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Volkswagen Accessories

Accessories for the Scirocco.

Volkswagen Accessories: More tests for your safety. The highest testing standards: Strict criteria for selection and uncompromising test procedures in a series of perfectly combined tests ensure even greater safety. With Volkswagen Genuine Accessories. The following is true also for this expansion to the range of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories: We do more than many other companies and our own tests are subject to standards exceeding the norms.

Volkswagen Genuine Accessories

Trade products

The products are tested for their user safety and usability by the respective manufacturers themselves and, if necessary, by the TÜV, DEKRA or GTÜ (German testing institutes).

Open market

Volkswagen – a brand that, for generations, has stood for quality, safety and innovation. A brand that has not only been an important part of history but has also set trends in development and has gained the trust of millions of people from around the globe. It is thus a brand with a commitment. Down to the smallest detail. As are Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.

More quality No matter how high the standard is – that is where we start and we set out to raise the bar even further. Using the best materials, state-of-the-art production processes and excellent workmanship. To ensure that good will always keep improving.

More safety A clear safety principle: More performance requires more commitment. This is why our testing procedures are more stringent, our standards much higher and our test routes much more difficult than others. Always.

More Volkswagen Each Volkswagen Genuine Accessories product is developed in conjunction with the vehicle itself. The team has a clear goal. Everything has to fit perfectly so that we are able to impress you with high-precision detail, again and again. In other words: so that a Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.



Sport & Design

Front skirt, headlamp set, suspension lowering kit, side skirt kit, rear wing, rear skirt, tail silencer trim, Retro-design gearshift lever, pedal cap set


Wheels & Tyres

Alloy wheels, complete wheels, wheel bolt locking set



iPod adapter, MEDIA-IN, radio and navigation systems, hands-free systems



Roof, rear and interior transport systems, luggage securing systems, child safety seats


Comfort & Protection

Luggage compartment liners, seat covers, cool and thermos box, sunblinds, sill protectors, Automatic cruise control system, Park Distance Control, loading sill guards, mud flaps, additional inside rear-view mirror, footmats, clothes hanger, headrest hooks, waste bags


Service & Care

Care and cleaning aids, snow chains, tyre pocket set, warning vest, warning triangle, rst aid kit, tow rope



Model cars, Carrera racing track

The vehicles shown in this catalogue are occasionally pictured with additional accessories and/or special fittings. These, along with any decorative elements depicted, are not included in the scope of delivery of the product described. 03

Thought you already looked sporty? If there is one thing which the Scirocco is definitely not short of, it is selfconfidence. However, its muscular form can be accentuated even further with some expressive design elements, for which Volkswagen Accessories offers a range of tailor-made components. For a powerful presence in the parking lot and a breathtaking impression in the fast lane!

Volkswagen Genuine Front skirt

Volkswagen Genuine Clear glass headlamp set, Silver

(Figure above)

(Figure above)

Sportiness with intent: The aerodynamically formed

Attractively upgrade your vehicle with the Volkswagen

front skirt signalises a powerful dynamic. The skirt made

Genuine Accessories headlamp in silver. The honeycomb

of an especially durable, high-quality plastic is primed

pattern on the outer edge of the headlamp is particularly

and can be painted in the colour of your car.

emphasised by the colour and gives your vehicle an individual

Art. no. 1K8 071 609 GRU

look. Art. no. 1K8 052 163


(1 set = 2 mats)

Volkswagen Genuine Suspension lowering powered by Eibach

Volkswagen Genuine Side skirt kit

(Figure above)

(Figure above)

The Volkswagen Genuine suspension lowering kit provides

The side skirts give a visual impression of suspension

your Scirocco with a strikingly sporty look and a powerful

lowering and therefore provide the Scirocco with an even

presence. The suspension lowering kit consists of four springs

more dynamic look. Made of unbreakable and flexible

that are used to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity and

plastic, the side skirts are also able to resist high stress.

reduce the spring action when accelerating. This provides

Both side skirts are primed and can be painted

both sporty and safe handling. The vehicle provides a signifi-

in the colour of your car.

cantly smoother ride on the road.

Art. no. 1K8 071 685 GRU

Not in conjunction with automatic levelling system. Please see the attached price list for more information about the different suspension lowering kits.

