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indie love October


2. Original Oil Painting on recycled wood panel Michele Maule, $95


indie love 1. Tiny Felt and Lace Bunting Handmade Necklace (this page & cover) OrdinaryMommy, $28

ďż˝ 1. Crochet Pillows Tuulikki Titine, $65

2. Creativity , xylene transfer on paper, Beauchamping , $75

Buy the kit, or the individual pieces for a perfectly handmade party, and then save the decorations for next time or pass them on! Streamer measures just over 2 yards, flags are 6 inches tall, and runner measures 10 inches by 24 inches. Each kit is custom made, and ships priority mail within one week of purchase. 1. Handmade Party Kit Carrie Strine


party love

1. Bling Gold Cake Pinwheels Fabulous Fabulous


2. Holy Matrimony Card a. favorite design

3. Muse Rings Blue Poppy

ďż˝ 1. Mrs. Winchester Print Vivienne Strauss

2. Mini Mustard Bow Clip No. 144

3. Little Bow Necklace OrdinaryMommy

ďż˝ Antlers Poster Debbie Carolos

I'd like to climb a pillow mountain, and on top of it build a pillow house, and live there with my pillow husband forever. (The image is printed on matte paper, which is sewn with thread onto a piece of textured watercolor paper giving the print a very substantial feel).


pillow love Pillow Land, sewn print Tastes Orangey, $20

house love ďż˝ 1. Vintage No. 6 Vogue Colonial Sampler Indianablue, $19

2. Labcycle Pendant Modern Upcycle, $82

ďż˝ 1. Pure cashmere scarf Olivia Revel & Co, $98

2. Porcelain Mixed Nuts Kg & Ab, $45

ďż˝ 1. Leather Journal Antico Valore, $23

2. Wooden Guitar Pick Bliss in a Teacup, $5

ďż˝ 1. Chocolate Book Bag Scabby Robot

2. SF Letterpress Greeting Card Steel Petal Press

This necklace features a shiny brass owl perched within an antiqued brass ornate frame. Charms hang from a dainty 18 inch antiqued brass chain with lobster clasp. All jewelry is handmade from vintage components and organic or recycled fibers in a 100% wind powered home studio located in Brooklyn, New York.

Framed Owl Necklace Christine Domanic Jewelry, $28


eco love

ďż˝ 1. 2011 Calendar Tea Towel Avril Loreti, $27

2. Blossoming Letterpress Coasters Ruby Press, $10

3. Silent Film-inspired Card Starshaped Press, $3

ďż˝ 1. Sweet Woodruff Tote Inleaf Design, $56

2. Cotton Collar w/vintage buttons Uala, $26 (Barcelona)

3. Elizabeth Stamp Lettergirl, $42

ďż˝ 1. Crafty Fox Card Blackbird Letterpress, $6

2. Catch the Sun Acrylic - Original AisyahAng

3. 2011 Wall Calendar Redstar Ink, $18


1. Felt Ball Garland MadeMary $19

2. Aqua Rose Pendant Allison Creates Jewelry

3. Vintage Flowers Painting All the Luck in the World, $10

ďż˝ 1. Blue Hanky Tea Towel Open Face Sandwich, $19

2. Home Sweet Home Letterpress Art 3. Paint by Number Cushion Roll & Tumble Press, $20 She Makes Remakes, $62

handmade love ďż˝

1. Mini Peek a Boo Naturals. Smidgebox, $25

2. Paper Yarn Bracelet PaperPhine, $28

3. Finest Paper Yarn on Vintage Bobbin PaperPhine, $28

1. Modern Table Lab Lamp Modern Upcycle, $44


brilliant love

2. Brilliant Thank You Navy Blue Notes, $3.50


art love 1. Original Collage (Nice) Stephanie Levy, $128

2. Place to Sit (Giclee lPrint) Leah Giberson, $35

3. Forest. Limited Edition Print Matte Stephens, $35


art love

1. Fiona and her Cub Print Creative Thursday, $35

2. By Your Side Print Michele Maule, $18


1. Recipe Card Sets BoyGirl Party, $8

2. Buzz Cosie OneUp Designs, $15

3. Peanut Butter and Banana Tote Honeypie Tree, $20


1. Echinacea Tea Cosie Inklore, $45

2. Skeleton Key Coat Hanger Monkey & Squirrel, $34

3. Word Series Journal RoughDraft Books, $22


2. Wesley Purse (in red) So Cute it Hurts, $18

1. Dusk, mixed media painting Susan Schwake, $65

3. Wrap Around Silk Be Charmed Designs, $55

ďż˝ 1. Four Fun Dipper Bowls Dirty Girl Clayworks, $40

2. Moss Green Fern Drawstring Bag Inleaf Design, $22

ďż˝ 1. Sky, digital print With Wallpaper, $27 2. Gathered Steel & Leaf Necklace (steel & silver) Megan Auman, $180 3. Lined Paper Journals Julie Boyles, $37

ďż˝ 1. Paper Airplane Cards (Set of 6) 2. Grey Dress Blouse Modern Printed Matter Goodmorning Midnight

3. Solar Quartz Earrings Mrs. Robinsons Affair

4. Porcelain Cupcake Container Kg & Ab

HAPPY halloween ďż˝

1. Halloween Ghost Tags Cool Jane, $7


Fold Here

2. Felt Skull Garland Rawbone Studio, $48

Honeypie Tree


Rawbone Studio


young love 1. Stuffed Plush Bunny or Owl Olbapi, $27 (each)

2. Bear Hug Card La Familia Green, $4

3. Star Garland Little Korboose, $18

califorinia love 1. Pray for Surf, photographic print Sfgirlbybay, $16

2. Wool Felt California Cushion Love California, $52

1. Peek-a-boo Panda Card Joie Studio, $5

2. Charcoal Chunky Cowl Jill Lauren, $72

1. Reproduction Garters Previously

2. Teal Blue Birdie Silk Bib Necklace Le Papillon Vert

3. Black Bow Snap Belt No. 144

1. Portraits Fabric Mummysam, $8.50 (fat quarter)

2. Grow Crazy Dude & Chick, $4.50

1. Monogrammed Notepad Inkello Letterpress, $7

2. Two Surfers Wood Block Magic Markings Art, $25

1. French 'Conte a Paris' Crayons Odd and Old, $12

2. Mini Book Necklace Antico Valore, 24

3. Typewriter Key Bracelets Junxtaposition, $30

1. Right Whale Print Slow Industries, $25

2. Chicago Style Hot Dog Star Shaped Press, $12

1. Love Always Love Poster Lovemaki, $22

Indie Love  

October Lookbook for Poppytalk Handmade

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