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Do Laptop Cooling Pads Really Work - Laptop Cooling Pad ______________________________________________ By David -

For the vast majority of people, a high-end 2013 laptop will be able to do whatever they require - Whether it be video encoding, casual gaming, photo editing, programming or web design, chances are the top-of-the-line laptops can handle it. So with the tasks once reserved for cumbersome desktops being shifted over to slick aluminium portables, overheating is becoming a real problem. Fitting the processing and graphical capabilities of a metre-high tower PC into the centimetre-high enclosure of a ultrabook is no easy task to accomplish without the machine melting, so it's rather amazing that laptop manufacturers have gotten as far as they have - But it's not quite enough for some people. While web browsing and word processing is no problem for the cooling system of laptops, gaming, video editing and sometimes even things like playing Flash videos, aren't. This is where laptop cooling pads come in. Click Here

Laptop cooling pads, for those of you who aren't 100% sure on what they're for, are generally plastic stands or pads that elevate your laptop off the ground. This is to promote good airflow in and around the computer, and subsequently aid it's cooling system in cooling down the vital components. That is all very well and good, and undoubtedly works to some degree, however what's the advantage of a cooling pad over, say, a big hardcover book, the lid off of a plastic container, or some other makeshift device that won't cost you anything?

Most laptop cooling pads have one, or in some cases up to four, fans that act as an 'extension' to the computer's cooling system. This serves to draw hot air away from the laptop, where it otherwise would just hang around, heating the case up, which would in turn heat the components inside up - Making them more effective than other hard objects in cooling down laptops. The obvious drawbacks to this is firstly the noise, and secondly the power consumption (most cooling stands draw the power required to run the fans from the computer via USB). However if you buy a quality one, which should cost around $30-$40 (US), the fans should be at the very least relatively quiet, and it depends on your needs, but when preforming intensive your laptop's battery will run out pretty quick anyway Meaning the cooling pad's power consumption shouldn't be an issue, as if your laptop is hot enough to need one, then chances are you'll have to have it plugged into the wall anyway. So, back to the point: Is a laptop cooling pad right for you?

Laptop cooling stands are ideal if you regularly perform intensive tasks on your laptop, such as gaming or video editing, and want to use your computer on your lap rather than the desk while doing so. However due to the bulk of the cooling pad, you'll only want to get one if you perform your intensive tasks at home (or at the office) - You won't want to be lugging one around when you go out to do field work. Power consumption is the other reason you'll want to use cooling pads only at home - Because of the extra power drawn by it to run the fans, it'd be better to use it in situations where you have your laptop's charger close at hand. But if that fits with you well, then there is no reason not to buy a laptop cooling pad, as they are by far the most effective way to cool your laptop down.

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