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Empowering young disabled people to make a difference -Issue 31-

Proudly produced by members of The Chatterboxes

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“Recently we attended the PIER 2018 conference, which stands for paediatric innovation education and resources, I think. I along with another Chatterbox member delivered a presentation about The Chatterboxes and about my personal experiences with doctors and hospitals. I gave a speech about the time I was rushed into hospital with a hemiplegic migraine which meant I couldn’t feel the right side of my body, I couldn’t see properly, and I couldn’t speak or read. I put loads of jokes in the speech and one of my jokes even got a round of applause! We finished with a question and answer session about how the NHS can improve their service when helping people with learning disabilities which is really important. We gave them a few helpful tips. The most exciting and perhaps most nerve-racking thing about it was there was over 250 people listening. It was the largest group of people I have ever spoken in front of but to make things even better we were given cards, a goody-bag and a book. All in all, it was a fantastic day! I would gladly do it again given the opportunity”.

Just some of the Tweets from the day:

Getting creative Over the last few months we have been super busy creating a

new, all singing, all dancing promotional film about our project with support from Pageant Productions.

“Recently we published our new promotional video that we planned, scripted, filmed (& refilmed on multiple occasions), partly edited, criticized and approved with the brilliant Gary and Elliot of Pageant Productions since October 2018. We got the chance to utilise some professional-grade equipment, including some that looked like umbrellas with a light bulb and large black pom poms for capturing interviews. We also learnt some of the basics of Adobe Premier Pro - a video editing program, that allowed us to stitch together all our recorded footage, tinker with audio and add Charlie Chatterbox (“chatter, chatter”)!” To find out more about Pageant Productions who we would highly recommend visit:

Chatterbox members who were part of this filming adventure said:

“I really enjoyed making a project film because I got to do some acting and editing what we caught on camera with the computer and enjoyed watching the video when it was released on You tube. I’m proud to be a chatterbox member and I can’t wait to do some more exciting activities in the future”.

“It was really interesting to learn about every step of the process from the storyboard and interviews right through to editing.” “Oh my gosh. I had so much fun and I can’t believe we made a film from scratch”

“Gary and Elliot from Pageant Productions were amazing. They spent time teaching us so much stuff and explained things in a really easy to understand way. I never thought I could make a film so I am really proud of myself”

Why not check out our fabulous promotional film by visiting: :Chatter Box

“We were invited to Blandford School by Dorset CCG to share our views with the Integrated Community Children’s Health Service (ICCHS) Project about how we access health services. 60 young people came together for the first of three co-design events which was amazing. The day started early at 08:30am when we all met at Townsend Youth Centre. We were driven by taxi to Blandford School where the co-design event took place. When we got there, we were greeted with a warm drink and a friendly welcome. We found our places and met our table’s facilitator. Our table had a mix of young people and decision makers and we all introduced ourselves. The day began with a small ice-breaker and a few discussions around how young people access health services, the barriers we face and ideas for how problems of access for young people can be resolved”.

“We were asked to go to four different colourful stations and make comments on the statements. We were then asked ideas about how we feel when we access health services, the different ways in which we can connect to different services and how effective they are. We highlighted some areas in which we found difficult about accessing health services and explored the ways round them. We then had a delicious lunch altogether, overlooking the school grounds! There were sheep in the field!!! After lunch, we looked at the feedback from the morning’s session and discussed how we can close the gaps and challenges. All in all it was a fun day”. For more information visit:

Out and About

We have been busy sharing our experiences and knowledge in the community through the delivery of various training workshops. Below is just a few examples. Our presentation about courage at West Moors First School “We introduced ourselves, the aims of the project, and what we do, then spoke a bit about what a disability is and how everyone is different, with their own unique needs. We explained what courage is and what it means, then we each gave a personal speech about what we’ve focused on within the Chatterbox project “Most importantly, this was a valuable opportunity including examples of courageous things we’ve to share a positive outlook on disabilities as this is each done and why courage is crucial for many something rarely taught at a young age which can things we do within the project like running lead to misconceptions and negative stereotypes that community awareness events”. make life harder for those living with disabilities”.

Our presentation about our project at SWARAC “We spent time at SWARAC which is an alternative education provision where we shared with their students what we do as Chatterboxes and why projects like our’s are really important. For some of us it was the first time speaking in front of an audience which was scary but felt awesome afterwards and really proud”.

Our workshop about Living with Asperger Syndrome at Nationwide Building Society “We were invited again to the Nationwide Building Society to talk about Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism. We explained our experiences to members of the nationwide team. Although the weather was bad we still enjoyed presenting to the staff team. At the end of the presentation we gave feedback forms and the feedback was very good. In fact, there were no negative views”. “Keep doing this – You’re all fantastic” “I thought the presenters were excellent. Highly intelligent and engaging”

Evaluation Responses included: “All the presenters, presented very well and were very clear” “Loved the personal stories” “Confidently delivered by everyone”

Our workshop about Self Esteem at Linwood After School Club “We have been busy running a self esteem workshop at Linwood after school club with various activities and crafts activities. It was fun as we got to meet lots of new faces and help individuals realise how amazing they are and the importance of loving who you are.

Sharing our voice

We feel it’s really important to be able to share our views and experiences about living with a disability in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset. Here are just a few things we have been up to: The Local Offer We have been involved in Bournemouth’s Local Offer and SEND Reforms from redesigning information leaflets to helping share our youth views at steering group meetings.

The Local Offer is a website which provides information about educational, health and social care support services and provisions available locally for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families. For more information about Bournemouth’s Local Offer visit: education/localoffer/localoffer.aspx Bournemouth and Poole Learning Disability Partnership Board “We were really proud to be invited to join the Bournemouth and Poole Learning Disability Partnership Board to share our views about how to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. The group is all about promoting independence, choice, rights and inclusion plus making sure services are easily accessible like health, housing, employment and education. We are excited to get involved more in the future” For more information visit: social-care-and-health/help-for-adults/ bournemouth-and-poole-learning-disabilitypartnership-board/

“We are still over the moon to have been part of the Music for Mental Health event organised by the award-winning mental health campaign #IAMWHOLE through YMCA England and the NHS. IAMWHOLE, the innovative anti-stigma mental health campaign, was launched in 2016 in partnership with the NHS and YMCA as a direct response to the mental health difficulties being experienced by children and young people. M4MH event was an amazing initiative to bring together inspiring young people, influential communities and the most prolific names in British music together for an unforgettable fund raising concert in the big city.

We were super lucky to attend the Music 4 Mental Health PreEvent which featured an introduction to #IAMWHOLE and Music 4 Mental Health from the charities and a panel discussion on the topic of mental health featuring by the amazing Jordan Stephens. It was just breath taking to spend the evening hearing amazing stories from really inspiring celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, James Arthur, Ella Eyre, Professor Green and Olly Murs amongst others who shared their life experiences living with mental health to empower other young people to talk out and ask for help when needed it as “it is ok not to be ok”.

The Creative Challenge

Several Chatterboxes have been busy creating magical art puzzles for your enjoyment. Can you spot 6 differences in the images below?

Can you unscramble the words below? “SIRFEND”



and then create a new word using the letters in the black squares?

Can you spot where the below characters are hidden within our magazine?

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The Chatterbox Magazine Issue 31  

This edition is filled with Chatterbox adventures from making our new promotional film to attending a Music for Mental Health event in Londo...

The Chatterbox Magazine Issue 31  

This edition is filled with Chatterbox adventures from making our new promotional film to attending a Music for Mental Health event in Londo...