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ANNA POPOVA portfolio interior architecture product design


Residential & commercial interiors projects LTD. “SolArt”, Novosibirsk, Russia


1 living room & commercial hall

Interior design and technical drawings for private cottage in Yurga city, Russia, 2010. Concept: create modern and eco-friendly interior in the countryside, according to client’s requirements for comfortable living. Materials: wood, travertine, stucco. Colors: green, beige, walnut. Design of commercial hall interior for pharmaceutical company “Siberian Health”, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2009. Concept: to create light and comfortable space, using natural materials and colors. Design of interior and trade equipment, according to brand identity.

Working project Realized

Concept of furniture with “nature inside”, NABA, Milan, Italy, 2012

product design

1 sink & coffee table

Idea: to put algae in it’s natural environment and to use it’s ability purify water, before it goes to sewage system. Materials: glass, chrome, wood, algae (Chara Horrida)

Idea: tree stump, covered with moss in the forest. Material: wood, glass, moss, LED lights. Moss has characteristic to survive in severe conditions and to purify the air, what ventilation holes make possible.

Studying project Concept

Design of architectural environment of railway area in the central part of Novosibirsk city Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Art, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2010

architecture & interior

general view/ park area/ railway station & interior

Award: third degree diploma in XIX International show-contest of the graduation projects and architectural works in Voronezh, Russia, 2010. Thesis project Concept

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Portfolio Anna Popova  
Portfolio Anna Popova  

Brief portfolio of studying and working projects 2009-2012 in interior, product design and architecture. I'm currently a student of Master o...