Tyres & Wheels – 05

Volkswagen Genuine Rear wing

Volkswagen Genuine Rear spoiler with diffuser

(Figure above)

(Figure above)

The Genuine rear wing gives the Scirocco to an even sportier

The rear spoiler rounds off the Scirocco’s stunning image.

and more dynamic effect. In the style of the 24 hour Scirocco,

Its striking diffuser element gives the back of the car a fresh,

the rear wing is a real eye-catcher on the road. It is supplied

sporty look. The rear spoiler with diffuser is made from a

primed and can be painted in the colour of the vehicle.

particularly tough, flexible plastic, and is primed ready for

Art. no. 1K8 071 646 GRU

painting in your car’s colour. Art. no. 1K8 071 610 GRU


Volkswagen Genuine Retro-design gearshift lever The gearstick knob in retro aluminium-leather look is easy to fit, sits nicely in the hand, and is a great little looker. The gaiter is included with the knob. Art. no. 1K0 064 285 G

Volkswagen Genuine Tail silencer trim

Volkswagen Genuine Pedal cap set

(Figure above)

The non-slip pedal caps made of brushed stainless steel

Show your sporty side! The Volkswagen Genuine tail

are a real optical gain. Whereas the high-quality design

silencer trim with a diameter of 76 mm upgrades the

impresses, the anti-slip coating ensures for good grip.

rear of the vehicle considerably. The inclined shape

The electric accelerator pedal is already included in

and the high gloss polished stainless steel make your

the scope of delivery.

vehicle to a real highlight!

Art. no. 1K1 064 200 Art. no. 1K1 064 205

Art. no. 000 071 910 A Art. no. 000 071 910

For double exhaust silencer Ø 70 mm For double exhaust silencer Ø 60 mm

For manual gearbox For automatic and dual clutch gearbox (DSG) (not illustrated)

Tyres & Wheels – 07

Thought your Scirocco already looked perfect? If only there was no such thing as the stunning alloys, complete wheels and other Volkswagen Accessories. They can give you ideas. You might even do something to your Scirocco. But then again, why not give the Volkswagen legend that special touch that also gets you around safely?


Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Sagitta alloy wheel

Motorsport alloy wheel

Thunder II alloy wheel

Wheel size: 8 J x 19", ET 41,

Wheel size: 8 J x 19", ET 41,

Wheel size: 8 J x 18", ET 41,

LK 112/5

LK 112/5

LK 112/5

Applicable tyre size11:

Applicable tyre size11:

Applicable tyre size11:

e.g. 235/35 R19

e.g. 235/35 R19

e.g. 235/40 R18

Colour: Titanium

Colour: Anthracite

Colour: Titanium, gloss machined

Art. no. 1K8 071 499 QQ9

Art. no. 1K8 071 499 A 16Z

Art. no. 1K8 071 498 QQ9

Colour: Black

Colour: Black, gloss machined

Art. no. 1K8 071 499 A AX1

Art. no. 1K8 071 498 AX1

Colour: White

Also available as summer

Art. no. 1K8 071 499 A Y9C

complete wheel.

Also available as summer complete wheel.

Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine

Sima alloy wheel

Sima alloy wheel

Wheel bolt locking set

Wheel size: 6.5 J x 17", ET 39,

Wheel size: 6.5 J x 16", ET 42,

This wheel bolt locking set

LK 112/5

LK 112/5

ensures your alloy wheels have

Applicable tyre size1 :

Applicable tyre size1 :

maximum protection against

e.g. 205/50 R17

e.g. 205/55 R16


Colour: Brilliant silver

Colour: Brilliant silver

Art. no. 000 071 597

Art. no. 1K8 071 497 8Z8

Art. no. 3C1 071 496 B 8Z8

Also available as a complete

Also available as a complete

winter wheel.

winter wheel.



An especially resistant paint finish contributes to the winter suitability of all of the alloy wheels. See the attached price list for our range of complete wheels. Your Volkswagen partner will be more than pleased to give you a quote for the right tyres for your vehicle. Please see the attached price list for technical instructions. The conditions and information contained in the German TĂœV report must be carefully observed. 1 Please see the certificate for the permitted tyre sizes for the corresponding alloy wheel. Tyres & Wheels – 09

Thought you only listened to your own heart? Not any longer, because thanks to Volkswagen Accessories you now have many good reasons to tune in elsewhere. The balanced sound of the entertaiment systems, the precise instructions of the navigation units and the outstanding voice reproduction of the hands free sets. Sounds great, don’t you think?


