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If you’re telling me you don’t feel the Christmas spirit, you are lying. Singapore fosters the mood pretty well –Christmas lights and decorations have invaded Orchard Road, Starbuck’s iconic Toffee Nut flavour has reminded us of the nutty festive flavours we love and let’s not forget the price slashes and discounts that are so blatant, not buying anything would be considered a crime. So here’s the thing: While we all love Christmas, we have to remember that we are still Singaporeans. Which is why this Christmas, we at Pospoken would like to encourage you to look at the flipside of the festive season. Scrap the imagery of a fireplace warming a cottage and imagine an environment never associated with Christmas before. Make that courageous move from knit and anything red to a wardrobe of colours, one of a kind accessories and statement pieces. Forgo traditional Christmas delicacies and opt for something local and yet still savoury.

In our virgin shoot we dress up our writers (modelesque or not) in local labels from Parco Next Next and Bloodbuzz, as well as the likes of H&M and Fred Perry. While we don’t believe in airbrushing people, we have to say that our popsters were killing the outfits! Also to look forward to is our photoshoot with the winner of the La Sardina Caviar, Liyana! We met her by the aisle of sardines in Carrefour and needless to say, the chemistry born was undeniable. This girl is charming with a sense of style so refreshing, her entry was a clear winner from the beginning. With this, we hope that you enjoy our very first mini issue as much as we did crafting it. From everyone at Popsoken, HAVE A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! P.S The mayans are hinting it could be our last, so let’s go crazy. - Sadali

From one of a kind accessories to candy-coloured dresses, this Christmas is all about making the unconventional conventional.

Model - Sadali Bowtie by akawayward

Model - Ryhan Dress by Chalk, Blue envelope clutch by H&M, Shoes model’s own

Model - Ryhan Dress by Umumu

Model - Shah Shirt by Coupe Cousu

Model - Elijah Mustard pants by H&M, Polo tee by Fred Perry, Blazer, beanie, glasses, shoes model’s own

Model - Skii Geometric top & skirt by Quinn, Black stone necklace by Quinn, Shoes model’s own

Model - Skii Blouse by Naked Room

Model - Skii Blouse by Naked Room

Model - Dian Yellow blazer by H&M, Black overall by Bloodbuzz, Belt, shades model’s own

Model - Ada Jumpsuit by Un-covered, Studded pumps by Naked Room, Belt model’s own

Model (left) - Ryhan Dress by Bloodbuzz, Shades model’s own Model (right) - Asyraf Two-tone boat neck tee and Mustard pants by H&M, Feather necklace by Quinn

Model - Charmaine Beaded collar top by H&M, Skirt by Bloodbuzz, Necklace by Quinn, Beanie, shades model’s own

Model - Charmaine Polka dot dress and Brown bag by H&M,

Model - Charmaine Printed bondage dress by Bloodbuzz, Shoes model’s own

Meet the

La Sardina Caviar By Shah Salimat

Out of all the entries for our Lomography Singapore style competition, 25-year-old full-time editor-in-chief of ActuallyMAG and part-time blogger Nurliyana Meer Mamood stood out for her fun and colourful get-ups. We chat with her about shopping in the kids’ section, comparing fashion with style and wearing something you wore last week.

