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February 2014

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Welcome to your February issue of en MAGAZINE Hello and welcome to the first issue of en magazine in 2014. It may still be cold and wet outside but I hope that reading en will brighten up your day. There is lots going on in the local area from charity events and businesses opening to national table tennis champions. You can read all about them on the following pages. In this issue we launch our new feature “Your Questions To” where we put readers questions to local people of influence. We start the feature with the MP for Enfield North Nick de Bois. In the next issue we will be putting your questions to Cllr Doug Taylor, Leader of Enfield Council, so if you have a question please send it in. February brings Valentines Day, and as well as looking at the history of day we have some gift ideas and a giveaway. Also this month we have a pair of tickets to give away to see The Magic of Streisand at the Millfield Theatre. I hope that you enjoy reading this issue of en magazine. I appreciate your feedback on the magazine so that we can continue to improve. Please if you have any comments or suggestions get in touch with me at dal@ Kind regards


Douglas Lee Publisher, en magazine


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Pollution To Be Kept In Check An innovative project to monitor pollution in Enfield and improve air quality has been launched by Enfield Council and computer giant Intel. The environmental research project will see 100 specialist pollution monitors being installed at key points across the borough to monitor levels of air pollutants, and will run for a number of years. So far six have been installed with 94 to be fitted at a range of locations and also potentially mounted on moving objects such as refuse carts to ensure that a full picture of air pollutants can be collected.

The monitors will gauge levels of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and particulates, and will provide vital data which will inform the council as to which parts of the borough are most polluted and will feed into Enfield Council’s Air Quality Action Plan. The borough currently has four permanent air pollution monitors which are stationed in strategic points across Enfield, however these more modern monitors will

give us a better picture of pollutants unfortunately found in our air.

Cllr Chris Bond, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment said “This is an exciting project which sees us working closely with such esteemed names as Intel, University College London and Imperial College, who will be sharing their expertise with us.

“By placing so many of these high tech sensors at various key points around Enfield it will give us an even more detailed picture of what parts of the borough may have more of an issue with pollution than others, and what pollutants are where. That means we can take steps to clean up our air and protect residents from potential harm.

“More monitors, especially placed in areas near toBella Figura Beauty.indd major roads, such as the M25, A10 and A406 will give us additional information about pollutants, and the more we know about pollution in our air the better position we will be in to tackle it”

Open 10am - 4 pm 1

29/1/14 15:59:23

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Local News and Events

A Look Back At New Year Celebrations and Resolutions Every year, many individuals across the world make resolutions and promises to themselves at the end of the year. These resolutions are usually to make the individuals life better or easier in the New Year but why do we make them? What are the origins of New Year and resolutions? I decided to find out… According to the dictionary, a resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year.

The traditions of New Year have existed for centuries. In religion, Babylonians used to make promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts.

The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. In the Medieval era, the knights took the “Peacock Vow” at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry.

Let the Chair take the Strain

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EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

At Watch Night services, many Christians prepare for the year ahead by praying and making these resolutions. In this way, New Year’s resolutions have a lot of religious significance. However, Americans in the Great Depression set the trend for individuals around the world to make New Year’s resolutions and the tradition has become widespread ever since.

However resolutions are very often broken. A study of 3,000 people in 2007 indicated that 88% of people break their resolutions not long after they have made them. Some recommended ways to make sure that you keep your New Years resolutions are: to keep them simple; choose resolutions carefully; be realistic; set a goal time frame in which to complete your resolutions; make notes about your time frame and progress; treat yourself, persevere and make sure that you and only you make the resolutions and that you stay in control of your resolutions. The actual origins of the celebration of New Year can be traced back centuries. The earliest recorded celebration being in Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C. Nowadays, we celebrate New Year on the 31st December, with many traditions.

Some of these English traditions associated with the celebrations include: singing Auld Lang Syne in a big circle with everyone crossing arms, dancing and having New Year’s parties, toasting the New Year with champagne, kissing and hugging family and friends and wishing them a “happy new year” and putting on elaborate fireworks displays. Around the world the

marking of the New Year is carried out with some very different celebrations.. In the Philippines, people wear polka dots and eat round fruits for a prosperous new year. Whilst in Spain people eat 12 grapes as they count down to the New Year. Danish people celebrate by jumping off chairs at the stoke of midnight, which I suppose you could say gives a new meaning to the word “leap year”. The most important message of New Year is that no matter how many celebrations and fireworks displays you have, New Year is a way of making a new start. It is a chance to start afresh with the support of friends and family and even if you make New Years resolutions which are then broken, there is always next year to start again. “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.” T.S Eliot

By Olivia Devereux-Evans

Local News and Events

New Home Income Cash Helps Repair Stays Local Scout Hut Councils’ share of government funding from the New Homes Bonus scheme will continue to be allocated to local authorities to spend locally in their areas, as opposed to being distributed by an unelected county-wide body, news of which has been welcomed by Hertsmere.Â

support and boost our local economies, we are pleased that the New Homes Bonus money is staying local and within the council’s budget so we can best deliver the services that our communities need and want.â€?Â

Cllr Harvey Cohen, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Localism commended the move. He said: “It’s fantastic news that the government has decided not to allocate their funding of new homes to the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, which in essence is an unelected strategic body.  While the LEP is doing lots of great work to help

The New Homes Bonus is a grant paid by central government to local councils for increasing the number of homes in their area, either new-build homes or conversions of long-term empty homes. The figure is based on the amount of extra council tax revenue raised through the new homes.  Hertsmere’s provisional New Homes Bonus allocation for 2014/15 is £1.3m.

A Potters Bar scout hut will be repaired thanks to funding from local councillors.

Councillors Robert Calcutt and Peter Knell pulled some of their Ward Improvement Initiative Scheme (WIIS) resources together to give 1st Little Heath and Potters Bar Scout Group £1,000 towards their repairs, allocating £600 and £400 respectively. Under the council’s WIIS, every Hertsmere borough councillor was given £1,000 to spend on local projects in 2013/14.

Amanda Caswell of 1st Little Heath and Potters Bar Scout Group said: “As well as scouts, the hut is used by the community including local fitness classes, the local synagogue and the award-

winning Potters Bar Town Band and the money will help us pay for small repairs to the building to help keep it going for as long as possible. We are the oldest scout group in Potters Bar with the hut in use since 1922 so the idea is to preserve it whilst we raise funds to eventually rebuild it.  We thank local councillors for their contribution.� There is still some WIIS money left for the current financial year and a new funding will be released from April. If you want to apply please contact your local borough councillor – if you don’t know who that is find out at uk/findmycllr or call 020 8207 7558. For more information on WIIS visit WIIS

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EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Yoga Studio Launches The closure of a church hall could of meant the loss a successful local Yoga group. But for Indira Das-Gupta and Jackie Lee this was not going to be and have turned it round to open the North London Yoga Studio, based in Grange Park. This new studio offers an extensive range of Yoga classes from beginners to experienced yogis.

“It could have been destiny that we were going to open the studio” Jackie told EN Magazine. “I had been running classes at the St Peters Church Hall in Grange Park for sometime when we were informed that the hall was to be knocked down. As we left we drove past a vacant shop that had been used previously as a power plate and fitness

studio. The studio was already laid out for fitness so with a few minor renovations we would be able to open. We just knew that this was meant to be.” Ancient Yogis had a belief that in order for man to be in harmony with himself and his environment, he has to integrate the body, the mind, and the spirit. For these three to be integrated, emotion, action, and intelligence must be in balance. The Yogis formulated a way to achieve and maintain this balance and it is done through exercise, breathing, and meditation - the three main Yoga structures.

Jackie says “ Yoga is not just a form of exercise but for many it becomes a way of life, working your mind body and breath. In the

fast pace, hectic lifestyles many of us lead, the introduction of Yoga can help them balance their own well being against the day to day stress and strains.”

Jackie has been teaching Yoga and fitness classes in the local area for over 20 years and specializes in the Antenatal Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga, Chair Yoga and Beginners Yoga and has been working at Nightingale Cancer Support Center in Enfield for 5 years.

Indira Das-Gupta has seven years experience of teaching Yoga and is passionate about sharing its many benefits. She places an emphasis on alignment and offers clear and detailed explanations of each pose. Indira is a certified HOT YOGA teacher having graduated with Camyoga and also teaches Children’s and toddler Yoga. As well as Jackie and

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Indira other instructors are joining the studio to offer instruction and share knowledge of Yoga.

“Our classes and studio offer a friendly relaxed environment with no more than 14 to a class allowing the instructors to see and help people taking part to get the most out of each class. We already offer a wide range of classes already, including Yin Yoga, Jivamukti and Hot yoga which we hope to add more to. As well as Yoga we offer Pilates and soon we will be starting Tai Chi and meditation classes as well.” “The Studio is for people of all ages, we have young babies coming in for the Mother and Baby Yoga all the way up to one client who has been coming for a many years who is 84.” For more information visit www. northlondonyogastudio.

Which Recognition ? Most people reading this will have heard of the consumer organisation Which? But did you know as well as testing and recommending national and multinational products and brands they all so carry out reviews of small local companies, and those that are deemed to come up to standard are awarded a Which!? endorsement. One local company, RJS Automotive, has been recognised for offering fantastic service and as the recipient can now proudly display their own Which? Trusted trader Logo.

“When I launched RJS Automotive 3 years ago I wanted to offer the highest possible level of quality service that I could, along with value for money to all my customers. The recognition by Which? and the number of customers that are bringing repeat business makes me believe that I am on the right track.” RJS Automotive is an independent mobile mechanic offering a comprehensive range of services, from car

Local News and Events

servicing and MOT’s, general repairs, diagnostics, used vehicle checks and breakdown repairs at your home.

