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Rochester Institute of Technology ​thank you very much for landing now we will have Mr challiss and she's going to talk about the topic that is of great interest the examination system in the education history and studying stem school alternative afternoon everyone I know it's a very long title so I've not read it once again but basically I study the Sun way on the examination or second book Secondary School Leaving Cert he patiently just and looked at the stem schools the science technology engineering and math school Egypt an alternative model for assessment because they didn't think very different so when I joined the enemy program few years ago I gravitated almost immediately towards the development in policy track and I then asked myself the question how can I research within that framework and what could be reformed in Egypt to a policy perspective and I chose the examination and assessment or generally because I personally I actually never gone through those semi on the certification and you may have but the research shows that this kind of examination actually tests more of what you can memorize and what information you can regurgitate rather than the higher order thinking skills like analysis and critical thinking that are very important in so the Diamonds automation is an example of high-stakes tests and its high stakes because there's a lot at stake for the student digging this test there's a lot at stake in the schooling for their family paying lots of money from cheering so that they do very well and there's a lot at stake because it can track you a very early age into other vocational school in like behind is explaining it has a very low stigma and society still or into the generous general secondary track which leads to university requiring higher grades which obviously have higher position in society so it can track you it also takes a huge financial burden from the family through private tutoring and it also can eventually be into what apathy you can study in and what kind of job I can get which then we need to what kind of income you can get so it has huge implications for someone life just a score on a certification from high school you're taking when you're starting at 17 or 16 year it's very young age so like I said some Rihanna examinations high stakes and it is testing the skills that are not necessarily meeting the labour market today so the labour market today requires the kind of skills that are actually more like 21st century skills like collaborating teamwork communication creativity and determination begin to learn on your own come up with your own projects and a lot of information to take data actually do something a step forward with it so the MENA region actually have a serious problem released North Africa region because the highest levels of unemployment actually wanted to educated so millions of students are going through an education system being assessed on this knowledge that they were keeping but we're not actually graduating with the skills that the labour market needs of them so these 21st century skills are lacking in general in the public sphere image but they do happen to exist in one model of Education janu which is the stem and the stem schools or establishing each of the 2011 cuz part of USAID Ministry of Education Partnership and this is bringing an interdisciplinary which is M all of those subjects together and project-based learning so students actually looking at data through problems trying to solve about with projects in group work so this is actually incorporate all those 21st century skills collaborating with other people at looking at real life problems and analyzing data so my research specifically wants to give you a little bit of context behind this so why is this my examination if most research research is showing that it is not actually compare students well why do you still have it so I wanted to give you a little bit of a little bit of historical context around why it still exists as the main indicator for academic possessing each other and then evaluate this alternative model of assessment using stencils so the furthest I'm schools use perhaps your capstone projects or problem-based learning on projects to be actually assess in that way so the capstone project is actually worth sixty percent of the grade for the first three years of their school thirty percent it comes from other examinations and then ten percent from class participation in the final year which I'll discuss the weights change a little bit getting more weight to the examination but the kids are mostly assessed on how we're dealing with projects so my specific goals myself subject question work how does the stem model deliver all its stated goals if it wants to allow students to a higher order thinking skills elaborate with others use the internet and digital world to achieve that how well they actually do it and then also can it offer an effective model is this preferable in Egypt can you do some of these access of the steps into the public system so in the history I give you a little bit the global context so the high-stakes testing it's actually a global phenomenon it's not just Egypt it's beginning the Western world actually all over the world at Cold War why good countries the first time kept wanting to compare them self and then use data to be able to prepare itself how well we performing you know in the US dollar versus the US since they started collecting data on standardized examinations and this data led to a lot of importance given to data as an objective marker for success so this supposedly makes it completely in

touch the screening doesn't matter where you come from no matter how much money your parents have if you perform well an exam that everybody else is taking that its supposedly a fair chance but I think we all know that there are a lot of other hidden aspects to this that don't make an actual Fayette toy with an Aegis context I separated it into panic the main regimes in Egypt's history so 1952 to 970 this is following a 1952 revolution and the rise of NOSSA in a socialist government and this time no sir wanted to expand education so let's go away from the elitism pre-revolution and offer everybody a chance and he introduced and Rihanna a certification ask this objective standardized way of screening graduates and at that time not only back you want to step forward and offered everybody guaranteed everybody a job as long as they graduated through this system in nineteen seventy with the red lips to death there was a lot of unemployment because you can't possibly every single person my dog even if you want to so you have massive employment and shifts completely away from a socialist regime into the open door policy of privatization and this time private schools are open all over the country well and that trend is growing and not everybody was that required to take the examination you're on your pirate school you have more money and you can afford to go to a more elite institution you don't actually have to take that examination to graduate and more likely to get a job with the private company passwords 1981 you have personal water and again the economic crisis the oil boom in Egypt at the time and there's started shifting and saying no we have to focus on vocational t-bet education because our students we are not finding jobs they don't have the right skills for the workforce so this end 1981 1990s is kind of the shift we need to start focusing on skills people need to be employed keep reporting 45s bored into 2011 you have a huge revolution again with people on the street saying the same things