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A.JAM (fr), ENCHANTED HUNTERS (pl), KJURR (is), LES DYNAMIC (no), MOVING HOUSES (de), VรถK (is), WOLF IN LOVELAND (nl) ICELAND & THE NETHERLANDS August 23rd till September 1st 2013

Stage Europe Network is a collaboration of six cultural organizations from six different European countries: France, Germany, Poland, Norway, Iceland and The Netherlands. Their main goal is to motivate young people to actively participate in music in an European context and give them a intercultural learning experience. Music is a powerful medium of intercultural communication, that can offer young musicians from different countries the chance to express themselves by sharing their common passion.

On Tour is the theme of this multilateral exchange project as a result of the Stage Europe Network. This Dutch / Icelandic project involves young people from six European countries creating an intercultural and European experience with pop culture as a tool. They will travel, live and work together for nine days based on the theme: On Tour. They will explore the theme literal by traveling to Iceland and from Iceland to the Netherlands and then back home. It deals with mobility and borders. A very dynamic exchange with presentations at festivals in Iceland and The Netherlands, with collaborations of youngsters creating new songs, making videos and photos, living and traveling together. Go with us On Tour!

A.JAM A.JAM is inspired by the Hip Hop and Soul scene in France, but they approach it in a Jazzy way. The band makes a groovy and energetic sound with drums, bass and vocals combined with electronics. ENCHANTED HUNTERS Enchanted Hunters is a young Polish trio that combines elements from Dreamy Pop and Folk in their music. They create a nostalgic atmosphere that now and then evolves in a psychedelic sound with references to American Indie Rock from the nineties. Their debut album Peoria was released last year. KJURR A new surprise from Iceland is the trio Kjurr. Since March they are building on their reputation within the Icelandic music scene and in August they will release their

first Ep. LES DYNAMIC Les Dynamic is a progressive metal band from Drammen in Norway. This young band combines Heavy Metal riffs with catchy Pop oriented melodies. The arrangements are however closer to the progressive metal bands of today.

MOVING HOUSES A combination of nationalities, instruments and genres come together in the German band Moving Houses. That it is difficult to label this band should be pretty obvious. VöK Vӧk was only founded this year, but they have already won the pretentious The Ice-

landic Music Experiments. Vӧk is a combination of vocalist/guitarist Margrét Rán Magnusdóttir and saxophonist/ electronics Andri Már Enoksson.

During the project the musicians will go to several locations for sleeping, rehearsing, performing and other activities. Listed below are these locations. Iceland Bushostel Reykjavík A new hostel near the busstation. Skógarhlíð 10

WOLF IN LOVELAND The Dutch band Wolf in Loveland makes harmonious Folk Pop with rock influences. The group has seven members with the 21 year old singer-songwriter Jan Minnaard as a centre. Check the bands at:

Hitt Húsið Reykjavík Here the bands will have workshops, lunch and dinner. Pósthússtræti 3-5 Reykjavik Culture Night Outside stage in front of Harpa where the SEN bands will peform. Austurbakki 2 The Netherlands Hostel Mafkees Rotterdam The accommodation in The

Netherlands will be the Hostel Mafkees in Rotterdam. This is a youth hostel that has recently re-opened. Vijverhofstraat 47 Roodkapje Rotterdam, Roodkapje serves as a sanctuary for art, culture, music, parties and meetings in Rotterdam. The program of Roodkapje is topical, engaged, confrontational and approachable, in the broadest sense, and applicable to all disciplines. The bands will go here to perform. Teilingerstraat 128 SAE Rotterdam SAE Institute Rotterdam provides international education in Audio Engineering. The bands will go to this location to record the songs that they have made in the mixed bands. Kratonkade 5

Waterfront Rotterdam Waterfront is a club where national and international acts can perform. They also offer rehearsal rooms for bands. The bands from the SEN week will go to this location twice to work on their songs in mixed groups. Boompjeskade 10-15 www.waterfrontrotterdam. info Westerpop Festival in Delft, Westerpop is a two day festival in Delft. The festival has no admission fee and is free to visited. They have an international line up divided on two stages the Main stage and second stage. The second stage (Stage Europe Network) is the stage where the bands will perform on the second day of the festival on August 31st. Van Bleyswijckstraat 72

Tour Scedule FRIDAY Travel to Reykjavik 00.00 * Arrival at the airport 00.00 * Check in at hostel 19.00 * Dinner at Hitt Húsið 20.00 * Welcome talk and jamm SATURDAY 09.00 * Breakfast 10.00 * Introduction 12.00 * Lunch at Hitt Húsið 13.00 * Sound Check 14.00 * Concert at Harpa 20.00 * Dinner at Hitt Húsið 21.00 * Visit Cultural Night 23.00 * Fireworks SUNDAY 09.00 * Breakfast 10.00 * Swimming 12.30 * Lunch at Hitt Húsið 13.30 * Mixed Bands 16.00 * Panel / interview 17.30 * Photo Mixed Bands 19.00 * Dinner 21.00 * Cultural evening Iceland & Netherlands MONDAY 09.00 * Breakfast 10.00 * Free time 11.30 * Lunch at Hitt Húsið

13.30 * Departure to airport 16.30 * Flight to Amsterdam 21.30 * Arrival at airport 22.30 * Travel to Rotterdam 23.30 * Check in at hostel TUESDAY 09.00 * Breakfast 10.00 * Bike tour Rotterdam 12.00 * Lunch at Mafkees 13.30 * Departure to Waterfront and start rehearsal Mixed Bands 19.00 * Dinner at Mafkees 20.00 * Culture evening Norway & France WEDNESDAY 08.30 * Breakfast 09.30 * Departure to Waterfront and rehearsal Mixed Bands 12.00 * Lunch at Waterfront and Rehearsal Mixed Bands 19.00 * Dinner at Mafkees 20.00 * Culture evening Poland & Germany THURSDAY 08.30 * Breakfast 09.00 * Recordings at SAE 10.00 * Visit to Feedback 13.00 * Lunch package 13.00 * Recordings at SAE

13.00 * Visit to Feedback 19.00 * Network dinner at Mafkees 21.00 * Live panel at Roodkapje FRIDAY 09.00 * Breakfast 10.00 * Departure to Delft 12.00 * Drive By Clip 13.00 * Lunch package 13.00 * Drive By Clip 16.00 * Pop Cafe Delft 18.00 * Presenting Mixed Bands and buffet 19.00 * Start Westerpop SATURDAY 09.00 * Breakfast 10.00 * Departure to Delft 12.00 * Lunch at Westerpop 12.00 * Sound Check 13.00 * Concert 13.00 * Evaluations 18.00 * Dinner at Westerpop 22.30 * Back to Rotterdam 23.00 * Goodbye mini party at Mafkees SUNDAY 09.00 * Breakfast and departure from Rotterdam

Youth in Action The Stage Europe Network exchange in the Netherlands is funded by the Youth in Action Program. Youth in Action is the Program the European Union has set up for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union’s future.It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU’s borders, nonformal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background. We hope this will be a unique opportunity to meet other young people, share music and cultural differences with them and getting new friends!

Stage Europe Network 2013  

Programme schedule SEN project ON TOUR in Iceland and the Netherlands from August 23rd till September 1st 2013

Stage Europe Network 2013  

Programme schedule SEN project ON TOUR in Iceland and the Netherlands from August 23rd till September 1st 2013