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Audi TT Accessories

Audi Genuine Accessories® – sheer variety. Your TT makes a clear statement, an expression of your individual personality. Now, thanks to the high-quality Audi Genuine Accessories®, specially tailored to your TT right down to the last detail, you have the chance to lend your car even more individuality. The following pages show you how, from an extensive range of options, the Audi TT Coupé and the Audi TT Roadster can become your very own personal TT.

Sport and Design .............. 4

Transport ......................... 14

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Communication ......... 16

Family ......................... 18

Comfort and protection ............. 20

Accentuate your TT’s style. The Audi TT wins you over in terms of its elegant lines and clearly structured design. If you would like to position it in a particularly sporting frame, you have the option of fitting your TT with intricately machined cast aluminium wheels. No matter which wheels you choose – in every case the design is brilliantly coordinated with the TT.

4 | 5 Sport and design

Cast aluminium wheels in 15-spoke styling The 9 J x 18 cast aluminium wheels make for an impressive sight, with their elegant race styling in Brilliant Silver and gloss finish rim flanges. For tyre size 245/40 R 18.

Cast aluminium wheels in 5-spoke styling The sporting personality of the Audi TT is further enhanced by the cast aluminium wheels in a distinctive turbo design in Royal Silver. Available in size 9 J x 19. For tyre size 255/35 R 19.

Anti-theft wheel bolts

Cast aluminium winter wheels

The anti-theft wheel bolts have to be

in 7-spoke styling

loosened with the aid of the special

Available as complete winter wheels in size 7 J x 17 with 225/50 R 17 tyres.

adapter, which is supplied with them.

Can be fitted with snow chains.

Add a certain subtle emphasis to your presence. Add a stylish emphasis to the dynamic presence of the TT CoupĂŠ with the style package from Audi Genuine AccessoriesÂŽ. The particularly striking front apron panel, combined with matching side sills, rear diffuser and tailgate spoiler, will improve aerodynamic performance and underline the athletic character of the TT at the same time.

6 | 7 Sport and design/TT CoupĂŠ styling package

8 | 9 Sport and design/TT CoupĂŠ styling package

Tailgate spoiler To accentuate the sporty styling of the rear of the car. To replace the standardfitted, electrically extending tailgate spoiler, Audi Genuine AccessoriesÂŽ offers a fixed, and hence permanently visible, variant.

Dynamically from a standing start. Award your Audi TT Roadster an even more athletic appearance with the styling package from Audi Genuine Accessories速. A distinctive sporting apron panel accentuates the front end. Powerful side sills provide a harmonic link to the rear. A rear diffuser and a fixed and therefore permanently visible tailgate spoiler round off the dynamic lines of your Audi TT Roadster.

10 | 11 Sport and design/TT Roadster styling package

12 | 13 Sport and design/TT Roadster styling package

As varied as your own interests.

Ski and snowboard rack For convenient transport of up to six

Whatever plans you have, you are sure to be well-prepared with the con-

pairs of skis or four snowboards. Lock-

venient and high-quality transport solutions available from Audi Genuine Accessories®. Be it the winter holiday or a last minute bicycle tour –

with the base carrier bars.)

able. (Can only be used in conjunction

thanks to a flexible and well thought-out carrier system and many accessories your TT Coupé becomes a versatile travel companion.

Only for the TT Coupé

Kayak rack The kayak rack has been developed specially for transporting a kayak. It enables you to carry a 1-person kayak weighing up to 25 kg. (Can only be used in conjunction with the base carrier bars.)

Only for the TT Coupé

Base carrier bars1

Bicycle rack

Base carrier bars for various types of roof-mounted systems such as bicycle rack, kayak rack or ski and luggage box.

The lockable bicycle rack is made from specially shaped plastic profile. The bicycle can be easily mounted on the

The profile is made from anodised aluminium tube. The base carrier bars are easy to install and have anti-theft locks.

matt chromed steel frame bracket. (Can only be used in conjunction with the base carrier bars.)

Only for the TT Coupé

Only for the TT Coupé 1

For information on exactly when this feature will be available, please contact your Audi partner.

14 | 15 Transport

Ski and luggage box This attractive lockable ski box is not just

Ski and luggage box – open

a useful addition for your winter holidays. Other items can easily be stowed in it as

sides, enabling you to load the vehicle

well. (Can only be used in conjunction with the base carrier bars.) The tailgate

extra large opening angle provides

cannot be opened fully when the ski and luggage box is fitted.)

