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Volkswagen Accessories

Accessories for the Touareg.

Volkswagen Accessories: More tests for your safety. Highest testing standards: Strict criteria for selection and uncompromising test drives in a series of perfectly combined tests ensure even more safety. With Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. The following is true also for this enhancement for Volkswagen Genuine Accessories: We do more than many other companies and perform these tests according to above-average inspecting methods by ourselves. The products are tested for their user reliability and usability by the respective manufacturer themselves and, if necessary, by the TÜV, DEKRA or GTÜ (German testing institutes).

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories

Trade products

Open market

Volkswagen – a brand that stands for quality, safety and innovation, for generations. A brand that has not only been an important part of history but has also set trends in development and has gained the trust of millions of people from around the globe. Therefore a brand that is committed, down to the smallest detail. As with Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

More quality No matter how high the demands are – we are starting at the top and are striving further upwards. Using the best materials, state-of-the-art production processes and excellent processing to ensure that good will always keep improving.

More safety Clear safety principle: More performance requires more commitment. This is why our testing procedures are more stringent, our demands much higher and our test routes much more difficult than other ones – as a standard.

More Volkswagen Each Volkswagen Genuine Accessories product is developed in conjunction with the vehicle itself. Clear goal of the team: Everything must fit perfectly so that we are able to impress you with a precise sharpness in detail, again and again. Or in other words: so that a Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.



Sport & Design

Wheel arch extensions, underride guard, roof edge spoiler, rear strip in chrome optic


Wheels & Tyres

Light alloy wheels, complete wheels, wheel bolt locking set



Hands-free system, MEDIA-IN adapter cable



Roof and rear transport systems, luggage securing systems, towing hitches, child safety seats


Comfort & Protection

Luggage space liners, protective films, mud flaps, sunshades, clothes hangers, headrest hooks, footmats


Service & Care

Care and cleaning aids, warning triangle, tow rope, warning vest, snow chains



Model cars, note book, ball-point pen, key tag, polo shirts, thermo drink bottles, torch, expedition kit

The vehicles shown in this brochure are occasionally pictured with additional accessories and/or special fittings. These are not supplied in the scope of delivery of the product described, which also applies to any decor elements shown.


Its greatest strength: Its appeal. Is it the power of beauty? Or the beauty of power? Or both at once? Don't put too much thought into what you were actually fascinated by in your Touareg right from the beginning. At the end, it is only decisive that you are not only able to design it in style but you can also emphasis its powerful sporty side in a skilful way. With Volkswagen Genuine Accessories – for real enthusiasts.


Volkswagen Genuine Wheel arch extension (Figure left) The wheel arch extension does not only give the Touareg an irresistible look of tamed off-road power. The edges of its wheel arch also protect reliably and have an impressive emphasis to the powerful side lines of the Touareg. You can find all the available versions of these articles in the attached price list.

Volkswagen Genuine Underride guard front (Figure left) The Volkswagen Genuine underride guard made of sturdy ABSPMMA in silver / black provides an effective protection of the front underbody against intensive dirt. Not to forget the tempting sporty and distinctive note that it gives to the Touareg. Art. no. 7P0 071 608 96D

Sport & Design – 05

Volkswagen Genuine Rear strip in chrome look

Volkswagen Genuine Underride guard rear

The attractive rear strip in high-gloss chrome look is not

Off-road with heart and soul – that is what the Volkswagen

only an attractive eye-catcher, it effectively protects the

Genuine underride guard made of high quality ABS-PMMA

tailgate edges at the same time. The assembly is carried

in silver / black signalises. Next to the powerful look, it also

out easily by gluing onto the bottom edge of the tailgate.

stands out with a protection of the rear underride guard that

Art. no. 7P0 071 360

is just as strong. You can find all the available versions of these articles in the attached price list.


Volkswagen Genuine Roof edge spoiler The roof edge spoiler ensures for an optical as well as an aerodynamic final. And moreover, for more downforce, a more sporty look and more individuality. The roof edge spoiler is made of especially impact-resistant and durable material and is painted to match the car colour. Art. no. 7P0 071 641 GRU

Sport & Design – 07

At long last the trend is going in the right direction: cross-country. Open grounds, stony surfaces, pulsating main traffic artery – they decide the route of your Touareg. Also concerning the optic: Simply make a selection of wheels and tyres from the Volkswagen Genuine Accessories that meet your taste. The newest trend is what you like. As simple as that. Then what are you waiting for?


Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Light alloy wheel Dolomit

Light alloy wheel Diorit

Light alloy wheel Sima

Wheel size: 9.5 J x 21SDSq, ET 59,

Wheel size: 8.5 J x 19SDSq, ET 59,

Wheel size: 7.5 J x 17SDSq, ET 50,

LK 130/5

LK 130/5

LK 130/5

Applicable tyre size1:

Applicable tyre size1:

Applicable tyre size1:

e.g. 275/40 R21

e.g. 265/50 R19

e.g. 235/65 R17

Colour: Titanium

Colour: Sterling silver

Colour: Brilliant silver

Art. no. 7P0 071 491 QQ9

Art. no. 7P0 071 499 88Z

Art. no. 7P0 071 497 8Z8

Also available as complete wheel.

Also available as complete wheel.

An especial highly resistant paint finish contributes to the winter suitability of all light alloy wheels. Our range of complete wheels on offer can be obtained from the attached price list. Your Volkswagen partner will be more than pleased to give you a quote for the tyres to fit your vehicle.

Volkswagen Genuine Wheel bolt locking set This wheel bolt locking set ensures your wheels have maximum protection against theft. Art. no. 000 071 599

Please see the attached price list for technical instructions. The conditions and information contained in the German TĂœV report must be carefully observed. 1 Please see the certificate for the relevant light alloy wheel for further applicable tyre sizes.

Wheels & Tyres – 09

The best thing about communication: great entertainment. The best thing about great entertainment is that you don't even need anybody else. Just get into your Touareg, out onto the road and you are already right in the middle of it. Give your favourite route its own sound track, accentuate red traffic lights with a relaxing sound and dedicate the country roads with their own wanderlust hymn. Simple, with the refined communication of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. We wish you enjoyable entertainment!


Volkswagen Genuine Bluetooth Touch Phone Kit

Volkswagen Genuine MEDIA-IN adapter cable

The "Touch Phone Kit" provides you with the highest degree

You want to hear your favourite playlist from your iPod,

on operating comfort. Using the speaker independent voice

Walkman mobile phone or USB-Stick? No problem. Simply

control and the high quality touch screen, the Bluetooth

select the respective adapter cable and connect to the desired

hands-free system can be controlled as desired. The user

audio source on your Multimedia plug MEDIA-IN in no time

interface in Volkswagen Genuine design is an additional

at all. Right away, you are already able to navigate your title

eye-catcher. Furthermore, you can use the additional possi-

lists, play your favourite songs and compile your own personal

bility to play back your MP3 files from your mobile phone

Touareg soundtrack via your generation 3 radio and radio

per audio streaming via the car's own loudspeakers. Only in

navigation system.

conjunction with the radio "RCD 550". A separate adapter

Art. Art. Art. Art.

cable set as well as an AUX-IN adapter are required for connecting the hands-free unit to the radio / navigation

no. no. no. no.

000 000 000 000

051 051 051 051

446 446 446 446


For For For For

Mini USB (Fig. 01) USB (Fig. 02) iPod (Fig. 03) 3.5 mm jack (Fig. 04)

system. You will find this in the attached price list. Art. no. 000 051 473 A


iPod/iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Computer International.




Communication – 11

Your vocabulary is suddenly reduced by two words: Do without. Naturally. After all, versatility is not the only one of the renown strengths of the Touareg thanks to Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. This is essential when it comes to the things you would like to have on board when driving through the urban jungle or endless roads. Because irrespective as to where the trip should lead to – life is just too good to do without.


Volkswagen Genuine Supporting rods

Volkswagen Genuine Comfort ski and snowboard holder

The supporting rods are the system basis for all attachments.