Volkswagen Genuine iPod adapter

Volkswagen Genuine MEDIA-IN and adapter cable

So that you never have to do without your favourite music:

Do you want to listen to your favourite playlist from your iPod,

Using the Volkswagen Genuine iPod adapter, you can

Walkman mobile phone or USB-Stick? No problem. Simply

connect your iPod to your Volkswagen Genuine car

select the corresponding adapter cable and connect your

radio or radio navigation system quickly and easily.

desired audio source with the MEDIA-IN multimedia plug in

The controlling and audio output is then also performed

a matter of moments. You can immediately navigate your title

via this. That‘s your comfortable and quick way to the best

lists, play your favourite songs and compile your own personal

possible enjoyment of sound which is a cut above the rest

Sharan soundtrack via your 3rd generation radio or radio

and provides each trip with your individual soundtrack!

navigation system. Only in conjunction with the „RCD 310“

Only in conjunction with radio “RCD 310” and “RCD 510”

and „RCD 510“ radios or the „RNS 315“ and „RNS 300“ radio

or the radio navigation system „RNS 315“ and „RNS 510“.

navigation systems.

Please see the attached price list for information on the

Art. no. 5N0 057 342 B

compatible iPod models.

Art. no. 5N0 057 342 C Art. Art. Art. Art.

iPod/iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Computer International

Multimedia plug MEDIA-IN without storage shelf Multimedia plug MEDIA-IN with storage shelf Mini USB adapter cable (Fig. 01) USB adapter cable (Fig. 02) iPod adapter cable (Fig. 03) Adapter cable for 3.5 mm jack (Fig. 04)



no. no. no. no.

000 000 000 000

051 051 051 051

446 446 446 446




Communication – 11

Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 315 (Figure above) Clear sound quality, precise navigation with an easily understandable 2.5 D map display and user-friendly operation via the brilliant 5“ TFT touchscreen are just some of the special strengths of the „RNS 315“ radio navigation system. The multi-talent plays a broad variety of file formats from CDs, SD cards or MP3 players. A2DP also enables you to play music from your mobile phone via the vehicle loudspeakers using Bluetooth and utilise the „RNS 315“ as a hand-free system after installing an additional microphone. In addition, the device also possesses an integrated DAB tuner (additional aerial required) and can be connected with an optional reversing camera. The map material for Western Europe is pre-installed.

Volkswagen Genuine Radio navigation system RNS 510

Art. no. 3C0 057 279

Enjoy a completely new standard of car infotainment: The “RNS 510“ radio navigation system can be operated conveniently and with precision via a 6.5“ touchscreen and is capable of displaying maps, images and videos in brilliant screen

Volkswagen Genuine Navigation DVD

quality. Modern storage media such as a 30 GB hard drive,

(Not illustrated)

DVD drive and SD card reader enable storage and output of

For the radio navigation system “RNS 510”. Including a

various data formats. The modern radio module with outstan-

sympathetic Virtual Car Assistant (VCA) that guides you

ding sound and reception properties rounds off the high-end

as an assistant “personally” through the operating menu.

configuration of the unit.

Art. no. 1T0 051 859 P Art. no. 1T0 051 859 Q

Art. no. 1T0 057 680 C


Map material for Western Europe Map material for Eastern Europe

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 radio RCD 310

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 radio RCD 510

For non-stop music enjoyment on all your journeys. The “RCD

The multi-talent amongst the Volkswagen Genuine car radios:

310” MP3 radio has a CD drive and plays all your favourite files

the MP3 radio “RCD 510”. With SD card slot, telephone

in MP3 and WMA format. With a 4 x 20 watt power output, the

interface, integrated 6-disc CD changer, GALA, RDS, TIM and

“RCD 310” makes a sound that can be heard. In addition, the

TP. And naturally, with MP3 playback function. A special plus

surrounding of the buttons and knobs in chrome optic make

on convenience is provided by the multi-coloured and

the radio a true eye-catcher.

high-resolution TFT display where the touchscreen is also

Art. no. 1K0 057 186 AA Art. no. 1K0 057 186 AB

used for operating at the same time. With an output power of

Without digital tuner (DAB) With digital tuner (DAB)

4 x 20 watt, the “RCD 510” therefore provides the enjoyment of real sound. Art. no. 3C8 057 195 Art. no. 3C8 057 195 A

Without digital tuner (DAB) With digital tuner (DAB)

Volkswagen Genuine MP3 radio RMT 100

Volkswagen Genuine CD changer

Unified freedom: MP3 radio, USB-Slot, AUX-IN and a

Freedom of music for the glove compartment. The Volkswagen

Bluetooth hands-free system in one device. With the

Genuine 6 disc CD changer comes with motorised CD tray,

„RMT 100“, enjoy your favourite music in the radio using

double speed drive with cache memory and noise shaping

the Audio or MP3-CD, CD-R, CD-RW, USB stick, your

DAC with 32 x oversampling and a holographic 3-beam

MP3 player or also from your mobile telephone per wireless

sampler and vibration damped mechanical system. In other

Bluetooth connection. A special fitting frame is required

words: Up-to-date technologies ensure for the best possible

for the installation. More information can be obtained from

enjoyment of sound and a stable performance. The CD

the attached price list for this purpose.

