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July/August 2013

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Welcome to your july/august issue of en MAGAZINE Well the sunshine and the heat of summer have arrived, and what a scorcher! Hopefully our readers are able to enjoy the heat and sun so, why not take some time out to enjoy a cold drink and read this issue of EN Magazine. With the school summer holidays upon us, in this issue we take a look at things to do on days out. From climbing ice to casting spells we hope offered some ideas that have something for everyone. Planning for the future is something we all have to consider at some point. Will you be able to care for yourself, our will you need support? Local solicitors Martin Shepherd share their expertise on paying for care. I hope that you enjoy reading this issue of EN Magazine. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any comments on this issue at Kind regards


Douglas Lee Publisher, EN Magazine


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EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

Local News and Events

New partnership tackles barriers to work

1933 to 2013 Celebrating 80 years

furnishing homes in Enfield and surrounding areas

Enfield Council is the first London Borough to sign up to an ambitious partnership agreement with Jobcentre Plus and Work Programme providers: Ingeus, Maximus and Reed.

wE offER coMfoRtabLE suitEs and cHaiRs in a RanGE of sEnsibLE sizEs and styLEs

The agreement sees the organisations signing up to tackle unemployment in the borough by working more closely with local employers, colleges, and other organisations, establishing joint working protocols and launching joint initiatives to break down the barriers people face, such as lack of skills, when trying to get a job or affordable childcare.

wE spEciaLisE in cHaiRs and sofas tHat GiVE tHE coRREct suppoRt foR tHE LowER back and a sEat HEiGHt to HELp you RisE witHout stRain


Celebrating our



44 London Road EnfiELd town th 1933 year 2013 Middx En2 6Ef on Enfield’s tEL: 020 8363 0359 High Street nEEd a HoME Visit ? Just GiVE us a caLL at

Furncraft july 2013.indd 1

The partnership will also design a high quality offer for employers coming into the borough or expanding, aiming to get Enfield residents Enfield jobs” Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Business and Regeneration, Cllr Del Goddard, said: “Helping people into jobs is not simply a case of nudging them towards a suitable vacancy and giving them some advice about how to conduct a good interview.

16/7/13 16:14:43

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“Nowadays there can be many barriers preventing people from getting a job and what this agreement does is bring together a wide range of organisations that can help to remove those obstacles so that we can

get more people into work and tackle the root causes of poverty in this borough. Martin Fitches from Jobcentre Plus said: “We already work closely with Enfield Council and the Work Programme providers, but this agreement signals a new relationship whereby we have all pledged to reduce unemployment in the borough by designing services that help residents find work and stay in work.”

A great example of the partnership already working has been the task force that Jobcentre Plus and Enfield Council set up to help people affected by the Benefit Cap. Oonagh Donaghy from the task force said: “Working together like this means that we can provide a really holistic service to residents. We’ve seen some people with lots of barriers find work as a result of our help.”

The agreement was signed by Enfield Council Chief Executive Officer Rob Leak;  Martin Fitches, JobCentre Plus District Operations Manager; Celli Jepson, Regional Director, Ingeus; Grant Neems, Regional Director, Maximus and Donna Murrell, Regional Director, Reed-in-Partnership on Thursday 11 July at the Civic Centre in Enfield.

Specialist in Cake Decorating Equipment and supplies

Decorative Supplies 122a Chase Side Enfield EN2 0QN

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EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

Mark Fensham, Business Manager Maximus UK; Jamila Yeboah, Senior Recruitment Manager Reed in Partnership; Rob Leak, CEO Enfield Council; Martin Fitches, District Operations Manager Job Centre Plu

Local News and Events

Staying safe in Potters Bar More than 70 homes were visited in Potters Bar by the Safer Streets team this week in a bid to help residents feel more secure. Hertsmere Borough Councillor Peter Knell, who represents Potters Bar Furzefield ward, joined the council’s community safety officer, police officers, firefighters, and representatives of Hertsmere Neighbourhood Watch and Affinity Sutton Housing Association, on their tour of homes. The team knocked on 76 doors in Coningsby Drive and Honeywood Close, and gave out advice and support to around 30 residents. Through the Safer Streets project – run by Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

- residents are offered free security checks, crime prevention advice, fire safety checks and advice on giving up smoking and healthy living. They can also get a free smoke detector fitted.

Cllr Knell, who also represents Potters Bar East as a Hertfordshire County Councillor, said: “I was delighted I was able to join the Safer Streets team during their visits, and see their work in action.” “Safer Streets is a multiagency project which aims to bring advice, information and support to your door.” “It targets the most vulnerable people in the community, and is especially useful for the elderly, who perhaps do not have access to the internet.”

“When someone knocks on their door it saves them the trouble of having to go out and find out about things.” “But even if we didn’t visit you, anyone can benefit from the project, just get in touch with Hertsmere Borough Council.”

Residents who have been selected to receive a Safer Streets visit will get a hand-delivered postcard a few days beforehand.

Please note, representatives from the Safer Streets project will always have identification but if you’re not sure who’s at the door, don’t open it. For more information about Safer Streets visit uk, email partnership. uk or call 020 8207 7801.


Many people are finding, especially at the moment, that they are not sleeping very well and when you look into it a little bit further, it’s not hard to see the reason why. So many of us, due to the hot nights, are finding ourselves unable to sleep unless we have a fan cooling us or a window open giving us some much needed fresh air. We would all sleep better if the bedroom was cooler than the rest of the house, but this is often not the case because heat tends to travel upwards and most bedrooms are upstairs. The best thing to do is to ensure that you make your room as cool as possible and if your duvet is a heavy tog, please ensure that you use a lighter rated tog. The lower the number, the lighter & cooler the tog and the higher the number, then the heavier & HOTTER it will be. Whilst fans can be a good idea, they can also be noisy, which may add to your sleep being disturbed. We would suggest that it is better to cool the room with a fan a couple of hours before you sleep, rather than putting the fan on low as you go to bed. The next obvious and very important point is to make sure that your bed has plenty of padding and a good spring unit. This acts as a glorified bellows and as you turn over, pulls air in and out through the mattress, allowing it to air & cool itself. If you are too hot in bed you will find that it is a natural response to turn/roll/move yourself into a cooler spot or place because you cannot get comfortable. The more restless you become, the less chance you have of getting a good night’s sleep. You will very often find that if someone’s getting too hot, an arm or leg will poke out underneath the duvet in search of coolness. Also, the bigger the bed you have, the more sleeping area you have, which also allows you to cool down, partner permitting! Some of the cheaper memory foams are renowned for retaining the heat to make them more pliable to your shape and size, but this can be a bad thing because it does not let the heat penetrate through. It uses your own body heat to mould itself and boomerangs the heat back to you.

Bring in this advert and get an extra discount

We all know that a bad night’s sleep can ruin the following day and even start to upset your health and lifestyle. Equally, a good night’s sleep can make you feel fresh and energised. Everybody knows that lousy feeling after a bad night’s sleep and equally we know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep. We hope these tips help you to sleep better and Remember- when you want a bed you want a Vic Smith Bed. Vic Smith Beds – The Bed Experts. Buy British.

Come and see us & let us Help you! Vic Smith Beds Southgate. ( near M & S) – N14 6AA 020 -8882- 8292

Vic Smith Beds Enfield. (near Tescos) – EN1 1RT 020 -8363- 7282

vic smith July 13.indd 1

14:36:45  EN MAGAZINE - July/August16/7/13 2013

Local News and Events

Edmonton EcoPark planning brief adopted Enfield Council has adopted a Planning Brief for the Edmonton EcoPark site to encourage greener waste management, affordable heating for homes and businesses, create jobs and outline how the site should be redeveloped in coming years. The North London Waste Authority owned EcoPark in Advent Way, Edmonton, deals with more than 730,000 tonnes of waste and recycling each year and is the largest site of its kind in north London. It plays a crucial role in helping to manage the areas’ waste and the adopted Planning Brief sets out what new state ofthe-art waste management facilities are suitable for the site.   It also explains what

should happen when the existing incinerator is decommissioned in 2020 and how the redevelopment of the site can deliver high tech waste facilities, boost employment, provide a heat supply to 10,000 homes and more than 150 businesses, while minimising the impact of its activities on the thousands of people living nearby. Each year residents and businesses in north London generate 2.3 million tonnes of waste and a further 2.2 million tonnes of construction, demolition and excavation material is also produced annually.  With the Mayor of London setting an overall target for London to manage all its own waste by 2031, boroughs are required to have sufficient capacity

Your brown bin needs your cardboard

Your brown bin (or black box) needs you – it needs your glass, cartons, plastic, cans AND cardboard. You can now put cardboard in your brown bin (or black box) ready for Hertsmere Council to collect it from the week beginning 15 July.

Hertsmere Council are changing the way they collect cardboard – in your brown bin (or black box) instead of your green bin – because the contents of green bins is used to make compost but things like sticky tape, labels and staples, which were often left on cardboard, were

to deal with waste. The Edmonton EcoPark will play a key role in achieving this objective, but is also part of bigger plans to regenerate and improve this area of the borough for local residents and businesses.   Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Business and Regeneration, Cllr Del Goddard, said: “We need to be self sufficient in terms of dealing with the waste we produce and the Edmonton EcoPark will play an absolutely vital role in achieving that objective which is why we have produced this Planning Brief setting out how the site should evolve and develop in the coming years.   “It is becoming clear  that  the material we throw away is too valuable for it not to be used to make new products from the plastic, metal and glass we collect and for  other materials to be turned into energy.

without the fear of loss of supply, therefore the future of the Edmonton EcoPark is massively important for people living around it and for the future of waste management in North London as a whole.

contaminating loads. This led to poor quality compost which sometimes had to be sent to landfill.