Transport up to six pairs of skis and up to four snowboards on

They are robust but light and especially quick to attach to your

the roof of your vehicle, comfortably and safely. Since the ski

roof rails. The anti-theft locking equipment protects you

and snowboard holder does not only allow itself to be easily

against any nasty surprises.

mounted on the supporting rods, but also allows itself to be

Art. no. 7P6 071 151

locked. Thanks to the wide opening buttons the ski holder can even be operated if you're wearing thick ski gloves. An the practical pull-out function makes loading and unloading easier. Also suitable for transporting a wakeboard. Art. no. 1T0 071 129 Art. no. 3B0 071 129 F Art. no. 3B0 071 129 G

Ski and snowboard holder for 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards without pull-out function (not illustrated) Ski and snowboard holder for 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards without pull-out function (not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine Luggage rack No stress with the load: The luggage rack made from fully galvanised steel tubing is not only robust and weather resistant, it also offers additional transport options. The end pipes can be adjusted to give a level load area. Size: 101 x 76 x 14 cm. Art. no. 191 071 130 F

This is how the City crash test works: The carrying system is fixed to the vehicle and loaded with the intended load. A typical frontal crash is simulated in city traffic at around 30 km/h through horizontal acceleration and forces applied opposite to the travel direction. The carrier system must on no account become disengaged from the vehicle as a result of the test.

Transport – 13

Volkswagen Genuine Roof box The roof boxes with volumes of 310 l, 340 l and 460 l convince with their simple and comfortable handling: Roof boxes are simple to fix to the supporting rods thanks to the practical quick clamp fixing. The innovative "DuoLift" system, which makes opening the roof box possible from both sides, ensures additional ease of loading and unloading. All roof boxes can be locked using the 3-point central locking system. Please observe the maximum permissible roof loading. Please see the attached price list for an overview of sizes and versions that are shown below.

Article number:

000 071 200 AA (Size M)

000 071 200 EA (Size L)

000 071 200 FA (Size XL)


Titanium metallic

Titanium metallic

Titanium metallic

Volume [l]:




Length, outside [mm]:




Height [mm]:




Width [mm]:




Own weight [kg]:




Carrying capacity [kg]:





Volkswagen Genuine Towing hitch bicycle carrier

Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle carrier

Simply transport up to two bicycles in an easy and safe way.

The carrier consists of an aerodynamically-formed plastic

The simple mechanism with preset quick-release fastener

profile. The frame mounting is made of chrome-plated steel.

facilitates rapid installation on the ball head on the tow hitch

Easy fitting to the roof bars makes handling very easy. It

without tools.

weighs around 3.2 kg. Moreover, the City crash-tested bicycle

Opening the tailgate can be done easily with the bicycle

carrier is lockable.

carrier, as it can be folded away easily, whereas the lockable

Art. no. 6Q0 071 128 A

fastening screws gives thieves no chance. An integrated carry handle in the number plate holder and a swivellable carry hanger enable a simple handling. Art. no. 3C0 071 105 A Art. no. 3C0 071 109 A

Towing hitch bicycle carrier Extension set for a third bicycle

Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle holder for fork mounting (not illustrated) Using the bicycle holder for fork mounting, you are guaranteed a safe and stable transporting of your bicycles. The wheel rail made of anodised aluminium profile with wheel holder made of plastic can be mounted to the supporting bars without problem. Then simple insert the front wheel fork into the clamping spigots and fix in no time at all using the lockable quick clamping device. The rear wheel is secured by a lashing belt with ratchet buckle. Art. no. 7M0 071 128 D

Volkswagen Genuine Towing hitch

Volkswagen Genuine Electrical fitting set

(Illustration similar)

(not illustrated)

Whether you want to tow a boat, caravan or need additional

Amongst others, this 13-pin electrical fitting set supports the

storage space – if you want to transport a trailer, you need a

stabilising program for the trailer, the so-called trailer stabili-

towing hitch. Can be supplied as fixed or removable versions.

sation. The perfect matching to the controlling elements of

The electrical fitting set must be ordered separately. Please see

the Touareg provides a high system reliability.

the attached price list for instructions.

Art. no. 7P0 055 204

Art. no. 7L0 092 101 A Art. no. 7L0 092 155 A

Fixed Detachable

Transport – 15

Volkswagen Genuine Partition grille (Figure above) This is how to stop your shopping, luggage or pets travelling along in the luggage compartment from becoming a risk when you have to brake abruptly. The partition grille separates the passenger compartment from the luggage compartment between the back seat backrests and the roof lining. The stable, black powder-coated steel grille can be fixed behind the rear seat backrest easily and comfortably. No additional drill holes are required, which means that the partition grille can be removed at any time without leaving any marks. The airbag function is not affected. The luggage space cover can also be used with the partition grille. Art. no. 7P0 017 221

Volkswagen Genuine Luggage net Ensures that everything stays in its place, and that light