changer can be controlled using car radios “RCD 310” and

Art. no. 6Q0 051 228

“RCD 510” as well as the radio navigation systems “RNS 310” and “RNS 510”. Just order the wiring harness required for this as well. Art. no. 1K0 057 110 A Art. no. 1T0 051 592 A

CD changer Wiring harness for CD changer

Communication – 13

For vehicles with a factory-fitted mobile telephone integration product

Volkswagen Genuine Mobile phone adapter set (Figure above) The mobile phone adapter set with active support is perfectly matched for cars that are already factory-fitted with a mobile telephone preparation – simply insert into the existing cradle. Two additional function keys connect you directly with the Volkswagen service and breakdown service when required. More information can be obtained from the attached price list for this purpose. Art. no. 3C0 051 435 X1

Sony Ericsson Walkman Handy W890i This slimline, special Scirocco Edition Sony Ericsson phone features a stunning modern design in Signal White and Silver. As well as an elegant exterior, the Sony Ericsson W890i also offers outstanding inner features: Walkman function, super-fast UMTS connection for easy surfing, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. With Scirocco silhouette. Art. no. 1K8 051 703

X = mobile phone specific index. As the range of mobile phone adapters is continuously being extended, please ask your Volkswagen partner or check the online information available at



For vehicles without a factory-fitted mobile telephone integration product

Volkswagen Genuine Touch Phone Kit (Figure above) The „Touch Phone Kit“ provides you with the highest degree on operating comfort with maximum safety. Using the speaker independent voice control and the high quality touchscreen, the Bluetooth hands-free system can be controlled as desired. The user interface in Volkswagen Genuine design is an additional eye-catcher. Furthermore, you can use the additional possibility to play back your MP3s from your mobile phone per audio streaming via the car‘s own loudspeakers. A separate adapter cable set as well as an AUX-IN adapter are required for connecting the hands-free unit to the radio/navigation system. You will find this in the attached price list.

Volkswagen Genuine

Art. no. 000 051 473 A

Plus mobile telephone integration retrofit kit A true comfort bonus: Simply connect the mobile phone via Bluetooth and experience a new level of hands-free comfort. The multi-function display or a suitable radio-navigation system displays the information and controls the phone. The speaker-independent voice control means that you can keep both hands on the wheel – when making telephone calls and listening to music streamed from your mobile device via A2DP. Both with outstanding sound quality via your vehicle’s loudspeakers. Only for vehicles with a Plus multi-function display. Art. no. 000 051 473 H

Communication – 15

Thought you already had a sports car? Do not worry, Volkswagen Accessories will not change that. But they do offer some tailor-made systems that combine sports and transport perfectly for your Scirocco. Whether you want to carry children, leisure equipment or just travel luggage, it is great when a sports car can be so practical as well.


Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle holder

Fork mounting bicycle holder

The holder consists of an aerodynamically-shaped plastic

The fork mount bicycle holder guarantees you safe and stable

profile. The frame mounting is made of chrome plated steel.

transportation for your bicycles. The wheel rail is made of

The easy mounting on the supporting rods or the roof bars

anodised aluminium profile with wheel holder made of plastic

ensures simple handling. It weighs approximately 3.2 kg.

and can be easily attached to the supporting rods. Then simply

Moreover, the City-Crash tested bicycle holder is lockable.

insert the front wheel fork into the clamping spigots and clamp

Art. no. 6Q0 071 128 A

in place in no time at all using the lockable quick clamping device. The rear wheel is secured by a lashing belt with ratchet buckle. Art. no. 7M0 071 128 D

Volkswagen Genuine Bumper-mounted bicycle carrier (Figure left) For safely transporting up to two bikes - With the innovative Euroclick system the carrier is attached to the bumper in only a single step. The weather-resistant carrier is made of highquality, coated steel and aluminium, can be folded down and thus ensures access to the luggage compartment. In addition, the wheels can be protected against theft via a locking mechanism. Art. no. 1K8 071 105 A Art. no. 1K8 071 105 B

Cross member including electrical installation kit Bicycle carrier

Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle lift This is how the City Crash Test works

The bicycle lift allows you to lift the bicycle easily onto the roof of your Scirocco. Bikes are transported securely because

The carrier system is mounted on the vehicle and loaded

they are firmly attached by the saddle, handlebars and wheels.

with the intended load. A typical frontal crash in city

The bicycle lift is fitted onto the basic rack.

traffic is simulated at approximately 30 km/h through

Art. no. 4D0 071 128 D

horizontal acceleration and forces applied opposite to the travel direction. The carrier system must not detach from the vehicle in the process.