You can put all food in your green bin – cooked or raw including meat, fish, bones, shells, fruit, veg, dairy and any leftover scrapings. You can also put in brown paper/paper bags, shredded paper used for animal bedding and food wrapped in newspaper.  Any other paper should go in your blue box please.

“Energy from waste is something that local homes and businesses can use at lower costs and

Environment Portfolio Holder Cllr Jean Heywood explained: “Taking cardboard out of the compost mix in the green bin will be better for the environment all round – we’ll be recycling more rubbish as well as improving the quality of compost which is spread on local farmland. Plus we’ll be saving money as the extra cost of landfilling contaminated compost loads would have had a knock-on effect on council tax.” All residents should have received information about the changes to recycling cardboard via a leaflet hooked on to their black bin .

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

You should continue to use your green bin for food and garden waste but leave out cardboard.

“We want to promote waste as a useful resource through recycling and energy recovery and that is reflected in the type of development we want to see on the EcoPark.   “This is a great opportunity to change the way we deal with waste at the EcoPark by moving towards recycling and producing affordable energy for local homes and businesses by using the most advanced technologies possible.”   The Planning Brief anticipates that new facilities on site would be developed in two phases, the first would involve developing facilities around the existing incinerator facility prior to its decommissioning which would then allow the second phase of redevelopment to start.

Cllr Heywood added: “Thanks to everyone who takes responsibility for their waste and recycles it. Recycling has many benefits – it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill which is really important as there’s hardly any space left and it also saves energy and lessens our impact on the planet’s limited resources.” For more information including frequently asked questions please visit www.hertsmere. www. or call 020 8207 7480.

Local News and Events

The eyes have it According to William Shakespeare, the eyes are the window to the soul, but thousands of years before the Bard came up with his pithy one-liner, people were using make-up to maximise their assets. From Cleopatra, batting her kohlrimmed eyelashes in the direction of the nearest potential conquerer, down to the more sophisticated products available today, we have

sought a variety of ways to lengthen our lashes. Sometimes this involves colouring them, or even having false eyelashes temporarily glued in place over our own; but now, when it comes to eyelash enhancement, there is a new kid on the block. A treatment called YUMI promises to lift and tint your lashes, making them appear fuller, thicker and darker, without applying any false lashes. EN visited

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

the Tessa Stevens salon at 948 Green Lanes for a closer look at what’s involved.

You can opt for a ‘dramatic’ or ‘natural’ look, with a variety of colour options (from brown or deep brown through to black or blue/black), and the procedure appears very relaxing. Bespoke treatments are available too, so if you fancy an Audrey Hepburn look, it can be yours. For the treatment, you lie prone on a salon bed while the therapist applies eye shields to protect your eyelids, and undereye patches to smooth your skin. Your lashes are then gently lifted, shaped, separated and anointed with the products used while you keep your eyes shut. The procedure takes around 45 minutes, so if nothing else

it’s a great excuse for a lie-down. Afterwards, you get a final sweep of the eyelash brush, and you’re good to go, with an injunction to avoid water, saunas and steam rooms, and to stay out of the rain for the next 24 hours.

Emma, who was our model for the afternoon, reported that it ‘Tickled a bit’, but she was delighted with the results – the eyelashes appeared longer, fuller and more defined. The results last between 8 – 12 weeks, depending on your ‘lash cycle’, and if you become a YUMI fan, you’ll be joining a list of celebrity clients who’ve been using the system since it launched in 2012. As Tessa said at the end of the session, ‘Who wouldn’t want lashes like that?’ YUMI treatment and tint available for £80. Sarah Vittachi

Local News and Events

Celebrating 80 years in Enfield Town 1933-2013 In 1933, Fred Rolland and Jim Drye opened a small furniture shop on the bustling high street of Enfield, North London. It was the depression, and the small furniture workshops of Hoxton, Shoreditch, Bethnal Green and Hackney were beginning to notice a decline in trade. Fred, who was having to work reduced hours in these small workshops as a result, decided that with a shop of his own, he could ply his trade polishing and repairing furniture and maybe introduce some pieces to sell. He convinced his friend Jim Drye that the risk would be worthwhile, and Jim was able to borrow just over £100 from his aunt to provide a deposit to lease the shop. They enjoyed working together, although it soon became clear that the shop could not provide a living wage for two. Jim left the business on amicable terms after just over a year and went on to become a very successful shipping agent in the city. When the Second World War came in September 1939, the shop had

to close as Fred was required to work on the local railways, replacing lines that had been bombed during the night and generally helping to keep the trains running. The post-war era was also a difficult time for the furniture trade as all furniture was rationed. This meant that coupons were given to replace furniture that had been lost due to bombing, which severely restricted furniture sales. Furthermore, the furniture factories had all been involved in the war effort, so it took some time to turn them around to producing domestic furniture again but by the 1950s furniture was off ration and the boom in furniture sales began. In the following decade, Ken Rolland (Fred’s son) joined Furncrafts after an apprenticeship in furniture design and construction in 1966 although, having been brought up around the family business shop, he was involved from a much earlier age. In the 1980s, Ken took full control of the business, though Fred worked at Furncrafts every day until his death in 2001 aged 96.

This year will be Furncrafts’ eightieth year of trading, and the business is still supplying furniture to Enfield, the surrounding areas of north London and even south of the Thames on occasion. Today, the business has evolved to become a specialist in electric riser/recliners which are supplied by express delivery with a home viewing service for disabled customers. Furncrafts stock an extensive range of sitting room chairs with different seat heights and designs as well as a range of natural oak furniture. Furncrafts remains a

small, independent family business providing the type of customer service that is becoming less and less common today. In an era where high streets are in dramatic decline, businessmen like Ken should be commended for providing a unique and individual style of furniture and a personal level of customer service in the face of high-volume corporate competitors. It is an experience that will be missed when it’s gone.

For more information please contact Ken Rolland at Furncrafts, 44 London Rd, Enfield EN2 6EF; 020 8363 0359 or visit www.

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

Local News and Events

Survival plan for a childrens party Sometimes the thought of a kids party can bring you out in a cold sweat! The thought of lots of excited children running around wanting attention food and fun can be a daunting one, but one local company is coming to many a frazzled parent’s rescue! Tatty Bumpkin is a unique, creative developmental programme inspired by yoga, and developed by Paediatric Physiotherapists, Educationalists and Yoga teachers. The classes are operated in nurseries, schools, children’s centres parties, and holiday clubs. We spoke to Dai Alford who owns the small Enfield based company“We have 2 party options available, firstly we have Tatty Bumpkin for

children ages 2-8 years old .We use our bodies, props, special music and our amazing imaginations to go on an adventure, we can sail like a pirate, fly with the fairies, roar with the lions, swim with dolphins, we can visit jungles, outer space, the world is our oyster! Secondly we have Baby Bumpkin- ideal for babies first birthday, christening or to celebrate at NCT first anniversaries. These parties are very popular because they are designed specifically for babiesit’s a very special way to celebrate a special first birthday”

“I am a mother too and I know how expensive and stressful a child’s birthday party can become, so I keep my prices reasonable and I work hard to make sure that the party is



at The Co-op car park, 654-658 Hertford Road, Enfield Wash, EN3 6LZ

Beautifully crafted handmade items made by local traders JEWELLERY DELICIOUS CAKES




Plus FREE arts and crafts activities for kids!

For more information visit or call Enterprise Enfield on 020 8443 5457

Supported by


EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

totally tailored to the child- It’s my mission to make sure every party I deliver is the best one that the child has ever had!”

Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin classes are fun, yoga-inspired stories designed to encourage movement and enhance development in babies and children 6 weeks - 8 years. Baby Bumpkin classes are for babies 0-2 years and Tatty Bumpkin 2-8 years. The sessions give a firm foundation for social, emotional and physical confidence - all required for future happiness and success. All of the sessions are aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5 years) curriculum, and have been developed by physiotherapists, educationalists and yoga-teachers for a nique, fun, developmental concept You will find these classes easy to access free of charge at many children’s centres in the borough. The sessions are also held in Nurseries,

Pre-schools, breakfast clubs, after-school clubs, parties and even wedding entertainment - basically anywhere kids want to have fun and learn.

“And if you are a parent looking to join with your baby or child, you too will access your inner child and learn new creative, physical ways of parenting. Join us in a new Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong world.” For further information on taking the stress out of your party organizing contact Dai Alford at Tatty Bumpkin Winchmore Hill, 07789 798297 or 0845 680 7634 www. winchmorehill tattaybumpkin winchmorehill

Local News and Events

Stunning cake decorations made simple Do you like baking? Do you want your cakes to stand out? With SugarVeil and Cake Lace you can easily create a new level of icing creations with intricate deigns now available locally at Decorative Supplies in Enfield.

“We can now help our customers effortlessly create professional looking cakes with SugarVeil and Cake Lace,” Liz of Decorative Supplies said.

“Cake Lace is so easy to use, simply make to manufacturers instructions, spread onto the mat and place in the oven at 70 degrees. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes take out of the oven and cool for five minutes, it is then ready to use. From start to finish your Cake Lace could be ready to use in less than 30 minutes. The beauty of Cake Lace, once it has been made, is that it will stay moist and pliable for many months.”