Volkswagen Genuine Space partition

objects cannot slide around. The tear-resistant net is easily

(Figure above)

attached with securing hooks to the standard lashing eyes in

This lets you keep the luggage compartment tidier: The

the luggage compartment.

practical space partition takes only a few steps to attach it to

Art. no. 7L0 065 110

the existing points. Can only be used in conjunction with the partition grille. Art. no. 7P0 017 222


Safety is a work of precision. The musical clock, the bite rings, the book with pictures or the school books, all ages have their own small or larger milestones. Each stages of development have their own challenges. This is the reason why we have developed child safety seats for each age group. One that matches the age, mobility and the weight of the child perfectly All Volkswagen Genuine child safety seats convince with a high sitting comfort and simple handling: All covers can be easily removed and can be washed at 30 °C. And the most important point: Each individual Volkswagen Genuine child safety seat provides your child with safety at the highest level. Because our testing criteria are much more stringent than legally prescribed and our test procedures are much more comprehensive than the ECE Standards.

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G2-3 pro

The "Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX" is the safest seating system for

With its seat cushion that can be adjusted in its width and the

children weighing up to 18 kg (up to 4.5 years). The seat is

height adjustable sleep support, the "Bobsy G2-3 pro" makes

firmly fixed to the vehicle bodywork using the ISOFIX fixing

sure that the belt routing is kept snug to the child's body and is

to the subframe, but can also be used without problems in

therefore perfect for children between three and twelve years

vehicles without the ISOFIX system. The child seat is approved

old (15 to 36 kg). Using the special head part, the side flanks

for Groups 0/1, which means they can be used from birth

that protrude to the front and the shoulder area that is covered

onwards up to a weight of around 18 kg if fitted facing back-

completely provide a high comfort and give the best possible

wards. If they are fitted facing forwards, they are approved for

protection in event of a side collision.

use between 9 and 18 kg. Highlights: The belt harness is

The individual height and inclination settings guarantee

height-adjustable and the seat shells can be clicked into six

additional comfort. The fastening is achieved using a three-

angle settings. The subframe for fitting the child seat to the

point belt.

vehicle must be ordered separately.

Art. no. 000 019 906

Art. no. 000 019 902 D Art. no. 000 019 728 A Art. no. 000 019 729 A

Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX Subframe for use facing backwards Subframe for use facing forwards

Current child safety seats

Group 0 (up to 13 kg / to approx. 18 months)

Group 1 (9-18 kg / approx. 9 months up to 4.5 years)

Group 2 (15 - 25 kg / approx. 3 to 7 years)

Group 3 (22 - 36 kg / approx. 6 to 12 years)

Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX (up to 18 kg / approx. 4.5 years) Bobsy G2-3 pro (15-36 kg / approx. 3 to 12 years) Bobsy G0 plus ISOFIX (up to 13 kg / approx. 18 months) Bobsy G0 plus (up to 13 kg / approx. 18 months) Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO plus (9-18 kg / approx. 9 months up to 4.5 years) Bobsy G1 ISOFIX Top Tether (9-18 kg / approx. 9 months up to 4.5 years)

You will find the complete child safety seat product range in the attached price list.

Transport – 17

That's the preferable way to have our adventure: nice and relaxing. Adventure, yes – but who says that you are not allowed to feel comfortable in the process? Give yourself and your drive for adventure a pleasant piece of comfort and your Touareg the decisive bit more of safety: with Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. This will let your adventure be pure delight. And that is what it is all about.


Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment loadliner with partitioning elements and lid The robust luggage compartment protection tray is equipped with three flexible insertable partitioning elements that you can use for the safe and sorted storage of goods to be transported in the luggage compartment. The plastic tray with Touareg lettering fits the luggage compartment perfectly, is washable, anti-slip and acid resistant. The 300 mm high surrounding rim prevents liquids running out onto the vehicle floor. Art. no. 7P0 061 162

Comfort & Protection – 19

Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment loadliner The practical luggage compartment loadliner fits perfectly. It is washable, anti-slip and acid resistant. The approx. 4 mm high surrounding rim on both sides as well as at the rear prevents liquids running out onto the vehicle floor. This is the easy way to keep your luggage area clean. With Touareg lettering. Art. no. 7P0 061 161

