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What does the name Bambi mean to you guys?

least some of them, right? Because I do remember seeing some of them live.

Jake: Well, my aunt’s name is Bambi.

Whistler: We spent a lot of time at her cabin, so it’s pretty literal. Couldn’t find a better name.

Nathan: It was probably the first two, “Chapstick” and “No Poms”. We played “No Poms” at a bunch of shows and the fans were asking to have it. So we just gave them the worst possible version. It’s like a demo that we recorded a year and a half ago. So, since late 2017, those songs have been around.

Nathan: It’s like a trigger word for me now. Every time I hear it, I’m like, “It’s happening”.

You guys have been touring forever, how's that been?

Whistler: It’s like, such a soft name.

Jake: Honest answer or not honest answer?

Nathan: Like PTSD. Every time I hear that word “Bambi”, I need a huge cocktail.

Whatever you would feel comfortable saying.

Does it have a different meaning to every one of you or is it just because of Jake's aunt?

Jake: Great. It’s been fucking great. Jake: I see colors every time.

I'd assume it's tiring.

Zach: Yeah, I see pink and blue. Nathan: I hear gunshots... To answer your question though, Bambi does mean different things to each of us. You may be able to tell, but it was a very tumultuous process like with our producer and with each other. So when I hear Bambi, I think of the Tokyo Police Club song “Boots of Danger“. But also, I think of the traumatic experiences we had making that album. Jake: We had a working album cover for a minute and it was like, Zach in full makeup; it was just this really soft picture. He looked beautiful. I remember seeing that all together and listening to the music and being like, “Woah, this is cool”. It’s soft but it’s also sad.

Zach: We’ve had some really good times—this year especially—since we dropped Bambi in September of last year. We’ve been on the road pretty much since then. We’ve had a bunch of cool tours and have seen the whole country twice since then. Whistler: The people that we work with are really proud as well. Zach: We went to Australia for the first time and it was sick.

Zach: It’s soft because it’s innocent. What made you guys drop Demos II? Jake: We wanted to take a minute before we worked on new music because we just had toured and before that, we had spent a lot of time writing and recording. We needed a minute to really pause and reflect over the past five years. At the same time, we wanted to give fans something that would tide them over while we took some time off. Also, I just think it’s cool to let people into our process because the songs changed so much from demos to the final record. Zach: Exactly. And we had to pay a sacrifice to Spotify so they don’t take any more money away from me. These songs have been around for a while? Or at

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