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So, I heard the new album, How Do You Love? this morning! It's really really good. Lydia: Really!? Thank you! When is it set to drop? Lydia: August 9th. In what ways would you say this album is different from previous ones? Genessa: It’s more mature. Lydia: I agree, it’s a lot more mature both lyrically and musically. The themes are more mature, but how I construct them hasn’t changed that much. But I mean, the music itself… let’s just say we tried out a lot more. Genessa: Yeah.

bit, and then I wrote some songs just with him. Also, sometimes I just wrote alone in my room and brought to the rest of the band. So it’s kind of it’s a whole mishmash of different writing styles and themes; with a lot of hard work, it all came together. Drew, how was that experience for you, both coming on this album and writing? Drew: It was really cool! I toured withthem not a lot, but enough—before recording it. Touring and signing these vinyl’s and everything shocked me a bit; at first, I was like: “Oh, you want me to sign this?” It felt like I was part of the family even before I stepped in the booth, but having a record where I played on the whole thing? Like, it’s me playing it? That feels pretty good. Genessa: You’re locked in. We put a ring on it.

Drew: A lot more. Lydia: We definitely had more fun with it. Genessa: Recording the first album, we stuck to drums, bass, and guitar. Lydia: Super simple. Genessa: This album, we added a few things. Feel Your Feelings Fool! was like the base of all this. Now, we have our eyes set on this new record. Lydia: And it’s a concept. How Do You Love? is a concept. Lydia, do you write all of it? Or is it a group effort? Lydia: No, not at all. I mean, there’s a lot that I’ve written alone, but this album definitely was more of a collaboration which was so fun. It was our first time making an album with Drew, which was awesome. I wrote with Drew, we all wrote together, we wrote with Mike, our producer, a little

Lydia: Yeah, we put a ring on it. We locked him down.

"This album definitely was more of a collaboration which was so fun."”

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