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March 2021 / Issue 21-3


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March 2021 / Issue 21-3

VELOCITY Staff Editor / Art Director Don Matz

Note from the Editor:

Production Manager

The POC is in full swing and there’s a lot to celebrate. We hope you

Matt Hollander

enjoy this March issue which captures the excitement at Buttowillow

Contributing Writers

where over 100 drivers showed up to compete in all three series and

Finally, don’t miss the POC Historic article featuring our 125th member,

Don Matz John Momeyer Alex Filsinger Eric Walsh Dennis Wolfe

Vincent Van Velzer.

Contributing Photographers

Looking forward to seeing you all at Spring Mountain!

Luis Vivar Eric Walsh

we held our first Racers Clinic of the year. Also in this issue be sure to check out what happened at El Toro with the Autocross gang and The Whale Tail Project is sure to be of interest to many of our art lovers.


In This Issue:

POC Board of Directors

Buttonwillow Racer Clinic......................................... 6 Buttonwillow............................................................ 12 911 GT3 Cup Car..................................................... 34 The Whale Tail Project.............................................. 36 POC History “Vincent Van Velzer”............................. 38 Tenth Chasers “The Traction Circle”......................... 40 Autocross at El Toro................................................. 42 SIM Results............................................................. 56 Upcoming Events.................................................... 62

John Momeyer Scott Craig Nathan Johnson Joe Wiederholt Dwain Dement Matt Hollander Steve Towne

President Treasurer Secretary VP Motorsports Chief Driving Instructor Marketing Director PDS Director

The 911 GT3 Cup Car Cover Photo: Luis Vivar 3



The first RACERS CLINIC of 2021 5

Learning to Race in the POC By Eric Walsh

Photos: Luis Vivar

“So how does it work? Do you get to race against other people?” Those are usually the first couple questions I get after I tell someone that I just returned from a fun weekend of driving my car at the racetrack. What follows is my short explanation on the differences between time trial and racing and how I currently participate in time trial events but one day hope to race.

Photo: Eric Walsh




here is no singular, definitive path for an individual once you get addicted to high performance driving. Hundreds of different factors like budget, time commitment, or even physical ability can come together to shape what you choose to focus on as a driver. One of my favorite aspects of the POC is that we have so many different driving disciplines (autocross, time trial, and racing) to compete in that are all within the same club. An even better aspect is that we also have classes for drivers to learn and explore these different driving disciplines, like PDS and the racing clinic.

During the last few years of my driving career I focused on HPDE and time trial events however six months ago I finally took my first step towards my racing license by participating in the POC Racing Clinic at Spring Mountain. Since that weekend I hadn’t stopped thinking about racing and spent countless weekends working on the car (and the driver) all the while counting down the days until the next clinic at Buttonwillow… It looked like my long, agonizing wait had paid off: the weather was perfect all weekend. I was relieved to know we wouldn’t have to wrangle with wet weather conditions during our clinic, that could get interesting very quickly… It was also nice to be on a track that I was familiar with so that I could focus the bulk of my effort on learning to race rather than learning the line, etc. As I looked around at the faces in the racer’s clinic classroom on Saturday morning I recognized many of them from previous POC events as well as from the previous racer’s clinic. Our class consisted of 17 drivers with a variety of prior experience and even wider variety of cars. We had 6 different makes (BMW, Honda, Mazda Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Porsche) on track ranging from street modified cars like Mack Stevens’ 2000 Mazda Miata all the way up to Octavio Rincon’s 2016 Mercedes-Benz GT3 race car. Paul Filsinger with his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Greg Gilson with his 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport also made sure to represent some of Porsche Motorsports’ finest among the lineup! Dwain Dement would be teaching the racing clinic and would have help throughout the weekend from experienced POC racers Mike Monsalve and Duane Selby as well as racing driver and coach Rene Villenueve. We covered as many aspects of racecraft and driving as we could before being sent out for the first 8