Volkswagen Genuine Mud flaps, front and back Protect the underbody, bumper and rear against dirt being thrown up and minimise dangerous stone chippings as well as spray water dispersion. With the extremely high wearing and durable mud flaps for the front and rear wheel arches. Art. no. 7P0 075 111 Art. no. 7P0 075 101


For the front (1 set = 2 pieces) For the rear (1 set = 2 pieces)

Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment inlay This light and flexible inlay is made to perfectly fit the contours of the luggage compartment. Its approx. 5 cm high rim on the sides as well as the rear provides protection against moisture and dirt. The diamond pattern integrated in the material is anti-slip. If the luggage compartment inlay is not required, it can be simply rolled up for saving space. Art. no. 7P0 061 160

Volkswagen Genuine V Protector The paint protection film "V Protector" protects your vehicle in all those areas where the perils of daily risks lurk: on the mirror caps, front bumper, door handles, door edges and the loading sill. The transparent film cut to match the specific model does not only ensure for a better protection of your vehicle but also optimises its value retention. Please see the attached price list for the individual versions.

The highlights of the V protector paint protection film: - Effective value retention and perfect protection - Transparent and precise fitting to the vehicle - Durable and free of yellowing - Free of residues when removing, even after several years Comfort & Protection – 21

Volkswagen Genuine Sunblind There are some situations where it is better when the sun just stays outside. For example, when children or pets are among the passengers. The Volkswagen Genuine sunblind can be used as an optimum sun and vision protection as well as for thermal insulation – without influencing traffic safety at the same time. Can be used when the windows are closed as well as when they are open. Art. no. 7P0 064 363 Art. no. 7P0 064 365

Sun protection for the rear door windows, 1 set = 2 pieces (not illustrated) Sun protection for the luggage compartment side windows and rear window, 1 set = 3 pieces (Figure above)

Volkswagen Genuine Textile footmats Premium

Volkswagen Genuine Rubber footmats

The textile footmats, which are perfectly shaped to fit the

When it comes to keeping things dry, the rubber footmat set

footwells are made from hard-wearing, thick woven velour.

with Touareg insignia is the ideal solution. Dirt and moisture

The front mats are provided with white recessed Touareg

are collected and then removed by simply washing them away.

lettering. The front mats are anchored to prevent slipping

The rubber footmats are made-to-measure, and are connected

using the fixings provided in the floor area. The anti-slip rear

to the vehicle floor using the integrated fixing system to

coating ensures optimal positioning of the rear mats. Colour:

prevent slipping. Colour: Black.

Satin black.

Art. no. 7P1 061 501 041 Art. no. 7P0 061 511 041

Art. no. 7P1 061 270 WGK


(1 set = 4 pieces)

For the front (1 set = 2 pieces) For the rear (1 set = 2 pieces)

Volkswagen Genuine Clothes hanger

Volkswagen Genuine Headrest hook Snakey

The clothes hanger is not only practical, but also an optically

Practical organiser in a twin pack: two-piece set for mounting

attractive solution for transporting your wardrobe crease-free.

on the front seat headrest bar. Simply fix the goods to be

Simply fix the hanger to the front seat headrest bar.

transported to the headrest bar and off you go.

Art. no. 00V 061 127

Art. no. 000 061 126 041 Art. no. 000 061 126 UHS

Plastic, colour: Black (2 pieces) Plastic, colour: Corn silk beige (2 pieces)

Volkswagen Genuine Transparent sill rail film Like an invisible protective guard, the precise-fitting transparent Volkswagen Genuine protective film can be applied on painted entry points. So that scratches don't have a chance any more and you enjoy getting in for a long time. Sticks on easily and quickly. Art. no. 7P0 071 310 908

Comfort & Protection – 23

The greater freedom: Peace of mind. Those who dream of endless space and unbound freedom tend to forget that there are the one or other routes without direction. But do you know what? Forget your reservations and just keep on dreaming in all peace and quiet. Just keep the versatility of the Volkswagen Genuine Accessories in the back of your head and enjoy your decisive bit more of freedom: Peace of mind.


Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Warning triangle

Towing rope

Warning vest

The intelligently constructed

The towing rope which has been

The fluorescent safety warning

warning triangle that is stored

approved by the German TĂœV

vest with Volkswagen lettering and

space savingly and can be

and DIN can be used for vehicles

reflective strips is made of 100 %

accessed quickly in case of use.

up to 2500 kg kerb weight.

polyester and is approved in

With ECE (Economic Commission

Art. no. 000 093 014

accordance with DIN EN 471.

for Europe) test symbol and stable,

It is a statutory requirement

swivelling metal stand feet for safe

for a warning vest to be carried in


company cars in Germany, except

Art. no. 000 093 057

for freelance work, and it is already compulsory for all vehicle occupants in some countries. It is supplied in a practical fabric bag with Volkswagen lettering. Art. no. 000 093 056 C 2LD Orange Art. no. 000 093 056 C 18R Yellow (not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine Snow chains (Illustration similar) This extremely robust square bar steel chain made of alloy manganese fine core stainless steel has been especially designed for use on SUV vehicles. The durable ball lock on the inside allows the chain to be closed easily. Automatic tensioning ratchets guarantee the best possible chain tensioning at the press of a button, while the clamping chain rings made of plastic protect the wheels. First-class quality that you can enjoy twice as long: The snow chains can be turned around and thus have an operating life that is twice as long. Scope of delivery: 1 set = 2 pieces. Art. no. 000 091 387 K Art. no. 000 091 387 L

For tyre sizes 235/65 R17 and 235/60 R18 For tyre sizes 255/55 R18, 255/60 R17 and 255/50 R19

Volkswagen Genuine Care and cleaning aids (Figure left) The Volkswagen Genuine care and cleaning aids series has been especially developed for the Volkswagen materials in and on the vehicle. Please see the attached price list for more information about the individual products. For a comprehensive care, ask your Volkswagen partner for information on the complete range of products.

Service & Care – 25

Your new guide: Your gut feeling. Being the driver of a Touareg, you feel at home on as good as any terrain. Provided that you have a freedom of movement and you can follow your own style of route with a good feeling. On asphalt as well as off-road, in large as well as small, behind the steering wheel as well as at your desk. Our spontaneous tip: Do it! With the Volkswagen Genuine Lifestyle Collection.


Volkswagen Genuine Model cars

It's the small things that make a big difference.

The Touareg does not only know how to impress in its full life

Art. no. 7P0 087 011 COG Art. no. 7P0 087 219 041 Art. no. 7P0 087 210

size – the original model cars have a lot in common with their "big brother". For example, a high-quality processing and

Touareg key tag1. Leather version, brown / beige DIN A5 notebook, with Touareg lettering Lamy pen, with Touareg lettering

extraordinary attention to detail. Please see the attached price list for more information about the versions and scales.

A real eye-catcher on the circuit: Race Touareg polo shirt.

Real outdoor look with style: Touareg polo shirts.

Art. no. 7P0 084 230 * 1V4 Art. no. 7P0 084 240 * 1V4

Art. Art. Art. Art.

Men's polo shirt Race Touareg, dark blue Ladies' polo shirt Race Touareg, dark blue

no. no. no. no.

7P0 7P0 7P0 7P0

084 084 084 084

240 * AQG 240 * CCR 230 * AQG 230 * CCR

Ladies' polo shirt Touareg, brown Ladies' polo shirt Touareg, white Men's polo shirt Touareg, brown Men's polo shirt Touareg, white

Perfectly equipped for the open wilderness and urban jungle. (Figure left) Art. Art. Art. Art.

no. no. no. no.

7P0 7P0 7P0 7P0

069 069 069 069

604 QZQ 601 QZQ 690 692

Eva Solo thermos bottle 1 litre, with Volkswagen Logo Eva Solo drinks bottle 0.5 litre, with Volkswagen Logo MAG Lite, with Volkswagen Logo Victorinox expedition kit with Touareg lettering

You can find lots more attractive Lifestyle Products in the current Lifestyle catalogue or online at * Clothing size index: A = S, B = M, C = L, D = XL, E = XXL, F = 3XL 1 Please see the attached price list for the additional versions.

Lifestyle – 27

The offers regarding scope of delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weights in addition to illustrations and all information regarding fittings and technical data are based on the characteristics of the German market and correspond to the knowledge available at the time of printing. We reserve the right to make changes to the scope of delivery, design and colour without advance notification within the context of further development.

Financing of accessories. The inexpensive way to obtain Volkswagen Accessories. Please note our favourable financing options for accessories. Your Volkswagen partner would be pleased to inform you about the currently applicable conditions. An offer from the Volkswagen Bank.

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Catalog accesorii Volkswagen Toaureg