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Heal and Paint is a healing art book of digital images and poetry produced with the support of the Millennium Award Scheme. Edited by Sanna Crouch.

Published in 2003 by Joan Celestin. Book design, illustration and words Copyright Š Joan Celestin 2003.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored on a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by means, mechanical, by photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission in writing to the publisher.

Email: Printed by Joan Celestin Tel: 07951 366 748 ISBN 0-9544861-0-2

“HEAL AND PAINT” – My Coping Strategy The idea developed through scribbling in Paintbrush, after returning to work at as an Administrative Officer at the Department of Health for a brief spell after a medical accident in December 1992. I joined the Department of Health in 1981 and had to leave on medical grounds in 1997. The whole concept in the creation of images is my coping strategy - “paint and heal” which is my personal insight into using art as a creative tool for helping to realign my focus and energy, through poetry, photography or digital art with the random use of colour that allows me the freedom to explore mood and emotion. Sometimes it is an enlightening experience, in which I allow myself the time and space where I can express my emotions. My images in some instances are so powerful that I am sometimes shocked, dismayed, frightened, angry, irritable and tearful at the outcome. It‟s as if my sub conscious needed to purge itself of all the pain, anguish and the self-loss, which I felt as a consequence of the medical accident. It is only after I have finished an image that I realise what it may reveal. The theme of the poems is deeply driven by emotions of fear, anger, sensitivity, and an inspirational energy of how life lessons affect or influence our life pathways and people whose life pathways connect us. Some phrases/verses may be repeated in different poems to form a link or bond with an emotive idea or theme. “Paint and Heal” or “Heal and Paint” is the theme that my images are based on and in some way compliment the poems. In doing this project I was able to get a deeper insight of my inner self, potential, motivation, and sheer resolve in trying to accomplish this task, as I go through the processes on my healing journey – and ultimately to achieve to Millennium Awards objective. There were times when it all seemed too much to cope with, in one sense reliving the trauma of a medical accident and also a time for letting go, through being able to create images and write poems. Although in effect the project took longer to complete, my healing art journey begun long before I

became aware that, what I was actually doing was a kind of therapy, my own way of alleviating posttraumatic stress following the medical accident. Effectively the project is several years‟ work of creating digital images and going through the thought processes and writing, perhaps, my own brand of poetry. As you read through my healing journey I hope that you will have some understanding of how a medical accident can affect an individual. Albeit, from negative and traumatic experience, I am able to discover new insights in being able to repair and regrow, almost like a metamorphosis, in being able to draw on a negative experience and turn it into a positive way of exploring thoughts and emotions. I hope this may be the trigger, which may encourage someone to explore his or her own creative healing, as I have done, through whatever processes are appropriate to the individual. I feel so strongly about the images I create and the need to raise awareness in various art exhibitions to showcase my “Heal and Paint” theme, in other words “A Healing Art” project. The first exhibition was at Gallery Fore, Edmonton in 2001, with three other similar exhibitions at other venues. The most recent at the Platform Gallery - March 2003, which was the most poignant experience of all, in which, I truly believe, that what I try to portray is meaningful, based on public perception of my kind of art. Some of my images are displayed at the North Middlesex Hospital and form part of their Healing Art Exhibition which opens in May 2003. The response from viewers are so encouraging that it has given me a positive energy that I would like to continue to further develop the “Paint and Heal” or “Heal and Paint” concept.

Joan Celestin

TThhaannkkss ttoo MMiilllleennnniiuumm AAwwaarrdd SScchheemmee aanndd MMiiddddlleesseexx UUnniivveerrssiittyy ffoorr tthhee ssuuppppoorrtt iinn bbeeiinngg aabbllee ttoo pprroodduuccee tthhiiss HHeeaalliinngg AArrtt bbooookk.. TToo tthhee ssttaaffff,, EErriimm HHaassssaann,, BBrriiggiittttee CClloowwsslleeyy aanndd aallll tthhoossee wwhhoo hheellppeedd ttoo mmaakkee tthhiiss ppoossssiibbllee..

Erim Hassam - Millennium Staff Photography by Joan Celestin

Acknowledgements To my friend Ade for introducing me to The Healing Arts Project at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and the realisation that I had started my healing journey. So pleased you‟ve realised your dream – every success in your medical career. Izzy for encouraging the art therapy processes through counselling and the support throughout the process. Suzy for everything you‟ve done and words of encouragement “never under-estimate yourself” “don‟t let the bastards get you down -”I tried, believe me, I did. I could not have done it all without your insurmountable support. Thank you so much! Andene for being a wonderful friend and inspiration and for being part of your family now. I‟m honoured to be Marley Rhys‟s godmother. Bharati, you‟ll always have a friend in me – wishing you every happiness. Sona and Jay every success. Nicole, for all the encouragement and thank you for “propping me up on the pillows that day you visited me in hospital“. You‟re you very nice friend. Best wishes. Marie for your support, we‟ll get to Harrods soon, now that I have completed my project. Ha, ha. Jane, for wishes.







Danielle, “I‟ll be your second mummy any day. Thanks for all the prayers, gifts and hand made cards. I miss them now you‟ve grown up. Every success Eileen Balgobin for your continued support to my mother and myself. Shirley (Cuban Red) for poetry recitals. so much from watching you perform.