RJS’s vans are fitted out with all the equipment that they need to carry out a service at your chosen location; from suction pumps to remove the oil, rather than emptying the oil from below and risking leaks on to the road, car park or your drive, generators for power tools and if necessary lighting, and even a canopy in case of wet conditions. The van is also registered and insured to carry away waste and hazardous material. This allows RJS to take away old oil and filters etc and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. “Before launching RJS Automotive I realized that not everyone has the time to take their car to a garage or wants to spend the weekend waiting for a service or MOT to be carried out. We now have two fully equipped vans which can come to you at home or work and carry out most serving and repairs in the street or car park. We also have access to garages when necessary and MOT testing facilities, which we can take your car to for you and return it without any hassle to you.” To get in touch with RJS call 020 8362 1987

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Local News and Events

New Bank Accounts Available in Enfield Fed up with your current bank? Well now in Enfield there is another option. The Post Office are now offering current accounts. Nick de Bois, MP for Enfield North, was one of the first people to open a new Post Office Current Account at Enfield Post Office, 27 Church Street, Enfield, one of 110 branches in the UK, and the first in London piloting the new accounts. The move follows the introduction of the Control, Standard and Packaged accounts in 29 branches in East Anglia in May 2013. Since launch, the Post Office current accounts in partnership with Bank of Ireland, have become a popular addition to

the well-established award winning financial services products on offer, appealing to customers looking for choice, good value, fair and transparent products. Nick de Bois said: “These new accounts will make it much easier for people to do their banking at their local Post Office, close to home without having to travel far. This is particularly good news for the elderly and disabled.” . “I hope that local people will support this trial so that we can see these accounts rolled out across the country’s post office network which is highly respected and trusted by Enfield residents.” Since launch, the Post Office current accounts in partnership with Bank of

Ireland UK, the financial services partner to the Post Office have become a popular addition to the well-established award winning financial services products on offer, appealing to customers looking for choice, good value, fair and transparent products. The Post Office current accounts offering are:

Standard Account The Standard Account comes with a debit card and is the Post Office’s ‘free in credit’ everyday banking offering.

Packaged Account The Packaged Account is an ‘added value’ offering and provides a compelling range of additional benefits for a competitive monthly fee of just £8.

Control Account The Control Account helps customers to keep in control of their finances and is a fully functional, ‘inclusive’ bank account for those who are new to banking, potentially on lower incomes or who have had difficulty with default bank charges in the past.

Nick de Bois also welcomed a new national scheme, which now make it easier for people to switch Current Account provider. The new Payments Council Current

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Account Switch Guarantee and Trustmark promises seven day switching to give customers confidence that all their regular payments and receipts will follow to the new account. This will significantly increase competition in the high street and enable customers to pick the best account for their needs.

Enfield Subpostmistress, Sharon Power, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be offering the current account in my branch. This is an important step forward for Enfield Post Office and especially for our customers and the local community. We already offer a number of financial services products and this new account will further meet our customers’ needs. We have worked very hard to offer accounts that are fair and transparent with no surprises. We can serve customers in a great retail modern retail environment as the branch was refurbished last Febraury.” The new Post Office current accounts, in partnership with Bank of Ireland UK, offer greater choice for customers as well as a more inclusive approach to banking. There are three accounts on offer - Standard, Packaged and Control, each designed to appeal to different customer needs. For more information visit currentaccounts


In the run up to Christmas James Whitaker Hair in Lancaster Road Enfield asked people to donate unwanted presents which they would donate to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice. “We were blown away by the response to our campaign,” James told EN Magazine. “We had customers and members of the public bringing in toys and gifts telling us what a great idea it was and what a wonderful charity to be doing something for.”

“To follow up on the enthusiasm of the people that bought gifts in to the salon we have decided to run a charity day on Wednesday 19th February, during the school half term, a Children’s Hair-AThon in aid of Noah’s Ark.” Noah’s Ark is an expanding children’s hospice service, working with Children from 0-19 years, seeking to serve an estimated 900 life- limited or life-threatened children or young people, and their families, living within the communities of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington.

Their aim is to support these families, often by working in partnership with other agencies, delivering flexible services that encompass the whole family - enabling them to live positive lives and face the future with hope,

following the death of their child. These services range from practical and emotional support, ultimately through to endof-life and bereavement care.

“On the day we will have a full programme of events, from haircuts and styling to special hair chalks and dye (which will wash out) for kids. Face painting, magic shows, cakes and treats, competitions and games, photography and for adults a chance to have a relaxing massage plus a few more surprises.” All profits from the shop as well as all proceeds from the day will be donated to Noah’ Ark. And as well as coming along for a cut, style, colour or just for the fun and games people can make a donation www.justgiving. com/owner-email/ pleasesponsor/JamesWhitaker1

For more information on the days events visit www.

Local News and Events

Local 12 Year Old Crowned Cadet Masters Champion Twelve year old Denise Payet – a member of Ellenborough Table tennis Club and a pupil at Enfield County School – justified her favourite’s tag as she was crowned Cadet Masters Champion in Burton at the weekend. The Cadet Masters is the most challenging event in the English Table Tennis Association’s as it uses an all play all format to separate the top 12 girl table tennis players in the country (aged under fifteen years old) over a gruelling two days. After six rounds of matches on Saturday, the four top seeds - Denise Payet, Kate Cheer (Sussex), Kate Nixon (Yorkshire) and Zahna Hall (Middlesex) - all remained unbeaten so matches between the top four were going to be decisive.

Zahna Hall, with her defensive style of play, struck the first blow beating Sussex’s Kate Cheer 10-12, 12-10, 11-9, 16-14.

But then came what proved to be the decisive two matches. First Denise beat her, previously unbeaten, Middlesex teammate Zahna Hall in three straight sets in what was an explosive show of attack versus defence. Hall is a defensive player who all the other girls

struggled against, but Denise convincing win in this match not only demonstrated her reading of spin but her superior topspin technique.

Next up was a face-off between the only two unbeaten players to date: Denise and Yorkshire’s Kate Nixon. Denise got the better start winning 12-10. Nixon replied with a solid 11-8 game. But then Denise appeared to find another gear as she quickly progressed through games three and four to take the match 3-1 and deal the decisive blow.

With Cheer losing to Nixon in the penultimate round of matches Denise knew she would be crowned Cadet Masters Champion for the first time as both Cheer and Nixon had now lost two matches because even if she lost the last match against Cheer (which she did in a closely fought five set match) her earlier win over Middlesex teammate Hall would prove decisive if, as proved to be the case, both finished with eleven wins out of twelve.


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

When asked for his reaction, Ellenborough

TTC club chairman, Keith Williams , said: “It is astonishing that Denise has won the cadet masters at just twelve years of age. Last season she finished fifth and Denise would be the first to thank the coaches at Ellenborough TTC and Enfield County School for the support they have shown her. A big “thank you” goes to coach Zoltan Hozzu who was in Denise’s corner for the whole weekend. Zoltan specifically praised Denise’s mental consistency and mature and professional attitude throughout the weekend which is exceptional at this age. This tournament is watched closely by England selectors and therefore this will increase Denise’s chances of continuing to represent England at international tournaments”. On hearing of these compliments Denise said: “I am competing against girls much older than me, but my long-term goal is not just to play for England, but to win for England”.

Pop Up Emporium to Open in Enfield Town!

Enterprise Enfield will be opening a new Pop Up Emporium in Enfield Town on Tuesday 4th February - at 9 & 10 Savoy Parade, Southbury Road EN1 1RT (near Tesco’s). The Emporium, will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm throughout February and March and will include a range of different traders and products - alternating every fortnight (up to 10 traders every 2 weeks). Many items will not be found in high street chain stores and will include handmade products – such as gifts, jewellery, cakes, body products & treatments, homeware, clothing, accessories, arts and crafts.

The initiative, which was made possible by funding from the High Street Innovation Fund via Enfield Council, is designed to help early traders, who don’t yet have their own premises, to test trade their products from a high street retail outlet. Enterprise Enfield is overseeing the management of the shop including recruiting business owners to sell their goods.

Des Johnson, Enterprise Enfield’s Chief Executive said, “We are delighted to be involved in this exciting new scheme – which is an excellent opportunity for young business owners to test trade their products, but it’s also something different for Enfield’s shoppers who will be curious to see what’s on offer in the Pop Up Emporium and it also encourages them to this particular corner of Enfield Town and to the surrounding

retailers as well. We will also be holding some one off special activities, demonstrations and events in the shop too – which will draw in visitors who wouldn’t necessarily have called in otherwise .” The first traders, selling from 4th February - 16th February will include: Natural Unity- skincare products, Recluse Colony - jewellery homeware, illustrations and accessories, Elegant Creations by LM - gift hampers, personalised gifts, stationery, baby products, Carla Francisco Cake Production - cakes, pastries, Sanctified -woollen fashion accessories, ArtBlend artisan footwear and craft goods

Enterprise Enfield is still looking for additional traders to sell their products – the cost is £100 for 2 weeks (this includes a £50 deposit which will be returned to the trader at the end of this period). Traders must be running a registered business and have public liability insurance - priority will be given to Enfield based businesses without existing premises. Anyone interested should email Enterprise Enfield on info@enterpriseenfield. org or call 020 8443 5457 for an application form.

Please Mention


when responding to adverts and editorial

Heating & Boiler News

When did you last have your boiler serviced?

1 in 7 homes in 2013 London inspected by the official body Gas Safe register was found to have an unsafe appliance which left unchecked could have caused a gas fire, leak, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. Big question – a new boiler costs thousands of pounds, are you looking after yours? Your boiler is hard at work every day. An annual service could save you hundreds of pounds in bills, get the best out of your boiler – or even save your life. Landlords have to provide a Gas Certificate every year for rented properties by law – what about you and your home? Even if you have a boiler warranty for several years, did you realise it might be invalid without an annual service? It will be too late when your boiler breaks down or worse – you’ve wasted the cost of the warranty and got to pay the repair bills. Make a resolution now. Phone us to sign up for our FREE annual gas safe reminder service – BOOK YOUR ANNUAL SERVICE.

