29 00 - Fax: +33 (0)3 21 46 29 99 - -

CCICO_Calais Port incontournable GB  

CCICO_Calais Port incontournable GB

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