I„ve learnt

Indra for your inspirational conversations and your impassioned plea for World peace. Good luck with your Millennium Project”Children Voices Unite for Peace”.

Daddy - thank you for the DIY, if only we had spent more time together, Love Joan. Mama, thanks for your care – Stop worrying, be happy. I‟m O.K. Lots of love. Hammy for all the times you listened and for being there. Love you. My sisters Noreen and Pam, my brother Andre‟ and the entire family I love you all. You give so much in different ways. Michelle. Luv ya.

Thank you for my gift - she‟s my baby too.

Adrian, you bring me so much joy and I love you! My friends from Cope-Nap, Eileen, Georgina, Jean, Val – good health. Sanna, for the computer editing. Best wishes to you and Paul. Mike, my computer technical expert. I‟d be lost without my computer. Thanks for all the upgrades. To Caroline and David for exhibition space at Futures Café Bar. Good Health and best wishes. Aunty Carmen, Berlin, Math, Schol and Vern, Patsy, Elgin and all that I did not mention, not because I forgot, but far too many to include. Love you all. Andrew Wilson Coordinator, Gallery Fore, (EAP) Enfield Arts Partnership for the exposure of my first public exhibition. To the visitors who came to view my exhibitions – my sincere thanks to each and everyone of you who commented whether verbally or included your comments in the Gallery‟s Visitors Book or sent cards or emails, which I have noted – so touching! Margaret for recommending me to AVMA. (AVMA) Action for Victims of Medical Accidents. Thanks for the continued advice, support and the invaluable work of this Charity. It‟s reassuring to know that the “Patient”/”Victim‟s” voice is being heard and represented in the corridors of power and that new policies are constantly being implemented to

change the culture of clinical negligence in hospitals in the UK. AVMA is a National Charity and the only organisation working exclusively for victims of medical accidents. To the medical team who saved my life – youâ€&#x;re not all tarred with the same brush My GP To my divine inspiration and supreme counsellor thank you. May I continue to be guided unfailingly.


TToo AAddrriiaann VViirrggeeeettttaa JJooyyeeuuxx YYoouu‟‟rree tthhee bbaabbyy II nneevveerr hhaadd lloovvee yyoouu ……bblleessssiinnggss…

Joy Born of womb Born of woman Yearn to yield the fruit of thy womb No suckling at thy breast But I remember My surrogate one, my joy For you‟re the babe, I never bore But those cherished moments You brought bliss … limitless I remember As I weep and smile Those cherished moments Giving contentment, to nurture and love The joy you brought bliss … limitless For you babe, my surrogate one, my joy No one can fill the spaces of the heart as you do Time, nor space or distance can erase or separate I remember you babe … my joy … my surrogate one No one can fill the spaces of the heart as you do For I‟ll always love you! Embrace the world with your joy For your name Joyeux is Joy Joy forever joy

HEAL AND PAINT A personal insight into using art as therapy and the power of self-healing to regenerate the human spirit with paint and poetry

Aura Digital Painting

Rebirth Digital photograph

Enlightening Digital painting

Healing the spirit Digital photograph

Water Therapy Digital Painting

Water Therapy – (A Patient to Nurse)* Quote This day This day This day “Half an

is mine for taking is yours for making is ours for sharing hour is all it takes my dear”

This day This day This day “Half an

is mine for giving is yours for loving is ours for sharing hour is all it takes my dear”

Taking, making, sharing, loving and giving “Half an hour is all it takes my dear”

Lucian sunset Digital photographs

Mother sunset Digital photograph

Rise Digital photograph

Rise and liberate Digital painting

Liberate Me Smile transfixed Eyes shut, open wide Crimson red glows My face aglow Streams of life, I see Wind blown my spiritâ€&#x;s free Liberate me For I rise again

Liberate Digital painting

Rise Liberate me I rise Direction alter Ego curtail Mind impair Body maim Liberate me I rise Free spirit inhibit Goals impede Courage and resilience imbue A new vision; I see A new dream; I dream In the eyes of a new poet I rise Liberate me I rise Cause Iâ€&#x;m blessed

Art therapy Therapy in in the the frame frame Art Digital Painting Digital painting

Art Therapy Digital painting

Echo Digital Painting

The Silence Within The silence within Speak volumes No ears may hear Silent whispers The words refrain and peace remain Fragile moments explode Shattering fragments Bare walls splurge Silent conflict Outside relative forces create Silent wars borne in solace Resolved in solitude The silence within Creative thoughts invoke The golden rule of peace Space and pace To find peace A positive energy The silence within

