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VW camper vans buyer guide If you decide to buy a camper van, you can opt for VW Vanagon Campers, Camper Eurovan, Roadtrek Camper or used camper vans . You can buy or hire these camper vans from some dealers throughout the world. Different camper vans are offered in different color combinations based on the year, model and camper configuration. When you decide to buy a camper van, VW camper van will make a great choice. The price for camper van depends on the number of camping equipments fixed in the van. If you choose a VW camper van, first decide what facilities you expect from it. For example, decide whether you want it for an overnight or for a few days tour. Based on that, decide whether you want just the bed and curtains in the van, or you want kitchen, cooker, sink, awning, curtains, dining table, bed, etc., in the van. When you buy a VW camper van, look for any rust inside and outside the van. This is important to decide whether the VW camper van is cleaned regularly. Check for any rust at the edges of the windows. Check for rust at the vehicle panels. Also check for rust at the windscreen. Check the body panel, front panel and side panel seams. If you find some small faults, you can always request for replacement because replacement panels are readily available for almost all parts of the van. Check the condition of the front beam and the cab area. Check whether the windows and doors are fitted firmly and properly. Check whether the door can be locked and unlocked easily using key. Give importance and check the wheel arches, door step and door bottoms. Do not forget to look at the bumper and along the sills and flat sides. If you find some ripples on the flat sides of the van, then you may judge that the van might have undergone some sort of accident or damage or repair. Carefully check the floor, chassis, suspension areas and windscreen corner areas of the van. Never forget to check the area under the carpets or rubber mats. Check whether the head lights, side lights, and full beam are working properly. Inspect whether the speedometer, fuel and temperature gauge, clock and horn are working properly. Check for the safety of the electrical fittings and gas fittings of the camper van. Check for any cracks or cigarette burns near the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Check the engine bay of the van. Check the engine for any excessive crankshaft movement, smoke and oil leaks. Listen for any knocks or sound coming from the engine. Look at the condition of the carburetor. Check the servo for any leaks. Also check for any oil leak around the pushrods. Check the roof guttering and battery trays. Take the van for a test drive. When you drive on a straight road, ensure that the van does not pull towards one side while holding the steering wheel lightly. Pay special attention to check the brakes, steering wheel, and gear boxes.

The above tips are a few tips for buying a VW camper van . You can find many more tips in related websites. You may also build your own interiors in the van. In such case, you can buy panel van and fix the desired facilities based on your imagination.


VW camper vans buyer guide  

If you decide to buy a camper van, you can opt for VW Vanagon Campers, Camper Eurovan, Roadtrek Camper or used camper vans. You can buy or h...

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