SugarVeil icing is a flexible icing that can be easily moulded into shape to create elegant cake decorations. From lace

patterns to classic floral detailing, there is no end to the decorative options of SugarVeil, it has even been used to make a wedding dress.”

“SugarVeil is just as easy to use, just simply shape SugarVeil icing with SugarVeil mats. These mats are great tools for both home baking and for professional cake makers, simply spread the SugarVeil icing over patterned mats to create stunning icing patterns and shapes which can then be easily fixed to your cake creations.” “We stock SugarVeil and Cake Lace products, mats and spreaders to introduce you to the decorating wonders.”

“SugarVeil is similar to Royal Icing but far more flexible. The flexibility of SugarVeil means it can be easily moulded into shape to create stunning and professional looking cake decorations.”

“You can use SugarVeil to mould edible lace, comb lines, stencil names or ages, create and cut ribbons and bows or simply make smooth edible fabric to surround your cake with. And yes it has even been used to create an edible wedding dress!”

© Ruth Black Lace icing and cake products, we also offer a huge range of cake and cupcake supplies to cater to cake creations for countless occasions. Browse everything from tasty flavours and icings to elegant decorations.”

“Give your cakes a professional look with SugarVeil and Cake Lace. So easy to use, it is no wonder why SugarVeil and Cake Lace mats and icing have become the decorating tools of choice for many of our customers from expert and beginner cake makers alike.” For more ideas and inspirations to create stunning iced cakes visit Decorative Supplies 122a Chaseside Enfield 020 8366 7666 s er hts ail m m Nig ck ull det u S ty ba r f r fo Pa are bsite e


o sit



School’s Out Summer Special Kids Pasta £3

include Garlic Bread & Ice cream for Kids add £1.50 From our 369 menu

“As well as SugarVeil and Cake

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013


Local News and Events

Sing To Your Heart’s Content

Research carried out at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden has shown that singing in a choir is officially good for you. When we sing together in a group, our heartbeats and breathing synchronise with that of our fellow choristers, leading to a possible reduction in high blood pressure; meanwhile, the act of singing as part of a group gives a sense of solidarity and community, leading to a feeling of well-being. The members of the Clay Hill Singers, who recently celebrated their first anniversary with a sing-a-long followed by a lunch at St Luke’s Church, Enfield, would definitely agree with these findings. Valerie Budd, who was instrumental in starting up the choir project, says “We started in September last year as a singing group for adults who enjoy


singing but may not think they are good enough to join a choir. The conductor is Clair Stogden, Four Hills Music vocal coach and therapeutic counsellor, who says ‘Community singing has made a lot of good press recently, and there is increasing evidence to support the emotional, physical, mental and social benefits for those who take part. We are not looking for experienced singers necessarily, but those who want to try something that’s fun, rewarding and good for you – regardless of age or ability. We sing a range of musical styles, so there should be something for everyone.’” Valerie continues, ‘The group is sponsored by the local branch of the Mother’s Union, as a service to the local community. We admit to being influenced by Gareth Malone’s TV programmes about choirs.

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

We realised that the health and social benefits of singing would meet the Mother’s Union aim of serving and supporting the local community. Singing together relieves stress and also helps people to get to know their neighbours. We expected up to 10 people for the first session, but 20 turned up. We now regularly have from 65 to 80. The beaming faces at the end of the first session told us that the project is a success. ‘Comments included, “That was the best thing I’ve done for ages”; “I can’t wait for next Friday morning”; and “It leaves you on a high and feeling good about yourself, but I can’t describe it without sounding as if I’m on drugs.”. As conductor Claire Stogden says, ‘If you can speak, you can sing. Enfield is full of voices.’ The Clay Hill Singers are taking a break now until September. Sessions will resume on Friday 20ß September, 10.30-12 noon, in St Luke’s Church, Browning Road, Enfield, opposite Hilly Fields.

Come along and join in the fun. To find out more about what it’s like to belong to a choir, EN spoke to Olivia Devereux-Evans, who has been singing for some years now.

My life in a choir: Children’s International Voices of Enfield

I joined the choir at the beginning of year 7, 4 years ago now. I had always been interested in singing and so therefore decided to join the choir after hearing many good things about it. I think that it is safe to say that on entering my first choir rehearsal I was terrified. I needn’t have been, however, because I was introduced to a girl called Polly by the leader of the choir, June, and we became firm friends as we were close in age. In the first few weeks of being in choir, I had already spent a day in Leiston Abbey in Suffolk with the choir as we have weekends away there to sing and enjoy the beautiful countryside. It

Local News and Events was a brilliant experience and we go to Leiston Abbey numerous times to sing and learn new pieces as well as perform concerts.

We always do lots of concerts yearly, and for me one of the best we have done was my first summer concert in which we had a 1920s theme. It was an amazing sight, with all of us dressed in flapper dresses and the boys in suits. The choir is comprised of the Younger Voices, who are from the age of 5 up to the age of 8, the NYC (Not Yet Chorale) who are aged 8-14, and the Chorale, who are age 14+. The choir has the consort also, which is for a small group of talented choristers, and the quartet, which is also for talented choristers. I have been to a number of places with the choir like Leiston Abbey, Wales, Milan and Munich. On the way back from Wales we were invited to sing in a Save the Children Concert in St Paul’s Cathedral, where a special guest was

Princess Anne. That was a real honour. In Milan we stayed with host families and took in the incredible sights of Milan as well as singing in stunning places. Munich is the latest place that the choir has been; we went in the February half term and whilst it snowed heavily for most of our trip, we had a truly fantastic time taking in the scenery and getting to know new people whilst singing in lovely places.

The choir has been running for over 20 years now and the members have been on many tours to places like Iceland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden. We rehearse on Sunday afternoons fortnightly from around 2.30-4.45pm in the Burford Hall. I have had some truly amazing experiences with the choir, like performing Oklahoma! with the choir in Millfield Theatre wearing cowboy/cowgirl gear and being in a special Christmas programme about John Rutter that was aired on TV on Christmas

day, as well as being in Songs of Praise. In the next few weeks we will be rehearsing for our summer concert with the choir we stayed with in Munich, as they are coming to England. We will be hosting them for a few days and having a big buffet after our concert on the 14th July at the Burford Church. We have many plans for the next few months which I am very excited about also. For me, being in the choir is like being part of a family. Over the four years in which I have been in the choir (so far!) I have made some incredible friends and had some invaluable experiences. I have greatly grown in confidence as a singer and can sing solos much more readily than I used to be able to! The best thing about the choir is that it is fun and that over the years I have never been bored or annoyed that I am in the choir because there is always so much to do and it is always amazing. There are many more things that I have done like

been in a recording for a Bollywood Film, been on a CD recording and sang at the Sri Lankan Embassy.

These are really amazing things that I honestly can say I would not have ever done if I had not been in the choir. I would really recommend being in the choir as it is non auditioning, fun, you make lots of friends and increase your confidence. It has been incredible so far and I can’t wait to carry on for many more years. Olivia Devereux-Evans and Sarah Vittachi

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013


Legal Page

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Is it possible to avoid the payment of care home fees? We hear constantly in the media concerns that we will have to pay for our own residential and nursing home care in the future. The government has set a capital limit before we are responsible for our own fees and there are many companies advertising schemes to avoid future care home fees. These companies are not regulated and are not required to explain the disadvantages and risks to such schemes which can be costly to arrange. Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we are required to advise on the pros and cons of such an arrangement and the Law Society has issued guidance to us as a profession which is used in this article. We are also required to be insured against any negligent advice that we give whereas the companies which arrange so called asset protection schemes are not so there is noone to claim against should it all go wrong. Many of you will be motivated to transfer assets because you fear you will have to sell your home to pay for care and wish to protect your family’s inheritance. There is no foolproof way of avoiding the value of assets being taken into account for means testing. Antiavoidance measures in the law allow some gifts to be ignored by the authorities, and even set aside by the court. The measures are subject to periodic change, might apply retrospectively, and are pursued more vigorously by some authorities than others. Local authority care provision Local authorities are not allowed to take responsibility for a person who is an NHS responsibility, but they

must assess anyone who appears to it to be in need of community care services. These include residential accommodation for those who by reason of age, illness or disability are in need of care and attention which is not otherwise available to them, and domiciliary and community-based services enabling people to continue to live in the community. On the results of their assessment, they must decide whether there is a need to provide community care services. If that is the case, the person in need of care is likely to be subject to the financial means test.

Paying for care

If you can afford to pay for a place in a care home, you can arrange this independently, though you should have a needs assessment to consider all your care options including whether and how much financial assistance would be available from your local authority. The assessment of need for care provision does not depend on the need for funding. Some care homes do not provide accommodation for local authority-funded residents. If you wish to move to a care home which is more expensive than the local authority will pay on the basis of your assessed needs, and if the local authority can show that there are suitable homes with vacancies in the local area, you should note that the cost difference will need to be topped up by a third party such as a family member.

Anti-avoidance measures and deprivation of assets In most cases, the intention behind making gifts of assets is the most important factor. If a local authority believes that an asset has been given away with the intention of creating or increasing entitlement to means tested benefits, it may decide that you have notional capital of equivalent value to that of the asset given away. Therefore you end up being assessed as having what you have tried to protect. You will be particularly vulnerable if you are deemed to have notional capital since, although the local authority is obliged to provide care, this does not have to be in

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Legal Page If a local authority were to pursue a claim for care funding, you or your family could challenge that decision but you would bear the burden of proof that the authority’s decision was unreasonable. This process could be protracted and very stressful for you and your family at what is already like to be a very difficult time for all. It will also be expensive if it involves court proceedings.