Echo the Abyss Digital Painting

Pain Pain it‟s hot, when it aches Raging fever pitch; Sharp Numbs the small of my back Lingers deep within my being Wrenches my soul I can‟t take any more Pain, I know what I feel, how it makes me feel Hard to describe to the quack The nature of the pain It‟s gone as quick as it came All‟s well now until the next flare up Did I dream or make it up? You need a shrink You‟re a complex case “It‟s no mind over matter” “It‟s only too real,” I‟d say My pain is too personal for you to comprehend I can‟t scream “ah or ouch”! It‟s not visible to you or me. Pain, I know what I feel, how it makes me feel Like music it reaches a crescendo Peaks and lows Haunting by nature, rhythmic, mostly spasmodic Unlike music it downcasts, rather than uplift Soon it passes and leaves me calm Until it rages again within me like a storm Pain, I know what I feel, how it makes me feel Deep spasms within my being I crouch, squat like a frog I hold me breath and count to ten Mask the pain and be in control It‟s my body How dare a foreign force pervade my being? I don‟t want to be a martyr Dog bone tired Just succumb unconditionally Sigh and flinch As the spasms contract and contort my innards Pain, I know what I feel, how it makes me feel It intensifies I stoop, twist, there‟s an urgency to squat It eases the pain Just maybe a placebo effect Momentary relief

Emptiness, a void I sigh; Oooh…hhh…ooo… I am too tired to be angry I am too tired to be angry.

“Pain”ted” Digital painting

Alliance Digital painting

Healing art Digital painting

Blood Money Digital Painting

HES Figure crunching a known quantity From episode to episode Counting clusters Formatting cells Finished counting fiddly spells Grossly inflated statistical political dogma

Aaah! Fatigue Digital painting

Aaah! Backward like a force within Gravitating pool Dragging and sucking into a whirlpool Clenching, gripping Drawing me inward Should I allow myself to be sucked in and under? Going nowhere Rushing everywhere Just late, late, late Tired, tired, tired Panting, sluggish, weighted down Dogged boned tired I heave Forcefully I withdraw I must heave from the whirlpool Aaah, aah!

Scribbling Circles Digital image

Monday abstract Digital painting

Cc-ICD9 Digital painting

Tomy kid Digital painting

ES Digital painting

Etch and scalpel Couch and recline Can I draw your scars? Body transparent Extremities absent Midriff exposed Torso-style Nameless, faceless I‟m the anatomical dummy Nameless … faceless Body transparent Torso evident Midriff exposed Drawn and probed Fingered, and traced Sutured and scared Etched by scalpel I‟m the anatomical dummy Scars apparent Body transparent Midriff exposed Bowel ruptured Wired and bagged Ureter severed The plumbing‟s up the spout I‟m the anatomical dummy Invisible body Scars apparent Etch by scalpel Keloid it ain‟t Pigmented it is Sutured and scarred Nameless…faceless… Draw me… I‟m the anatomical dummy

Heal and paint Digital painting

B tissue Digital painting

Trade “Trade stress for rest” stress “” “””””” “” for “Trade stress for rest” rest” “” “” ““”” “” “” “” “” “Trade stress for rest ” ” “” Heal and Paint Catalogue - Copyright Joan M Celestin



Exchange Square Revisited Immerse yourself Trade stress for rest in the exchange ravine Immerse yourself Breathe in slowly A slow soft chant you vocalise Hmmm mmm hmmm mmm A ravine gushes in the square mile Country sounds recreated A country atmosphere revisited in a busy city-scape Mile for mile Pound for pound eCommerce and eBanking rife The hum – drum of city living Time out! Trade stress for rest Immerse yourself Ravine deep Immerse yourself Breathe deep Close your eyes Let the heady rush within … … Gush To reverberate round the square mile Immerse yourself Trade stress for rest in the exchange ravine Breathe in slowly A slow soft chant you vocalise Hmmm mmm hmmm mmm

Soul and balance Digital balance

Fusion Digital painting

Sun Rapture Serene Eyes shut Sun on my face Warmth of your love Makes me know that you are here Sunrays, sun-drenched Winter chill apparent Sun on my face makes me know that you are there Sun on my face Warmth of you love Makes me know that you are there Sun warmth, sun love, sun-blest Your face shines out your love Makes me know that you are here “Beautiful day, eh”! The sound in my voice Wind in the trees In my hair Whispering wind words in my ear Lets me know you are there Sun on my face Warmth of your love with the wind in my hair Lets me know you are there Whispering wind-words softly for me Blows all my troubles away Springtime flowers blossoming Permeating their fragrant perfume “Lovely day”, hmmm…hmmm

Glory Digital painting

Changing landscapes Tree Tops Branch barren Winter stripped bare A robin red breast on the washing line perches precariously A picture window, my kitchen presents A view of the changing seasons of time Spring the evergreen Shooting Leaves, pregnant buds Soon in bloom Twittering birds A song of joyful spring Frees the troubled mind A painter‟s easel A poet‟s rhyme The ever-changing landscape The seasons bring Summer skies, moonlit nights Summer rain A rainbow up yonder A naturists paradise A Caribbean dream in a London home Mmm! Mmm; contentment All‟s well in the window of my world My kitchen At peace in the window of my world Reflect constant, ever changing landscape A painter‟s canvas The photographer‟s portrait An author‟s script A poet‟s rhyme All‟s well in the picture window of my world Autumnal colours The treetops I behold The rustle of wind swept leaves Rustic brown, burnt orange, gold, green and red Storm clouds threatening, rain a „thundering The ever-changing landscapes Space to breathe Green space, reflecting peace Reflect on the changing seasons of time In the kitchen window of my world Obscuring the visions of my picture world A building A political glitch

