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WRITER Jhangir Kerawala ARTIST Sarbajit Sen ASST. ARTIST Anurag Hira POP CULTURE PUBLISHING TEAM Amita Khosla Vipul Rai Amitabh Thakur Manoj Kumar COVER RECREATED BY Swapnil Singh


In the year 1982, the city of Calcutta was plagued by a series of daring bank robberies...‌

Most of the robberies were accredited to one gang...the Red Hood gang...

The stupendous success of this gang was mainly due to two reasons...

Even before the police were informed, the raid was complete.

Mr. Das, the D.C. Police, (D.D.) was under heavy fire.

Sir, the Press Reporters are here.

I knew it. There is no escaping them. (sigh)

...simplicity and speed.

Sir, what is the latest position regarding the last robbery?

How is it that the Red Hood gang always seem to attack an unguarded bank? Is there a leak in your department?

Certainly not! I suppose they are keeping a constant watch on a number of banks and attacking the least guarded ones.

Ah Inspector, my only savior. Anything new?

How are you tackling the situation?

I am afraid, nothing much sir.

Why have there What are your been no arrests comments on the fact that in your short yet? tenure of two months there have been seven robberies?

And the only clue is that the leader of the gang is an elderly man who is bespectacled.

Hello! Das speaking‌ Who? The Chief MINISTER?...Gosh, it's him. And I can't hear anything clearly on this blasted phone.

Otherwise what sir? You would lose your job? Well, that's just too bad.

What sir?...Oh, I would lose my job! I see sir... Thank you, sir...

Work on it, man. This has caught the headlines of the National Press.

Yes sir, yes sir... Quite right sir...

My comment is that the police are not magicians. We're trying our best and you will be informed if there are any new developments. Good day, gentlemen.

We have arranged police protection at so many branches but somehow, the Red Hoods attack only the unguarded ones. I just don't get it.

You want what sir? A laxative action?

If you don't get it soon somebody else will get this chair... Hmmm...a fine chair. See how well it revolves!

Oh‌ a positive action? Certainly, sir...

Well, Inspector, if that does not bring my downfall, I don't know what will.

We heard of today's robbery, Pa. Does this throw any new light on the case?

No son. Seems like we are at a competition with the local electricity board. No light.

Isn't it all quite mysterious?

Don't let them relax, son. The trick is striking while the iron is hot. Don't let the trail get cold.

Next Saturday, Timpa accompanies his mother to the bank.

Questions, questions‌ I've had enough of them for the day. Why can't you lot be more like Rexy? He doesn't keep questioning.

Let her alone, Rexy!


Et tu Rexy... then die Inspector Dutt.

Rexy! Come back here.



As usual she has fooled you!

Stupid cat!!!

Everybody into the vault. Come on! Fast! !!!

Ssh... Rexy...

Your dinner is going to get cold if you don't stop pestering Pa and eat. Anyway, what about the loot? Anything recovered?

In the Manager's room...

Well, that was as easy as they come.

That's the lot. Now let's move out.

Quick! The safe keys!

Yes, but next one only after the Test.


Oh...where am I...?

Watch out!!! He's getting up!

Come on, Rishie!

Tch... Tch...Tch...

But I won't let you go.


Stupid! I told you no violence.


Timpa! Thank goodness. You are all right!

That was too close for comfort.

Next day, at the Police H.Q. Timpa, you watched the robbers for the entire period. Did you notice any oddity by which we can identify them?

There was this very stylish man. He was dressed in quite fashionable clothes and I am sure the shoes he wore are one in a million.

Yes I heard about those shoes. But I am afraid it would be an impossibility to launch a search for them. What I am worried about is the 'Test' Timpa says they were referring to. They could mean some examination.

Maybe they are involved with some extremists and are conducting preliminary experiments.

They've injured the guard and fled.

That would change the entire complex of our investigations.

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