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given how impressive the music on that ercy Sports Arena - a curiously latest record is* It almost goes with out angular and grass-covered saying, but visually Rammstein provide building - is situated some way a slick and often breathtaking show from the beart of the city, near a tonight, much of it naturally revolving weathered industrial area, rather around pyrotechnics. fittingly actually, given the nature of Explosions pierce the eardrums, the German legends we're hereto see, fire shoots out from every corner of Once inside, finding a decent spot the stage, toy babies with glowing involves risking life and limb green laser eyes blow up in mid-air, negotiating the narrow, precipice-like vocalistTill Lindemann dons a pair seating rows of the venue - seriousiy, offlam ingw ingsandr most getting out of your seat means taking dramatically, sets a Stuntman ablaze your life in your own hands. Gut as he runs around the stage. Equally perhaps it's apt that there's a sense impressively guitarists Richard L Kruspe of danger; after all this is Rammstein, and Paul H Landers propel flames a group who take risks as a matter from their faces while playing Feuer of course, whether it's making Frei (or in English, Fire Freely) a pretty pornographic Videos or performin g live impressive feat given that the intense with fire spurting from their faces. heat can be feit even from the crowd. From the momentthe lights 90 As everTill and keyboard player down (at which point 17,000 fireflies Flake remain a focal part of the show, appear to hover in the darkness, since Till tormenting the wacky synth man most of the fans are holding their until he leavesthe stage on an camera phones at the ready) and the inflatable boat, making his way intro tape begins, it becomes clear that around the arenaatop the crowd s the group are intent on promoting and heads while the band play an extended celebrating latest album Liebe /st Für version of their irresistibly kooky Atle Da. Opening with three songs from Haifisch. Recent single fto y tu rn s out the record and eventually playing over to provoke one of the greatest crowd half of the album, it's a move that responses, not least when Fill mans divides opinion, especially since the a large phallic cannon to shoot foam entire length of the concert is just over over the first TO or so rows. one and a half hours, perhaps a little Werethisanother band the brief considering the importante of tnis pyrotechnics would overwhelm the sizeable and not inexpensive show, music itself, and make no rnistake, this Theres certainly a few songs omitted is a show you'll want to get up dose to from the setlist that have worked great see, but Rammstein’s songs are just as live in the past and are missed tonight, explosive as their stageshow. [8] g. M ütter .; Amerika and ffe/se Re/se being DAYAL PATTERSON M but three. Such quibbles asider there s little to complain about tonight, especially




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Richard Crispy’ Kruspe: iDmm. leathery

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Richard Z Kruspe

Rammstein 'The last show we played here was four yea rs ago anditwasoneofm y favourite shows I ever ™ played in my life, so my expectations were real ly high. We've played two shows here thisyear, the first was all right, but this one was even better thasi that show we played four years ago> The people in Paris are differentTI think they understand us even more than the people in Germany. We bave a real ly trght bond wrth them and they were just going bananas, j um p ing a round, singing songs in German and it's just real ly great to play a show here. \ don't really feel tKe fire anymore; I just try to play, and on top of that blow some flames, but I think you have to be confident to do it. It's always a thrifl to play with fire, fire is extremely fasrinating and it's the same thing on stage, it gives you your own personal line of cocaine! I also really like the beginning of the show when we're breaking through the wall, and the light is shining through the holes> It was actuaEly an idea 1hadr like breaking through the Berlin wall, you know? Especially growing up in East Germany, it's like escapmg the wall after 20 years!'7

P au lB o b Mortimer’ Landers: toasty

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2010 02 xx metal hammer  

2010 02 xx metal hammer

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