Transport – 17

Volkswagen Genuine Kayak holder (Figure above) The kayak holder has been specially developed for kayaks weighing up to 25 kg. They can be transported safely on the roof of the vehicle without slipping or bouncing. Can only be used in conjunction with the roof bars. Art. no. 1K0 071 127 A

Volkswagen Genuine Roof bars Well equipped when underway - thanks to the Volkswagen roof bar systems. The basis for this are the City-Crash tested roof bars to which, for example, surf board, bicycle, ski and snowboard holder or the practical roof boxes can be attached. Art. no. 1K8 071 126


Surfboard holder

Volkswagen Genuine Komfort ski and snowboard holder

The best wind conditions can surprise you anywhere. So it

Transport up to six pairs of skis or up to four snowboards on

is good to have a convenient and safe place to keep both the

the roof of your vehicle, comfortably and safely. The ski and

board and the required equipment. The surfboard holder has

snowboard holder is easy to mount on the support rods or the

been designed for transporting a surfboard and two masts.

roof bars and can also be locked. Thanks to the broad opening

Four mast holders and two tensioning straps are included in

buttons the ski and snowboard holder can even be operated

the scope of delivery. Can only be used in conjunction with

when wearing thick ski gloves. And the practical pull-out

the roof bars.

function makes loading and unloading easier. Also suitable

Art. no. 000 071 120 HA

for transporting a wakeboard. Art. no. 1T0 071 129 Art. no. 3B0 071 129 F Art. no. 3B0 071 129 G

Ski and snowboard holder for 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards without pull-out function (Not illustrated) Ski and snowboard holder up to max. 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards without pull-out function (not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine Ski bag

Volkswagen Genuine Storage bag

(Figure shows the ski bag with storage bag)

(Figure left)

The practical ski bag serves to transport up to four pairs of

If the ski bag is no longer needed, it can be stowed in a

skis, including ski poles. The ski bag also provides optimal

space-saving and tidy manner within the sturdy storage

protection for passengers and equipment in the vehicle or roof

bag. A hook-and-loop fastening enables the simple

box: Thanks to the integrated belt the bag can be clipped into

fixing of the bag in the luggage compartment.

the belt plug in the vehicle interior. A full-length zip fastener

Art. no. 00V 061 201

and a convenient handle ensure easy handling. Length: approx. 200 cm for skis up to a length of 190 cm. Colour: Black. Art. no. 00V 061 202

Transport – 19

Volkswagen Genuine Roof box The roof boxes with volumes of 310 l, 340 l and 460 l provide simple and comfortable handling: Roof boxes can be easily attached to the roof bars thanks to the practical quick clamp fastening. The innovative „DuoLift“ system, which enables the roof box to be opened from both sides, also makes loading and unloading even easier. All of the roof boxes can be locked using the 3-point central locking system. Please observe the maximum permissible roof loading. Please see the table below for an overview of all of the sizes and versions.

Article number:

000 071 200 AA (Size M)

000 071 200 EA (Size L)

000 071 200 FA (Size XL)


Titan metallic

Titan metallic

Titan metallic

Volume [l]:




Length, outside [mm]:




Height [mm]:




Width [mm]:




Weight [kg]:




Carrying capacity [kg]:





Safety is a work of precision. Music boxes, teething rings, picture books or storybooks, all ages have their own milestones – whether little or large. Every stage of development also has its own challenges. That is why we have developed child safety seats for each age group. Ones that perfectly match the age, mobility and weight of the child. All Volkswagen Genuine child safety seats offer a high level of comfort and simple handling: All covers can be easily removed and can be washed at 30°C. And the most important point: Each individual Volkswagen Genuine child safety seat provides your child with safety at the highest level. Because our testing criteria are much more stringent than legally prescribed and our test procedures are much more comprehensive than the ECE Standards.