Enforcement of fees for care

Local authorities can take steps to recover contributions towards care charges, and their assessment of ability to pay may take into account property that has been given away for the purpose of avoiding means testing.

If the debt for unpaid contributions reaches £750, the local authority could start insolvency proceedings to declare the resident bankrupt. Transactions at an undervalue may be set aside within two years, or within five years if the person made bankrupt was insolvent at the time of the transaction, which is unlikely. A gift may be set aside without time limit and without bankruptcy if the court is satisfied that the transfer was made for the purpose of putting assets beyond the reach of a potential creditor or otherwise prejudicing the creditor’s interests. There is evidence that Local Authorities have not yet started using such enforcement measures and many Local Authorities turn a blind eye to properties which have been transferred but with ever increasing pressure on budgets and efforts to save money it may well change in the future.

a residential home. Moreover, you may not be entitled to financial assistance towards the fees. The local authority may still be obliged to provide care, but the local authority could seek payment using debt recovery methods. If the local authority believed that a significant part of the intention to transfer an asset was to increase entitlement to financial assistance, they could impose a charge on the asset after it had been gifted. A charge is like a mortgage and secures the money they have paid on your behalf against the property so they are paid when the property is sold. The Local Authority could even recover the asset by forcing a sale to pay for the fees.

For a local authority to pursue a claim they would have to show what your intention was at the time of disposal. It may be difficult to establish this evidence due to the passage of time or you may not have the mental capacity to do so if dementia or senility sets in and so the court may conclude that it must have been to avoid means testing. One way to establish the intention is the foresee ability or immediacy of the need for care. Any decision to reject or accept the evidence requires an overall assessment of that evidence by the local authority. If, for example, you were fit and healthy and could not have foreseen the need for residential care, it would be unreasonable for the local authority to treat the transfer of assets as deliberate deprivation. However, there is a legal case which states that there was no time limit on local authorities when deciding whether a person had deprived themselves of assets for the purposes of avoiding residential care fees.

Thought should also be given to the risk of transferring your property to another person or persons (donee) . The following are amongst them :• The value of the home may still be taken into account for funding long-term care as there are antiavoidance measures in relation to means-testing. • If you subsequently need to move into a home but do not have the resources to pay for your care yourself because of the gift, the local authority may only pay for the basic level of care, leaving you to rely upon the financial support of others to enable you to move into a home of your choice. • The donee may not provide the support expected, resulting in suffering for you- for example, by not topping up care fees, or by moving you prematurely into residential care home in order to occupy or sell the family home. • If the donee dies or runs into financial difficulties and you continue to live in the gifted home, you may be made homeless. • The relationship between you and the donee, since families can and often do fall into dispute and even become quite hostile to one another particularly where money is concerned. • The donee may later put pressure on you to liquidate the gifted assets. • If you transfer your home, you may be deprived of opportunities to adapt to changing circumstances - for example by downsizing, or releasing equity to pay for adaptations or care at home, so you may be left with no option but to move into a care home. • The person to whom the assets have been gifted may lose their entitlement to benefits and/or services based on personal means testing.

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Legal Page

If the arrangement is challenged, there could be additional Tax implications There are many issues arising in relation to tax as a direct result of transferring assets. For example: • There may be no Inheritance Tax saving as long as you receive benefit from the asset - for example, if you continue to live in the home after transferring it to a child or another. • There may be an Inheritance Tax liability if the donee dies before you , or if you die within seven years of making the gift. • The Capital Gains Tax main residence exemption will be lost unless the donee lives in the property. • Stamp Duty Land Tax and additional administrative burdens may be payable. • Under the pre-owned assets rules, you may be subject to an Income Tax charge after the transfer.

Often, the gift will be to more than one donee, such as to multiple children. These situations greatly increase the potential problems and risks. For example, the death of a donee before you is possible, as is divorce, financial hardship, bankruptcy or incapacity of one or more of the donees. There is also the possibility that in the future the donees may disagree about issues concerning you and the assets. Transferring a property that you have worked for all your life and may have owned for many years is not as straight forward as you may have thought. Beware of schemes from unregulated institutions that promise to set up schemes to save you money.

Consult a solicitor with expert knowledge and find out how the law applies to you.

The information in this article must not be relied on as giving legal advice to you or relating to your particular circumstances.

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Days Out

Days Out This Summer The summer holidays are finally here and you may be worrying because you haven’t planned anything yet. Well don’t worry we have it covered for you with some ideas for all the family. We have found some places and activates that you and your kids can take part in, which are all based in London so not to far to go. We have tried to look for outings that offer some thing a bit different from the normal summer holiday trips.

Get to the top of London! One of the newest attractions that will take you to new heights is the Shard . The Shards viewing platform is situated over the 68th 69th and 72nd floor of The Shard building and is almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in London. It is the only place you can take in all of London at once with 360 degree views of up to 40 miles , which all can be enjoyed in a queue and crowd less area. If you book tickets online early it costs £24.95 for adults and £18.95 for children. To find out more about The Shard and what else there is to do there or to book tickets you can go to their website at www.

You would be Potty to miss out on this spellbound day!

Love the Harry Potter movies and always wanted to see inside the Great Hall or go to Diagon Alley? I know I do. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides as amazing new opportunity to explore the magic of the Harry Potter Films – the most successful film series of all time. This unique walking tour takes you behind

the scenes and showcases a huge array of beautiful sets, costumes and props. If that hasn’t persuaded you already This summer, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter invites visitors to delve into the world of spell casting, potions and wizard duels as it hosts its first Summer Spells feature. Visitors will discover first-hand how spells such as Wingardium Leviosa came to life on screen and how the wand movements that accompanied them were developed. Knowledgeable staff members will be on hand to teach wand battle choreography, aided by an interactive experience created by choreography expert Paul Harris. Paul composed the battle scene between Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) in Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixTM and is the world’s only Wand Combat choreographer. Those exploring Diagon Alley will be able to take part in a special effects demonstration created by BAFTAwinning Special Effects Supervisor John Richardson. By pointing a wand, visitors will be able to cast a spell that will make the sign above Potage’s Cauldron Shop bang and flash as if by magic. In scenes where a character conjured his or her Patronus – a protective charm which usually takes the form of an animal and shields the wizard against Dementors – actors such as Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter, whose Patronus was a stag) and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger, who casts an otter Patronus) had to use their imagination; Patronuses were created postfilming using CGI. The cast were, however, aided by an Irish Wolfhound dressed in a specially-made costume which helped them visualise the glowing effect of a Patronus. This will be on display at the Studio Tour for

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Days Out

the first time throughout the Summer Summer Spells will take place from Friday 26th July to Monday 2nd September.

You can book up to 9 tickets with the costs ranging from £21.50 for children to £29.00 for an adult, also family tickets are available. If you want to plan an event with loads of people you can buy group tickets, the prices are a little less but you are able to purchase 10-24 tickets at one time. It is open to the public everyday of the week but you have to book a time slot. To book tickets now or to find out more about the amazing experience go to their website at

Keep cool and climb!

Vertical Chill opened in June 2003 and is situated inside Ellis Brigham’s Tower House Covent Garden Store. The wall itself is located within a refrigerated unit starting in the basement and going through on the ground floor of the shop, where there are viewing windows. The internal temperature ranges from -5°C to -7°C. The wall is 8m in height and ranges in steepness from a pleasant slab to a drastic over-hang with everything in between; providing a variety of routes to entertain novice and accomplished climbers alike. Learn to climb: costs £50 per person for an hour session. This includes hire of all equipment and a qualified instructor (one to one). Who for? If you have never climbed steep ice before, or haven’t in a long time, then this session is for you.

Climb and Hire: costs £35 per person for one hour. This includes hire of all equipment and a qualified instructor to belay/supervise you. Who for? If you have learnt the basics with us, or elsewhere, and want to practice, but don’t have


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all the gear, this session is for you.

Turn up and climb: costs £25 per person for an hour. This includes a qualified instructor to belay/supervise you, but no equipment hire. Who for? If you have all the gear and some idea, then this session is for you. The best way to book a session is to contact the store directly by phone on 0207 395 1010 and speak with a member of our staff. All sessions last one hour which includes approx 50 minutes on the wall and 10 for kitting up time. Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before your allotted time. If you are unable to book by phone then email giving your name and a number along with times and dates which are convenient for you.

Days Out All participants in the ice climbing are subject to an assesment by staff that they are fit or strong enough to climb. Over 50’s and under 16’s please contact us before booking to discuss this and avoid any potential disappointment. At present there is a lower age limit of 13 years old - which is also subject to climbing experience and physical development.

Make a walk round London and Exploreing Challenge

How many times have you just walked round London without any idea on where you are going or want to go? Why not try out

Treasure Trails Greater London. Treasure Trails are themed, self-guided Trails which aim to get people outside, exploring, learning and having fun. Here you are given a choice between 32 different Maps ranging from Treasure hunt maps, Murder Mystery maps and a Spy maps. It is all sorted out online, you get to choose the area you want to do the task in and then you can choose to either download it automatically or have it sent to you both these options cost £6.99. You are also able to create your own personalised map which costs £12.99.

