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EMPAC residcency - 2011

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EMPAC residcency - 2011 About a Way of Being, was commissioned by Experimental Media Performing Arts Center & The Getty Villa Lab Theater. Project support from: Creative Capital, University of California Los Angeles Department of World Cultures, Center for Cultural Innovation ARC Program, and private donors. VENUE TYPE: Any COMPANY MEMBERS: 8 COMPLETE TECHNICAL RIDER AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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Po o rDo gGr o up/ Ab o utt heWa yo fBe i ng

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Po o rDo gGr o up/ Ab o utt heWa yo fBe i ng

De v e l o p me ntHi s t o r y Creative Capital New York City, NY Janurary 2013 YADDO Saratogia Springs, NY October 2012 UCLA Department of World Cultures Los Angeles, CA August 2012 MacDowell Fellowship Petersburgh, NY February 2012 EMPAC Troy, NY Novemeber 2011 The Getty Villa Los Angeles, CA November 2010

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Po o rDo gGr o up&J e s s eBo nne l l Poor Dog Group [PDG] was founded in 2008. Our first work, Hey. Hey, man. Hey. was presented by REDCAT at the 2008 New Original Works Festival. We celebrated the opening of our 6,100 sq.ft. Performance Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles in January 2009. That summer, we toured The Internationalists throughout Eastern Europe performing in over a dozen cities in Croatia, Poland, and Serbia. Funding for this tour was provided by TCG, The Foundation for Contemporary Arts, The Grotowski Institute, and The United States Embassy. In 2010, we co-presented the world premiere adaptation of Gertrude Stein’s Brewsie & Willie with CalArts’ Center for New Performance. This project received significant support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In 2011, Brewsie & Willie was re-mounted in Los Angeles as part of the inaugural International theater festival Radar L.A. Last fall, PDG traveled to Europe for a three-week residency in Europe, funded, in part, by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. Our most recent work, was co-commissioned between The Getty Villa in Malibu and the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in New York. Most recently, we remounted The Internationalists at Studio SCR in Orange County. In the last year, Jesse Bonnell was awarded a MacDowell Fellowship, Yadoo, UCLA, and CalArts residency. Jesse Bonnell is a recipient of the 2013 Creative Capital Award.


Ad d i t i o na lLi nks

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The Murder Ballad @ REDCAT NOW Festival >

Jesse Bonnell c. 01.917.715.3165

EMPAC Work in Progress >

Se l e c t e dHi s t o r y Oc t o b e r2 0 1 2 > Jesse Bonnell in-residence at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, NY August 2012 > Hot House Residency at University of California, Los Angeles July (2012) > REDCAT’s New Original Works Festival presents The Murder Ballad March (2012) > The Internationalists presented as part of Studio SCR in Orange County, CA. > Itamar Stern is invited to attend the TCG/American leadership Bootcamp February (2012) > Jesse Bonnell is awarded The MacDowell Fellowship November (2011) > Everything you Ever Wanted (a performance party) presented at The Collapsible Hole in Brooklyn, NY. October (2012) > Residency and presentation aEMPAC June (2011) > Gertrude Stein’s Brewsie & Willie presented at Radar L.A. January (2011) > Work in Progress presentation title, Satyr Atlas at The Getty Villa November (2010) > REDCAT Residency with Polish Director Grzegorz Jarzyna August (2010) > Hot House Residency at University of California, Los Angeles July (2010) > World Premiere of Gertrude Stein’s Brewsie & Willie January (2010) > The Internationalists presented at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood July (2009) > Tour of, The Internationalists at The Grotowski Festival in Poland June (2009) > Tour of, The Internationalists in Croatia and Serbia June (2009) > Residency at University of Zagreb May (2009) > World Premiere of, The Internationalists presented at Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum Aug us t( 2 0 0 8 ) >Po o rDo gGr o upi sf o und e d

Po o rDo gGr o up/ Ab o utaWa yo fBe i ng I nf o r ma t i o nPa c ke t


About a Way of Being - Information Packet  

About a Way of Being - Information Packet

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