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mad march by Poppytalk A curated collection


Painted scraps by You Sentimental Idiot

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.

ďż˝ Fig. 1. Shared, original drawing, You Sentimental Idiot

Fig. 2. Handmade Wooden Arrow Quivver

{Cover: Original paintings by You Sentimental Idiot}

Fig. 3. Faloow Fields (mixed media) Lotta Helleberg


Fig. 5. Fig. 4.


Fig. 6.

Fig. 4. Wolf Den Coat Rack Cantilever and Press Fig. 5. Ceramic Plant Vessel Eikcam Fig. 7.

Fig. 6. Martini Pendant Light (concrete) a t Designs Fig. 7. Oblong Linen Cushion Inkling Prints

Fig. 8. Fig. 9.

Fig. 11..

� Fig. 8. Leather iPad Case Julie Boyles Fig. 9. Mega Antler Hook (bronze) Formed and Found Fig. 10. Queen Anne’s Pillow Lotta Helleberg Fig. 11. aeiou Embroidery Pin Waterrose


Fig. 12. Faceted Iceberg (original) Jeremy Miranda



Jeremy Miranda

Formed and Found

Fuzzy Sushi


Trieste Prusso

a t Designs

OneUp Designs


Matte Stephens

Fig. 22. Brownie Circle (fabric) Sara Lee Parker


Fig. 23. Four Days Suzie Chaney


Galit Mastai


K is for Calligraphy


Verla Ivans


Odd and Old

Amy Blasco Jewelry

Nest Pretty Things

Redstar Ink

Starshaped Press

Pink Bathtub

Fig. 35. Arrowhead Feather Earrings Noémiah


ďż˝ Fig. 36. Block-printed Trailer Pillow Spool and Sparrow

Fig. 37. Little Traveler (limited edition print) Leah Giberson

ďż˝ Fig. 38. Carnival (fine art print) Tricia McKellar

Fig. 39. Rollercoaster Letterpress Notebook Journal Blackbird Letterpress

Fig. 41. Merci Beaucoup Cards Humunuku

ďż˝ Fig. 40. Feed Sack Bag Tricia Lowenfield

Fig. 42. Leather cuff (Birds&Roses) Fig. 43. Secret Heart Keepsake Locket Stella Saves the Day Tovicorrie

Fig. 44. Fig. 45.

Fig. 46.


Fig. 44. Taking Aim Earrings Melanie Favreau Fig. 45. Vintage Bear Bag Meatbagz Fig. 46. Honey Still for Tea (print) Suffragette

Fig. 47.

Fig. 48.

ďż˝ Fig. 47. Spring Tea Towel Claudia Pearson Fig. 48. German Thank You Card Concrete Lace Fig. 49. Sweet Yellowbird Stationery Pink Bathtub

Fig. 49.

Fig. 50. Large Monogram Vase Maid of Clay


ďż˝ Fig. 51. The Mr. Loop Loft

Fig. 52. Grey Ruffle Necklace Pretty Things by Meg

ďż˝ Fig. 53. Grey Bunny Wonderforest

ďż˝ Fig. 54. Miss Providence Owl OrdinaryMommy

Fig. 55. I Love You (print) Night Owl Handmade Crafts

ďż˝ Fig. 56. Today Is Going to be a Great Day (print) Fifi du Vie

>>>>>> Fig. 57. Sophisticates (original) Vivienne Strauss


Fig. 58. Gold Vermeil Bracelet Be Charmed Designs

Fig. 59. Seafoam Peony Necklace Nest Pretty Things

ďż˝ Fig. 60. This Way to the Show Vicinity Studio

62. Windsor Warmer Lucky14

63. The Beekeeper Hurley Sashimi

64. Bramble K.Flick Studio

65. Ring ' Rimbombante' Tuulikki Titine

ďż˝ Fig. 61. Printed Grey Tights Maple Ash and Oak

Fig. 66.

Fig. 66. Vintage Camera Garland Flapper Girl


Fig. 67. At the Edge Samantha French

ďż˝ Fig. 68. Birthday Bear Milk and Cookies

ďż˝ Fig. 69. Headphones Letterpress Roll and Tumble Press

>>>>>> Fig. 70. Mountain Bouquet The Wheatfield


Fig. 71. Rosy Day (photographic print) Sfgirlbybay

Fig. 72. Floorplan for I Dream of Jeannie Residence of Major Tony Nelson Archival Blueprint by Fantasy Floorplans

ďż˝ >>>>>>

ďż˝ Fig. 73. Solitude & Silence Notebook Stilelemente

Fig. 74. Elizabeth Bookplate Lettergirl

Fig. 75. Spring + Blossom Notebook Pebblestone Papery

Fig. 76. Edmonton Band Chart Raymond Biesinger

Fig. 77. Chicago Matte Stephens


Fig. 78. Chickadee Circle Plate Pumphouse Studios

Fig. 79. Right Whale Slow Industries

� Fig. 80. Spring Tide (sewn print) Tastes Orangey

Fig. 81. “1909” Mini Collage Heather 91


ďż˝ Fig. 82. Mama Go To Market Bag Bananasaurus Rex

Fig. 83. Proof of Spring Un Lieu Sur Terre


Fig. 84. Noisy Dog Studio

� >>>>>>

>>> >>>

Fig. 85. Inkello

ďż˝ >>> >>>

Fig. 86. Spin Wheel Tea Towel Avril Loreti

ďż˝>>> >>>

>>> >>>

Fig. 87. Splash Painting Magic Markings Art

ďż˝ Fig. 88. Thank You Card Dude and Chick

No. 6

Poppytalk Ha ndmade No. 6. Mad March Market online handmade & vintage exhibition ........March 7th - March 25th, 2011


Mad March  

curated by Poppytalk

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