A photographic memory imprint An image of nature lost, in the picture in window of my world Soon to be obliterated into oblivion A blur on the landscape of my vision The ever-changing landscape the seasons bring Green space, reflecting peace Lost in thought Amongst the soap suds in sink I bare my soul to the scene Each leaf whispers a kind refrain Hmmm ‌ contemplating The ever-changing landscape in the picture window of my world Soon to vanish Soon to be history

Active Digital image

This image was used in (AVMA) Action for Victims of Medical Accident 20th Anniversary Conference Brochure 2002

Salmons Brook A gentle pace The water flows A steady stream The water surge Ripples round the rubble It rumbles too A spray of bubbles The wind to guide Gently down stream it glides Ripples at the waters‟ edge Trickles a gentle flow An air of music fills my ears Placidly Trickling, a‟ rippling and a‟ rumbling Water comes gushing Mind, body and soul Water refreshes and cleanse Daylight sunshade A cool refreshing haven for my soul Fully clothed, but cleansed My spirit‟s free to wander Me and nature one within Skinny-dipping midnight water Silvery moon shimmers Glory flows free My spirit‟s free

2000 Millennium Millennium Millennium Millennium

old, Millennium new come, millenniums go Dome a landmark of the century Big Wheel, hoist alas over the South bank

Millennium bug 2000 Are you compliant? Cyber net, Internet, surf the World Wide Web Super highway, broadband, electronic mail Soon no more Royal Mail, that‟s Insignia for you Software, hardware, log online, surf the net, shop online Communicate on line No more commuting to office work Work form home Video link, email, voicemail, mobile phone Black and white, colour, analogue, On digital TV, are you still unplugged? Tis the new millennium The millennium bug The age of Hi Tech IT Have you texted yet? Children‟s promise, Band Aid, Net Aid Children in Need Wipe out third world debt Hunger, war and pain ”A millennium pledge celebrate the culture of peace” Cheri Boo Blair Motherhood in the new millennium New baby, millennium baby boom Tis the new millennium Go old Millennium, Come new Millennium, We are compliant! A millennium pledge - how can we begin to celebrate the culture of peace?

Homelessness Homelessness A big issue Knows no class or race Defines no gender Homelessness A big issue Crack it Smack it Booze it Fix it Homelessness A big issue Political Contentious Civil Comic relief Homelessness A big issue Religion Humanitarian Global Homelessness A big issue Condone Fight Film it Homelessness A big issue Buy it Support The big issue Homelessness A bigger issue

Hindian Digital painting

Face Digital Painting

Turban Genius Beneath his turbaned crown The mysteries of life he ponders Philosopher, friend, uncle, brother Profound thoughts he unravels Human elements The essence of his wisdom An old master in him reborn Too modern Too shallow our world for his philosophies His turbaned crown, Wrapped legends of history Art and poetry Human consciousness he transcends Us; Mere mortals, His presence enhances Beneath his turbaned crown Creative expressions abound An old master in him reborn Poet, painter, philosopher Our turbaned crown genius True recognition ‌ eludes him

People in our world Wonderful people fill our world If you we dare to … Listen Pause for a moment longer, Linger for a little while longer Smile when our hearts connect Praise when our emotions are compassionate Give thanks when the warmth of the spiritual energy overflows Be still when the spiritual energy vibrates within us Silently Gradually Energy surges Overwhelms Overflows You‟ve touch someone … Today … For it is the love that you give to others That is reflected within us

Giving What gift can I give the world? A gift of love and understanding A gift of peace A gift of friendship What gift can I give the world? A gift of forgiveness A gift of compromise A token of gratitude A hand in friendship A smile to radiate Peace and understanding What gift can I give the world? A gift of myself to show I care I can forgive I may forget I will remember Your kind words in friendship Peace in my heart Joy in my heart Love in my soul What gift can I give the world? To the orphan child; the warmth of my love To the lonely and cold; a warm embrace To the rowing couple; a compromising truce To the elderly; a helping hand To the sick and the dying; My prayer for peace What gift can I give the world? friendship peace forgiveness hope love What can I give the world? To each and everyone in the world. A gift of healing

Laughter A joke shared Laughter soars Pain heals Happiness surges The soul rhymes With the rhythms of the heart In perfect harmony Endorphins spill Joy fulfils Laughter rings The soul sings When perfect moments are shared in jest with a friend in ease

Trust Can trust mend The delicate threads That bind To make amends For past mistakes New layered delicate weaves Connect Frayed edges Interwoven bleed A hand held out Can trust bind To make amends for past mistakes Can it? Hmmm mmm hmmm mmm

Glory Dawn Digital Photograph

Fathering the Sunset Children Digital photograph

Sunset smile O‟er heath Lazy clouds drift Sunset beckons Up yonder a hue Sunset glow Golden sunrays iridescent Web of the heart Dance to a cadence O‟er heath Drifting hue Sun clouds smile; then ebb Radiant sunbeams fade Sunset clouds wane Smile clouds may weep Hmm! But not tonight! Sunset on the Heath An Arial mast Vertical, central The sunset sky divides Like a Mondrian‟s painting Sunset gold; orange glow Right angles it divides Trees‟ scalloped edge Mask the cloudless sky A sunset cloud Paints gold scribbling Across the evening sky Ends a perfect day‟ Drawing in evenings dusk Sunburst clouds, sunset ray Etches a scene of dusky sky Painting and scribbling A golden, rosy hue A golden promise of tomorrow What will our tomorrows bring?