Beat the Boiler Blues News – Plumbing for the People

Voted favourite local tradesman Winner by EN readers 2013, we at Associated Response are Gas Safe registered engineers specialising in heating and plumbing. Associated Response is a fast response – No call centre, no 0871 number - we’re already on your doorstep. Boiler not working? Leak from the ceiling? Toilet not flushing? Call us. We arrive. Problem solved. Home improvements? 6 in 10 people are planning a home improvement in 2014, with 1 in 10 intending on getting a new boiler or hob. Call us for impartial advice on what’s best for you. All work involving a gas appliance has to be carried out by a legal Gas Safe registered engineer. We are dedicated to promoting safety and well-being in our community. And with energy prices going up and the temperature going down, now’s the time to get the best out of your energy savings and gas appliances – and always be safe.

INTERESTED IN A NEW BOILER? According to the Energy Saving Trust, boilers account for around 55% of your energy bill. Replacing an old gas boiler with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls will significantly cut your home’s

carbon dioxide emissions – and could save you as much as £310 a year. As approved installers for all the big boiler manufacturers – Associated Response will get you extended warranties for FREE and even great payment plans. Arrange an appointment with us and we will plan what’s best for you.

020 8366 6420

READ OUR HEATING TIPS AND SAVE MONEY NOW Did you know that the end of January was Big Energy Saving Week?

For starters follow these 3 simple steps to save money on your bills and keep your home warm. 1. Turn your thermostat down by 1 or 2 degrees. FACT - heating and cooling accounts for 50% of a typical household’s energy costs, turning down your thermostat by even 1or 2 degrees will give you great savings on your bills. 2. FALSE - leaving the heating on all day on a low temperature is cheaper than turning the heating up and down or on and off as needed. It just means you are wasting heat when you do not need it – get a room thermostat which will turn the heat on and off when your home reaches the set temperature (remember tip 1). Add a timer control to tell your heating system to come on only when you need it. Save money, by not wasting heat. 3. Save over £55 every year simply by being careful how you use your kitchen appliances – set your washing machine to wash at 30 degrees (£13), use a bowl to wash up rather than leave the hot tap running (£35), don’t fill your kettle up every time – just boil the water you need (£8). NEED ADVICE RE CONTROLS FOR YOUR BOILER? Contact us on 020 8366 6420

Friday 7th February is Bobble Hat Day More than 24,000 older people could die this winter because of the cold according to AGE UK’s Spread the Warmth Campaign. You can make a difference -

– so wear a hat, sign up and donate – DID YOU KNOW?

Received a flyer about FREE BOILERS? Heard about the Green Deal and the ECO Deal? We are PAS2030 accredited to fit boilers under the Green Deal or ECO Deal. As installers of boilers under the schemes we will advise you as to what’s available. Working with individuals and Enterprise Enfield 2020, we are pioneering energy and

money saving initiatives in your area. Interested in the Green Deal Cashback Incentive? You can get up to £340 cashback until the end of March 2014 off the cost of a new boiler. In receipt of State Pension Credit, or Working / Child tax credit and your boiler not working? Phone us to find out if you are eligible for a grant towards the cost

of a new boiler – we will do the paperwork and also install it. So why choose Associated Response for your heating or plumbing needs? Service, reputation, cost, skills – and the fact that we see the bigger picture for you and our community. Follow us on FACEBOOK and contact us on

020 8366 6420 /

25 Years Entertaining Us Since opening the doors 25 years ago the Millfield Theatre has entertained the local community. From music to drama and of course the annual “panto” the range of acts and plays has, and continues to offer something for everyone. “Looking back at the history of Millfield Theatre, it was a very brave decision by Enfield Council to own a local theatre,” says Paul Everitt Millfield Theatre & Dugdale Centre Manager. “In 1988 theatres up and down the country were closing their doors, as visitor numbers were on the decrease and a lack of investment in the performing arts and the theatres themselves. But I think that over the last 25 years Millfield has proved it was the right decision. We continue to have sell out shows and have bought thousands of acts to perform to local audiences.” “We continue to try and reflect the diversity of the local community and tastes in the range of acts that we have at Millfield and to showcase new talents as well as experienced performers.” “As well as bringing professional shows to the venue Millfield has always and continues to

Local News and Events

work with local amateur groups to give them a venue as well as running workshops and classes for the performing arts. Many famous names have walked out on to the Millfield stage before hitting the big time including, Victoria Beckham,Yoland Brown and Louise Redknapp.” “The theatre was refurbished and reopened in 2009, gaining a new cafe bar, performance space, toilet block and box office all designed to improve our visitor experience and use by the local community.”

“As well as the Millfield Theatre we also have the Dugdale Centre which offers a smaller venue where acts can try out shows on the public in our 100 seat studio venue, before taking them on to bigger venues. We have already seen this being used successfully by singers Janet Kay, Victor Romero Evans and Carroll Thompson who after a selling out their Lovers Rock Monologues at the Dugdale in 2013 are performing to a bigger audience at the Millfield on 14th and 15th February 2014.”

include two powerhouses of British music and local talents, the incredible Mica Paris and MOBO Award winner Lurine Cato bringing the very best of UK Gospel music. We welcome Enfield’s very own and X Factor star, Andy Abraham and his breath-taking band. The headline act this season

is legendary comedian Omid Djalili who returns to Millfield with a splash! You can find full details via our website www. or by picking up our programme from the venues.”

“Over the coming year we have a great selection of shows at both venues for everyone. Highlights

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


Local News and Events

New App Launches To Put Personal Safety In The Hands Of Users Tap-it, a new app which development has been in partnership with Enfield and Southwark Councils with the help of £60,000 funding from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), as part of their London Crime Prevention Fund. Whether it’s during an encounter with a stranger at a bar or whilst walking home alone at night, Tap-it makes it easier than ever to alert loved ones to a worrying situation. The innovative app also uses GPS technology to know your exact location should you run into a troubled situation. It also contains features which allows users to tell their friends and family that they have arrived safely at

a destination. Something which is useful for parents who want to give teenagers a bit of freedom while making sure they are safe.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing and Public Health, Cllr Christine Hamilton, said: “Tap-It not only helps keep people safe but it will help them feel safe as well. This clever app means you will know whether your loved ones are safe or if they feel threatened and need to be collected. “It will revolutionise the way we think about public safety and how we let our friends and family know we are OK and because it is a one touch application it is extremely easy for both young and old to use.

“There are all sorts of ways its use can be tailored by residents, it can act as a reminder that the kids need picking up from after school clubs, elderly people can use it to let their children know they are safe and well and friends on a night out can use it to get back in touch if they get split up. The possibilities are endless and limited only by the user’s imagination.”

can be instantly sent to a preselected group of contacts at the touch of a button, which makes it perfect for people who are unused to using high tech equipment.

“Whether you’re getting some unwanted attention at a bar, or find yourself in a vulnerable situation, Tap-it can really help you take control of the situation. Of course, there will be some scenarios when there is no substitute for calling the police, but there will be times when you just need a friend, which is where Tap-it comes in. I would urge everyone to download it for free today.”

By selecting the ‘collect me’ or interrupt me’ message Tap-it also sends a follow up message to a nominated member of your network 24 hours later to let them know you’re ok. The application also contains details of local services and helplines where users can get advice and guidance on a range of subjects such as domestic violence and personal safety.

Councillor Richard Livingstone, cabinet member for community safety, said: “These days it seems people have an app for why not have one for the most important thing of all - ensuring you and your friends are safe.

Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Stephen Greenhalgh said: “Ensuring that all Londoners feel safe in our city is paramount, and apps like this that help to protect those who may feel more vulnerable is part of the work that we support.Our crime prevention fund is an important way for us to do this and collaborate with boroughs so that together we can tackle public safety on a local level.


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

The application, designed as the perfect personal safety companion, is pre-programmed with four messages that

The messages are: • Check in – to let friends and family know that you have arrived at your destination safely  • Collect me – to send a ‘come and get me’ message to a network of friends  • Interrupt me – tap to let friends call back for a reason to excuse yourself  • Safe locations – tap to find out the nearest safe havens it you are feeling vulnerable and want to go somewhere for help.

Tap-It is designed by Xantura and is available to download for free from Android and Apple stores. To download simply search for “Tap-it safety app” in the app store.

More details of how tap-it works can be found by visiting these websites http://vimeo. com/83715619 and www.


A Financial Resolution Are Your Plans In Place

By Andrew McGovren Kassius Financial Planning

We all make them, normally on New Year’s Eve. How many have kept to them by mid-January? Go to the gym and get fit, lose weight, drink less, spend more time with the family, better work/life balance!!! Sort my money out – that’s another good one.

The obvious examples of sorting money out are – 1, Can I get a lower interest rate on my credit cards/ loans/overdrafts? 2, Am I paying too much in bank charges? 3, What about utilities bills as they continuously rise and expect to continue until 2030 4, Mobile phone tariffs. These are the obvious examples, but what about others – others that can have a much bigger financial impact on your life. Individual Savings Plans - ISAs Some of you may already save into ISAs, but do you know the difference between cash and equity ISAs? Do you know the rates of returns you are getting? Do you know how to get much better returns on your money?

risks involved and do you understand them and are you prepared to accept them? The impact of higher compounding returns over medium to long term has a massive effect on final amounts saved up. If you started saving for a particularly purpose – school fees maybe, supplement a pension or just as a good discipline are you on target? Pensions

Never the most popular topic, pensions are generally viewed with a large slice of cynicism due to perceived poor investment returns, mis-selling scandals and current low interest rates reducing pension income.