we still can't find out you still don't have the skills he needs to be employable and we want to change but so now living has a beauty change so the stem all the goals of the stem schools I separate into two levels the first is the individual level student level the goal stated by the two pilot schools the since October school and boys and my external girls at the individual level is the teacher-student how to self learn in the lerner find information on their own and alive information on their own and then take a separate at work groups synthesize information and then apply this information at the national level the goal of the stem school is supposedly filled a cagar of young scientists the future of Egypt to deal with the challenges facing the country environmental challenges little challenges as on so my study is actually evaluating those two things i'm offering historic instructor but then also looking at the stem wall see how well they kind of meet those two both an individual level and at the national level so i conducted semi-structured interviews with seven students and these students are graduates of the first two steps look I only have one girl fortunately one girl graduate from the mighty school girls and six sorry five graduates from the October school boys and once you went to the worst school then draka up in the first year I use open-ended questions for these interviews because I didn't want to use any my own bias so these were very open it was became a very big discussion and I like having I directed them with my questions but they were really able to share what they wanted I then did Adam added content analysis so I transcribed all those introduced looked for coats so repeated phrases ideas and try to group them together see what were the most common idea that came out of this discussion my cycle was purposive I wanted to talk to people who have actually gone through the whole system or talked out for beautiful player gone to the system actually gone through the university admission process so i want to see that step beyond high school these students are ages 18 to 20 and we all went on to American universities also purposive in my study I want to see students who went through the system and then more admitted into elite American institutions so posted them went to AZ two of the students I did skype and cheese with they actually live a rock and go to rank university the world they're all sciences they stay with the design track son school and they actually come five different countries around limitations with that again i only had one female i would like to talk to more because the two schools are actually very different in facilities DJ so my mind i put just a couple things here they're a lot more actual paper but these I think kind of sum up some the good things that come out of Accession the first one is it got us ready for how the world is today and across all of the interviews the participants kept telling me you know we really learned independence at a very young age and we learned how to work with others I will learn how to find information and come to class and teach it to others and they have never had that experience is riff kids who all come from public preparatory schools we're all gifts in the sciences and gifted because they performed well on standardized information rotation but they all went in and learn the skills that we would consider 21st century school and they've not taken those skills on to university and say that they perform much better University not because they have good skills by go on the capstone project is more meaningful than the exam all the students the way of course issues in the capstone project all them told me it was meaningful in Hell itself there's a matter how you grade it it doesn't matter what they did with the project afterwards this was almost really fun it gave us laughter it give us a time to work with each other these are also residential schools they're boarding schools so students spend a lot of time together and I think this is where they build friendships this is where they tried things they do experiment they would build things in

their rooms and it's really meaningful stuff because they got nothing out of the actual exams it's a technique them you cram for two days before hands and it nothing happens to it but the project we really felt like we did something third one that I am recipes students have not gone through but they all said you know we didn't have a stress that goes along with that we didn't have to worry about our other friends who stayed and going to the preparatory school we didn't have to worry about all the money they went to private tutoring and all the stress that came along with study they had fun last one who needed a grading system so in general none of the student had anything positive to say about the assessment part of this they said honestly the capstone project didn't assess our learning from possible so what we took any class in terms of subject matter didn't really translate into each project projects are kind of left alone to do on our own we found information when we learned a lot through the process but it wasn't a great assessment of the content view way it was a good assessment of their learning and development as humans but it wasn't an assessment a great assessment of the learning classroom they also complains that the exams the action took all the content not consistent across teachers that they were never given proper material to prepare for them and the very last minute they would change the situation none of the students felt confident that the examinations they were taking more assessing their learning first of all and they were prepared for them though limitation in my historical research I walk until about the revolution I haven't been looking at the newest stenciled an open post-revolution sorry closer 2011 and I haven't been looking at any more recent than that also it's a limited let me just do it to interview teachers and administrators how you know teaching to capstone project versus exam you're not teaching to the test anymore you're teaching to to project how that really make a difference ask that it was really important to the bat and administrators to see you know how does it change the relationship with teachers if they have Warner poisoning back but further research I think it's really important to continue to incorporate student voices into the evaluations dental school because I asked each student they had ever been contacted by the school and they graduate they said no and couple of them actually trying to create their own Alumni Association on their own and not getting much support in the school they all said yeah we've got me left we've been going out for two years and no one wants to Leslie has asked about us and it was really important because they are actually replicating in stem schools all around Egypt has its peak they look at the first cohort and ask them what would this experience like and how can we use some of your experience as we recreate these schools and how being incorporated into the general larger education center gives everybody the whole g FC thun montina thanks so much very helpful specialist movie to my reader hit on thank you give me this happen and to my guys not Peter today also thank you to my lovely friends for the wall support it's a long time but we got here it's Thank You sada and it was really nice to have the information coming from the field of about stem schools and is it some we have the principle of the article is extensible as one of our students is just finishing and the principle of the smiley Sisters of Charity of New York.