Shadows Digital painting

Indecision Shadows of doubt casting fears in my mind To do or not to do To heed my questing thoughts To follow my hearts desire Social interventions quashing my free spirit Forlorn and isolated in confusion Indecision quelling visions of hope, of dreams of wants Worthwhile exploits where dreams achieve goals Indecision often thwarts challenge Fear, chaos and that kind To overcome that shadows of doubt Casting shadows in my mind

Indecision Digital Painting

Reflections Panes of glass Gleam and glare Mirror upon mirror Reflect and Create Abstract images Bizarre obscure abstract art Distortions of ugliness Panes of glass Gleam and glare Squares upon squares Replicating rectangles glass mirroring images Archetypes of mirrored walls Mirroring landscape of time in motion of moving images of day and night of light and dark of the world around What images are mirrored back within? Are we mirrors of our soul? Mere reflections

Tainted reflections Digital Image

Cover image for Action for Victims of Medical Accident (AVMA) - 20th Anniversary Conference Brochure 2002

Dreams A night full of dreams A subconscious mental flight A nonsensical script A tragic play I rehearse in my sleep Is it just an illusion? Dreams!

Illusion A dream unreachable A vision elusive Ripples of ideas Deflated wishes Mythical hollows Like blowing magical bubbles Reach for reflections Fishing for moons and chasing fireballs Only camouflages Chasing Grasping Clutching nothing Empty A fantasia of emotions A translucent Rainbow Disappearing dreams Re-emerging differently in unobtrusive places Unreachable Untouchable Elusive dreams that thought provoke

Want ‌ Want You can You must I want You have Do it now What do they want from me? My time My know how My tolerance My wisdom What can I give to satisfy? The demands on my time My efforts for the things They require of me For they do not listen Nor ask about my needs Can it be me being different or difficult? For solace is peace Green space is peace Blessed with bliss The noise they make With their demands on my time, on me You must do it now I want to know now You got to do mine first Wait or listen are not words they understand For their patience is nil Mine is exhaustive Perhaps itâ€&#x;s my fault I do what they want When they ask of me What do they want from me?

Tribute to JW For the last time You cupped my face in both hands Kissed me warmly on both cheeks Looking deeply into eyes Beckoning me in Where your gracious lady sits Regal on her armchair of red velour A star-like quality she emanates Graceful in old age Elegant in her youth A tabby cat lay napping Snoring near the fire A warm inviting cosy scene of blissfully happy old folk Alas peaceful in your sleep You depart on boom and a bang On Guy Fawkes Day, my birthday Your favourite song “On a bed of roses� The lyrics your epitaph Instead white lilies adorned I think of you as my granddad For my granddad died When I was but a child

Ageless Charm Beautiful once youthful Youthful and graceful like a ballerina in swan lake A ballroom dancer you were once Beautiful once youthful Age has withered Death of a spouse The anger you feel Radiant in beauty Your presence enhances A psychic quality you bestow A conventional wisdom you hold Youthful and graceful Age has withered An elegant persona A crippled poise Shuffles in an arthritic gait Rainbows on Cloud Nine Rainbows translucent Vivid they appear on a bright sky or a rainy cloud A painted hue An artist palette If only I could reach the sky I would paint a picture for Picasso Rainbows translucent Fading, disappearing A dream unfulfilled If only I could touch the sky My canvas on a cloud Painting, scribbling across the sky Painted abstracts for Kandinsky If only I would I would If only I would

I could paint on high paint a rainbow a day paint, peace messages across the sky ‌ I could touch the sky be on cloud nine

Topsy-Turvy Vex My mind in turmoil Topsy turvy my world Blinking blinding rage An urge to pen My thoughts on paper A brown bread roll Charcoal it burns To cinders it disintegrates Whilst my rage It dissipates Topsy turvy my world Vex! Vexed My mind in turmoil Topsy-turvy my world Just vexed!

Roses for Wednesday blues Digital Painting

Weep don’t bleed Battered and bruised Emotionally charged Empty and neglected Emotionally scarred Physically mutilated by a clinical blunder The hard-core shell Beneath thin surface Shallow rain pours Keeps the flood at bay The barriers that shield the soul Bathed in murky rivers The debris A trail of crimson tide Clear waters mingle Moss on a slippery slope The rocks beneath smooth Jaggered edge now Pierces the core Weep … don‟t bleed A reminder of the ghost of the past Move on Spirits live on in ravage minds Battered souls Broken bodies A legacy of past mistakes Glossed over in time By technology and virtual reality Empty promises of cracked vessels Calices of the soul Weep … don‟t bleed For they don‟t understand My broken spirit They see not The brave front I show the world Hides the vulnerability The pain The sufferings of the ghost of the past A cloud looms A golden ray it obscures

World Peace Unite a world divide Make a plea for peace we pledge To unite our world divide Lets make a difference Thatâ€&#x;s our millennium promise Our vision for the future Celebrate the culture of peace Children of the world You can make a difference Sing a song for peace Dance to bring joy Say a poem to reflect and inspire Lets embrace each other to show humanity You count; we care Smile to touch the hearts of others Outreach our hands from nation to nation To link a chain of peace To show humanity that together We can make a difference To achieve peace, love and understanding Where thereâ€&#x;s hope; we will find peace and unite the world divide

