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Inside WFM Negotiations WFM Negotiations and Consultations... An Insider’s View p1-5 Obituary Gerry McAleer 1946 - 2009 p6&7 Justice Delayed? Try Freedom of Information p8-12 Super Governor - Stirling Albion p13

Becoming a Governor: Part One p14-16 Advanced Lessons in Prison Management p17-19 The Board have an ‘Improvised Empowering Debate’ p20&21 Life in a Career Cul-De-Sac p22&23 The World of ‘Nomsense’ Alternatively Titled ‘The Decency Agenda’ p23

and Consultations… An Insider’s View Colleagues will be aware that the lives of the NEC have been consumed by Work force Modernisation negotiations and consultations since last summer. Indeed we saw the initial drafts on structure from the WFM team as far back as the autumn of 2007. As a member of both the editorial team and the negotiating team it allows me the opportunity to share with the readership a worms eye view of how we got to where we are now, 25 February, with the ballot results of both the POA and ourselves known, and the firm rejection by both Trade Unions now a matter of public record. I believe that colleagues are entitled to an insight into how they as PGA members known far more for their loyalty to the organisation, their responsiveness to change, and their abhorrence of any behaviour with the faintest taint of militancy came to reject the Pay and WFM proposals. It is a story that deserves to be told. In doing so I will uphold the doctrine of collective responsibility and the confidentiality as it relates to individual NEC colleagues. As ever with my editorials, responsibility for accuracy and interpretation is mine alone. I have avoided the temptation to go down the chronological cinder track in describing events and before proceeding to analysis have instead opted to begin by quoting from an article by former Chief Inspector Jan Berry, which appeared in the Daily Mail, shortly after her retirement as Chair of the Police Federation in June 2008.



Christians at Work

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