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STAGE EUROPE NETWORK The main common goal of the Stage Europe Network is to promote the active participation of young people in music in an European context and give them an intercultural learning experience. Reflecting on the meaning and the worth of this experience can contribute to stimulate the knowledge in the music fIeld and also helps youngsters to develop an awareness of sharing values. MUSIC IS A POWERFUL MEDIUM OF INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION THAT CAN OFFER TO YOUNG MUSICIANS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES THE CHANCE TO EXPRESS THEIR SELVES SHARING THEIR COMMON PASSION;



SPEAK YOUR MIND SPEAK YOUR MIND is the theme of the exchange week in The Netherlands. The week revolves around this theme which is all about a current issue: freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a topic that is important to musicians, because they are the speaking tube of society. It is the voice of a generation and therefore musicians are interested in this issue. What does freedom of speech means to young people these days? Are they aware of this right? And also what does it mean to young musicians? When are you hurting someone with your music and when you do, is it still okay to relay on your right to freedom of speech? Or how can your music make a difference to society? During this exchange the young musicians will explore this diffIcult subject. The young musicians will write and record a song about it in new mixed bands. For example: a German drummer, a French bass player, a guitarist from the Netherlands, another guitarist from Norway and a singer from Iceland. The young musicians will live and work together for a week in Rotterdam, Delft and Dordrecht. They will exchange music, ideas and culture. 3

BANDS The following bands will participate in this exchange: ROUFAIDA & PLUCK (NL) With their unique sound and self written music and lyrics, Roufaida & Pluck are getting there. The two Dutch girls are both seventeen and live in Rotterdam. The two young singer/ songwriters amaze their audiences with their musical abilities and intimate sound. They won the 1st prize in the High School Music Competition. Roufaida & Pluck play very varied sets with a versatile instrumentation. Pluck: vocals, FLute, kazoo, harmonics, percussion. Roufaida: vocals, guitar, violin. Curious? Check out the movies at YouTube or listen to the demo’s in the tracklist on www.myspace.com/roufaidaenpluck C4030 (PL) C4030 is a Polish quartet, formed in 2008 in Gdynia. They create sounds directly from their hearts and beautifully combine hit alternative music with jazz, freak-folk or even with post-rock. Their music is refreshingly different and profoundly moving. They are uncompromising, ambitious and all indicates that soon, they are bound to win our hearts. www.myspace.com/c4030band


THE STRANGE (FR) The Strange is a four piece blues/grunge band from South of France. The band started in 2006 as a three piece family band, later on they added a guitarist and became a four man band. Their FIrst songs were really grunge oriented and they made a great impression during their shows. Now they have moved to a more dirty bluesy repertoire, but still with a big dose of fury! www.myspace.com/thestrangeisrock

SAMARIS (IS) Samaris is a trio band from Iceland. The combination of vocals and a clarinet with electronics makes the dreamy trip hop of Samaris! Their inspired by Fever Ray, Portishead, Massive Attack and James Blake. While they only exist since last January, they’ve already won the pretentious price: ‘The Icelandic music experiments’ and therefore a spot in the exchange! http://soundcloud.com/samaris


FEXET (NL) Fexet is a young punkrock band from The Hague. Their inspired by bands such as Blink 182, NOFX, Weezer and No Use For A Name. Fexet started in September 2008, halve of the band members where at that time not even 12 years old. With their energetic sound they manage to get a lot of gigs in a short time period. And above that Fexet wins the 3th price of the High School Music Competition 2011. www.fexet.nl KLUBS (DE) The German band Klubs scored high in the FInale of the Live in Bremen contest. The Klubs are together for just a little while (2010) and in that short time period they manage to impress everyone with their indie-newwave-pop-electro-shoegaze sound. How about you? www.facebook.com/klubsbeat


MEMETICS (NO) Memetics make electronic indie pop, which reminiscent the Foals. The members have played together for 2 years, the last year under the name of Memetics. They have played concerts in Vestfold, Oslo, but also Norwegian festivals such as Slottsfjellfestivalen.They have recently been in the studio and recorded “Generations Ep” which is the band’s FIrst EP under the name of Memetics. This EP is expected to be completed and released in mid June. www.myspace.com/wearememetics