Photos: Luis Vivar


session to practice driving side-by-side two wide throughout the entire track. When we came back into the classroom we went over what had gone poorly and what had gone well out on the track. While the racing clinic may have felt a little slow for some of the drivers there was no doubt that even the most experienced drivers were learning about parts of the track that they had never driven on. Very quickly the clinic began picking up pace and by the end of the first day we had spent two full sessions practicing race starts. It was during those race starts that we got to apply the knowledge we gained from the side-by-side driving drills earlier that morning. Things were already beginning to come full circle! Day two of the racing clinic would have a hard act to follow but it proved to be even more exciting than the first. We kicked off Sunday morning with classroom learning and passing drills in the early sessions. It was already evident on the second day of the clinic that a lot of the drivers were becoming more comfortable with having other cars an inch or two away while at track speeds. What had once looked like an impossible or daunting challenge was now becoming second nature to many of us. The second to last session of the day would be the Australian pursuit race: the cars would be gridded from slowest to fastest. You could feel the excitement in the air as we lined up our cars in order on the grid. The cars rolled out onto the track one by one, weaving from side to side throughout the track before regrouping two-wide at the Esses. We rounded Sunset and made our way down the front straight. The green flag dropped and the engines began to roar! Australian pursuit races are legendary for the passing and overtaking action and this race would not disappoint. Within the first lap a few of the racers had already made quick work of the disadvantage in machinery using their power or grip (or both) advantage to get around multiple fellow racers. You can try as you may but there’s only so much a spec Boxster can do to hold off a more powerful, fully prepped GT car! As for myself… I enjoyed a lap or two of glory up in the front before being caught by Greg and Paul, eventually pulling over due to a mechanical issue (throttle position sensor broke). I had quite a few fellow club members come over and check in to see what was wrong with the car and offer to help. It was awesome to see that kind of camaraderie within the paddock and I think it speaks volumes to our merit as a club. The rest of the race continued on with the majority of the racing action happening mid pack amongst the spec Boxster racers, a 2002 Honda S2000 (driven by Chris Mendoza), 10

and 2006 Nissan 350Z (driven by Blaine Krasky). The race raged on for about 8 laps before the checkered flag was thrown. After a cooldown lap we all met in the pit at the drivers impound, eager to chat about what had just happened. One race down, one more to go! With my car done for the weekend I was on spectator duty and able to get a bird’s eye view of the final race from the viewing tower. This time around it would be a normal grid (fastest to slowest) so many of us incorrectly assumed that there would not be as much action as the prior race. Piloting fellow club member Eben’s GT3 car, Seth Hodosh proved us wrong and put on a fun and exciting show for the spectators by passing multiple cars during every lap of the race. Can’t wait to see him driving his own GT3 build after it is completed in a few months! Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much action at the front of this race because the cars were in different classes and the drivers were all driving well so gaps were to be expected. The majority of the racing occurred again amongst the spec Boxsters (this seems to be a common theme, no shortage of race action when it comes to BSR!) but there were still some awesome passes to be seen throughout the field. Twenty-five minutes passed and the checkered and white flag were thrown. The cars pulled into the impound and the drivers began talking about how the race had gone. Smiles and grins were found on every driver’s face no matter the finishing position. Unfortunately, one of our fellow racers, Chris Mendoza, had pushed his car a bit too hard during the race and managed to spin a rod bearing on the second to last lap. In spite of this Chris still had a huge grin on his face and explained that he had a great race and a great weekend and would be back with a newer, stronger motor. That’s exactly the kind of attitude you need to have when it comes to racing! After impound we made our way over to the bleachers near the pit lane. Dwain, members of the POC board, and other fellow club members were there to congratulate us on completing our racing clinic. Smiles and laughter, as well as the occasional sigh of relief, could be seen and heard throughout the crowd. We had done it! We proceeded through a final ceremony where some of the drivers received their half dot and a handful of us earned our full dot and provisional racing license. Dwain ended the weekend with a few closing remarks and we took a group picture to commemorate the clinic. The weekend could not have been any more perfect and I know many of us will relish this experience for years to come. It’s been an awesome journey starting with PDS, time trials, and now finishing my second racing clinic with the POC. I can’t wait to begin racing with my fellow graduates as well as other club members in the months to come. See you all at Spring Mountain! 11

By Alex Filsinger After a few years of chasing my own laps doing time trials with PCA, along with Lemon Racing my 944, I felt it was time to jump head first into wheel-to-wheel racing with the POC. Buttonwillow was my dads and my first event... Racers Clinic for him...BSR for me. Before the event I spent hours pouring over the Rule Book, YouTube footage and the results of my competitors. Lucky for me, my kart racing experiences as a kid prepared me for the tough challenge of chasing long established drivers like Anders Hainer around the track. Fellow Pacific Ridge graduate, James Mcloughlin, beat me in race 1 with an incredible display of racecraft. Then James really made me work hard for my 2nd place finish in race 2. I was hoping to partner with him in catching Anders in the third race but his car broke before we had the chance to dice it up. Now I’m looking forward to racing with the two of them, along with everyone else at Spring Mountain in April. I also had fun working with Boxter drivers Chris Macduff and Aspasia Zouras. Chris followed me out in qualifying and chased me to a new PR. Aspasia found a better line through a few of the corners. Helping other drivers is one of my passions...the better the competition the better the fun.