A lot of people prefer to ‘live for today’ spend their money and worry about the consequences later – citing a likely inheritance or the sale of their home when the kids have left as the way they will make ends meet when they stop work. For anyone with a pension ask yourself the following Do you know what your pension will give you as an income? Do you know how well your pension company are investing your money? Are they taking too much or too little risk?

Are you bothered about all the above, thinking they are all the same?

What are my options?

Cash ISAs are just deposit accounts with no income tax deducted from interest accrued, so with the historically low interest rates likely to remain for the foreseeable future is a 2% or 3% return on savings good enough? Definitely not if inflation is running at 4%, because the buying power of your savings will reduce.

Try asking some different questions

Well, they are not.

How about receiving nearly 100% return over the last 4 years. Sounds good, but are there any additional

All the above questions are often asked but rarely hit home and trigger any interest or investigation. I worry about my job and making ends meet today, why am I not worried about how to make ends meet when I stop work? When do you want to stop work? Or are you resigned to having to continue to work until you drop!!! How much are you going to need as an income to pay for the regular bills, council tax, food, utilities, running a car, hobbies/pastimes, holidays, treats for the grandchildren. Think about this question carefully as it is fundamental and no plans can be made without knowing the answer, or an approximation of the answer. What if your health fails and does not allow you to continue to work? How much state pension will I get and when? More often than not these questions only tend to get asked very close to retirement, by then it is often too late to make significant changes to affect the final outcome. Look at them much sooner to avoid nasty shocks that cannot be materially altered.

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


Financial For a couple with a house worth £1m (there are many in the Enfield/Winchmore Hill/Cuffley and surrounding areas), savings of £100,000, valuables/chattels worth £50,000, their estate will pay £200,000 to the Treasury.

By the way this bill has to be paid before probate is granted so will probably have to be borrowed on a short term basis from the bank (check their fees). If your estate is worth more than £650,000 do you want to be taxed on assets that have been created from already taxed income? Sounds like a double tax whammy!!

Life Insurance Do you have any? If so are you paying too much and can you save money on the premiums?

Is it still appropriate? Do you still need it? In some cases the answers maybe NO, so why are you paying for cover not needed. If you do need it to protect your family and debts, is it the right type; is it too much or too little? Inheritance Tax

For a married couple the value of all their combined assets above £650,000 will be taxed at 40%. Let’s put this into context and monetarise this.


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Given the perilous state of the UK’s finances and the endless drive to reduce public spending and collect more tax this double whammy will not go away anytime soon. Would you rather The Treasury receive more than your children? To find out how you can make sure your financial planes are in order speak to Kassius Financial PLanning on 020 8445 0246 or advice@kassius. or speak to your financial advisor.

Your Questions to Nick de Bois Enfield North MP

Your Questions To

In the first of a series of interview with local political figures EN Magazine puts readers questions to Nick de Bois. In 2010 Nick de Bois was voted in as the Member of Parliament for Enfield North.

After in career in marketing communications where he was Managing Director of Rapaiergroup, Nick first fought the North Enfield seat in 2001 and again in 2005 until his success in 2010. EN Magazine meet up with Nick de Bois to put just some of the questions from our readers to him.

Chase Farm Hospital has lost A&E and the Maternity Unit – do you think North Middlesex and Barnet Hospitals can cope?

No I don’t - two years ago the A and E Medical Director at Chase Farm told me that whilst he supported the downgrade of Chase Farm A and E he felt that the problem would be coping with demand at North Middlesex and Barnet. Well I don’t think that’s good enough. I am monitoring the numbers of patients and the ability of the two hospitals to cope.

What can you do to help bring the spending on health per head in Enfield in line with that of Barnet and Haringey?

Since 1997 Enfield has been treated very badly, in the past by successive governments who allocate the funding. I am very pleased that this year we have seen increases in funding per head, as an extra £30 million

funding has been allocated to Enfield over the next two years. In addition an extra £10 million was allocated for public health spending. It’s good news and a big step in the right direction for Enfield

Enfield Council has introduced a no spitting ban – do you support this and would you like to see this rolled out nationally

It’s a disgusting habit and frankly people just should not do it. Whilst I understand the motives behind the ban I have always said I think enforcing it will be quite impracticable. Clearly that seems to be the case judging by the data available so far. However the Labour council have shown themselves in a poor light by focusing on amateur football clubs and threatening them with prosecution if they spit during a match. I agree it’s not something I like to see, but sports clubs should not be the priority for this council. They should recognise they have better more important things to do

I would like to know his views on the sentencing of Marine A for the murder of the Taliban member. What are his thoughts on the sentence? I can’t begin to imagine the horrific circumstances that our soldiers face day in and day out. I do believe however that the law must be upheld however challenging or difficult the circumstances. The sentence would have been

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


Your Questions To made in accordance with sentencing guideline and I hope with the right record he will qualify for parole at the appropriate time.

Is it right to describe the Country as “full up”

The BNP and other far-right organisations use crude descriptions like this and all it does is make it much harder to have the important debate that we need to have on immigration. The Coalition is working to reduce net migration down from the hundreds of thousands under the last Government, to tens of thousands. It is vital that progress continues to be made because the pressure on public services - schools, hospitals, GP services - an increasing population must be managed carefully and uncontrolled immigration prevents us from doing that.

Michael Gove has suggested schools open from 8-6pm -what impact do you feel this will have on teachers that already feel over worked – and family live of children? I support Michael Gove’s determination to raise standards across education to give our children the best possible start in life in what is let’s face it a very competitive world. However I also believe schools and parents should be free to set the schools own hours so long as they deliver the best possible outcomes. That’s what is important.

High streets are suffering with more shops appearing empty – what can the government do to help? It is tough on the high street and in our shopping parades. I am pleased the government have introduced a £1000.00 discount on business rates for small businesses with rateable values less than £50000. What’s more the Chancellor came to Enfield to launch the employment allowance, which discounted £2000 of the employers National Insurance tax, that cuts the cost of employing someone. I am glad we are helping our shops this way.


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

But we can do more

The council have the power and the government will provide a 50% subsidy, if the council cut business rates in the borough where it is particularly difficult. The council needs to stop wasting money and invest in our shops by reducing business rates a little more. It could make a big difference

Finally the government have urged all councils to stop using the motorist as a cash cow and have policies what encourage people to come into local shops. That’s why I want to see an abolition of Sunday parking charges and a free 20 minute parking policy for those that just want to pop in to a shop or business.

Banks are not lending, and people and business are having to turn to high interest credit cards and loan companies – what can the government do to help?

The answer lies in more genuine choice for the consumer. Here in Enfield we have examples of more flexible and in some case more commercially attractive finance houses such as North London Credit Union. For the future I am pleased to say that there are 22 new banks going through the authorisation process that will make a big difference for customer choice and competition. EN Magazine will be interviewing Doug Taylor Leader of Enfield Council in the March issue. . If you have questions you would like put to the leader of the Enfield Council, the Leader of Hertsmere Council, the London Assembly representative or suggest someone else we should be questioning send them to editorial@

Valentine’s Day – It’s on the cards


by Sarah Vittachi

Valentine’s day will shortly be upon us (14 February, for those of you who’ve only just woken up after New Year and are wondering blearily if it’s time to go back to work yet). Currently you can’t move in the shops for cupids, arrows, chocolate hearts and cards adorned with small, cute bears. Different people and different cultures have various ways of commemorating Valentine’s day. Let us skip lightly over the well-known criminal blood-bathed massacre with which it is sometimes associated (because it’s a nightmare at closing time in the shops, what with all those men who’ve left it until the last minute to buy cards/chocolates/red roses at £75 a bunch for their loved ones, and know what trouble will ensue if they show up empty-handed.) Instead, let’s do some reasearch: here’s a little potted history of why we do it.

One story goes that Valentine was a Christian priest in third century Rome. The emperor Claudius decided that single men made better soldiers than the average family guy, who liked to get home in one piece of an evening, dandle a baby on his knee and then head off to the nearest taverna. Claudius therefore outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine thought this was monumentally unfair, and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. This did not enhance his career prospects, as Claudius found out and had him killed, but it did ensure Valentine’s lasting reputation as the patron of young lovers everywhere.


Another tale relates that Valentine, himself imprisoned for helping Christians to escape from notoriously tough Roman jails, fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. He wrote her a letter signed ‘From your Valentine’, and although his fate remains unclear, his words live on our greetings today. By the Middle Ages,

Valentine was firmly ensconced as the patron saint of luurve, and we inherit his legacy. Specifically his words on the cards.

Ah, yes, the cards. That was then and this is now, and this is you, gazing in fascinated awe at the sheer range of cards available. Or maybe you’re just doing a lunchtime dash-in, grab and dash-out, depending on your schedule. (I once saw a uniformed policeman reading a Valentine’s card adorned with frisking mice in a shop, and I confess I stared. ‘It’s the only chance I get,’ he said, sheepishly, even though I hadn’t said a word. Just goes to show everyone has a heart.)

Nowadays you can buy greeting cards for every category of loved one from your granny to your goldfish, never mind your girlfriend, and you have to choose carefully. Does your recipient have a sense of humour? A melting middle in the heart region? Are you dealing with a romantic or a refusnik on the love front? And why are there so many animals featured? There are loved-up hedgehogs, hamsters, teddy bears, penguins … you name it, it’s out there (haven’t spotted any goldfish yet, though).