Scribbling in the Sunset Digital Photograph

Hungry earth A warring Nation Cast by tribes A disaster strikes A nation impoverished Famish and emaciated Languishing underfed Cuddling offspring‟s Suckling non lactating breasts Bare like shrivelled prune To weak to wean To weak to wean An infant dies A mother wasted No grain or seed A barren land - desert dry Starved of seedlings Shooting leaves Sprouting grain A nation Hungry for a bag of grain Who can I give? My pound to guarantee a bag of grain Grain to seed To sow the land To feed… The hungry earth To stop another infant … Dying Whilst the terror… ist The threat of war looms…large Fear and dread Human miseries recreate Oppressed and deceived A nation impoverished A mother wasted An infant dies Grub and guns Cheek by jowl And yet…still… Another infant‟s… Dying…needlessly

Sunday Digital Painting

The Healing Drum Can‟t beat drum Feel the rhythm Drum beat Heartbeat Feet thump To the rhythm Of the drum beat Can‟t beat drum Bought it just the same Drumming in my bones Drumming in my head See the rhythm of the drum Beat to the rhythm Of the heat in my bones Feel! The rhythm in my body Hear! The sound in my head See! A‟ laughing to the rhythm Rocking to the sound … of the beating drum Can‟t beat drum No rhythm in my fingers Feel! … the drum Beat! … the drum Drumming to the rhythm To the rhythm of the sound; of the drum beneath my fingers Strumming, tapping, banging, stamping in a frenzy to the drum beat Can‟t play drum Drumming is healing The feeling of the rhythm… is healing Filling my bones Feeling the healing of the drum… beating Hearing in my head Seeing my body… move To the rhythm a‟ rocking, a‟ laughing To the sound… beat of the beating drum Can‟t beat drum … Just … feel the rhythm… … Bought the drum! … Anyway

Rhythm Digital image

Pathways Digital photograph

Peace Digital Painting Image - logo for The Children‟s Theatre Workshop at the “Children‟s Voices Unite for Peace Concert April 2003”.

Mystical blending Digital Painting

Masquerade Digital Painting

Colour of history Black and white A mixed specimen Our history a chequered past The slave trade Tinged with spice Laden with sweat Traded and bided by the triangle From Africa to foreign lands Our history a chequered past A melange‟ of colour Spiced, dyed, tinged A little less darker A wee bit fairer A new shade of tan Colour my history A little bit farther More British and little less French French, British British, French French, British British, French French, British British French French, British Fourteen times they fought The battle was lost and won Our history a chequered past Of wars, occupation and domination By colonial warriors Colour of history “Black History” Aren‟t we but the rainbow people? A melange‟ of colour Spiced, dyed, tinged A little less darker A little fairer, A new shade of tan A new blend for the future Black Black Black Black Black Black Black

history comedy humour art sheep race history

What ethnic origin? A melange‟ of colour Of culture, class, wit Spiced, dyed, tinged A little less darker A wee bit fairer A new shade of tan What colour is this? “Whose history”? What‟s “Black History”? History of a people – “Whose people”? Politically manipulated Guns and grub; cheek by jowl Famine and depravation Displaced origin and culture Gene Digital painting

Rich fertile crown jewelled lands Dust and mud raw gold fingered What is fair trade? Traded and out bided Lost to more competitive markets Living is history, moments in the past Rewriting in different forms Our history a chequered past Politically termed “Black History” Colour our history Rename Black history “Global cultural Happenings” A new optimism for cultural togetherness A new awakening for a global community Colour our history

Etta Clarke Digital photograph

The Power of a Woman Why let men frustrate you Why let men make you angry The whole woman speaks The power of the woman Strong, secure, dominant, versatile The power of a woman Why be the other half When you‟re a whole woman The power of the woman Strong, supportive, protective Her natural instinct to protect The power of a woman The strength of a woman The power of a woman…strong Rise women of the world; rise woman The power of a woman Strong, versatile Stand up woman The power of a woman Rise…rise women of the world Rise…the power of the woman Whatever your race, tribe; colour - or creed The power of a woman Speaks the voice Rise woman … rise The whole woman speaks, protects Nurtures and loves and fulfils The power of the woman Speak women; speak woman The power of a woman An impassioned plea for all women

UNIVERSAL MOTHER Voices of a country shout Refugees! Refugees! No more refugees Yet her jalbab flutters A gentle Somali breeze An African rainbow aglow The English morning sunlight exudes A cultural presence to inspire

Tall, she walks, though a stumble Yet a gentle Somali breeze Her jalbab, flutters A gentle face, now wears a frown No doubt aged before time Bear the miseries of native civil quarrels Of a displaced identity Of yearnings for The simple rural living That once was Of communes binding ancestry and heritage Speaking in mother tongues Her jalbab, flutters A gentle Somali breeze An exchanged greeting Acknowledged no doubt with a nod Somali queen not here by choice but through circumstance African queen Mother of the universe Shalom! Welcome! Embrace our mother Yours and mine Universal mother The English morning sunlight exudes A cultural presence to inspire PS Jalbab is the headdress or Scarf Somali women wear over their heads

