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PORAM Members RM1000NSD380 per person Non-PORAM Members RM1300NSD490 per person

Fee indudes meals, refreshments, lenure notes and other necessary materials, if any.

Registration closes on 22 June 2012. Payment IS required with registrat'-p a n t e e your place. No refund \ m&rtiillaed although particioani wbtituhed at any time.



;The atbndance register will h e ~ p l a y e at d tt

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Fox turtlher dormation, please contact! ia The Wlim W Refiners A s s o c ~ 6of' 8alC / 802A, Block B, K+,em-'BusinessCentr

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Contracts a WORKSHOP



I 0 l h m s t k Sales Contract By Mr. Sandeep Singh,

By lajendra ~avaratnam, Azman Davidson & Co. Morning Refreshment l Networkin!


1030 PORAM Rules of Arbitration & Appee. By Mr. Yap Eng Kwee, ICOF (M) SIB. cnmmnn Disputes in the Sales & Carriagc Oil

6 & 7 July 2012 Fr~day& Saturday

Please register the following pers workshop: ame: MrIMs


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listorical Perspectives of POF Contracts IIntroduction to POI Contracts By En. Kass~mWleh, Kasc

Jang Hotel Ehsan

2. Name:

Designatic E-mail: Organization: Mailing Address Tel: E-mail: Contact ~:r:::l Mode of Payment (Please tick) Cheaue or Bank Draft, made Davable to "The Pall Oil ~eflners~ssociationof . ~ a l a ~ s i a "Pleat . indicate palticipant(s) RaRPB(s) and ref: CAW 2012 the back of cheaue Ibank &a&.


Cheque 1



1515 w i p i n g contracts By Mr. Francis Tan, KL C L m@$ aA). 1620 Marine Insurance TBC


1615 Closing

Bank transfer, copy of ban1 mailed over as proof of bank remittance:

1.700 AftemcKm


worn m359K

&:@ta 11, &kin Raja Laut U Lumpll, bMa@a

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PORAM Contracts and Arbitration 2012  
PORAM Contracts and Arbitration 2012  

6 - 7 July 2012 at Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel Selangor Darul Ehsan