Depending on your means and ambitions, you may wish to go further than a card to woo the object of your affections. The secret is to get in early. Plan ahead, even if your plan is to appear spontaneous – in fact, especially if you want to appear spontaneous. If you can stretch to flowers, order a bouquet the week before, but make sure you’ve found out what kind she likes. Red roses won’t cut it if she’s ever so for pale blue delphiniums. The main thing, I’ve found, is to make sure that your idea of a good time chimes harmoniously with your loved one’s idea of fun things to do. In other words, do some research beforehand. For instance, a friend of mine once arranged what she considered a delightful little Valentine’s treat: a smoked salmon and scrambled eggs brunch with Buck’s Fizz. She laid the table and led her beloved to the feast. They raised their glasses in a toast and – all was not well. ‘Call me Little Miss Perceptive’ she whispered to me afterwards into her mobile, ‘but I could tell there was

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


Valentines something wrong.’ Apparently it went something like this: ‘What meal is this?’ he said. ‘What?’ she asked, puzzled. ‘What meal is this, and how soon can we eat again?’ he said, looking tense. ‘This,’ she said, gently but clearly, as if dealing with one who finds it difficult to assimilate new concepts, ‘is brunch, and we can eat again as soon as we feel hungry.’ This seemed to give him some reassurance, and the meal proceeded happily enough. It was only later, and by dint of careful questioning, that she got to the heart of the matter. You see, she thought she’d organised a treat, but he, being a man, had zoned straight in to the main fact: that where he could have had two meals – breakfast and lunch – he was instead being presented with one: this hybrid creature called brunch. This meant he was a meal down on the day, and that could never be a good thing. The point is, if she’d done her research, she’d have found out beforehand that quantity was the key criterion and prepared accordingly. As it was, she had to make amends by providing another meal to avoid him having post traumatic-brunch stress disorder. They’re still together, but it was a close call, I can tell you.

So, lovers of the word, take account of the preferences of your best beloved this Valentine’s day and be prepared to deviate as necessary. OK, so you’ve done your prep work and booked a table for two with Michel Roux promising his personal attention – he’s taking time off from Masterchef especially. Leading coyly up to the announcement of the treat, you say, ‘I was thinking about dinner for Valentine’s day. Fancy going out somewhere?’

If she looks happy, go ahead as planned. If she says ‘No, I want to stay in with a takeaway and watch a recording of Mr Selfridge,’ accept her decision graciously. She’s the one you’re trying to please, and Michel will doubtless cope with the disappointment.

Just one final word: if she says she doesn’t want anything at all for Valentine’s because it’s horribly overcommercialised and she wants no truck with it, ignore her. Have a card, champagne, chocolates, flowers, a restaurant booking and a takeaway menu all on standby. You just might stand a chance.

Valentines Gift Ideas Say I Love you with Chocolate

Guylian, the world’s favourite Belgian chocolatier has a romantic history. The story began in the late 1950’s with the marriage of company founders Guy and Liliane. Soon after their wedding the couple combined their first names into the company name Guy-lian

Guylian I Love You Individually wrapped in luxurious golden foil within an eye catching red box, these romantic heart shaped chocolates, filled with roasted hazelnut praline are the perfect way to say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day. The 50g box (RSP £1.49) which contains four praline filled hearts is the ideal love token, whilst the 125g heart shaped box (pictured. RSP £3.99) makes a more substantial Valentine’s Day present. Show Off Your Legs

For all you 40’s inspired sex kittens, you will love the back seam tights, stockings and hold-ups. Dress your legs in these elegant sheers or seamed fishnets for an evening out on the town.


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Since 1889 the world famous Moulin Rouge® has been synonymous with festivities, glamour and elegance. Thrust under the international spotlight by painters and film makers, its very name exudes excitement and wonder. Now, a sprinkling of Moulin Rouge® magic is coming to the UK. The Moulin Rouge® has produced an exceptional collection of highquality Parisian inspired hosiery in collaboration with the UK’s Pamela Mann. From sparkling

Valentines Swarovski embellished opaques, to vintage Parisian poster print through to retro- inspired dots and seams and sheer elegant classics these tights are simply showstopping! Whether you want to glam up your office wear, add sparkle to your nights out or simply seize your “Ooh La La” moment then Moulin Rouge® legwear is the ultimate choice.

A Golden Tipple

Blue Nun Sparkling Gold, an ideal Valentine’s tipple! Ideal for romantic celebrations, Blue Nun has released a sparkling Gold Edition white wine, complete with distinctive fine flecks of delicate 22 carat gold leaf.

Designed with special & romantic occasions in mind, the iconic brand, owned by the Langguth family in Germany, has used their passion, heritage and expertise to create a delicate, subtle quality sparkling white wine with a lovely light fruitiness (alc 11.00%).   Blue Nun has crafted the Gold Edition with a full, rounded flavour, this light and elegant style wine has the exciting addition of gold flecks to highlight the natural effervescence of sparkling white wine.  The Gold Edition is ideal as an aperitif orto accompany light bites and hors d’oevres.  Its fab, fruity and under £10 too or NOW available in cute mini 200ml bottle available from most ASDA stores nationwide with a rrp of £2.25.

Kissable Lips

Valentine’s Day and you’ve got a big date – no pressure then! Use Rescue Balm for soft kissable lips. Rescue Balm contains the famous combination of five flower essences (Rescue®) - Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Clematis - plus the cleansing essence, Crab Apple. It is an intensive moisturising lip balm designed to soothe dry, cracked lips.

the iconic razor.

Shaving with a cut throat razor is certainly one of life’s pleasures as it will give you the closest possible shave. But it does take time to master the technique and you’ll certainly need a steady hand and plenty of practice. If you haven’t started straight razor shaving before but are keen we recommend starting with a shavette razor. Not only will this help you learn the correct technique but you’ll also save on the expensive up front costs of a straight razor and its maintenance. The Bluebeards Revenge Shavette is a razor that is similar to a straight or cutthroat razor, with the main difference relating to the fact that its blades can be changed. The ideal shave can be boiled down to three simple steps: Prepare. Shave. Protect.

To Prepare: take a shower, then wash with a mild face wash or scrub; preferably one for men or for your skin type.

To Shave: lather up using a good quality shaving cream such as The Bluebeards Revenge, or another fine shaving cream preferably with a brush. A good quality razor with good sharp blade, whether a safety razor or cartridge razor, is ideal to shave with. Shave first in the direction of hair growth, then across, then against.

To Protect: rinse all the remaining cream off the face, then rinse with cold water, closing the pores. Then apply a good quality post-shave balm, skin food, or toner to refresh and hydrate the skin.

Valentines Give Away

EN Magazine has two Valentines Gift packs to give away for you to give to your loved one.

To be in with a chance of winning the gift pack just tell us who was the emperor at the time of St Valentine?

Rescue Balm costs £6.05 from Boots, Holland and Barrett, Lloydspharmacy and Waitrose stores and all good independent health food and pharmacy stores. For more information visit

Also tell us if you would like your pack to give to give the back to a loved women or man?

Treat your man like James Bond.

James Bond sIn the latest James Bond film Skyfall, British actress Naomie Harris is quite cutting edge. She gives 007 (Daniel Craig) a very close shave in one intimate scene. Naomie uses a cut throat/straight razor to give James the shave of his live. “Sometimes the old ways are the best,” Naomie says as she shaves him with

To enter email your answer to competitions@ alternatively you can send your entry to Competitions, EN Magazine, 63 High Street, Potters Bar, EN6 5AS. If you want to be included in the draw for alcohol you must supply us with your date of birth.

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013



Making A Change Achieving Your Life Goals

What Every Aspiring Business Owner Must Know For a majority of business owners, More Money, More Growth, Work Less are the key drivers for going into business. So what are yours? Find your reasons for wanting to start your own business, and let them be your key drivers. These are what will urge you on through thick and thin, and lead you to success. Travel into the future, envisage yourself in two, three, five years, even ten years time. What would your life be like? Would it be more money, more free quality time to spend with your loved ones or will it be one of stress, working round the clock? Bear in mind success doesn’t happen by chance. What will happen if you take the bold steps needed to take you from your present state to your desired future, and what would happen if you decide to do what you’ve always done and gotten the same results you’ve always had?


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

Take “small steps” towards achieving your goals. Know that if you have certain skills, possess certain talents, have unusual hobbies and passion for any particular thing, there could be great potential by leveraging these to make money for yourself. Know that knowledge without implementation, and particularly, speed of implementation is useless when it comes to business. Sort out the “more money” thing, sort out the “more time” thing, and then get on to solve the real question of “more purpose”.

Your “Living a Fulfilled Life” Exercise

You will find this exercise below which, I personally find particularly useful, very helpful. Get a blank piece of paper and divide this into two columns (bear with me, this will become very useful along your journey to becoming a business owner) 1. List everything that causes you pain, anxiety, discomfort, annoyance, things you need solutions to in

Business your life. Anything that makes you unhappy, inclauding instances at work. Grade them on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being minor and 10 being a real problem. 2. Set yourself short and long term realistic, measurable and achievable goals to start improving each of these situations (eg. x number of months to improve my money situation etc.) 3. List things that make you happy, enrich your life and motivate you. Grade them on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being just comfortable and 10 being sheer delight. 4. Make a list of why the things you listed in 1 make you feel frustrated, pressured, stressed and unhappy, and how you could change these for the better 5. Make a list of why the things you listed in 2 make you happy, and how they can be improved. 6. Evaluate your present situation in terms of: skills, profession, expertise, hobbies, others interests, and find ways you can leverage these to make you more money using ltitle time and effort and creating happiness. Think “ideas & passion to profits”. 7. Keep the list safe, you will need to refer to it shortly when you start working on your vision, mission and goals for your business. 8. Re-visit and repeat this exercise every three months, making comparisons as you go along.

You will probably find that the root of both your happiness/fulfilment and your discomfort are time, money, health and freedom. They share a common denominator. So what does this tell you? Write your thoughts down - It will be a good reference point later on. I go through these exercises on regular basis myself, so you are not alone, and it’s not a waste of time. With the assumption that you have read parts 1 and 2 of my 6 part series, and have interest in pursuing

the possibilities of having your own business, (don’t worry if you missed it, you can read it in the October and December issues available in back issues at www. Alternatively just drop me an email at and I will be more than happy to forward a copy to you) I will dive straight in, to discuss the key drivers for people wanting to own their businesses or for that matter achieving anything else they want in their lives, and strategies for achieving them.