Liyana’s a pretty fun girl, which is odd in the world of fashion. Normally, one would associate the inner circle of fashion with cold-blooded editors, the snobbish elite and high-brow bloggers (let’s not get there). However, Liyana’s not an Anna Wintour: in fact, she’s probably more like an Anna Dello Russo, sans singing with Carine Rotfield at Valentino. Ah, the times where fashion is a happy place. We need more of that. Meeting Liyana at Dhoby Ghaut seemed like an odd choice, but when you look at the architecture of the MacDonald House, the cavernous pavements fronting Plaza Singapura and the manufactured foliage of Istana Park, it all made sense. Fashion is an amalgamation of cohesive yet disparate elements, much like how the urban cityscape works. Besides, Orchard Road has way too little trees. Liyana formerly interned at Catalog Magazine and is now editorin-chief of ActuallyMAG. With such a cool vocation, surely she must have felt the pressure to look stunning in the usually drab office. However, Liyana takes the extra effort to match her mood with her day-to-day look. “I don’t have a specific look to describe my everyday but I basically get up in the morning and I dress how I feel. So, if that day I feel kinda lazy and gloomy, I’ll just wear a bit of black, put a sweater on and just get out of the house. But, if I feel a bit more adventurous, I’ll put on a lot of colour and I’ll go for it. I’ll just have fun,” Liyana fathomed. Her blog,, speaks volumes of her style. At times, sunny days are when her readers will see a floppy Forever 21 hat, wide-legged palazzo pants and vintage dresses which seemingly have a running floral theme with each post. On moodier days though, you will get simplicity in monochromatic throwovers that balance the line of sheers and slightly revealing motifs tastefully. Liyana explained: “I try not to overthink my dressing, because I realise that when I think too much about what I wear, I’ll end up not liking it on me throughout the day. So, I’ll just wear whatever comes to mind. A lot of times, I have the “I wanna wear this instead!” and then I’ll change 10 times before I go back to what I was wearing in the first place. I think colour and fun are always my basic style.” STYLE IS SUBJECTIVE One of the things Popspoken had difficulty in was choosing the winning look because we all have different tastes and we could have completely missed the mark on a great style that we do not really like. In the end, the stylish La Sardina Caviar had to go to someone who treated herself with class yet relished in her quirkiness. “I’ve never really won anything ever before, so it was pretty surprising. I didn’t expect to win at all because style is very subjective. What is nice to one person may not be necessarily nice to the other. I just entered the competition a 100% for fun,” enthused Liyana.

The infamous saying proudly proclaims: “You can never have too much of a good thing”. Clothes are an indulgence, but an expensive one nonetheless. Wearing something twice has been frowned upon by the media, but Liyana thinks otherwise. When Popspoken asked Liyana if it’s a crime to recycle outfits, she exclaimed: “Hell no! It’s good to invest in a couple of basic pieces, and then have a lot of wear time for each: gain mileage for your clothes. You can lay something over a simple white shirt. It’s ok to recycle.” “Just be sure to play it up – accessories are very important. Not necessarily wear the same outfit: you can wear it in different variations, but I think recycling is fine. But, be sure when you recycle, at least wear it a week before you wear the same thing. You don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing in a week,” explained Liyana. Sure enough, it does seem that a lot of the archaic rules of fashion such as this one have been broken by a newer, fresher way of looking at fashion. No longer is dissecting Spring/Summer collections with top fashion honchos and curating copious amounts of trend reports considered as a cool thing anymore. “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” said the late Yves Saint Laurent. He must have had a magic ball in his boudoir peering into the future of streetstyle and blogging. For the longest time, fashion and style have been lumped as one by an ignorant media. In a sense, fashion and style are both completely separate things. However, Liyana does acknowledge the relationship between fickle fashion and sustained style. She elaborated: “I think everyone cares a little bit, to a certain extent. You look at the runways because everyone is looking at it and it’s inspirational. Whatever you put on is made from somewhere and someone made it. You must have gotten a little bit of inspiration from somewhere, It could be on the streets, art, the runway itself.” “For me, I do look at runway trends as well but I don’t think runway trends work for everybody. It’s best to pick out what you think is nice and then try to work for yourself. For knitwear, it’ll be nice in December. It’ won’t be nice for us on other months because it’s too hot. To me, style is a way of life, how you are. It’s your poise, how gracious you are. It’s in the things you see everyday. Ultimately, fashion is clothes but it doesn’t necessarily mean that being fashionable is stylish.” Liyana further stated: “It’s very important to be yourself, know what works for you and always try to have fun. I think people always forget that. They try to emulate someone else but they don’t realise that they are their own person as well. You should copy, but try to add in a bit of funk in the outfit by making it your own so that when someone looks at you, he’ll go: “Hey, that person is cool because they have their own look.” (continued)