A walk around a historic ship

Ever been on a Tudor ship? No, well then you should check out the Golden Hinde II Exhibition. You are able to tour the boat without a guide but then you won’t find out any of the information about the amazing creation and history of the boat you are on. You are also able to book private events this means you get the boat for only you and your family and friends in that selected time slot. There are many fun days on board happening everyday. It swaps between a Drake Fun Day, Tudor Fun Day and a Pirate Fun Day, on each of these days they will be different activates on the ship. The Golden Hinde is open everyday between 10:00am and 5:30pm. Tickets for tours and fun days are £7 for an adult and £5 for a child, for other activates and specials event costs may be higher. To book tickets or to find out more about other activates aboard the ship and what it all involves, go to their website at

Epic (PG) Mon 5th Aug 11am & 1.30pm Tues 6th Aug 11am & 1.30pm Weds 7th Aug 1.30pm & 4.00pm (3D) Thurs 8th Aug 1.30pm & 4.00pm (3D) Despicable Me 2 (PG) Mon 12th Aug 1.30pm & 4.00pm (3D) Tues 13th Aug 1.30pm & 4.00pm (3D) Weds 14th Aug 1.30pm & 4.00pm (3D) Thurs 15th Aug 1.30pm & 4.00pm (3D)

2D All Tickets £3.00 3D All Tickets £4.00

Captain Calamity’s Adventures In Story Land Fri 16th August 10.30am, 1.00pm or 3.30pm Tickets: £7.50, family of 4 £28 Join Captain Calamity and his crew for an adventure full of magic, balloons & bubbles! Included in the ticket price: face painting, decorate a princess fairy cake and more! Call the Box Office for further information or if you would like to receive our free cinema and entertainment brochure. WYLLYOTTS BOX OFFICE 01707 645005 Wyllyotts Theatre, Wyllyotts Place, Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, HERTS EN6 2HN

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Days Out

Flights of Fun and much more From the end of July until the beginning of September, the The Royal Air Force Museum will be hosting a series of very affordable themed weeks specially created for younger family members, some of which are totally free. From 22nd to 28th of July, 5th to 11 August and 19th to 26th of August the Museum will be hosting model making weeks when we will be holding ‘make and take’ sessions Monday to Friday enabling visitors to make their own 1:72 nd scale Airfix model aircraft for a very affordable £2 per kit. Sessions will run each day (Monday to Friday) from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm in the Museum’s Dermot Boyle and are suitable for children aged 8 and above. Please note, any children wishing to participate in this experience must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is able to help them with their model making.

As well as a tale, each session will also include songs and riddles that will help children explore the themes of teamwork, believing in yourself and never giving up on your goals: important lessons for any future member of the RAF to learn. Sessions are restricted to 40 children at a time, on a strictly first come, first served basis. To help each child get as much as possible from each session it is highly recommended that they are accompanied by a responsible adult who can assist them with some of the quizzes that will be taking place.   The 27th to August to 1st September brings Land Army Week to the Museum, during which the Museum will have on display on its helipad the various animals that members of the public were encouraged to keep during World War 2 either to provide fresh produce for their families, such as chickens and goats for eggs and milk, or to aid them with their day to day lives such as ponies who were invaluable for transport at a time when petrol was heavily rationed. Animals that will be on display on the Museum’s Helipad throughout the week include miniature Shetland ponies, goats, chickens, sheep, rabbits and ferrets.  Animals will be on view for free to the public from 10am to 5pm.   In addition to the above activities the Museum has a collection of over 100 aircraft which can be viewed free of charge; as well as ‘Aeronauts’, a gallery specially created for children, containing a range of games and interactives that help children explore the science behind flight through play. Other attractions include the Museum’s 3D Cinema, located in Milestones of Flight; ‘Our Finest Hour’, an emotive sound and light show that tells the story of the Battle of Britain that plays on the hour, every hour from 11am to 5pm in the Museum’s Battle of Britain Hall; plus the mighty Sunderland Flying Boat, also located in the Museum’s Battle of Britain Hall, the interior of which visitors are welcome to explore…. and don’t forget the Museum’s signature Art Exhibition ‘Airfix : Making History’ which will be on display throughout the Summer in the Museum’s Art Gallery. The Royal Air Force Museum London is opening daily

On 29th July until 4th August the Museum will be hosting ‘Wild Bird Week’, when it will be displaying some of nature’s most beautiful and majestic flying predators on its helipad. Suitable for children of all ages, the museum will hold daily free three falconry displays at 11.30am, 1.30pm, and 3.30pm showcasing a different set of birds each day: either falcons, owls, hawks or eagles with one lucky child given the active role of Junior Falconer in Training during the course of the day. After each session children will have the opportunity, for a limited time, to handle an owl and have their photograph taken with these wise and wondrous birds in the Museum’s Dermot Boyle Wing. 12th to 18th of August is our dedicated Story Telling Week. Consisting of a series of interactive story the Museum’s professional story teller, Chip, will narrate tales about the various animals that have been adopted as mascots by various Squadrons within the Royal Air Force explaining why they were chosen. Sessions will be held three times a day at 11.30 am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm and last approximately 30 minute each.


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Days Out from 10am to 6pm, with last admission at 5.30pm. Admission to the museum and participation in the above activities, other than our Airfix Make and Takes are free of charge. For further details about the above activities please visit or call 020 8205 2266.

A collection of extrodinary things to explore

Interested in learning all about unique exhibits and looking at jaw dropping collections? Then Ripley’s Believe it or not is the place for you. With over 700 astonishing exhibits, galleries and interactive experiences spanning across 6 floors, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London celebrates the weird, wonderful and bizarre in all its forms, which are sure to excite, delight and thrill the whole family. Ben Fogle launches summer search for budding ‘Mini Explorer’

British adventurer and TV presenter, Ben Fogle, has teamed up with family attraction, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London, in search of the UK’s next budding ‘Mini Explorer’.

Potential ‘Mini Explorers’ are invited to upload entries (video, written or otherwise) to a dedicated micro-site ( showing why and how they like to explore.

Following in the footsteps of explorer and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! founder, Robert Ripley, who was famous for his collection of oddities collected from across the globe, the winning Mini Explorer and their family will be whisked away to Orlando for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Ripley’s Warehouse – a

Capel Manor Gardens

Capel Summer 2013 5 .indd 1

treasure-trove of fascinating artefacts. Armed with a state-of-the-art flip-cam, the lucky winner will also be able to document their adventures. “As an explorer and a father myself, I am passionate about the fact that kids need to discover new things”, says Fogle. “The search for the Ripley’s Mini Explorer is the perfect way for parents to keep their little ones entertained this summer – as well as inspiring kids to leave the house and broaden their minds.”

General Manager of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London, Natascha Crump, adds: “We have launched the search for the Ripley’s Mini Explorer to encourage children to give in to their natural curiosity. We want them to ditch their smart phones and computer games, and really explore the world around them – whether that’s by searching for treasures in the garden or getting up close and personal with nature. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is founded on the principle that experiencing new

30 acres to Explore, Relax and Enjoy!

From stunning display gardens to shaded, secluded hideaways. With gardens inspired from around the world to fun tours with Charlie the Capel Caterpillar, a visit to Capel Manor offers something for everyone.

Find us at Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield (just off the A10) or call us on 08456 122 122

19/7/13 07:48:48 EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013 21

Days Out

things and learning about different species, cultures and traditions is fun and we want to make sure that the younger generation benefit from this way of thinking.” To be crowned the official Ripley’s Mini Explorer, children aged four to 15 are being asked to upload entries to a dedicated microsite www.ripleyslondon. com/miniexplorer before midnight on Friday 9 August 2013. Full terms and conditions available at www.

Ticket prices for adults range between £26.95 and £22.91, for children prices range between £21.95 and £18.66, other ticket options are available. Also there are fast track tickets you can purchase for only £3 extra per person, can’t get any better then that really. Opening times are between 10am and 10:30pm. To find out more about tickets or exhibits you can go to their website at

A cruise to maritime and space history and more Take a Boat Trip to Greenwich with loads to With temperatures soaring this July, treat your friends and family to a cruise along the River Thames. City


EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

Cruises offers sightseeing cruises which take in the best of London’s skyline, between Westminster and Greenwich. Experience an evening sightseeing cruise, ‘River Lates’ from 22 July to 1 September, from 6.30pm in the evening, cruising between Westminster and Tower Piers. Return tickets are £12.50 adult and £6.25 child. Guests can sit on the open decks and enjoy the range of drinks on board, including chilled bottled beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks.

On all things nautical, Sail Royal Greenwich returns for a second summer, bringing the world’s finest tall ships to Greenwich and the River Thames. The spectacular fleet of tall ships will offer morning, afternoon and evening cruises to the corporate hospitality market as well as individuals from Wednesday 28 August to Sunday 1 September. On leaving Royal Arsenal Pier at Woolwich guests will sail through the Thames Barrier, underneath the Emirates Air Line and towards The O2 taking in the magnificent views of the Old Royal Naval College, Cutty Sark and Canary Wharf. Prices start at £59.90pp. Guests can also book the VIP Thames Tall Ship Cruise at £139.90pp for an extended cruise to Tower Bridge and

Days Out back. A dinner buffet will be served, finished off with an exclusive fireworks display. Cutty Sark is fun for all the family this summer with special family events as well as the vast hull and deck of this famous tea clipper to explore. On 3, 4, 27 and 28 August families can drop in to the ‘Fly the flag’ workshop and learn how to write a coded message using signal flags, and even design their own flags to take home. The workshop is free with Cutty Sark entry and takes place between 11.30-13.30 and 14.00-16.00. From 15 July Greenwich Market is open seven days a week offering designer-maker crafts, collectibles, jewellery and food stalls. Crafty Wednesdays will keep families and little hands busy with treats for children of all ages every Wednesday from 24 July to 28 August 11.00 to 16.30.