If I ask you to clearly and concisely describe your personal and business vision, mission and goals would you be able to? Would you be able to tell me in detail the why’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and how’s? If you can’t, It’s no big deal, you are not alone. It is not an easy exercise, but an invaluable one. I was in the same situation a many years ago when I started the process of creating my business masterplan. I work through these with the people I am coaching on regular basis until it becomes second nature to them, and have proved an invaluable exercise. I am more than happy to help you work through yours.

What will the true measure of your business success be? What are the things that must absolutely be present in your business for you to enjoy it and keep enjoying it well into the future? It’s about creating a successful business that is fulfilling, being able to live a life that is enjoyable, providing time for what is important and meeting your clear financial dreams. Here is a list of the top level drivers of every business

(a) Your Purpose - The reason you exist beyond making money. Your earlier exercise about things that cause you happiness and unhappiness should point you to this.

Flexible, affordable workspace in Potters Bar & Enfield Offices Workshops Professional meeting & conference facilities Virtual office services Other locations also available in Hertfordshire Call now on

020 8350 8520 For more details visit The Wenta Business Centre, Innova Park Electric Avenue, Enfield EN3 7XU The Enterprise Centre, Cranborne Road Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 3DQ @TheWentaGroup

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


Business (b) Your Mission - Your Masterplan for creating value to your clients/customers. Try answering these questions. 1. Do you have a business model in mind? 2. Can you leverage your skills, talents and expertise here? 3. How can you put them together for optimum return? 4. How are you going to “wow” your customers and clients in order for them to buy from you? 5. What product/services do you have in mind? 6. Which framework is going to consistently afford you the funds you need for your envisaged lifestyle. 7. What is your sequence of activities that are going to help your customers achieve results they are looking for. 8. Write your answers down on another piece of paper. (c) Your Vision - This is your shared picture of your mission. Here, you are showcasing the value you’ve created for them, and how it can solve their problems, make them happy, enrich their lives etc. (Your brand, your reputation, your communications, your customer relations etc) Visualise how you would want various audiences to perceive and understand your company. How do you convey your message to various audiences at all levels in order for them to have a deep connection with you and your company to the point of being your advocates? Have a think about this. (d) Your Goals - These are your short term objectives that support your mission and vision and keep you on track. So you have decided you want to be your own boss. You have your mission and vision in place. But how do you turn this dream into reality? This is where your goals come in. Build yourself a roadmap.

Without a good roadmap, all the good intentions could be falling by the wayside. Roadmaps give you discipline, direction and the choice to make adjustments. They help you keep on track and within time frames. This is one of the first core exercises my clients go through. They build themselves a business roadmap. It becomes their A-Z, bearing in mind that there are many routes to their desired destination, but they are looking to take the shortest stress free route, and that when there are hold ups along this route, alternate routes can be used to reach their desired destination, and keeping a close eye, they can make the necessary adjustments if they make a turn at the wrong junction. With every business venture, you should have a clear vision, mission, goals and purpose. Without purpose there will be no vision. Without vision there will be no mission, Without mission there will be no goals, and without goals you will just be plodding and floating along endlessly. These are the key drivers of everything we try to achieve in life, especially if we are embarking on a successful business venture. They keep us in check, they are constant reminders of “what life could be”, they motivate us, and give us yardsticks with which to measure our progress and achievements. To your success.

By: Asheley Biggart (Business Optimisation Strategist) Tel: 0845 056 3554


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


Small Business Owner? Go ‘Virtual’ in 2014

Ever thought about taking up a ‘virtual office’?

If you’ve never heard of this type of service then here’s what they are in a nutshell: A virtual office is a service offered to small businesses that provides a range of ‘virtual’ facilities such as an office address and professional call-answering service (there are various types of virtual office packages to choose from) without the business having to lease or buy actual office space.

Clients enter into a flexible service-level agreement with a virtual office provider and, as part of the virtual service offering, some providers also offer usage of their ‘physical’ facilities such as meeting rooms for the business owner to use as and when needed.

Now that we’ve covered what they are, we’ve rustled up 10 good reasons why small business owners should use a virtual office: 1. Save your business money – The best reason of all is that virtual office packages can save you and your business a great deal of money as you cut out the overheads incurred from renting physical workspace. As well as rent and electric costs, you’ll also be saving money on office equipment and general office sundries.

2. Access ‘Pay as you use facilities’ – Many virtual office providers also offer meeting and conference facilities that are available for hire as and when needed. If you need meeting room access you can ‘pay as you use’ saving you ongoing costs. 3. Little financial commitment – Most virtual office packages are charged on a month-to-month basis meaning that you are able to opt out at anytime of the year without being tied in to any contracts. Although there are often bigger discounts if you sign up for the service annually or bi-annually, if things don’t go according to plan then there are no additional expenses incurred. 4. Instantly operational - For new start-ups especially, a virtual office enables you to concentrate fully on your business by taking care of the operational side of things for you. As you’ll know, time is limited as a business owner and, if you’re a start-up, it can often take a while for a business to get off the ground. A

virtual office will help kick-start your business right from the beginning.

5. Prestigious business image Having a professional mailing address and telephone number is essential in order for small business owners to build and maintain their professional image. Taking up a virtual office package with a provider that can offer a London telephone number in particular can be great for giving off a ‘higher-end’ prestigious image for your business. A professional image portrays trustworthiness, professionalism and quality - qualities that reside in a successful business.

6. Accessibility - Virtual offices can be accessed easily by you and your employees – only an internet connection is needed. You’re on the move but working full-time in the office. 7. Test the market – Taking up a virtual office gives you a good chance to dip your foot in the market’s waters before taking the plunge. 8. Environmentally friendly - A virtual office is an environmentally friendly set-up for your business as there is no excessive electricity being used or paper wasted. If you work primarily from home there are no excessive petrol expenses and you’re not sitting in traffic daily just to use the ‘office’.

9. Tax Deductible - Virtual office space and related travel expenses are tax deductible however you should always verify tax advice with your accountant.

10. Business expansion to new areas - Looking to do business in various areas around the country? Taking up a virtual office in an area that you would like to do business gives you a presence there without physically having to re-locate.

The Wenta Business Centre, Enfield and The Enterprise Centre, Potters Bar offer flexible, virtual office service packages as well as a whole host of other business centre facilities.

For more information visit www.wentabusinesscentres. or call:0208 350 8520 (The Wenta Business Centre, Enfield) 01707 663 610 (The Enterprise Centre, Potters Bar) Virtual office services also available at Wenta’s Watford and Stevenage business centres.

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013



Run A Local Business? Should You Get Social! If you run an Enfield business that focusses on generating local customers then you might think that you don’t need to worry about engaging with your customer virtually. You might also think that social media is just for the kids on their mobile phones, talking about XFactor and sharing pictures of cats dressed up. We spoke to three award-winning Enfield businesses who are showing that it’s not just the big brands that can enjoy real commercial benefits from embracing social media. Social stylists

One of Enfield’s most active users of social media is James Whitaker Hair on Lancaster Road, EN2.

Owner, James Whiffen believes social media has brought in results through offering last-minute deals and special offers to their own local social media following as well as via, a leading Enfield online community platform. The local hair salon market is extremely competitive and Whiffen believes social media has made the difference between success and failure saying “I would have struggled if I hadn’t used social media”. Raising Dough

Another local business embracing social media is Holtwhites Bakery, Chase Side, EN2.

Co-owner Kate Smith says that the bakery uses social media to build the brand and raise the profile of the business and engage with local customers on their 500strong Facebook group about upcoming tastings and social events, “We have a local business approach to social media, it very much complements the face-to-face rapport we have with customers who physically come into the shop.”

Enfield businesses wishing to harness the potential of social media. Mercer says “Embracing social media has meant that my profits have been given a boost [resulting] in thousands of pounds worth of additional business for us annually”.

My Coffee Shop has won numerous awards and has enjoyed significant press coverage in local and national press, radio & TV. In addition to raising its own profile the shop has also been at the forefront of local social media-led initiatives such as ‘Shock Cash Mobs’, where around 10 people with £10 each, all surprise a local and independent shop by all spending their tenners at once.

Mercer believes that social media is “not the ‘be all and end of all’ of local marketing but it is still under-used by many independent businesses.” So how do you begin? Follow these social media tips and make the most of promoting your business for free: ·Be natural, don’t force it – let social media be an extension of your own business’s personality ·Engage with people, don’t just broadcast messages oneway ·Pick only one or two social platforms, don’t take on too many at once ·Engage with virtual Enfield – Enfield has a strong, supportive online community ·If you offer visually attractive products like hair, baking or coffee – share lots of pics! ·Maximise your potential reach by mentioning people and using hashtags By Bruce Martin, Managing Director of Ginger Juice, digital marketing specialists, Enfield

In addition to Facebook, the bakery has built up a strong professional network on Twitter attracting national press articles as well as baking advice direct from Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake-off. Smith says “I can’t imagine having this kind of business without social media. It would be just missing a trick. It’s so simple, why not do it?” Brewing Benefits

One of the biggest local social media success stories has been My Coffee Shop of Enfield Chase Station. Cofounder Karen Mercer, has been a leading light for

Please Mention



when responding to adverts and editorial

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In the world of accountancy these are the only numbers you need -

Enfield 020 8363 5008


020 8343 2255


Enfield 020 8363 5008

Southgate 020 8886 3939 Embroidery


LeeJoy Embroidery

Kip McGrath May 2013 v2.indd 1 30/5/13 14:51:17

Sterlings Directory.indd 1

19/4/13 09:38:01

We can supply and embroider workwear and casual clothes Names, logos and images can all be embroidered on to any fabric 63 High Street No Set Up Potters Bar EN6 5AS Charge