450 litres. Suitable for skis up to 2.10 m

Only for the TT Coupé

The ski box can be opened from both from whichever side you want. An added convenience. Capacity: approx. long. Only for the TT Coupé

What better way to enter the communication age. Vorsprung, or advancement, is an integral part of the TT philosophy. It goes without saying, therefore, that the Audi TT offers you a wide range of multimedia and telecommunications solutions. So your favourite music will also sound good whilst you’re on the move – as good, in fact, as the satisfying sound of your TT’s engine.

16 | 17 Communication

Mobile phone adapter for the optional mobile phone fittings The mobile phone adapter utilises the optional mobile phone fittings and enables hands-free use of the telephone, regardless of whether your mobile phone has a Bluetooth function or not. Suitable for many current mobile phone models.

iPod adapter Enabling connection to the current Audi

concert radio

radios and to the RDS radio navigation

ory, FM (VHF) and AM (MW) reception,

systems (cannot be used in conjunction

softkey operating concept and three-

with CD changer). The iPod is charged

line graphic display, CAN bus net-

whilst in operation.

working, speed-sensitive volume

With single-CD player, 12-station mem-

control, phase diversity, MP3-capable, includes 5-channel amplifier, total output 140 watts.

CD changer

symphony radio

For installation in the glove box,

Same as concert, but with additional TP

for six CDs, vibration-proof design,

memo function, integral CD changer for

easily accessible; each CD can be

6 CDs (instead of internal single-CD

loaded and changed individually.

player), MP3-capable.

Fun and safety for the next generation too Huckepack systems from Audi Genuine AccessoriesÂŽ ensure that children are also in safe hands in your TT. This way, both you and your offspring can relax and enjoy the ride together.

Huckepack G0 plus child seat Designed to meet the needs of the small child. Can be secured using the three-point belt. The integral harness ensures the child is held in place, whilst the attached cover protects from sunlight. Suitable for children up to 13 kg or approx. 18 months.

Huckepack G1 ISOFIX DUO plus child seat The seat is locked into the pre-installed standard mountings that are securely joined to the bodywork. It can also be fitted in vehicles without ISOFIX mountings by using the three-point belt. Suitable for children weighing from 9 to 18 kg (between 8 months and 4 years). Only for the TT CoupĂŠ

18 | 19 Family

Keep that sheer fascination going. To ensure your enthusiasm doesn’t wane over time, Audi Genuine AccessoriesŽ offers you a host of intelligent and practical ideas to help protect both the interior and the luggage compartment of your TT even more effectively from signs of wear.

2 0 | 21 Comfort and protection

Luggage net To keep your luggage safely in place whilst it’s on-board.

Only for the TT Coupé

Boot liner This made-to-measure boot protector is washable, sturdy and resistant to acid. The lip around the edge protects the luggage compartment floor from any fluids that may have escaped.

Only for the TT Coupé

Mud flaps

Boot inlay

These sturdy rubber mud flaps help

The lip around the boot inlay improves

prevent paint damage and dirt in the sill

protection against soiling of the lug-

and rear apron panel areas. Available in

gage compartment floor. The slip-

pairs for the front and/or the rear.

resistant rhombus pattern helps keep your load in place better; easy to stow away and does not take up much space.

Only for the TT Coupé

Storage pocket This practical all-purpose pocket pro-

Premium textile floor mats

vides versatile storage space and helps

floor dimensions of your Audi TT, are made of hard-wearing, thickly-woven velour. They are anchored to the vehicle

create order in your car. It is attached to the backrest. The pocket can also be easily folded up and taken with you.

These textile floor mats, tailored to the

by means of the additional coating on the back and the attachment points provided in the floor. Featuring the TT logo.

Care products

Rubber floor mats

The Audi range of care and cleaning products is designed for the high-qual-

The exact-fit rubber floor mats protect

ity materials found in your Audi and can

against heavy soiling. They are anchored securely to the vehicle by

be used for exterior care and for many

means of the attachment points fitted

uses in the vehicle interior.

as standard. Featuring the TT logo.

22 | 23 Comfort and protection

Vorsprung durch Technik

The models and equipment versions shown in this brochure and some of the accessories are not available in all countries. Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional equipment for which an extra charge is made. Deviations from the colours, shapes and materials shown in the illustrations may occur. Details concerning the delivery specifications, appearance, dimensions and weights of the accessories were correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to press. The right to introduce modifications is reserved.

This brochure is printed on paper made from pulp bleached without the use of chlorine.

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Catalog accesorii Audi TT  

Audi TT Accessories Sport and Design .............. 4 Transport ......................... 14 Your TT makes a clear statement, an expression...