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PLACES During this exchange the young musicians will go to several places, for example to write and record the new song, but also to jam and perform and do some voluntary work. EXIT The programming of club Exit is very diverse, from punk to singer songwriter to gothic. Curious to see this venue? Don’t worry, the bands will jam here on Tuesday 23th of August! EXIT, Mauritsstraat 173, Rotterdam. www.exit-rotterdam.nl FEEDBACK Feedback is the biggest music instruments store in Rotterdam and one of the biggest of the Benelux. It was established 25 years ago. You can go there and visit the store and feel as a musician like Alice in Wonderland! Feedback will be a sponsor of the Stage Europe Network exchange providing the backline for the performances! FEEDBACK, Ceintuurbaan 191, Rotterdam. www.feedback.nl


POPCENTRALE Young musicians meet each other in the Popcentrale, where they can rehearse, go in to the studio and perform, because it’s a rehearsal room, studio and venue all in one! The Popcentrale is also an educational centre, they have all kinds of master classes for musicians. The musicians will go here as well to write and record the new song, but also to perform. You can check them out on Friday 26th of August 2011! POPCENTRALE, Merwedestraat 48, Dordrecht www.popcentrale.nl POPUNIE - SPEAKER POPMAGAZINE Speaker is an educational pop magazine from the Popunie. It is run by a small staff and they work with volunteers. The participants will volunteer as well to make a mini Speaker of this exchange week. POPUNIE, Pannekoekstraat 102, Rotterdam www.popunie.nl SOPHIA KINDERZIEKENHUIS This hospital for children has their own radio station. Musicians perform for the children of the hospital at the broadcast of the radio. Some of the Stage Europe Network participants will also volunteer at the Sophie Kinderziekenhuis. SOPHIA KINDERZIEKENHUIS, Dr. Molewaterplein 60, Rotterdam www.erasmusmc.nl/sophia


SPOD SPOD is the rehearsel room in Delft and near area. The bands will start to write their new songs in the rehearsal spaces of SPOD. SPOD, Marlotlaan 11, Delft www.spod.home.xs4all.nl STADSPODIUM ROTTERDAM Stadspodium is a venue for live music in the centre of Rotterdam where some of the Stage Europe Network bands will perform on Sunday 28th of August! STADSPODIUM, Grotekerkplein, Rotterdam www.stadspodium-rotterdam.nl


WESTERPOP FESTIVAL Westerpop festival is a small outdoor festival in Delft but with a large audience of estimators! For years Westerpop has been one of the coolest festivals in the country due to its format and line up and the location close to the historic centre of Delft. And free admission of course. Every year about 16.000 enthusiastic visitors fInd their way to Westerpop. The visitors can also enjoy festival markets and street theatre acts and for the second year in a row they can also enjoy the Stage Europe Network bands! SATURDAY 27TH OF AUGUST 2011. WESTERPOP, sportterrein grotius college, Delft www.westerpop.nl



POPCENTRALE, DORDRECHT Samaris (IS) 19.30- 19.50 Klubs (DE) 20.00 - 20.20 Roufaida & Pluck (NL) 20.30 - 20.50 C4030 (PL) 21.00 - 21.20 Memetics (NO) 21.30 - 21.50 The Strange (FR) 22.00 - 22.20 Fexet (NL) 22.30 - 22.50 12


SATURDAY 27TH AUGUST 2011 – WESTERPOP, DELFT C4030 (PL) 13.05 - 13.30 h

The Strange (FR) 16.55 - 17.20 h

Samaris (IS) 14.15 - 14.40 h

Roufaida & Pluck (NL) 18.15 - 18.40 h

Fexet (NL) 15.35 - 16.00 h

Klubs (DE) 19.35 - 20.00 h

Memetics (NO) 20.55 - 21.20 h



Roufaida & Pluck (NL) 14.15 - 14.45

Fexet (NL) 15.45 - 16.15

Samaris (IS) 15.00 - 15.30

Memetics (NO) 16.30 - 17.00

YOUTH IN ACTION The Stage Europe Network exchange in the Netherlands is funded by the YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAM. Youth in Action is the Program the European Union has set up for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union’s future. It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU’s borders, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.

The experience the young people get over here will not only be an important chance for all of them to perform abroad in a foreign country. We hope it will also be a unique opportunity to meet other young people, share music and cultural differences with them and getting new friends!



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Stage Europe Network 2011  

Pocket Edition - Stage Europe Network program in the Netherlands

Stage Europe Network 2011  

Pocket Edition - Stage Europe Network program in the Netherlands

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