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CONGRATULATIONS WITH YOUR NEW MIB MediaButler. The MIB MediaButler (in everyday language MIB) is used for playing music and videos. Beat A/S is the supplier of the MIB. In case of questions please contact Beat’s support team at phone number +45 38322440.

The received package consists of:



MIB (computer)


Network cable


Power supply for the MIB


Cable for the power supply


1 3



Yoga mini-amplifier (HA-04) - consisting of a, b, c, d & e:


Yoga mini-amplifier


Sound cable (MIB to Yoga)


Sound cable (Yoga to sound system)


Power supply for the Yoga


Adapter (phono to jack plug) - not needed for the installation


b c






Grand Hand View VGA Converter – consisting of f, g, h, i

6 6





Composite Cable


USB Power Cable



f h i g


Connections – step by step Place the MIB 1 in the area of your sound system (amplifier). Your amplifier is generally the unit whereby the volume control is placed.

Picture I

Connect the network cable 2 to the MIB. The other end of the cable is connected to the Internet just like your own computers (back-office computer etc.) and credit card machines. Picture II

Connect the power supply 4 to the MIB. The cable 5 is plugged into the power supply and plugged in a socket (power grid)

Picture III


Turn on the MIB by a single press on the power button on the front (see arrow in picture V). After a few seconds the power button will give out blue light. Wait for about 2 minutes – then music will start playing from the MIB’s internal loudspeaker. Picture V


Now it is time to connect the MIB to your sound system

NB! Turn off you sound system / amplifier before you continues! Bestsellers stores usually uses an amplifier of the brand ”Harman Kardon”. Picture VI indicates the location of the power button (on/off). Picture VI

Unwrap the Yoga mini-amplifier a . Connect the sound cable b to the MIB’s 1 green sound output channel. The sound from the MIB’s internal loudspeaker will go away! Picture VII

Connect the other end of the cable b to the Yoga mini-amplifier a . Plug it into the channel to the far Right – indicated by ”Input”.

Picture VIII


Connect the sound cable c to one of the Yoga’s sound output channels. You can use any of the four channels ”CH-(1-4)” . The chosen channel has to be turned to ”MAX” (see arrow on picture IX). Picture IX

No picture

Connect the other end of the sound cable c to the ”AUX” sound input on the back of your amplifier (e.g. Harman Kardon)

The power supply d is connected to the Yoga mini- amplifier a and plugged in a socket (power grid). If possible place the Yoga mini-amplifier on top of the MIB.

Picture X

Turn on your amplifier (e.g. Harman Kardon) - see picture VI. Choose the source ”AUX” by pressing the button indicated in picture XI. By now you should have music in your loudspeakers. Picture XI


Like a DVD-player the MIB can be used to play videos that can be shown on monitors installed at the location.

Connect the cable from the monitor(s) to one of the MIB’s video-plugs. Possible connections:: Plug: Composite (w/enclosed VGA-converter) VGA (RGB) HDMI

Quality: Standard Good Best

Picture XII illustrates a connection via the VGA-Cable i to the f VGA Converter. PLEASE NOTE: Always use the lover VGA plug on the MIB!!! Picture XII

Remember to connect the h USB power cable from one of the MIB’s USBports to the power plug on the VGA Converter.

Picture XIII


Last, connect the g Composite Cable from the VGA converter.

Picture XIVConnection with Monacor TVDA-408

Most stores use the Monacor TVDA-408 Video Distributor. This unit splits the video signal(s) to multiple screens. Picture XV


The composite cable g that was just connected to the VGA converter, should be connected in Input 1, on the Monacor Video Distributor. If necessary use the provided BNC/Phono adaptor plug enclosed in the package:

Picture XVI

Each screen is connected to an output. To assign a screen to one of the input channels, use the DIP-switch. The switches must be moved up to be turned on.

EXAMPLE: On the picture to the left, output 1 is assigned to input 1 – and output 2 is assigned to input 2 (requires multiple inputs – se enclosed extra manual)).


Picture XVII

After connecting and reassigning the screens, please restart the splitter by turning the power off – wait a few seconds – and turn it back on.

Picture XVII

Picture XIX shows the MIB after connection of all the cables. Picture XVIII

The music and videos are updated at night via the Internet. Therefore, it is very important that the MIB always are turned on.

Picture XIX

You can create a remote control for the MIB from your backoffice computer. Please follow the steps below to install the program: ”MIB-finder"

Download the program ”MIB-finder” via Internet Explorer from the link below: Picture web1


Click on ”Save”.

Picture web2

Choose ”Desktop” in the field ”Save in” and click on ”Save”.

Picture web3

Go to your desktop and right-click on the downloaded file ”” Select ”extract all”. Hereafter the window shown in picture web4 appears. Click on ”Next >”. Picture web4


Click on ”Next >”.

Picture web5

Click on ”Finish”.

Picture web6

A new folder called ”MIBButlerResolve110” has been created on your desktop. Open this folder (double-click on it). Find the file ”MIBButlerResolve.exe” and run it by double-clicking on it. Picture web7


If the warning shown in picture web8 appears then click on ”Run”.

Picture web8

Now the program will search (scan) for a connection to the MIB. Picture web9

Congratulations! – You have fulfilled the installation guide. Now you have the possibility of: seeing more information about the music seeing the content of the playlists change the running playlist Picture web10


IMPORTANT Please follow the below mentioned instructions carefully in order not to damage the equipment while using it.

Location The MIB must never be placed in a manner or place in which it is subjected to high temperatures. As an addition to this, please avoid the following: · putting the MIB in a closed cupboard or cabinet · placing the MIB directly on top of a hot equipment · covering the MIB with items of clothing · installing the MIB upright (vertically)

On / Off The MIB has to be powered on (updates are done during night). In cases where it is necessary to turn of the MIB, please use the power button on the front. Never shut down the MIB by cutting of power directly at the socket.

Cleaning Make sure to clean the area around the MIB to avoid it from getting clogged with dust.

If the above mentioned recommendations are not followed, the risk of machine break down will rise notably.


Support Should any questions occur in connection with the installation or use of the MIB please visit the Beat website where you can find frequently asked questions plus answers and other types of information: In case of questions left unanswered please call our technical service at phone number +45 38322440. Opening hours: Weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM (CET). If you are not calling within opening hours then please leave a message at our answering machine.

NB! NB! Allways try to reboot the MIB before calling the support. (Remember that it takes about 2 minutes before the music starts to play after a shot down!)

Quick-test in case of no sound (music): Unplug the sound cable from the MIB (see picture VII). Hereby music should be heard from the internal loudspeaker of the MIB. This indicates that the MIB is operating properly. Put the sound cable back into the MIB. Then check: - is the Yoga mini-amplifier connected correctly? (see picture VIII-X) - is the amplifier (e.g. Harman Kardon) turned on and set to the right source? Please enjoy your new MIB MediaButler.

Best regards, Team Beat


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