This summer Royal Museums Greenwich looks out to the Universe and space. ‘Out of this World’ at National Maritime Museum takes visitors aged 8 and above on an exploration of the ‘Visions of the Universe’ exhibition followed by a family interactive workshop on 31 July, 7, 14, 21, 28 August between 11.30-13.30 and 14.3016.30. Tickets include entry to the exhibition. £30 family ticket (two adults and up to two children), £22 family ticket (one adult and up to two children). The Royal Observatory will feature sci-fi film screenings and a new free exhibition, ‘Alien Revolution’ takes an intimate look at the history of our relationship with extra-terrestrial life through science and culture until 8 September. In Discover Greenwich at the Old Royal Naval College see an exhibition of exquisite furniture and lighting created by the talented designer-makers of Second Floor Studios. Meanwhile on 31 July and 3 & 4 August the Meantime Craft Beer Festival will take place in The Old Brewery. Hosted by Meantime with Shortlist, the Festival will be celebrating all things beer with a selection of over 100 craft beers to choose from.

Take the speedy Thames Clippers to Greenwich Peninsula and enjoy sunset views of Greenwich and surrounding area this summer. Climb over and across the roof of The O2 52m above ground in a 90 minute uplifting expedition. The spectacular 360˚ views of the capital at sunset this summer will be well worth it. Up at The O2 tickets are £30pp for a Sunset Climb. Ever wanted to fly a plane? For a different kind of experience this summer, fly across the Thames on the Emirates Air Line cable car and visit the brand new Emirates Aviation Experience at the Greenwich

Peninsula Terminal. Visitors can practise their take-off and landing skills using the world’s first public facing commercial flight simulators, interactive displays and life-size aircraft models. We hope we have given you some inspiration for some fun days out over the holidays. by Harley Woods

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Potted Solutions for a Blooming Summer Garden With summer now in full swing it easy to forget the very slow start to the season which we had and the long hard winter it followed. It took what seemed to be an age to get started, with buds reluctant to break and flowers refusing to flower on queue, and it is only the recent hot weather which has really got things moving. It appears that everything has caught up all at once, with the sweetpeas, roses and summer flowering perennials like all delivering a long awaited display of pretty, cottage garden blooms. In addition the Dahlias, Monarda and Day Lillies are combining well with their splashes of exuberant colour; it really is a great time to be enjoying your garden. This enjoyment might be sat down with your feet up, glass in hand, or hard at work, trowel in hand.

If like the growing season you too have got off to a slow start it is not too late to get a really good display out of your summer pots. Seasonal containers are a great way to inject some summer colour into the garden, ideal for your decking or patio and with a bit of care they should continue to perform right through to the first frosts in autumn.

Grouped terracotta pots are aesthetically appealing and enable those with limited outside space to have a garden. Although it fits well with my choice of garden, terracotta is highly porous and more prone to drying out than other materials. There are a wide range of containers available made from alternative materials, which should suit all tastes and budgets; try fibrestone,

good quality plastic containers, windowboxes or tubs to reduce the amount of watering that you need to do.

By following a few key points it is really easy to get great results from your containers.

Colour: I tend to stick to one of two colour schemes. Hot; including reds, oranges, yellows and bright pinks, or cool; including blues, pale pinks, purples and white. Don’t forget foliage within the colour scheme, why not try trailing silver foliage or striking dark red leaves. Petunias come in a range of colours, but their informal billowing habit looks great when used in a pastel, cool scheme, look out for attractively vein varieties. Begonias bright, vibrant blooms are hard to beat in a hot scheme, but bright red verbena is a really easy, long flowering option. Focal or key plants: if size allows try and include a focal point plant in the middle or at the back of the container. This may be striking foliage and architectural form of a Cordyline for example, or the soft colours and scent of a lavender may form the basis of a cool colour scheme. I have been using many perennial plants and small shrubs in my displays, this way they can always be used within the garden once the pot display has ended. Alternatively you could use plants that could stay in the pots for a few seasons, I like to use Euphorbias, ivies and clipped topiary for this, simply changing the cheaper bedding plants twice a year.


EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013

Trailing plants, or ‘danglers’: I think an exuberant display; spilling over the lip of your pots is essential and really adds to the impact and overall display. Try pastel shades of Lobelia or vibrant hot colours of trailing Begonias. For foliage try Dichondra and Helychrisum. I make sure that I have trailing plants all around the front edge of my pots and I often alternate between flowering and foliage plants.

Gardening Compost and feeding: always use a good quality potting compost to get the most out of your plants, keep them well watered and feed with tomato feed to give them a boost so they can continue to flower well for longer.

Where space allows I try where possible to group containers together, this makes more of a statement and increases the impact of your displays, it gives you the opportunity to include more plants and more flowers. Pots of different height and sizes add to the effect and it is an ideal way to garden in a really small space like a balcony or terrace. I have a container garden of ferns and Hostas; creating a cool relaxing space in many shades of green with differing leaf textures, all placed around benches in a small courtyard. It is a great way of creating a mixed border type effect without having access to any open soil! You could theme a container garden in many ways, why not try a drought tolerant Mediterranean style garden using silver leaved shrubs, succulents and Agapanthus, or just use it as a way to display your favourite plants. Happy Gardening

Tom Wheatcroft Senior Gardener, Capel Manor Gardens Open daily, 10:00am – 5:00pm Last ticket at 4:00pm

Tom’s Top Tips for Summer Gardening 1. Irrigate. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, remember to water. Once wilted it is really difficult to get herbaceous plants to look good again. Sprinklers have their merits, but nothing beats watering by hand direct to the base of the plant.

2. Don’t be tempted to cut your lawn too short during a dry spell, it will be more prone to drought damage and will discolour more quickly. Raise the cutting height of your lawn mower by a notch; continue to mow regularly just a shade higher. Remember your edges; neatly clipped lawn edges smarten up any garden and add a professional finish.

3. Deadhead. Removing the finished blooms from roses has to be one of the most rewarding jobs, you improve the overall appearance of the shrub or climber and promote further flowering. Always cut to a bud with sharp secateurs, I remove blooms as soon as they become discoloured or start to drop petals. Dahlias and sweet peas respond very well to dead heading also, and with sweet peas the more blooms you pick for the house the more you will get in return!

4. Pick your crops. Now is the time to reap what you sow! Soft fruit has been fantastic so far this year; don’t let it go to waste, berries freeze very well or make jams and preserves from any gluts you may have. Continue to pick courgettes to gain a continual crop of small tasty fruits, rather than fewer large, tough marrows. 5. Feed your plants. Greedy plants like squashes, courgettes and tomatoes, or prolific flowerers like sweet peas Clematis and Agapanthus will really benefit from a good feed. I use a liquid tomato feed every few weeks; you will be rewarded with bigger crops and longer flowering. 6. Look out for mildew, (a white powdery mould), on roses and phlox in particular. Give the plants a good water and spray with a fungicide if required. The same spray will also deal with rose black spot.

EN MAGAZINE - July/August 2013



An Alternative to Lawn or Patio Decking in a garden can offer an alternative to flower beds and laws or a patio. But what should you be looking for when choosing your decking EN Magazine spoke to local wood floor and decking specialists - Alpine Floors for some advice. Choosing the Right Decking There are plenty of options when it comes time to choose the right decking material. Recent advancements have developed many low maintenance products that look great and last a long time. When choosing a material keep in mind its durability, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

Deck structures are all made out of the same material, pressure treated timber, however the actual decking, can be made from a variety of woods or composites. Composite Decking The most modern and popular option for decks, composite decking is made from wood fiber and recycled plastic fibers. It is made in a variety of colors and textures to mimic real wood without the maintenance. The smooth, even makeup of the decking means it will not warp, split, or splinter for barefoot enjoyment for years to come. Hidden fastener systems can be used with some types of decking for a true smooth, sleek look. Most manufacturers warranty their product, with some lasting as long at 25 years. The true beauty of composite decking is that it never needs staining or sealing and will maintain the majority of its color for its lifetime. Simply wash the

deck annually for beautiful results.

One drawback to composite decking is staining. As with any material, clean and treat stains immediately according to manufacturers instructions.

Composite decking is more flexible than wood, so the framing underneath the deck must be made from pressure treated timber. Be sure to frame the deck to manufacturers’ specifications or the material may sag or slump.

Mahogany Decking For a natural exotic look, philippine mahogany decking may be the right choice. Sawn from the meranti tree, today’s mahogany decking creates the look of true mahogany from plantation grown trees. Philippine mahogany boards are absolutely clear with no knots and are kiln dried to resist shrinkage and swelling. For best results, mahogany should be sealed on all six sides (Top, Bottom, Edges & Ends) prior to installation and fastened with stainless steel fasteners. In order to keep your mahogany deck from looking weathered, seal as needed with a top quality finish. Please note: It is all or nothing when sealing mahogany, you should seal all 6 sides or leave it unfinished with excellent airflow around the surfaces in order to avoid cracking, cupping and splitting.

Cedar Decking For a traditional, natural look, cedar decking is a good alternative. Cedar decking has a beautiful and unique knotty look. It can either be sealed on all six sides prior to installation or left to weather naturally to a silver-gray. It is naturally resistant to decay and insects, but may not be appropriate for high-traffic areas because of its softness.