Meet the La Sardina Caviar


SHOPPING IN THE WEIRDEST PLACES Liyana found one of her best finds at a flea market: a Topman men’s shirt in size XS. She calls it her “go-to piece if I’ve got nothing to wear”. Clearly, Liyana pays little regard to clothes categorized by gender and locale. “I shop anything and anywhere. I go to Bugis Street, but I go for the better-quality stuff. I don’t like clothes that are not breathable like polyesters. You don’t sweat well in them, and it shows. I like to shop at Haji Lane as well. Sometimes, online blogshops because they do have good stuff. Sometimes,” Liyana explains after slightly pausing at the mention of online blogshops, which have gained notoriety for Ah Lian models and cheap fabric. She also does not discriminate when it comes to shopping Singapore. “For local labels, I like Reckless Ericka for slouchy pieces. I like pieces that you can throw over. I buy a lot of throwover shrugs and kimono tops. I don’t generalize like “Oh, I have to shop at the high-end labels”. I try not to do that. The important thing is to mix it up a little bit.,” said Liyana. She even pays little attention to sticking to the adult lines. In her words: “I shop at Zara Kids. Confession!” It’s not surprising: she is after all, some 1.6m in height.

“I also shop at H&M Kids. I recently scored an awesome sweater and pants, because they go by height (in sizes). The maximum height is 1.64m, so I fit into the jeans perfectly. I get the sweaters at a fraction of the cost (to buy a sweater from the adult line). Plus, it’s pretty cute. I don’t limit myself to a certain type of store.” As we ended our photoshoot at Haji Lane in the pouring rain with Liyana posing in her car, Liyana had transformed into the tough chick of the night. Out came the harness and an all-black ensemble. Popspoken editor-in-chief Sadali gave her these specific instructions: “Act snotty.” Liyana burst out into a huge guffaw before calming herself down. In 5 seconds, the first frame was a full-on lazy eye, with pursed lips, nose pointed upwards, and limp wrists. She may be fun and vivacious, but she sure knows how to put on the stereotype of fashion for the camera. Top 3 Fashion no-nos • Tights as pants: hell to the no! It’s even worse when you see the VPL. • I don’t like to wear shorts that are too short – when you can see your… hoo-hoo. It’s too hoochie. • I’ve never really looked good with tube dresses and tops, so I stay away from tubes because I feel like when you take a photo with your friend, from a certain angle, you look like you’re not wearing anything. Top 3 Must-haves • Really nice pair of skinny jeans. Any colour will do but my favourite is black. • A striped horizontal top in navy blue and white. • A nice blazer, one that fits you well. In fact, that’s already one outfit.

Christmas is also about cosying up in front of your television. Our writers Chella Huggington and Mr & Mrs Ravenouses share their list of the best movies to pop in this festive season.

“Enough overindulging in Tim Allen dressed as Santa. It’s time to explore your chimneys for some unpolished Chrismas-y gems. Whether you’re a softie at heart or an adrenaline enthusiast, we’ve got something for everyone. ‘Tis the season to experiment!” For the dark ones: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Another Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas tells of Jack Skellington a.k.a The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who stumbles upon another annual holiday suburb called Christmas Town. Intrigued by the concept of Christmas, he intends on usurping Santa Claus. Despite efforts made by rag doll Sally to prevent a catastrophe, Jack decides to shower Christmas Town with his own perception of Christmas and to no surprise, his shrunken head goodie bags go beyond unaccepted by the locals. Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To: At first glance, it might appear to be a dark, twisted version of The Grinch. But upon further viewing, you’ll find a tale rich in meaning and depth. Just an innocent traveller who thought he could do good to other townspeople, Jack ends up being misunderstood and unappreciated. It’s a bittersweet tale of identity, longing and setting things right through emotional understanding. After all, no one person is alike so embrace what you have and respect the rest! This is a great family movie that even your kids will love. From Jack’s glowing-nose ghost dog called Zero to Jack himself, each character is downright lovable. Edward Scissorhands (1990) This unconventional film directed by the equally whimsical Tim Burton tells of an artificial individual by the name of Edward Scissorhands. Edward’s creator dies of a heart attack and fails to complete his hands which are adorned with scissors. Edward is then taken in by a sweet family with a beautiful daughter named Kim, played by Winona Ryder, whom he falls deeply in love with. Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To: Team Edward, say hello to the real Edward. A hero at heart, Edward is filled with a confidence and curiosity so intense that he’ll put any sparkly vampire to shame. (Hey, Scissorhands even crafted a nifty ice angel sculpture for his sweetheart!) A bittersweet tale of true love and belonging, it also teaches us a thing or two about acceptance and seeing past surfaces. Edward’s struggle here is heartbreaking but alas, love triumphs even the gravelliest of things. Cosy Factor: 8/10