01707 653366 Flooring

Car Maintenance, Mechanics leejoy.indd 1

4/6/13 16:26:55

“Solutions for under your feet”

01707 875545 Car Hire

•Solid Hardwood Floors •A vast range of Engineered Floors •Full renovation jobs undertaken •Sanding and sealing services •Supply and fitting service

Action Carpets v2.indd 1

25/4/13 11:43:19

462 Green Lanes Palmers Green N13

“The Craftsmen Who Care”

020 8920 9444

Home Furnishings

Car Maintenance, Mechanics 1 25/4/13Alpine2.indd 09:58:01

Ridgeway 1

020 8362 1987

RJS May 2013 v2.indd 1

•All makes of cars serviced •Servicing at your home or work •MOT’s door to door •Fully insured •Honest,friendlyand reliable

25/4/13 10:13:16


020 8360 3082

and see how we can improve your interiors BESPOKE CURTAINS, BLINDS, UPHOLSTERY, SHUTTERS & AWNINGS -

Cleaning Services

GET 50% Discount 25/4/13 drape 13:51:32 dir2.indd

on Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning when combined with End of Tenancy or Spring Cleaning service

Home Improvements 1

16/7/13 10:31:36

see all our special offers at

Well Done Services Ltd

tel:020 8829 9213 mob:07968 225 543

Professional and Reliable Cleaning

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DAL.indd 1

1. 2.



le c



*on selected models

e te d by E N r


your favourite local tradesman Winner 2013

Associated Response

• boiler replacements, • central heating installations, 20/11/13 • power flushing, • bathroom installations and all other types of plumbing established 23 years related work. 0208 367 1393 or 07860 894822


reciprocal action or relation; 19/7/13 15:01:00 Assoc Response Directory.indd 1 a mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges

If you are looking to maximise your business potential and are willing to share your expertise with other local businesses then Gold Table is for you. It is low cost; all fees paid are ploughed back into group; high value. Why not come and see what we can do together and join us every Wednesday at Enfield Golf Club before your working day? For further info contact: Douglas Lee on 020 8367 3917 or visit

networking today for tomorrows’ business

Party Organiser

gold table v3.indd

Read our customer reviews at


Networking Groups

Proud member of the Gold


Communicating your message through media

020 8366 6420 spec

Douglas Lee Tel 020 8367 3917

•Emergency call out •Boiler installations •Repair and maintenance 5 year warranty on Baxi and Vaillant boilers* 7 year warranty on Worcester Bosch boilers*


Magazines - Newsletters Advertising -Design Print - Online



Your Local Media Communications Company



1 Parties for babies first birthday

31/1/14 12:11:35

O Brewer.indd 1

18/7/13 16:45:16

Choose 5-10 babies and we will provide a wonderfully memorable first birthday party that includes invites, room hire and food. All in our wonderful child friendly atmosphere.

Please speak to Dai 07789 798297



Tatty Bumpkin3.indd 1

6/6/13 15:19:42 Jackie on 07941 468 576 Indira on 07792 071 361 4 Vera Avenue, Grange Park, London, N21 1RA

Get your message seen yoga.indd 1

A business card sized advert, 90 mm x 40mm in a local magazine that is read and trusted by its readers


Delivered to homes across 8 issues in the EN area including Enfield, Bush Hill, Grange Park, Winchmore Hill, Potters Bar and Cuffley just

£300 for 8 issues* £37.50 per issue Call 020 8367 3917 (*pre paid)


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

29/1/14 11:36:30

SHOWTIME The Knicker Lady

Wyllyots Theatre Weds 5th March 8pm Tickets: £15 Box office 01707 645005

Charity Event in aid of Peace Hospice Care

Rosemary Hawthorne stars as The Knicker Lady. This onewoman show romps through the history of the humble knicker with a tempo and hilarity that leaves audiences – both male and female – spellbound and dying for more!

Peace Hospice Care cares for people from across South West Hertfordshire living with life limiting illnesses and supports their families. It provides inpatient care, day services, a hospice at home service as well as bereavement support.

Southgate Opera presents The Gipsy Baron Wyllyots Theatre Weds 19th Feb – Sat 22nd Feb 7.30pm Sat Mat 2.30pm Tickets: £19, £18 concs Box office 01707 645005

Johann Strauss, “The Waltz King”, set his romantic operetta The Gipsy Baron in Hungary in the 18th century. It’s a colourful story (with a happy ending) of love, intrigue, hidden treasure, gipsies, an exotic princess, hussars and comic characters all wrapped up in Strauss’s glorious music. Second only in popularity to Strauss’s operetta Die Fledermaus, The Gipsy Baron includes the well-known song “Danube, River of Dreams”. Sung in English with a full orchestra.

Please Mention


when responding to adverts and editorial

The Magic of Streisand

Thursday 13th February Millfield Theatre Tickets £20|£18 Online £19|£17 Box Office: 020 8807 6680

Celebrating Barbra Streisand’s amazing five decades as the world’s greatest singer and actress, the UK’s best Streisand stage show is coming to Millfield Teartre, on Thu 13 February

The Magic of Streisand and Diamond is a brand-new production featuring Britain’s top live revue – star of the show Tina Law was crowned No1 in the current National Tribute Awards.

This new live spectacular brings Streisand’s entire, hitpacked career to life. It not only features all of Barbra’s chart-topping songs, but also favourites from the many award-winning movies in which she has starred: Hello Dolly!, A Star Is Born, The Way We Were and the best-actress, Oscar-winning Funny Girl.

Streisand’s gold and platinum disc-winning repertoire includes Woman In Love, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Guilty, Evergreen (Theme from A Star is Born), No More Tears (Enough is Enough), The Way We Were and Tell Him.

Special guest is Fisher Stevens with his award-winning Neil Diamond show. Hits featured include Sweet Caroline, Cracklin’ Rosie, I Am I Said, Song Sung Blue, Beautiful Noise, Forever in Blue Jeans, Love on the Rocks, Hello Again, Shilo, America, Solitary Man and, of course, the magnificent duet with Barbra Streisand You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.


The first entry drawn in our exclusive competition will win a pair of tickets to the show. To enter please answer this simple question: The Magic of Streisand also features a guest revue to which other world-famous artist? To enter email your answer to competitions@ alternatively you can send your entry to Competitions, EN Magazine, 63 High Street, Potters Bar, EN6 5AS. Closing date: 11th February.

EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


What’s On Skewbald Theatre presents Goldilocks and the Three Bears If you go down to the wood today you’re in for a Skewbald Surprize. Take three bears, three bowls, three chairs, one uninvited guest. Stir into the mix Skewbald’s eclectic blend of puppetry, song, music and geeky quirkiness. Bake for 50 minutes and the result is a fun, captivating, amusing show for the whole family. Suitable for all ages Ticket £10|£8 Online £9|£7 Runs 50 minutes The Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS Dates: Thursday 20th, Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd February at 11am, 1pm & 3pm Box Office 020 8807 6680 Book online Enfield Chamber Orchestra Conductor: Martin Smith Leader: Sarah Colley Weber - Overture “Der Freischütz” Mozart - Concerto for Flute and Harp K.299 (Soloists: Jessica Wilkes (flute) and Rosanna Rolton (harp))

Schumann: Symphony No.3 in E flat Op.97 “Rhenish” Saturday 8 March 2014 at 7.30pm Enfield Baptist Church, Cecil Road, Enfield EN2 6TG Admission by programme on the door: £11/ £9 (conc)/ free (under 16)

Writing Workshop, Community Room, Enfield Town Library Come and join our friendly, monthly writing group led by award-winning editor and experienced tutor Allen Ashley. During the two hour session you will be working on fiction and poetry, often with a view to submitting your work to competitions or magazines. The workshops are suitable for writers at all stages – from beginners to those who are more experienced. Cost is £10, payable in cash on the day. Next meetings: 2pm to 4pm Monday 10 February 2014 Further details from: Allen on allenashley-writer@hotmail. Adoramus Orchestra and Choir: Conductor David

Useful Contact Numbers

Enfield Borough Police Crime Prevention Office Crimestoppers Neighbourhood Watch Anti Terrorist Hotline Hertfordshire Police

020 8807 1212 020 8345 1102 0800 555 111 020 7963 0160 0800 789 321 0845 330 0222

Enfield Council 24 Hour Contact No Hertsmere Council Hertsmere Out of Hours Welwyn & Hatfield Council Welwyn & Hatfield Out of Hours

020 8379 1000 020 8207 2277 0845 300 0021 01707 357 000 0800 111 4484

NHS Direct Chase Farm & Barnet Hospital Switchboard Chase Farm Hospital Accident & Emergency Barnet Hospital Accident & Emergency North Middlesex University Hospital Switchboard Potters Bar Community Hospital Age Concern Enfield

0845 46 47 0845 111 4000 020 8375 1010 020 8216 5003 020 8887 2000 01707 653 286 020 8375 4120

Alcoholics Anonymous Gamblers Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous

0845 769 7555 08700 50 88 80 020 773 0009

Childline Cruse Bereavement Care Helpline Samaritans

0800 1111 0870 1671677 0845 790 9090

RSCPA 24 Hour Emergency Vet

0870 555 5999 01992 762699

Three Valleys Water Freephone Leakline Thames Water Freephone Leakline National Gas Emergency Service Freephone London Electricity Freephone