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX

Volkswagen Genuine Bobsy G2-3 pro

The “Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX” is the safest seating system for

With its seat cushion that can be adjusted in width and the

children weighing up to 18 kg (up to 4.5 years). The seat is

height adjustable sleep support, the “Bobsy G2-3 pro” makes

firmly fixed to the vehicle bodywork using the ISOFIX fixing

sure that the belt routing is kept snug to the child‘s body and is

to the base frame, but can also be used without problems in

therefore perfect for children between three and twelve years

vehicles without the ISOFIX system. The child seat is approved

old (15 to 36 kg). The special head part, the side flanks that

for Groups 0/1, which means they can be used from birth

protrude to the front and the fully upholstered shoulder area

onwards up to a weight of around 18 kg if fitted facing back-

provide a high level of comfort and the best possible protection

wards. If they are fitted facing forwards, they are approved for

in event of a side collision. The individual height and inclinati-

use between 9 and 18 kg. Highlights: The height of the belt

on settings guarantee additional comfort. The seat is attached

harness is adjustable and the seat shells can be locked at six

using a three-point belt.

different angles. The base frames for attaching the child seat

Art. no. 1KV 019 903

to the vehicle must be ordered separately. Art. no. 000 019 902 H Art. no. 000 019 728 D Art. no. 000 019 729 A

Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX Subframe for use facing backwards Subframe for use facing forwards

Current child safety seats

Group 0 (up to 13 kg/ to approx. 18 months)

Group 1 (9-18 kg/ approx. 9 months up to 4.5 years)

Group 2 (15-25 kg/ approx. 3 to 7 years)

Group 3 (22-36 kg/ approx. 6 to 12 years)

Bobsy G0-1 ISOFIX (up to 18 kg / approx. 4.5 years) Bobsy G2-3 pro (15-36 kg / approx. 3 to 12 years) Bobsy G0 plus ISOFIX (up to 13 kg / approx. 18 months) Bobsy G0 plus (up to 13 kg / approx. 18 months) Bobsy G1 ISOFIX DUO plus (9-18 kg / approx. 9 months up to 4.5 years) Bobsy G1 ISOFIX Top Tether (9-18 kg / approx. 9 months up to 4.5 years)

See the attached price list for the complete child safety seat product range.

Transport – 21

Thought you were a risk-taker? With Volkswagen Accessories you can keep everything which is unpleasant at bay, and which could put your Scirocco at risk: parked cars, heat, dirt and other unwanted influences. These products are tailored precisely to the Scirocco. Now you will be left with more time for the enjoyable things in life.


Volkswagen Genuine Luggage compartment tray

Volkswagen Genuine Seat cover

The practical luggage compartment tray fits perfectly. It is

The seat cover in the genuine Volkswagen design provides

washable, anti-slip and acid resistant. It has an approximately

the vehicle‘s seats with optimal protection. The easy-to-clean

4 cm high rim on both sides and at the rear which prevents

anti-slip material protects sensitive seat surfaces against

liquids running out onto the vehicle floor. This is the easy way

wear and dirt, e.g. when using child safety seats. Net pockets

to keep your luggage compartment clean.

provide additional storage space for the small essentials on

Art. no. 1K8 061 180

any journey. Also usable with ISOFIX seats. Art. no. 000 019 819

Volkswagen Genuine Cool and thermos box Cooled drinks during the hot summer months and a warm snack while on the road. No problem with the Volkswagen Genuine cool and thermos box in genuine Volkswagen design. The box has a capacity of approx. 25 litres and ensures the right temperature at all times. Two-litre bottles can be transported upright without any problems. It uses either the 12 Volt power supply in the vehicle or the 230 Volt power supply at home or in a hotel. The battery discharge protection as well as an additional insulation cover intended as a replacement for the cooling cover included in the scope of delivery provide you with the necessary safety and greatest possible comfort. Art. no. 000 065 400 B

Comfort & Protection – 23

Volkswagen Genuine Sunblind There are some situations where it is better when the sun just stays outside. For example, when children or pets are among the passengers. The Volkswagen Genuine sunblind can be used as an optimum sun and vision protection as well as for thermal insulation – without influencing traffic safety at the same time. Can be used when the windows are closed as well as when they are open. You can find a summary of all the available versions in the attached price list.

Volkswagen Genuine Sill rail film, black/silver

Volkswagen Genuine Stainless steel sill protector

The sturdy film protects the paint of the heavily used door sills

Attractive protection for your Scirocco: the sill protectors with

in the front and rear entrance areas that are against scratches

stylish Passat Estate lettering, you can select between high

and damage. A reasonable and functional detail that provides

quality stainless steel or durable plastic. With it, not only the

you with a positive view of your Scirocco for ages to come.

entry points are protected, but the appearance of your vehicle

Art. no. 1K8 071 310

is also more individual. Art. no. 1K8 071 305


Volkswagen Genuine Automatic cruise control system

Volkswagen Genuine Park Distance Control, rear

The cruise control system is an electronic aid for controlling

Four sensors and an acoustic warning signal help the

the vehicle speed. It is an aid for the driver in keeping to

driver while reversing into a parking space: The Park

speed limits, especially when driving with a trailer or on long

Distance Control is automatically activated when the

journeys. The system saves the speed specified by the driver

vehicle is put into reverse. A signal tone confirms the

and keeps to it. The reset function allows automatic accelera-

activation. The self-diagnosis function in the parking

tion to the preset speed after braking or changing gear. You

distance control assists with error detection, and the

can find a summary of all available versions in the attached

intelligent setup function recognises objects such as

price list.