Plus, the two leads even had the honour of being quoted in one of Blink 182’s most famous tracks. No prizes for guessing which! Cosy Factor: 8/10

For the classic ones:

For the comedians:

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

The Muppets (Now Showing)

Back in the good ole days of the sweet and adorable sevenyear-old Taylor Momsen, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is probably one of the more noteworthy Dr Seuss’ remakes. The Grinch, played by the ever eccentric Jim Carrey, is intent on stealing Christmas. That is until he meets Cindy Lou Who, portrayed by Taylor Momsen, who manages to soften and inflate his minute, blistering heart.

Gary (Jason Segel) and his puppet brother Walter, along with Segel’s girlfriend Mary, (Amy Adams) make a pilgrimage to the Muppet Studio in Hollywood, only to discover that it’s deserted and about to be torn down by a greedy developer (Chris Cooper). The only way to save it is by locating Kermit the Frog and persuading him to reassemble the old gang for a fundraising telethon!

Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To:

Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To This Christmas:

Hard to believe that barely 11 years ago, the frontwoman for The Pretty Reckless played one of the cutest child characters to ever grace Christmas. Her rosy cheeks, quirky hairdos and big blue eyes grew on us like cherry tomatoes. Thanks to Jim Carrey’s usual frolics and Momsen’s soft ways, this extremely hilarious fable about The Grinch’s harrowing journey in becoming a massive-hearted individual will tug at your heart strings.

‘The Muppets’ is the mature version of ‘Sesame Street’, but adorable and fuzzy all the same! From Kermit The Frog to Miss Piggy, each of these fun-loving muppet characters is sure to tickle your heart this Christmas!

Cosy Factor: 9/10

Cosy Factor: 8/10

For the thrill seekers:

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Now Showing)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

When the Crown prince of Austria is found dead, almost all evidence points to suicide. But Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) deduces that the prince has been the victim of murder, one designed by Professor Moriarty. Teaming up with Dr John Watson (Jude Law) once again and Madame Simza (Noomi Rapace), they travel across Europe to uncover and put a stop to Moriarty’s plans.

The IMF is shut down when implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization's name.

Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To This Christmas: Oh come on, it’s RDJ & JL for god’s sake. Are you kidding us, they make a perfect gift for Christmas! Period. Besides the heaps of fun the movie brings, their unorthodox relationship and abundance of homoerotic megatext will bring about roars of laughter. Cosy factor: 7/10

Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To This Christmas: Thrill seekers, expect nothing less than satisfaction here. That’s right. You’ve got huge action set pieces and mindbending stunts, filled to the brim with suspense and tension. Probably one of the best action films of 2011. ‘Nuff said. Cosy factor: 9/10

For the lovers:

Love Actually (2003)

The Holiday (2006)

Before Valentine’s Day (2010) and New Year’s Eve (2011), there was the much loved Love Actually. Set in London, this saccharine coated rom-com boasts an ensemble cast including Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant and Rick Grimes a.k.a Andrew Lincoln. Delving into the different stances of love, it follows ten separate stories involving tons of characters, many of whom are shown to be interlinked as the film progresses.

The Holiday is an American rom-com about two troubled women who swap homes in each other’s countries, where they both meet a local guy and fall in hopelessly in love. Stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, the hilarious Jack Black and the very handsome Jude Law.

Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To: Till this day, Love Actually remains to be one of the most romantic films ever. (Still can’t beat The Notebook unfortunately!) The motion picture starts off five weeks before Christmas then playing out in a weekly countdown mode until the magical holiday. From Mark’s (Andrew Lincoln) darling confession to Juliet (Keira Knightley) at her doorstep, to the adorable Sam (Thomas Sangster) drumming away in hopes of impressing his sweetheart Joanna (Olivia Olson), this isn’t your typical love story. Without even bordering on the line of cheesiness or over-the-top antics, this film is prolific in purity, innocence and affection. Cosy Factor: 10/10

Why It’s A Movie You Can Cosy Up To: Beneath the layers of romance and heartfelt goodbyes, this ardent tale is beautifully crafted with themes of forgiveness, inner strength and hope. Law and Diaz gleam with amazing chemistry while Winslet and Black make a blossoming cute pair. Eli Wallach who plays Arthur, a veteran script writer famous for his works during the Golden Age of Hollywood, brushes the film with much kindness and endearment, making him one of the film’s main highlights. A truly heartsnuggling feature with fluffy characters that will charm you into getting all lovey-dovey this festive season. Cosy Factor: 9/10

Side Recommendations:

The Home Alone trilogy Funny gags, hilarious antics and feel-good moments, the first three instalments make really good family films for the holidays, except there's no family! *Gasps just like young Macaulay Culkin� The Polar Express (2004) An adaptation of the beloved children’s book with performance-capture technology, this film brings out your inner child! Die Hard (1988) There's no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than watching Bruce Willis single-handedly battle a skyscraper full of terrorists on Christmas Eve. A kickass action-packed ensemble from start to finish.

This is Mr & Mrs Ravenous and Chella signing off. We wish you a sexy Christmas and a Blockbuster New Year!


Don’t believe in Santa? Here are other ways you can spend your Christmas weekend!

One Love, One Dance, One Christmas Zouk + Velvet Underground 23 - 25 Dec 10PM – 4AM Dancing is universal and what’s a better way to end the year and reign in a new one but to dance. A week chock full of trance and dance music, it is easily the best kind of gift you can give to anyone on Christmas. BEgIN 2012 *Scape 31 Dec 730PM – 1AM Created by youths for youths, BEgIN 2012 is all about dancing in silence. An epic way to bring in the new year, don’t forget to bring your iPods lest you miss out on all the fun! The event is open to all ages. Xmas Eve & 1Red Light Avalon 24 – 25 Dec 10PM – 4AM End the year with a party by the bay at none other than Avalon. Bringing in only the freshest acts, we’ll see a sophisticated and an epic night of Christmas celebration. Partying the night away has never felt better. Crazy Christmas (R18) Esplanade Theatre 14 - 23 Dec TUE-FRI 4PM |SAT-SUN 4PM & 8PM Challenge: how much of a local twist can we put on Christmas? It seems like it has been positively twisted every way imaginable. Only for mature audiences, it will be an evening full of laughter and joy as we join the Dim Sum Dollies and others to celebrate Xmas in our own special way! Free Entry to All Exhibits @ NMS National Museum of Singapore 25 Dec 10AM– 5PM If you enjoy discussing the theories of modernism and realism, you would enjoy this promotion. Only available on Christmas Day, you’re looking at an entire day of FREE colourful exploration and discovery right before your Christmas dinner.

celebrations nightlife nightlife theatre arts

Celebrate 2012 The Float @ Marina Bay 31 Dec 8PM – 3AM (approx.)


Seven hours of non-stop fun – can it get any better? With acts like Siti Nurhaliza coming in, we’re looking at a very diverse and entertaining night on New Year’s Eve. It could also make for a very romantic evening for the star-crossed lovers. Esplanade Presents: Celebrate December Esplanade Entire month of Dec Timing Varies It would not be a fulfilling Christmas until we drop by Esplanade to enjoy their family-friendly activities and mostly, for free! Listen to carollers or make a wish for the New Year, this is a December to celebrate and be thankful for.


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#1. Just because it's Christmas  

Check out our very first online issue, Just because it's Christmas!

#1. Just because it's Christmas  

Check out our very first online issue, Just because it's Christmas!