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Poppy and Fred join the circus

Poppy and Fred join the circus

by Bryony Richardson.

Š Poppy Children 2012. All rights reserved.

Hello, i would like to intrduce

you to Poppy and her dog Fred.

Poppy and Fred like to have adventures and the paticular adventure started when the circus came to


There was a big notice pinned to

a telegraph pole. It said in big bold



THE CIRCUS NEEDS YOU Well that was an offer Poppy could not refuse.

P oppy had a big long think about all the tricks they could do.

Then Poppy put on her favourite tu tu and headed down to the circus

with Fred balancing on her head.

The clown was so happy to see

them, he asked them if it would be

ok if they could start right away as

they were so terribly short staffed

and the show would not be able to

go on with out them

Poppy and Fred looked at each

other and agreed to help the clown.

They had to learn all kinds of tricks


Fred learnt to balance a ball on

his nose just like a seal and poppy

learnt to ride a unicycle at the

same time as juggling. She was just

getting the hang of it when all the

boys and girls started rolling in and the big tent was full.

The show was a sell out !

The drums started rolling and circus began.

Poppy and Fred where on.

The first act was easy and

everyone laughed when poppy lost

all the juggling balls and fell off

her unicycle, like it was ment to happen.

In the interval Poppy and Fred were in charge of refreshments,

they had as many different trypes of sweets you could think of all

in big jars, not only that there was

candy floss and toffee Apples, you

name it.

It was hard work because everyone

wanted everything all at the same time.

As soon as the interval was over

it was back to the stage. Poppy held a hoop up high for the lion to jump


There were trapezze artists and a

strong man that could live poppy

above his head with his little finger.

All good things must come to an end and it was time for the great


Poppy climbed up a tall tall ladder

with fred balancing on her head. Poppy started to walk along the type rope.

The audience were completely silent.

The trick is not to look down. Poppy could feel her knees wobbling,

and Fred got so frightened that his

paws slipped over poppys eyes.

Poppy slipped and landed

doing the splits with Fred still on

her head. The audiences applause

was so load Poppy knew she had to

make it to the other end of the type rope, slowly and steadily she did it.

The audience loved it and as a re-

ward for her courage the everyone

from the circus walked them home. Only poppy and Fred didn’t do a single bit of walking.

The end.

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Poppy and Fred Join the circus  

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