your own towing hitch as not being an obstacle. Art. no. 1K0 054 630 B

Volkswagen Genuine Transparent sill protection film

Volkswagen Genuine Mud flaps, front and rear

The accurately fitting loading sill protection from transparent

Protect the underbody, bumper and rear against flying dirt

film prevents damage during loading and unloading.

and minimise dangerous stone chipping and spray water.

For sticking onto the loading sill of the rear bumper.

With the extremely high wearing and durable mud flaps for

Art. no. 1K8 061 197 A

the front and rear wheel arches. Art. no. 1K8 075 111 Art. no. 1K8 075 101

For the front (Not illustrated) For the rear

Comfort & Protection – 25

Volkswagen Genuine Additional inside rear-view mirror

Volkswagen Genuine Inside rear-view mirror in carbon look

The additional inside rear-view mirror makes it easier for

Sportiness and individuality – the Volkswagen Genuine inside

you to keep your children and the traffic behind you in view.

rear-view mirror gives the vehicle an extravagant look without

Furthermore, you also have a better field of vision when

great effort. The mirror already fitted in the vehicle is simply

parking. You can adjust the additional inside rear-view mirror

replaced with an inside rear-view mirror. Only for cars with

individually thanks to the integrated flexible joint. It is

manually adjustable anti-glare rear-view mirrors.

attached to the windscreen or the dashboard using a special

Art. no. 000 072 548Â Z57

suction cup mounting. Art. no. 000 072 549 A

Volkswagen Genuine Premium textile footmats

Volkswagen Genuine Rubber footmats

The textile footmats are perfectly shaped to fit the footwells

If the most important thing is keeping things dry, the rubber

and are made from hard-wearing, thickly woven velour. The

footmat set with Scirocco lettering on the front mats is the

front mats are provided with Scirocco lettering. The front mats

ideal solution. Dirt and moisture are collected and then

are anchored to prevent slipping using the fixings provided in

removed by simply washing them away. The rubber footmats

the floor area. The anti-slip rear coating ensures optimal

are made-to-measure, and are connected to the vehicle

positioning of the rear mats. Colour: Black.

floor using the integrated fixing system to prevent slipping.

Art. no. 1K1 061 270 PS WGK For front and rear (1 set = 4 pieces) Art. no. 1K1 061 275 PS WGK For the front (2 pieces)

Colour: Black.


Art. no. 1K1 061 541 041 Art. no. 1K0 061 511 041

For the front (1 set = 2 mats) For the rear (1 set = 2 pieces)

Volkswagen Genuine Clothes hanger

Volkswagen Genuine Snakey headrest hook

The clothes hanger is not only practical, but also a visually

Practical organiser in a twin pack: Two-piece set for mounting

attractive solution for preventing creases when transporting

on the front seat headrest struts. Simply fix the goods to be

your clothes. Simply fix the hanger to the front seat headrest

transported to the headrest bar and off you go. Material:



Art. no. 00V 061 127

Art. no. 000 061 126 A 041 Art. no. 000 061 126 UHS

Colour: Black (2 pieces) Colour: Cornsilk beige (2 pieces)

Volkswagen Genuine Clean solution waste bag (Not illustrated) A shining example: The waste bag is easily attached to the headrest bars of the front seat and easily removed when not required. The roll of plastic rubbish bags included keeps the vehicle clean on longer journeys. Used bags can simply be removed. A new bag is automatically pulled into place when the old bag is removed. A replacement roll is also included in the scope of delivery. Each roll contains 50 bags. Art. no. 000 061 107

Volkswagen Genuine Textile Optimat footmats The Volkswagen Genuine textile “Optimat” footmats combine the features of rubber footmats with the elegance of textile footmats. The U-shaped edge of these perfectly fitted textile footmats safely retains the dirt and moisture. The integrated fixing system prevents the mats from slipping. With Scirocco lettering. 1 set for the front and rear = 4 pieces. Art. no. 1K1 061 446

Comfort & Protection – 27

Thought you cared more for your own image? As a Scirocco owner you will discover completely new things about yourself. Suddenly, taking care of your car is a pleasure. The exclusive care series from Volkswagen Accessories can make the Scirocco’s shapely lines look even better. And, because you never know what is around the next corner, you can also prepare for unwanted surprises.