Pressure Treated Decking The most common and traditional decking option, Pressure Treated decking is Southern Yellow Pine treated with a chemical that makes it decay and termite resistant. It blends beautifully with any landscape and can be stained in a variety of colors to match any decor. Pressure treated is an economical, strong and durable decking option. This decking will weather over time and maintenance is important. Splinters may occur and as with any natural wood product, boards may warp, shrink or expand. Be sure to install with the grain making an arch, crown side up, so the decking does not cup.

For more information contact Alpine Floors and Garden Decking 462 Green Lanes Palmers Green 020 8920 9444

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SHOWTIME Captain Calamity’s Adventures in Story Land Fri 16th August 10.30am, 1.00pm or 3.30pm Tickets: £7.50, family of 4 £28 Box office 01707 645005

Join Captain Calamity and his Crew; the daft and bumbling Scallywag and Pirate Princess Prunella on a wonderful adventure full of magic, songs, bubbles and balloons. This enchanting theatrical voyage sets sail from Chocolate Button Bay and takes in the sites of Never Land and Wonder Land solving problems as we go, returning back to Wyllyotts Theatre in time to grant a very special wish! Ideal for age 3 upwards.

Summer Fun Day Pirates and Princesses Wyllyots Theatre – A whole day of fun for the very young! Friday 16th August 10.00am – 3.30pm Box office 01707 645005

Skewbald Theatre Presents GRIMM Sweet GRIMM

Join Skewbald storytellers in a world of books and shadows as they bring to life a collection of gripping and amusing Grimm fables. Skewbald puts a atmospheric twist on both famous and unexplored stories such as the Frog Prince, Little Red Cap, Paper Dress & The Star Money using an exciting blend of music, song and puppetry to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Grimm Brothers collection. Suitable for ages 6 years + 

Running Time: 1hr Ticket £10|£8 Online £9|£7 Runs 50 minutes Venue:  Mimetic Above @ The Dugdale Centre Dates:  Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, Saturday 27th July at 2.30pm Box Office 020 8807 6680 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS Book online

Your ticket price includes entry to the show, but we will also have fun pirate and princess activities included in the ticket price. Come early or stay after the show and enjoy face painting, decorate a princess cake, make a pirate’s hat and build a castle!

Think Floyd

Wyllyots Theatre Fri 13th Sept 8.00pm Tickets: £18, £17 concs Box office 01707 645005

This superb band have successfully toured the UK and abroad for 20 years, gaining a reputation of being the UK’s finest tribute to Pink Floyd. The incredibly talented band will perform a brand-new show celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of the most influential albums of all time: Dark Side of The Moon. The all-live production will also include the whole range of classic Pink Floyd, complete with an impressive laser light show, such as: ‘The Wall’; ‘Animals’; ‘Wish You Were Here’; ‘Meddle’; ‘Division Bell’ and more.

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What’s On Miles for Macmillan This summer, make time for what matters by joining one of nine walking events at beautiful Royal Park and National Trust locations across the UK. The walking events are a fantastic way to have fun with family and friends and help fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support. Miles for Macmillan fundraising walking events are supported by Boots UK to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone. To register for a walk call 0300 1000 200 or go to www. 31 August – 15 September 2013 Where: London and South East: Saturday 31 August, Regents Park (NW1 4RU) - London and South East Region: Saturday 14 September, Hatfield Forest (CM22 6NE)

Grange Park Methodist Church Park Drive N21 Saturday August 2nd at 11.30 am for one hour coffee from 10.15am Jessica Burroughs -  Cellist (Principal cello at Opera North) No tickets but retiring collection Saturday September 7th at 11.30

am for one hour coffee from 1015am Junko Kobayashi pianist International virtuoso

Fairies’ Tale Chickenshed’s spectacular summer show for children aged 0-7 years Thursday 1 August – Saturday 3 August Thursday 8 August – Saturday 10 August 10am and 11.30am plus 1pm on Saturdays £6, free to babies under 1yr. Signed performance Saturday 3 August at 11.30am  A fun and magical show for boys and girls aged up to 7 years   Would your child like to be a part of the cast of Fairies’ Tale? You child can become a cast member for a week as we get the show ready and then perform to a live audience on the stage of the Chickenshed Studio Theatre.  Your child can experience all areas of theatre including movement, singing, improvisation and puppetry.  Those taking part will appear in at least

Useful Contact Numbers

Enfield Borough Police Crime Prevention Office Crimestoppers Neighbourhood Watch Anti Terrorist Hotline Hertfordshire Police

020 8807 1212 020 8345 1102 0800 555 111 020 7963 0160 0800 789 321 0845 330 0222

Enfield Council 24 Hour Contact No Hertsmere Council Hertsmere Out of Hours Welwyn & Hatfield Council Welwyn & Hatfield Out of Hours

020 8379 1000 020 8207 2277 0845 300 0021 01707 357 000 0800 111 4484

NHS Direct Chase Farm & Barnet Hospital Switchboard Chase Farm Hospital Accident & Emergency Barnet Hospital Accident & Emergency North Middlesex University Hospital Switchboard Potters Bar Community Hospital Age Concern Enfield

0845 46 47 0845 111 4000 020 8375 1010 020 8216 5003

Summer Shed Theatre performances workshops for young people Monday 29 July – Friday 2 August (week 1) Monday 5 August – Friday 9 August (week 2) 10am – 4pm Ages 5-12yrs £130 per week (50% discount for siblings) Participants of these week-long events will explore and develop a wide range of performance skills through workshops that involve drama, dance, singing and story making.  Parents and friends will be invited in on the final afternoon to see a performance.  Everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

0845 769 7555 08700 50 88 80 020 773 0009

Childline Cruse Bereavement Care Helpline Samaritans

0800 1111 0870 1671677 0845 790 9090

RSCPA 24 Hour Emergency Vet

0870 555 5999 01992 762699

Three Valleys Water Freephone Leakline Thames Water Freephone Leakline National Gas Emergency Service Freephone London Electricity Freephone

0800 376 5325 0800 714 614 0800 111 999 0800 0280 247

National Rail Enquiries Congestion Charge Phone Line

08457 48 49 50 0845 900 1234

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REGULAR EVENTS AND CLUBS Enfield & District Fuchsia Society Now in our 45th year. Meet at Capel Manor, Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield. 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays of each month 7-45 - 9-45 pm. Demonstrations, talks, advice, regular speakers. Beginners warmly welcomed. Free entry to our show, in July. Christmas party in December. For further information tel: Roy Fenwick 020 8292 6965 orMark Mendes 020 8368 6670 Enfield National Trust Association meet twice monthly, one afternoon at Holtwhites Sports & Social Club and one evening at either Enfield Grammar School or Enfield County School, Holly Walk, Enfield. We have summer outings, London outings, concert & theatre outings as well as lectures.Please ring Peter on 020 8363 1568 for details. Enfield RSPB meet once a month at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Silver Street, Enfield @ 7.45pm for lectures, quiz evenings, etc & have monthly mid week walks, coach outings & two “birding” holidays a year. Check our website; uk/groups/enfield/news or ring Pauline on 020 8363 1568

Do you need space for your pilates and yoga groups, bridge clubs, social groups, private functions?

020 8887 2000 01707 653 286 020 8375 4120

Alcoholics Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous


3 performances of Fairies’ Tales and will need to attend all the scheduled times of the workshops. Monday 29 July – Saturday 3rd August (week 1) Monday 5 August – Saturday 10 August (week 2) Monday – Wednesday 10am – 12.30pm Thursday and Friday 9am – 12.30pm Saturday 9am – 2pm Ages 6-10yrs £70 per week

we have the space for you

Halls For Hire

Holy Trinity Winchmore Hill , On the Broadway of Green Lanes,Winchmore Hill Contact: Vic Arman - 020 8360 6505 Capel Manor College and Gardens

Rooms for Hire

Vic Arman.indd 1

26/4/12 14:46:12

From club meetings, business meetings and training with facilities, weddings and private parties we have the room and space for events of any size at Capel Manor, all set in 30 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds. Contact Reception for more info on 08456 122 122 or

What’s On

Enfield Over 50s Computer Clubmeets first Sunday of every month at St John’s Hall, Strayfield Road, off Theobalds Park Road, Enfield EN2 9JP from 10.30am to approx 3.00pm Our website is www. or phone Eric at 0208 366 6162

Enfield Video Makers meets first and third Tuesday of every month at 8pm at St Stephen’s Church Hall, Park Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield EN1 2BA Website: www. Contact us by email through the website or Eric at 0208 366 6162 Film making, talks about techniques, competitions.

Enfield Woodcarving Club meets every Tuesday evening 7.30 to 9.30pm in the technology room at Chace Community School, Churchbury Lane EN1 3HQ. Please join us! Beginners welcome. George Anglis 07703219022 Oakmere Bridge Club Held at Wyllyotts Centre, Darkes Lane Potters Bar every Monday, 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. We are a small friendly club and would welcome new members. We have vacancies for improvers and intermediate players We play Chicago Bridge. Interested? Then contact either:Janet (on 01707 651461 Eleanor on 01707 650376 Charles on 0208 449 8448 Potters Bar Film Makers Wyllotts Centre, Potters Bar Alternate Thursdays 8.00pm Contact Penny 01707 656446 or John 01707 872210 www.pottersbarfilmmakers. com for amateur cinematographers. Programme includes editing, filming techniques, competition evenings, social functions Grange Park (Evening) W. I. would love you to come and join us at 7.30pm on the first Monday of every month at The Orchard Room Grange Park Methodist, Church Old Park Ridings, Grange Park N.21, when we have a speaker or a quiz and make bookings for social events such as theatre outings etc. If you are interested please phone Jan Barker on 0208 367 0988.