Queen mother Sheâ€&#x;s queen among mothers Mother powerful Ever endearing Dependable Mother of the world She sinks to sit Stern and stout A grimace Her face she shields An inward groan Mask the pain she feels

She‟s queen among mothers‟ Her brood she mothers even if they‟re grown up kids A second generation she mothers ... still and when life‟s toil is done She strife‟s their burdens until dawn She shops for the lot Her brood round her feet they gather Gifts she gives Her arthritic hand can barely hold “This for you, does it fit”? Oh! Don‟t I get all; her son retorts “That‟s for Lester” “Blue and grey for you” “White for Len” Christmas in August; I thought When the deed is done My childhood days she rekindles Memories of my mother dear Bearing gifts from a day trip in town A cocoanut cake; a treat! Enquiring eyes All at once they stare and glare “For me”! “For you”! “To share; I mean”; she would reply Butter bread for supper She‟s queen among mothers Her screaming grand son she soothes A scolding from Mum he‟s had “You mustn‟t be so naughty” She rocks him gently Pacifying his sobs as he hiccups too Mother powerful Ever endearing Dependable Mother of the world She‟s queen among mothers A second generation She mothers…still…

Children of the Moonlight Dance in the moonlight To the rhythm of the night The children of the night Danced in white in the moon-shone light Rhythmically clapping, a‟ tapping and a‟ rocking A‟ rocking and a‟ jiving to a frenzy To the rhythm of the moon-lit night Rhythmically circling the moon Dancing to the rhythm of the moon-beat tune Clapping and a‟ rocking in the moonlit night Soaked in the light By the rhythm of the moonbeam Rhythmically clapping, a‟ laughing, a‟ dancing in the light They disappeared A circle round the moon In the rhythm of the light In moonbeam shine In the moonshine sky

Aaajjj – Confronting the ancestors Digital Painting

“Planets 1 & 2� Digital paintings

Bright The night sky A dancing cloud The night light shields Oh full moonshine your gaze Secrets you engulf Moon beams, star light trail Shadows of our selves Our heavenly bodies entwined in earthly souls Can thou be one?

Untitled Digital image

Digital Paintings

Healing wounds The beast awakes Creeps and startles Peeps and Pounces Paralytic fear Twists invisible fangs Scarred wounds … now healed New bleed … hurts … touches the core Peeps and pounces in a dentist chair on a holiday respite Comatose in sleep… so vulnerable Shockingly painful Bright lights The sterile white coat Once the healer Now only conjure nightmares Injury and debris Ravages the human spirit Broken …yes …dead …no! New resilience Must remove the shackles of fear, anger and pain … Can I?

Marbles to Crystals Digital photograph


Colouring the spirit Digital photograph

Worth Digital image

Life’s a juggle Digital image

Just Good Friends The warmth of friendship Touches the web of the heart In moments of need Friends' cluster round for an evening‟s hot brew To soothe the chill of ills Kindness rekindles Friendship grows and blossoms Love reflects and sustains Quiet moments to share Friendship soothes Like the hearth of a coal fire that glows It ignites when it unites Perfect moments, complete joy The joy of being Someone‟s friend – your friend Poignant moments we share The warmth of friendship Tender moments to console Overfill cups of hot brew spilling Laughing...uplifting … crying … missing you… Time‟s everlasting Another place ever-changing As I bid you farewell True friendship will ease our parting Precious moments to remember; do maintain the momentum Keeping in touch, We‟ll tell of each other‟s news New home, new friends, but; A special friend fulfil a different need within each one Like seasonal flowers friendship blossoms and fades So the seasons bring new bloom, fresh buds, new leaves Akin to the dandelions when trampled upon It will not wither, but proudly rejuvenates Friendship is the same when it nurtures Love and kindness reflects within Friendship prevails Beyond the parting embrace Nurtures and rekindles The warmth of friendship Touches the web of the heart For Jeanette from Dorothy – moving to a New Nursing home

Just Seventeen Baggy jeans Crutch down to the knees Long, lean and listless Hooded and capped Just walking the ‟states Ain‟t bad nor mad Smoked cannabis and it ain‟t that bad Just make you tired; then you eat a lot Sleep to keep out of crime It really ain‟t that bad Says someone whose just seventeen! Gang warfare Gang on gang “Too much crew” Vs. “Lover More Crew” Young culture Just seventeen Youth culture Just seventeen Ain‟t bad nor mad More simply bored Just need a mentor Too much crew Don‟t know which career to choose Job seekers Careers officer Youth worker Don‟t know which way to go Want to be an electrician Or an engineer Join the army or the navy Serve Queen and country Too much too choose Don‟t know which one to lose Just too much crew Only just seventeen Lived life to the full like one whose seventy-one Ain‟t bad nor mad Just need a mentor To be my hero ‘States’ is the colloquial term used to describe a council estate

