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Shopfloor management solutions for the plastics industry.

WE KNOW PLASTICS. With 28 years of experience as worldwide operating MES specialist, we offer our innovative software solution to support our clients digitize their factories.

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OUR SOLUTION FOR YOUR SMART FACTORY We offer expert help through your Smart Factory journey: Plan production efficiently and check data in real time: TIG authentig provides you with important insights into and a good overview of what is going on in your production and how it is running. With the help of its various modules, you can for example very easily create production plans on your PC at any time or check the status and progress of production from your desk. You can also use the system to manage data records, optimise set-up times or fulfil the documentation requirements of your customers.

SCOPE DEFINITION At this stage, we identify what are the critical issues at client’s production floor followed by suggestion of appropriate solutions.

MACHINE CONNECTIVITY Guidance through machine connectivity & IT infrastructure requirements. So, clients have a clear understanding of what is needed prior to the software installation.




We build with a solid project management plan in order to implement a phased approach working closely with our client`s teams through the whole project.

Access to interactive courses online using practical guidelines for day to day use with no time restriction. Service desk available in multiple countries and time zones.

Benefit from the new transparency in your production: plan realistically, act more flexibly, save resources, meet delivery deadlines, reduce inventories and decrease risks and costs.

The leading software in MES Tailored to the specific requirements of the injection moulding industry, TIG authentig offers particularly deep vertical data integration, down to the level of individual cavities. The software creates transparency in order, for example, to optimally utilize



the available capacity of a machine park, or to correlate productivity ratios with economic goals. The MES has a modular structure and can be precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the processor.





A live-overview of your production

Visualize and archive settings and data records



Fully graphic, multi-stage planning

Production at a glance and transparency in all ranks



Recording and documenting quality

Quick and significant reports and analysis



Statistical process control of parts parameters

Save energy in production



Quality assurance and high availability

Generate order, reduce paperwork



Fully automated operating figures at a glance and personalized analysis specifically compiled

Follow your production on your smartphone

Your flexible integration platform into the shop floor, opening up completely new possibilities The production-oriented data hub provides you with central access to the processes on the shop floor.

CUSTOMER BENEFIT The TIG smart production platform provides a convenient way of utilizing the information from your shop floor with existing or newly developed applications for all conceivable scenarios without the need to deal yourself with the different communication protocols of the machines.

ADVANTAGES Easy machine integration by means of the established TIG authentig Connection Services Secure communication via RESTful API with OAuth 2.0 over SSL Flexible integration of production data into existing business applications (e.g. ERP, CRM or CAQ systems) Central provision of information from the shop floor Easy integration of customer-specific applications low up-front investment costs due to subscription-based licensing CLOUD SOLUTIONS




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Improve your shopfloor management with AI solutions.

Data Analytics Consulting

Data Analytics Service

Continuous Algorithms


SMART ANALYTICS SERVICE Connect your data with your algorithms in one platform.

Algorithm Service is a scalable microservice infrastructure, which connects data with your inhouse-developed algorithms. Import, identification and assignment of incoming data is done continuously and automatically. Thus data, like industrial IoT data or fin. data can be interactively linked and processed by your algorithms.

Different technologies such as native executable, scripts, Java, Scala, Python, Mathematica notebooks, MatLab Runtime, etc., are supported. Incoming data can be linked to various algorithms based on meta inform. tags of your data.

Time saving due to automated import, including identification and classification of the algorithms Included version and configuration management of your uploaded algorithms Customizable and secure web interface offers rich upload, download, management and search functionalities Interactive resend/recalculation features to reapply new algorithm version to historic data On-the-fly algorithm invocation via REST module execution endpoints High scalability through containerized hosting (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, ...)

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Take advantage of TIG shopfloor consulting, the professional consulting service for your shopfloor. Our experienced consultants support you in your daily work allowing you to fully leverage your potential in production and efficiently use the data acquired by TIG authentig. Even before the implementation phase, we advise you in the sense of acquiring the status quo – a digital maturity level – in order to generate the conditions required to introduce TIG authentig.

PROFESSIONAL AND INDIVIDUAL: Our consultants have many years of experience in the injection moulding sector and are absolutely familiar with your requirements and your daily challenges. In a comprehensive analysis, we obtain a professional picture of your production and your processes We record the actual situation and derive customised improvements individually for you. Our objective is to empower you to work more efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

What workshops do we offer within the TIG shopfloor consulting: 1.




MES project management

Determination of digital maturity level

Process Parameters Module A: Tracking

Process Parameters Module B: Interpretation

To grant a successful introductory project of TIG authentig, TIG will provide an experienced and highly skilled project manager as staff augmentation at your service. The TIG project manager will take over a substantial part of the project administration internally at your company and wil be responsible for the communication between the stakeholders (TIG, other suppliers, …). Project planning, organization and realization will be taken over comprehensively.

Are you considering introducing a digitization solution or taking the next digitization step?

Which parameters are relevant and how can they help optimize the injection molding process?

How to interpret injection molding parameters in the context of my individual production process?

This workshop uses modern assessment methods to determine the level of digital maturity of your company and to what extent the prerequisites for digital transformation are already in place.

In this module, the basic aspects of the injection molding process will be covered. Besides the relevant process parameters and their impact on product quality, flaw patterns and according disturbance variables will be part of this section. The start will mark the process parameter tracking by using TIG authentig.

Injection molding process parameters are depending on various circumstances, e.g.: mold/tool, raw material, injection molding machine. In general, this workshop will deal with the basic settings of the machines and the possibly quality relevant parameters, in order to prepare them for data analytics.

In the complex world of processing plastic parts,

machinery and equipment efficiency mean everything. Who can afford a bad part? Why bother worrying? Let our focus be your solution. Run-to-failure becomes a problem of the past. Precision and consistency become the promise of the future. Connectivity with a trusted technology partner who can support the unyielding requirements of plastics processing lights the path forward.

On your shop floor,

you may have several brands and generations of machinery. Getting them to connect through one central intelligent system is our passion. We simplify the issues that may not seem so simple to you. What is the best way to accomplish a machine retrofit? How to best roll out a digitalization project? What is the best way to train the shopfloor employees on the new digital tools? People and machinery are more than likely your shop’s biggest investment. By teaming up with us, you capitalize in a trusted partner who can help ensure that your biggest investments will pay off. Your competitors are watching. It’s time to differentiate and elevate.

On the road to Industry 4.0,

trust us as your partner. We demystify the digital journey and provide consistent industry connectivity support during the process. Our software solution for shopfloor management allows you to access production, process, order, and mold information. It’s the shop floor, simplified. TIG, part of the ENGEL group, has unparalleled machine integration. Partner with us and put our collective expertise to work for you that enables entire shop floor integration. When you integrate, you elevate.

GLOBAL EFFICIENCY We offer expert help through your Smart Factory journey Since 2016, TIG has been a member of the ENGEL Group and part of the ENGEL digitalization strategy for the plastics industry.

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The ENGEL Digital Solutions Sales Team provides comprehensive advice on all products and solutions from the ENGEL inject 4.0 program.

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