Volkswagen Genuine Care and cleaning agents The Volkswagen series of care and cleaning agents is suited to all areas of the car, inside and out. You will find more detailed information in the enclosed price list, or you can ask your local authorised Volkswagen agent about the complete range. 28

Volkswagen Genuine Snox snow chain powered by pewag The Snox snow chain represents maximum functionality, comfort and winter safety. The highlights: Simple assembly, no manual re-tensioning and the smoothest running thanks to the innovative fully-automatic tensioning system. When the vehicle is stopped, the blocking mechanism releases and the snow chain can be removed, no matter what position the wheel is in. A practical carry bag is included in the scope of delivery. Art. no. 000 091 387 P

Volkswagen Genuine Tyre pocket set The four tyre pockets made of high-quality polyester for protecting and retaining the value of your wheels are fitted with a robust carry handle, an additional pocket for storing the wheel bolts as well as labelling for simple wheel allocation. Suitable for tyres and complete wheels up to 18“ and wheel widths of up to 245 mm and with a maximum tyre circumference of 2100 mm. Art. no. 000 073 900

Volkswagen Genuine Warning vest This lightweight fluorescent orange warning vest with reflective strips is made from 100 % polyester and approved in accordance with DIN EN 471. It is a statutory requirement for a warning vest to be carried in company cars in Germany, except for freelance work, and it is already compulsory for all vehicle occupants in some countries. It is supplied in a practical fabric bag with Volkswagen lettering. Art. no. 000 093 056 C 2LD Orange Art. no. 000 093 056 C 18R Yellow (Not illustrated)

Volkswagen Genuine Warning triangle The intelligently constructed warning triangle that is stored space savingly and can be accessed quickly in case of use. With ECE (Economic-Commission-for-Europe) test symbol and stable, swivelling metal stand feet for safe use. Art. no. 000 093 057

Volkswagen Genuine First Aid Kit Legally mandatory and essential to your personal safety. This first-aid kit fulfils the requirements of the German legal stipulation StVZO, and equipped in accordance with DIN 13164. Easy to fit in the side of the boot, where it takes up little space. Art. no. 1K8 093 108

Volkswagen Genuine Tow rope The towrope, which has been approved by the German TÜV and DIN, can be used for vehicles up to 2,500 kg kerb weight. Art. no. 000 093 014

Service & Care – 29

Normally you have no time for knick knacks. But then along comes the Scirocco with its huge entertainment value in miniature. It brings the typically sporty Scirocco driving pleasure into the living room or onto the work desk. Or simply anywhere, where you want the Scirocco to be. The complete collection is available at


Volkswagen Genuine Model cars

Volkswagen Genuine Scirocco GT24 Pullback

The Scirocco knows how to impress, and not only in life-size –

The Scirocco GT24 - Bring the Nürburgring successes from

the Genuine model cars have a lot in common with their

2009 to your own desk. Thanks to its pullback function the

„big brother“. For example, a high-quality manufacturing

high-quality 1:64 scale replica will get your pulse racing too.

and extraordinary attention to detail. Please see the attached

Guaranteed high-speed fun not just for big Scirocco fans,

price list for more information about the versions and scales.

but for the little ones too. Colour: Blue. Art. no. 1K8 099 305 A C5S

Volkswagen Genuine

Volkswagen Genuine Scirocco GT24 R/C

Carrera Evolution Scirocco GT24 racing track

For children and adults who remain children at heart: The

A highlight for both big and small – The Carrera Evolution

Scirocco GT24 CNG as a remote-controlled model in 1:10 scale.

Scirocco GT24 racing track. With broad tracks at a scale of 1:24

The approx. 40 cm R/C Scirocco is equipped with a 2-channel

and two Scirocco GT24 models at a scale of 1:32, you can slide

remote control unit for a full range of driving functions such

and drift for that real driving experience! The combination of

as forwards, backwards, left and right. In addition to the

extra-broad tracks and the vehicles make the analogue racing

vehicle itself, the scope of delivery also includes the radio

track system absolutely unique. An essential highlight for every

remote control as well as a 9.6 V rechargeable driving battery

child‘s bedroom or games room.

with charging unit and a 9.6 V block battery.

Art. no. 1K8 099 339

Art. no. 1K8 099 311 A2Y

Lifestyle – 31

The offers regarding scope of delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weights in addition to illustrations and all information regarding fittings and technical data are based on the characteristics of the German market and correspond to the knowledge available at the time of printing. We reserve the right to make changes to the scope of delivery, design and colour without advance notification within the context of further development.

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