The Storm Ballet Digital photograph

Untitled Digital Photograph

Sunburst Digital Painting

Re-discovering Digital photograph

Time Time immortal Changing morality Time everlasting



Space: Cosmic Healing Digital paintings

Wall Flower Digital photograph

Wysiwyg Stressed out web site designing “Jpeg” “Psd” “Gif” Head aches the lot My guess that its‟ worth, the buzzing in my head For my web site‟s … well almost complete “Wysiwg”…ing - What you see is what you get Ears wigging My brain's interlacing My legs a‟ wobbling The voice in my ear whispering All night wysiwging I guess I thought it‟s spelt "wizzy-wigging" wysiwyging Clicking here Linking here Roller balling there mousing all over the mat Scrolling up and down Creating, saving, filing Refreshing, dream weaving Internet exploring My web site‟s complete wysiwging "What you see is what you get" Internet exploring Web designing Dream-weavering My head a quivering Trying to do web designing I guess "What you see is what you get" When you been quizzing-wigging Oops! “Q” is next to “W” on the key-board Mind boggling, blurry-eyed "Wizzying-wigging" Wysiwging “Err aaahhhh!” “WYSIWYG”…ING! “Psd” do a button! Who gives a “Gif”?

WHAT THE VIEWERS SAY … “Interesting paintings. very good” – Rebecca O.

I think these pictures are

“Very interesting and a very new style of art to me. Lovely colour use.” – G. Stapleton “Mmm” – Mr. Richardson “Would like to healing art and interesting.” – Mr. Simo

have more explanation if possible to learn.

about Nice

the and

“More… good” “Calming… Good colours… Good” – H. Duport “Colour and light essential in creating mood, which has been captured in the use of photography.” – Cartoonist Emmanuel Anolue “I like the roses and the pylon pictures. they were nice.” – Dominic aged 5

I thought

“Wow! Stop me at the door if my coat looks bulky! I‟ve got at least three favourites.” – Karen “Excellent paintings which have new ideas. proved healing.” – B. Trivedi

It has

“Mystical fantasy… has meaning.” “Very different!” “Nice colours, good show.” “Supernatural – Wild imagination (Paintings). outstanding.” – J. Lewis “Lovely colours and very combinations.” – M. Jones





“Thanks for having the perseverance to continue, to inspire and to heal. You – go – girl!” – Cuban Red “Poem – Ageless charm. Very spirited. strikes a chord.” – C. Billingham

Very deep

“Well done. I am really proud of you. I believe your gift, as a healing artist will take you further than you can imagine. Please remember me when you become famous.” – Ade Babalola “Very interesting all the pictures and especially the poem world peace.” – R. Ahmed “Very interesting – Love „St. Lucian Sunset‟ image and poem „Reflections‟” – S. Bakie “Very enjoyable art with a new meaning.” – M. Bond “Very colourful – liked „The Silence Within‟.” – K. Bakie “Very good work Joan. Bakie

Well done.

Good luck.” – M.

“Very impressed in general, looks to me like a lot of work has gone into them. Didn‟t understand most of the abstract images. I really liked the sunset scenes and the three flowers.” – Margherita “Some really good stuff. – A. Shone

Enjoyed my visit.


“Very inspirational – Thank you for sharing.” – V. Barber “A beautiful sense of colour and form. Deep feelings too. I liked the combination of art and poetry.” – J. Elder “Very creative and beautiful mixture of colours.” – O. McLeary “Very expressive and explosive, reflecting a whole different side of art, different aspects.” – M. Davis “Very impressive – I liked „Salmon‟s brook‟ and the „Roses for Wednesday Blues‟ particularly, but overall found all the exhibits delightful and wouldn‟t mind a few dotting the walls of my home!” – M. Williams “Very inspirational and expressive. The exhibition has excelled anything I could have imagined. I am proud of you.” – A. Rodney “I really enjoyed the way that Joan has married her creative writing with her artistic use of colours and

images. Very innovative and inspiring. beautiful w,ork.” – Kelly


“There is a great unity of feeling about the whole thing” “Each and every image is rather expressive and unique. The images have a hidden meaning, which allows the viewer to explore different depths. Aunty Joan all the images are wonderful and creative.” – love Danielle “Again as I stated to you Joan I like the image of „aaajjj‟ that reminded me of Egyptian images that are on Pyramid walls. This is the first thought that I came up with as I looked at the images.” – M. Weekes “The image that caught my eyes looked like a smoky mystical blending. I also liked the image of the peach flowers. It is very calming and refreshing.” – Debra “Chris and I were bowled over. Your work is beautiful and inspiring”. – Chris and Jo Angel “Thank you for the uplifting experience. All the colours cheered me up. Brilliant of you to turn adversity into something good like this – good for you. I hope you have lots of success. Best wishes”. - Mr and Mrs Spencer. Thanks

Start scribbling today – that’s how I began Draw some lines –anything about how you feel or a situation It may be the start of your healing journey. Go on… no one is watching – only you!

Hugging the Stranger Digital photograph

The Platform Gallery: 17-29 March 2003 Joan Celestinâ€&#x;s Healing Art Exhibition

Joan Celestin was born in Curacao, Northern Antilles and was brought up in St Lucia, in the Caribbean and presently lives in London. She was employed by the Department of Health from 1981-1997. She creates digital art which she calls her “Heal and Paint� therapy - a combination of abstract images, photography and poetry. She exhibits her work at Galleries in the North London.

The Healing Art Book  

This book accompanies my website and tells of Heal and Paint, how painting helps to heal

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