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Child Safety Tips - How to Avoid Bullying Bullying is a phenomenon that children often have to deal with and as mothers and fathers it is up to you to assist them cope with it and overcome the fear of bullies. Bullying is seen to take place in schools and colleges across the world and if not treated and addressed early on, it can have devastating results on your child's existence. The youngster turns into weak and unable to stand up for himself/herself in existence. Bullies are typically individuals who have deep insecurities and bully other individuals in order to encounter the insecurities. They appear for weak folks, preying on them since it helps make them feel powerful and potent. Usually soft spoken and weak youngsters grow to be targets that bullies pick on. Allow us deal with this subject in a systematic manner. The following are a few pointers mother and father can stick to assisting them deal with the difficulty of bullying. Let us say your son, named Jack, gets bullied each day in college and comes residence unhappy and crying, lamenting often that he does not like the children who bully him. Right here is what you can do: one) Request Jack the names that the bullies call him. Then try and clarify to him that identify-calling can not truly hurt him. There is an excellent story in this regard: as soon as there was a sage who lived in a hermitage in a forest with his disciples. A single day, when he was giving a sermon explaining the ancient scriptures, a lady came into the sermon and began abusing the old sage accusing him to be a fake. At this the previous guy just stored silent and quiet, having a slight smile gracing his face. The lady left and the furious disciples asked the sage why he did not say anything at all to the lady. The sage informed them that she had come to give him some gifts, and because he did not like the gifts, he did not take the gifts. The gifts were her harsh words. The sage remained calm and equipoise resuming his sermon as if nothing at all had took place. You can explain to Jack that he does not have to accept the present of the bullies. two) Describe to him what is happening, that they pick on him because he reacts when he cries. And they feel great and proceed. three) The magnet theory. Likes attract. Opposites move away. If he were to turn out to be strong and confident like them, they will no longer bother him. 4) Make a chart, putting up smiley faces whenever he does not react. Reward him for this. 5) Go over with him how he overcame bullying. Inform him you are proud of him. 6) Inquire him how extended it takes the bullies to discover new prey.

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Child Safety Tips - How to Avoid Bullying