Shifting gears to the racers clinic: My dad, Paul Filsinger, made his POC debut and received his provisional license. He found tremendous value in developing new skills such as driving off-line, and driving wheel-to-wheel. The twoabreast drill boosted his comfort level while driving at speed. He also found tremendous value in the practice starts, and learning how to use your competitors engine sound along with the flag as your queue to go. Time trialing with my dad has always been fun. Watching him spend all weekend trying to catch me is uniquely satisfying:) Now I get the opportunity to race alongside him as a father-son dynamic duo. We’re both looking forward to creating a lifetime hoto: Luis Vivarof memories on the track which so few people get to experience. 12

Photos: Luis Vivar


Photos: Luis Vivar



Photos: Luis Vivar




Photos: Luis Vivar



Photos: Luis Vivar



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Photos: Luis Vivar



Photos: Luis Vivar


Photos: Luis Vivar 28


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2021 POC schedule


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New from Porsche The new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car for the inaugural Porsche Carrera Cup North America season has hit the track at Sebring Raceway for its first test and race. Porsche announced details of the 510-horsepower

The Latest 911 GT3 Cup Car Debuts at Sebring, and It Is Not Screwing Around 34

Everything at a glance: the new Track Display showing all your relevant driving stats for the racetrack.

911 GT3 Cup Car weapon last year, which will be coming to all regional Carrera Cup series as well as the international Supercup, and it’s finally getting chucked around in anger this weekend on the worthy mettle-testing bumps of Sebring, supporting the IMSA 12 hours.


The WHALE TAIL Project

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POC History Vincent Van Velzer / Member Number 125 By John Momeyer


Vincent Van Velzer was member 125 in the POC. Over the last few months, I have been communicating with Vincent’s son Bill. Bill provided me a few pictures and stories of his dad taking him to POC events. Vincent was coming upon his 100th birthday in April, but unfortunately, he passed away on February 20th. The pictures provided are of a trip Vincent made with the POC to Ensenada in April 1959. Vincent drove a 356 hardtop, and according to him, the seventh car up in the picture was his car. Bill said, “I have vivid memories of dad taking mom, my older brother, and I to Box Canyon in Canoga Park shortly after we moved into our new home near Fallbrook and Roscoe Blvd. My brother and I still talk about rolling around in the back seat while mom pleaded with dad to slow down.” While I was communicating with Bill, I worked with Ron Palmer to transfer all POC archives to a more permanent location. I am happy to let you know that Don Kravig will become the POC Historian. He now has all the records of the POC dating back to 1955. I have to tell you, when we opened the first box of archives the top item was an old black and white photo of Don’s father at a POC event. Don will categorize the archives and perhaps even display some of the items at Precision Motion’s shop. We plan on bringing a bit of history to the upcoming Velocity magazines by including some old articles. The POC has been around for a long time. Talking with Bill about his father’s time in the POC and going through the old archives makes you appreciate our history even more. 39

The Traction Circle Tenth Chasers Vol.8 Article: Dennis Wolfe Photo: Luis Vivar

All I can give you is 100%. No more, no less. That is the promise your tires make to you every time you drive your car. And at the track, knowing what “100%” really means and how it can affect your lap times can be the difference between first in class or in the grass. The tiny little contact patch (about the size of your hand) that connects over 3,000 pounds of torque-driven steel to the pavement is all you’ve got, so you better learn to manage it well. There are only three directional forces your tires can handle: acceleration, braking and turning. All of those forces must add up to 100%. Consider the graphic on the opposite page. Conceptually, your ability to maintain adhesion to the pavement without losing control means you have to be somewhere on that circle. For example, at the 12 o’clock position, that is full braking. Any attempt to steer and you will lose traction. At the 3 o’clock position, that is full steering to the left. Any attempt to accelerate or brake and you will lose traction. At the 7:30 position, you are partially steering while partially accelerating, but if you add more throttle or more steering input, you will lose traction. So the goal is to manage your tires’ grip at their maximum level of adhesion by always being on the traction circle with your inputs. By definition, that is getting 100% out of your tires. And if you want to go fast, you need to be at 100%. One of the great thrills of autocross is that you can really push the limits and find that 100% without risking your safety or that of other drivers. There are no walls to hit, no adjacent cars to trade paint with. You will often hear people say “get all your braking done in a straight line, then make your turn.” That’s a perfect application of the traction circle. “Trail braking” means you’re somewhere in the 2:30 or 10:30 range on the circle (some steering, some braking). The more you think about this, the more it will make sense, and the faster you will be. Next edition of Tenth Chasers: The Mental Game Happy racing! - Dennis Got questions? Hit me up: 40