0800 376 5325 0800 714 614 0800 111 999 0800 0280 247

National Rail Enquiries Congestion Charge Phone Line

08457 48 49 50 0845 900 1234


EN MAGAZINE - February 2013

020 8991 1122 Hooke, Leader John Smart are samples collected from plants presenting Bravo Beethoven in the gardens and parkland on Saturday 8th February and tableware decorated with 2014 at 7.30 at the URC Church micro-patterns of wood sections Palmers Green N13 4AL. This collected from the Mulberry tree concert will be a special treat for in the grounds of Forty Hall. music lovers. Our orchestra of professional players will bring There will also be a selection you a feast of Beethoven with of silk hangings, artefacts and the Egmont Overture, Symphony micrographs installed in spaces number 3 the Eroica and will around the Hall, transforming be joined by the Adoramus the period rooms to surprise Choir for the exciting Choral and delight visitors. Fantasia. Adoramus is delighted to introduce to our audience Forty Hall is open Tuesday pianist Stephen Robbings. He – Friday - 11am – 4pm has given recitals in major Saturday & Sunday - 12 noon venues such as the Birmingham – 4pm Symphony Hall, and the Queen Elizabeth Hall and has Let the Peopl Sing performed in Europe, The Far Following the success of Simon East and the USA. You can hear Gilbert’s adult evening choir, him in Palmers Green. The Enfield Community Singers, Tickets are available from Ticket he is starting a daytime choir Hotline: 07816 998 308 Adult early in the new year. This £16, Child (16 and under) £10 or will now give members of the from local community, ladies AND adoramus. gentlemen who love to sing, an Further information from www. alternative opportunity to let hair down Outstanding two story, six bedroomtheir Vacation Villaearlier sleepsinupthe to day.. 12High available from as little as £650 a week. Located 15 minutes art at Forty Hall and from the Disney Theme Parks. Estate The charge per session is £5 and the policy is monthly payment, A new free exhibition of work though members may pay Facilities include Swimming Pool, Spa, TVs, Games Room that weaves together the hidden weekly if necessary. Smart polo Billiards, Hockey, Football and with Basketball equipment botanical,Air scientific andTable cultural shirts, a gold logo saying threads running through Forty Enfield Community Singers , provided, & Wi-Fi. Hall & Estate goes on display is also available for those who in the new year courtesy of would like to sing in concerts Telephone 020 8366 3311 or 07967 681908 for info’ on the Enfield Council and Arts Council England.rates available for both high So & your choice of choir will be: fantastic low Season.

Luxury Florida Holiday Home


Silken Cells by Rob Kesseler, the Tuesday 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm Chair in Arts, Design & Science at Millfield Arts Centre, Silver at the University of the Arts Street, Edmonton N18 1PJ and Option 1Monday above11.00 am till 1.00 pm London, goes on display on Saturday 11 January and runs St Mary Magdalene Church, £90 per month until Sunday 30 March. Windmill Hill, Enfield EN2 7AJ ( junction with The Ridgeway). The parlour table will be there is parking in both areas transformed with a silk cloth printed with a microscopic New Plans for Over 50s enlargement of its threads Daytime Choir embedded with images of pollen

Luxury Florida Holiday Home

Outstanding two story, six bedroom Vacation Villa sleeps up to 12 available. Located 15 minutes from the Disney Theme Parks. Facilities include Swimming Pool, Spa, TVs, Games Room, & Wi-Fi. Telephone 020 8366 3311 or 07967 681908 for info’ on the fantastic rates available for both high & low Season. Visit

Option 2 above

What’s On Rehearsals will be at St Mary Magdalene Church, Windmill Hill, Enfield EN2 on Monday mornings from 11.00 am till 1.00 pm. The proposed starting date will be mid February to be confirmed.There is off street parking and buses go from Enfield Town directly to the church

So if you love to sing, want to learn some great songs and have fun, please contact Simon on 020-8360-7386 or email him at “ REGULAR EVENTS AND CLUBS

Enfield Poets (formerly Salisbury House Poets) meet at the Dugdale Centre, Enfield Town, on the first Saturday in the month, 7.30 p.m. start. £3.50 entrance, £2.50 concessions. November Guest Poet: Anne Marie Fyfe December: Anthony Fisher demonstrates reading poetry to a jazz background with Special Edition. Poets from the floor are welcome to have a try. Potters Bar Flower Club The PBFC meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month (exc. August) at King Charles the Martyr Church, Dugdale Hill Lane, Potters Bar. Demonstrations most months. Visitors always welcome (£5 a meeting) For further information please contact Brenda on 020 8449 0138 or Mandy on 01707 658480

Enfield National Trust Association meet twice monthly, one afternoon at Holtwhites Sports & Social Club and one evening at either Enfield Grammar School or Enfield County School, Holly Walk, Enfield. We have summer outings, London outings, concert & theatre outings as well as lectures.Please ring Peter on 020 8363 1568 for details. Merlin Magical Society, Little Heath Parish Hall, Thornton Rd. P. Bar.EN6 1JJ. Meets fortnightly Thursday evenings. 01707 654606 for details. Magic & Mince Pies Dec’ 5th £6 open to the public. Enfield Civil Service Retirement Fellowship Meets once a month, and has

speakers of various kinds, often with slides, and we are open to both ex civil servants and non Civil Servants. We meet at St Andrews Church Hall, Silver Street, Enfield EN1 3EG on the 1st Monday of the month [2nd Monday if a Bank Holiday] at 10am for a 10.30 am start. For details, please contact Sue Sims 020 8245 4723 or Enfield Classical Guitar Society We meet 8:00 every Friday from September. Please see website enfieldclassicalguitarsociety.

Enfield & District Fuchsia Society Now in our 45th year. Meet at Capel Manor, Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield. 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays of each month 7-45 - 9-45 pm. Demonstrations, talks, advice, regular speakers. Beginners warmly welcomed. Free entry to our show, in July. Christmas party in December. For further information tel: Roy Fenwick 020 8292 6965 orMark Mendes 020 8368 6670 Enfield RSPB meet once a month at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Silver Street, Enfield @ 7.45pm for lectures, quiz evenings, etc & have monthly mid week walks, coach outings & two “birding” holidays a year. Check our website; uk/groups/enfield/news or ring Pauline on 020 8363 1568

Cuffley Floral Art Club We are a friendly flower arranging club meeting every 2nd Tuesday in the month (except January and August) at Cuffley Hall, Maynards Place from 8pm-10pm. Doors open from 7pm, visitors always welcome. For more information ring Jackie 020 8441 3663 or Val 01707 889447

Enfield Over 50s Computer Clubmeets first Sunday of every month at St John’s Hall, Strayfield Road, off Theobalds Park Road, Enfield EN2 9JP from 10.30am to approx 3.00pm Our website is www. or phone Eric at 0208 366 6162 Oakmere Bridge Club Held at Wyllyotts Centre, Darkes Lane Potters Bar every Monday,

To include your club or event in

7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. We are a small friendly club and would welcome new members. We have vacancies for improvers and intermediate players We play Chicago Bridge. Interested? Then contact Robert 01707 658677 Janice 01707 850983

Potters Bar Film Makers Wyllotts Centre, Potters Bar Alternate Thursdays 8.00pm Contact Penny 01707 656446 or John 01707 872210 for amateur cinematographers. Programme includes editing, filming techniques, competition evenings, social functions

Grange Park (Evening) W. I. would love you to come and join us at 7.30pm on the first Monday of every month at The Orchard Room Grange Park Methodist, Church Old Park Ridings, Grange Park N.21, when we have a speaker or a quiz and make bookings for social events such as theatre outings etc. If you are interested please phone Jan Barker on 0208 367 0988.

Enfield Camera Club meets at Trinity Church Hall Thursday evenings at 8 pm. New members are always welcome. Alternatively they can contact the club through the website www.enfieldcameraclub. or email to mail@ The subscriptioin rate is £32 for the full season - Visitors are asked to pay a £1 visitor’s fee, The Rotary Club of Enfield Chase Meets on Thursday mornings from 7.30am until 8.30 am in the Coffee Lounge, Enfield Baptist Church, Cecil Road, Enfield Town. For more information call 020 8366 4046 DANCE CLASSES

Latin and Ballroom Combining the elegance of Ballroom with the dynamic Latin American dances these nice ‘n’ easy fun introductory classes will ease even the most hesitant first-time dancer floor with confidence. WEDNESDAYS 8:00 – 8:45 Improvers/Intermediate Class8:45 – 9:30 Beginners Class 9:30 – 10:15 Social Dancing for all levels St Thomas’ Hall 79a Prince George Avenue Oakwood N14 4SN Car park is at the

rear of the building. Call 07960 736925 for details

Winchmore Folk Dance Club meets every Tuesday morning in term time in the lower hall at Grange Park Methodist Church N21 2EU between 10am and 12 noon to enjoy English Country Dancing. Led by experienced callers, dances range from the 17th Century until modern times. Each session costs £2.50 which includes refreshments. Beginners welcome. For more information contact John Wood on 020 8926 7293

Mr or Mrs Sexton Tel: 01707 874577 Meets at: St Stephen’s Church, Bush Hill Park, London, EN1 2ET Meets on: Mondays: 1.30pm4pm. Details: A friendly social group with a mixture of Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence Dancing Enfield Town FC Fixtures for December

Febuary Sat 8th - ETFC v Lewes KO 15.00 Sun 9th ETFC Ladies v Ebbsfleet Utd. KO 14.00 Tues 11th ETFC v Bury Town KO 19.45 Sat 15th Away v Lowestoft Tues 18th Away v Hampton & RB Weds 19th ETFC U21 v Wingate & Finchley Sat 22nd Away v Billaricay Town Tues 25th Away v Met Police Weds 26th ETFC U21 v Ware KO 19.30 March March 1st ETFC v Bognor Regis Town Sat 8th Away v Harrow Borough Sat 15th ETFC v Hampton RB Tues 18th ETFC v Grays Athletic KO 7.45pm Sat 22nd Away v Dulwich Hamlet Sat 29th ETFC v Leiston Full details at www.


email details to EN MAGAZINE - February 2013


For 25 years Chamberlains Estates have being helping people find their dream home to buy or rent in Enfield and the surrounding area 1989 - 2014 Thinking of Selling or Letting? Call 020 8366 3551 to arrange for a FREE valuation and marketing advice We have waiting Buyers & Tenants!

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