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The Hair brush

The history of the hairbrush A hairbrush is a stick brush with rigid or soft bristles used in hair care for smoothing, styling, and detangling human hair, or for grooming an animal’s fur.

The hairbrush As long as people have had hair, they have needed some way to tame tangles, remove pests and, most importantly, show off their personal style. Hair brushes have been around for thousands of years, but they’ve changed dramatically from simple bone or shell picks to modern, ergonomic styling tools. Ancient Brushes Evidence such as portraits, paintings and sculptures show that Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians not only styled, but carefully curled, designed and braided their hair, proving that they must have used some form of hair brush. Early brushes used natural materials such as animal hair, porcupine quills, shells, flint and bones. Modern Brushes In ancient times, hair styling was a privilege reserved for only the wealthy. This changed slowly over time so that now, everyone cares well for his or her hair. For this reason, cheaper combs and brushes were needed. Manufacturers had to look for less-expensive materials than solid wood and animal hair. Today, most people use brushes with plastic handles and nylon bristles, but hair-care professionals insist that natural fibers are still best for your hair. Many modern brushes feature padded handles for easy gripping and holes for ventilation.

Did you know?. In fact the hair pin served a deathly dual purpose. Some were hollowed out to conceal poison and it is believed that a hair pin of this design was used by Cleopatra when she poisoned herself.

Human use A brush is typically used on long toes while a comb is normally used on shorter hair; however, both may be used for either. A flat brush is normally used for detangling hair, for example after sleep or showering; a round brush for styling and curling hair, especially by a professional stylist, and with a blowdryer. It has been documented that human beings were brushing paint onto walls so they were probably able to adapt this tool for the hair. It was necessary for the ancient civilizations to remove dirt and other creatures that became entangled in the hair. The hairbrushes that were invented in ancient times were made by hand and were fashioned very carefully from natural materials. The hairbrush has made its way into modern times and has evolved into an instrument that cannot be excluded in daily grooming routines

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