Enfield Camera Club meets at Trinity Church Hall Thursday evenings at 8 pm. New members are always welcome. Alternatively they can contact the club through the website www.enfieldcameraclub. or email to mail@ The subscriptioin rate is £32 for the full season - Visitors are asked to pay a £1 visitor’s fee,


In the world of accountancy these are the only numbers you need -


Cuffley Floral Art Club We are a friendly flower arranging club meeting every 2nd Tuesday in the month (except January and August) at Cuffley Hall, Maynards Place from 8pm-10pm. Doors open from 7pm, visitors always welcome. For more information ring Jackie 020 8441 3663 or Val 01707 889447

020 8343 2255

The Rotary Club of Enfield Chase Meets on Thursday mornings from 7.30am until 8.30 am in the Coffee Lounge, Enfield Baptist Church, Cecil Road, Enfield Town. For more Sterlings Directory.indd information call 020 8366 4046 Car Hire 1

30/5/13 14:51:17


Latin and Ballroom Combining the elegance of Ballroom with the dynamic Latin American dances these nice ‘n’ easy fun introductory classes will ease even the most hesitant first-time dancer floor with confidence. WEDNESDAYS 8:00 – 8:45 Improvers/ Intermediate Class8:45 – 9:30 Ridgeway Beginners Class 9:30 – 10:15 Social Dancing for all levels St Thomas’ Hall 79a Prince George Avenue Oakwood N14 4SN Car park is at the rear of the building. Call 07960 736925 for details

Car Maintenance, Mechanics 1

25/4/13 09:58:01

020 8362 1987

Winchmore Folk Dance Club meets every Tuesday morning in term time in the lower hall at Grange Park Methodist Church N21 2EU between 10am and 12 noon to enjoy English Country RJS May 2013 v2.indd Dancing. Led by experienced callers, dances range from the 17th Century until modern times. Each session costs £2.50 which includes refreshments. Beginners welcome. For more information contact John Wood on 020 8926 7293 Mr or Mrs Sexton Tel: 01707 874577 Meets at: St Stephen’s Church, Bush Hill Park, London, EN1 2ET Meets on: Mondays: Clean2.indd 1.30pm-4pm. Details: A friendly social group with a mixture of Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence Dancing

•All makes of cars serviced •Servicing at your home or work •MOT’s door to door •Fully insured •Honest,friendlyand reliable

Cleaning Services

GET 50% Discount


25/4/13 on Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning when combined with End of Tenancy or Spring Cleaning service


see all our special offers at

Well Done Services Ltd

tel:020 8829 9213 mob:07968 225 543

Professional and Reliable Cleaning Education Services

GCSES - SATs - 11+ - ENTRANCE EXAMS &2%% !33%33-%.4 1 30/5/13 EARLY YEARS - KS3 SUPPORT

Enfield 020 8363 5008 QUALIFIED /EXPERIENCED TEACHERS '#3% 3!4S#OMMON%NTRANCE '#3% 3!4 #O MO644884 %NTRANCE S Potters Bar 01707 FREE TRIAL LESSON!  PREPARATION  PR ARATIO E Southgate 020 8886 3939 CHILDCARE VOUCHERS -



Enfield 020 8363 5008

Southgate 020 8886 3939

Send details of your club Embroidery or event to editorial@enmagazine. Kip McGrath May 2013 v2.indd 1 before 30th August to be included in the We can supply and embroider workwear Septmeber issue and casual clothes

LeeJoy Embroidery Names, logos and images can all be embroidered on to any fabric 63 High Street No Set Up Potters Bar EN6 5AS


19/4/13 09:38:01


01707 653366

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Party Organiser


Parties for babies first birthday

Choose 5-10 babies and we will provide a wonderfully memorable first birthday party that includes invites, room hire and food. All in our wonderful child friendly atmosphere.

“Solutions for under your feet”

01707 875545

Please speak to Dai 07789 798297


•Solid Hardwood Floors Action Carpets •Av2.indd vast 1range of Engineered Floors •Full renovation jobs undertaken •Sanding and sealing services •Supply and fitting service

25/4/13 Tatty 11:43:19 Bumpkin3.indd 1

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462 Green Lanes Palmers Green N13

“The Craftsmen Who Care”

020 8920 9444

Home Furnisings Alpine2.indd 1


• boiler replacements, • central heating installations, • power flushing, • bathroom installations and all other types of plumbing established 23 years related work. 0208 367 1393 or 07860 894822

25/4/13 10:13:16


020 8360 3082

and see how we can improve your interiors BESPOKE CURTAINS, BLINDS, UPHOLSTERY, SHUTTERS & AWNINGS -

Home Improvements

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A business card sized advert, 90 mm x 40mm in a local magazine that is read and trusted by its readers


Delivered to homes across 8 issues in the EN area including Enfield, Bush Hill, Grange Park, Winchmore Hill, Potters Bar and Cuffley


Your Local Media Communications Company

Douglas Lee Tel 020 8367 3917

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£250 for 8 issues*

Communicating your message through media

Call 020 8367 3917

£31.25 per issue (*pre paid)

Networking Groups

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1. 2.

Gold Table has been helping its members achieve greater business success for over 4 years. Founded by a small group of professionals & skilled trades people, on the ideals of reciprocity. If you are looking to maximise your business potential and are willing to share your expertise with other local businesses then Gold Table is for you. It is low cost; all fees paid are ploughed back into group; high value. Why not come and see what we can do together and join us every Wednesday at Enfield Golf Club before your working day? For further info contact: Andrew Ryde on 020 8366 3551 or visit

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Covering up in the sun could be more than just protection from sunburn. Perhaps you should keep the ink to yourself? Phew! What a scorcher! The big, round yellow thing in the sky (someone remind me what the hell it’s called) has stayed for a while now. And what a difference it’s made. We’ve all cheered up a bit. We’ve taken our drinks outside. We’ve dug the barbeque out of the shed. And we’ve got our shorts and strappy tops on. Admit it. Everything was fine until that last bit of the list. As you look round the garden table it’s like a slightly altered version of that famous scene from Jaws. The one where Roy Scheider as Chief Brody and Robert Shaw as Cap’n Quint compare scars. Only, this being Britain in the sunshine, the comparison is of decaying body parts.

Delicately threaded veins twisting round the back of your knees like black-blue rivers on a map of MiddleEarth? Yep. You’ve got those. And most impressively geological they are. But have you got 14 none-specific, unexplained circular bruises dotted around your arms and legs? You have them, too? Oh, Okay. What about the light dimpling of cellulite that you kid yourself is just the imprint of whatever surface you’ve been sitting on – but strangely fails to smooth out later… Yes, well, we’re none of us perfect.

In fact, let’s forgive ourselves our rarely revealed lumps, bumps, knobbly knees, fat ankles and bingo wings. Because there’s one final, terrible bodily revelation that the sunshine causes. And that’s ink. Tattoos. There should be a rule. In fact there are two, and quite easy to follow they are: 1.) Are you currently, or have you ever been, in the Royal Navy? 2.) Are you currently, or have you ever been, in prison? If you can

answer ‘Yes’ to both questions, you can have a tattoo. You can have as many as you want. Frankly, if you can answer ‘Yes’ to one of the questions, get yourself tatted. But (and it’s a big but) if you’re even verging on a ‘No’, you shouldn’t have done it. Because, now the sun’s out, we can all see the error in your ways. What felt so sharply rebellious in 1993 is now as faded, blurred and blunted as the needle it was carried out with.

The ‘unique form self-expression’ argument you used to justify it to your weeping mother crumbles when you see everyone else got one too. Surely no-one else will have the cute idea of a porpoise dancing around your delicate ankle, you thought. Turned out even the Prime Minister’s wife had thought of that. What about a Celtic band, encircling a bristling bicep? That would be pretty, well, pretty ubiquitous. Spurs forever? Gooner ‘til I die? Come on, we know you think that because you wear the branded shirt/cap/badge/ socks. Your devotion is clear because you’re prepared to spend £795 or £985 respectively on the lowest price season ticket. That, surely, hurts more than the martyring needle ever did. Especially as it only lasts a season.

What about some foreign script? That would be cool… except that the sneaking suspicion that it might actually say “This one’s a right munter” means you’re a little cautious showing it off anywhere where they might speak the language. You’re not even safe with English. I’ve seen “NO REGERTS” proudly and permanently inscribed. Oh the bitter, bitter irony… Your cheeky little devil? It doesn’t mean you’re a cheeky little devil. It just means you can’t make sensible decisions after three sangrias. Your lower-back floral array? They’re funeral flowers for your better judgement. And the one you’ve got ‘where no-one sees’? Trouble is, you then felt the need to show it to everybody, which kind of defeated the object. Which leaves one final question. From the myriad of angels, devils, dolphins, mermaids, bulldogs, frogs, names, quotations, patterns and paw prints, which is the most common tattoo? The answer, of course, is that they all are.

Have you got something you want to get off your chest an opinion a rant or just want to share something? Then why not write it down and send it to editorial@ or EN Magazine, 63 High Street, Potters Bar, EN6 5AS

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