Springtime at El Toro


Photo: Luis Vivar


Springtime at El Toro By: Dennis Wolfe

You know good times are ahead when Daylight Saving Time kicks back in, the sun is your benevolent guardian instead of your evasive enemy at end-of-day, and the smell of brake dust and exhaust wafts in on gentle breezes. Yes, folks, it’s Springtime at El Toro, and life is good. This month’s event was once again completely sold out, with over 100 drivers chewing up tires. AND - we had a very special guest appearance from The Whale Tail Project (as featured in Christophorus and Classic Porsche Magazine). The artist himself, Johan Lamic was on hand to discuss his extremely limited creations based on the iconic 930 Whale Tail. A little Porsche fine art to go with your autocross? Check. Our Fast Five included James Yom (TTOD), Steve O’Blenes, Michael Oest, Sebastian Rios and CR Dutch. 1.34 seconds separated first from fifth. Be sure to check out porscheclub. com for complete timed results and season standings. This month’s featured class is GT3, where Guy Ankeny took top honors, followed close behind by Bob Endicott, Mike Flanigan and Kevin Pao. Rounding out the class are Octavio Arreaza, Mark Mervich and William Phillips. Nice work all! Special thanks as always go to our Series and Event sponsors, GMG Motorsports and RPM Mobile Detailing. The latter provided discounted car wash / detailing services onsite to all drivers. Going home in a perfectly clean car after a day at the track? Heaven. Ask me how I know... Our next event will have us back at El Toro in Irvine on April 18th, so sign up now at and get your $20 Early Bird Discount! Are you a regular participant in POC events? Does going to the track add value to your life? If so, consider giving back to the club that gives you so much by volunteering your time. This will earn you valuable SERVICE POINTS!! If you are interested in getting involved with autocross, please reach out to Michael Oest ( or Brian Cooner ( If you are interested in instructing, please contact Dennis Wolfe ( Or just say hi at the next event and we’ll find a way to get you involved. And always remember: there are no cones…just turns. 44

Instagram Video: Clark Atanacio


Photos: Luis Vivar




Photos: Luis Vivar


Photos: Luis Vivar



Photos: Luis Vivar 52










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Thanks to all our friends at POC for a terrific year of club racing, friendship, and memories. We look forward to a fun, fast future together. 22681 Granite Way, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

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GT3 RSR GT4 Clubsport

Jan 11 Silverstone

1st 2nd 3rd

Teddy Framhein Matthew Robinson Michael Oest

Travis Brown Jerry Freckleton Aaron Edwards

Jan 25 Nürbugring GP

1st 2nd 3rd

Teddy Framhein Bayan Salehi BJ Fulton

Jerry Feckleton John Momeyer Adam Fulton

Feb 8

1st 2nd 3rd

Travis Brown Bayan Salehi Michael W Johnson

Jerry Freckleton Tyler King John Momeyer

Feb 22 Zolder GP

1st 2nd 3rd

Bayan Salehi Travis Brown Jacob Abrams

Tyler King Jerry Freckleton John Momeyer

Mar 8 Imola

1st 2nd 3rd

Travis Brown Michael Johnson Paul Newton

John Momeyer Adam Fulton David Keator

Mar 22 Okayama

1st 2nd 3rd

Corie Latvala Travis Brown Michael Johnson

Jerry Freckleton Jad Duncan John Momeyer

Apr 5

Interlagos GP

1st 2nd 3rd

Apr 19 Barcelona GP

1st 2nd 3rd

May 3 COTA

1st 2nd 3rd

May 17 VIR

1st 2nd 3rd


(90 Minutess)

May 31 Laguna Seca

1st 2nd 3rd

June 21 Sebring

1st 2nd 3rd

Jul 5




Cup Historic 1st

2nd 3rd

Results Jan 11 Road Atlanta

GT3 RSR GT4 Clubsport

1st 2nd 3rd

1st Competition Team Event 2nd 3rd (180 Minutes)

Jan 25 Auto Club

Feb 8 Watkins Glen Boot

1st 2nd 3rd

Feb 22 Road America

1st 2nd 3rd

Mar 8 Long Beach

1st 2nd 3rd

Mar 22 Mid Ohio

1st 2nd 3rd

Apr 5 Bathurst

1st 2nd 3rd

Apr 19 Phillip Island

1st 2nd 3rd

May 3 Summit Point

1st 2nd 3rd

May 17 Mosport

1st 2nd 3rd

May 31 Daytona Road

1st 2nd 3rd

(90 Minutess)

All club members with track experience or online sim racing experience are invited to participate – however, you will need an iRacing Membership and a simulator.

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