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1. Leather Tote Gildem 2. Modern Library Bin (cover) Able + Baker 3. Oblong Linen Cushion Inkling Prints


Striped Bottle Vases by Dahlhaus

Affordable Art & Housewares This month we bring you a curated collection of affordable art and housewares from the handmade comunity we have come to know and love. Beautiful new pottery, hand-sewn quilts, affordable prints and posters, aprons and bunting, fun mirrors and collectible tea towels, linen pillows, rare breed sheepskins and moroccan lanterns, fair isle cushions, vintage typewriters and other found and handmade treasures. Thank you for supporting the handmade community.

Cover & below: Stripe Bottle Vases Dahlhaus

Three Blind Mice Throw Comma Workshop


Striped Bottle Vases by Dahlhaus

2. Modern Library Bin Able + Baker


1. Rustic Horse Plaque Monkey & Squirrel 2. Nautical Flag Plaque OrangeSparrow Studio 3. Gocco Grab Bag Treatzone

1. Leather Tote Gildem 1.

2. Modern Library Bin Able + Baker 3. Oblong Linen Cushion Inkling Prints 2.



US Map - Archival Print Rachel Austin




1. Painted Stone Amy Komar, $33 2. Lace Leather Case Beautiful Skin, $38


1. Rustic Horse Plaque Monkey & Squirrel 2. Nautical Flag Plaque OrangeSparrow Studio 3. Gocco Grab Bag Treatzone

ďż˝ 1. Vintage Wine in Blue Elsage

ďż˝ Tapestry Cushion & Rare Breed Sheepskin Sparrow & Co.

ďż˝ Grandview Lake #1 (fine art photographic print) Jennifer Squires

1. Striped Sleeper Tastes Orangey 2. You’re my favorite Steel Petal Press 3. White Duck Pendant K. Flick Studio

� Five Feathers Mobile Cori Kindred

4 Derby Pexiglass Art Rabbet 5. Live What You Love Print by Heartfish Press 6. Seam Series Bottles Taylor Ceramics

ďż˝ Kangaroo Paw Table Runner Stilelemente


1. Manhattan Matte Stephens

2. Swimming at the Grand 3. Noe Valley Alicia Bock Leah Giberson


1. Here & Now The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy

2. Dream Sea The Project Room



ďż˝ 1. Bicycle You Sentimental Idiot

2. Vintage Keepsake Box Spring Olive

ďż˝ 4. Vintage Map Art Emily Parkes Art 3. Rope and Driftwood Photographic print Quercus Design

1. Butterflies Blue Mondocherry 2. Metal v. Wood Type Starshaped Press 3. Arrow Blue Set Verla Ivans

ďż˝ Owl Pillow Silver Minow

1. Sunshine Blossoming Ruby Press 2. Chickadee Circle Plate Pumphouse Studios 3. Spin Wheel Tea Towel Avril Loreti

ďż˝ Way To Show Print Vicinity Studio

1. Right Whale Slow Industries 2. Personalized Surfer Art Magic Markings Art 3. Mr. Whale Lulu Dee

ďż˝ At the Beach Samantha French

1. Lucy Waits for Sun Amanda Blake Art 2. Redhead Mirror Sandra Eterovic 3. Love Makes the World 29 Black Street


1. Backpack Picnic Basket Tricia Lowenfield 2. Bike Tote Bag Humunuku

ďż˝ Indigo Tote Bananasaurus Rex

ďż˝ Pansy Vivienne Strauss

1. Corseted Angel Plate No Tengo Miedo Clay 2. Queen Annes Pillow Inleaf

ďż˝ Ferns One Little Bird

ďż˝ Fingerprint Paper Cutting Lori Danelle


1. Red Tulip Table Runner Zinnia Handbags 2. Three Little Bowls Atelier Oker 3. Small Hook, Ivory Formed and Found

ďż˝ Flower Postcards All the Luck in the World

1. Three Tulips (print) Tricia McKellar

ďż˝ 2. Airplants Grab Bag To Hold

4. Spring Obsession (print) Sfgirlbybay

ďż˝ 3. Silver and Gold (print) Suffragette

1. We Just Click Dude & Chick 2. Moose with Sparrows OneUp Designs 3. Dualflex One Little Bird

ďż˝ Viewmaster Super Set The Arthur

Road Trip Photo Album Redstar Ink

Royal Wedding Tea Towel Claudia Pearson


Petite Moon Cushion Un Lieu Sur Terre


ďż˝ Brown Wooden Shutters Place Michel

ďż˝ Galaxy Map Tugboat Printshop

ďż˝ Letterpress Posters Roll and Tumble Press

ďż˝ Figure Print a. favorite design

ďż˝ Wooden Star House - Warm Shine Painting Star House

Portland (original) Stephanie Levy


� Pug Illustration Noisy Dog Studio

©2011 poppytalk

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