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Retold by: Layne MacPherson

Snow White, the Seven Dwarves and Their Rights

Once upon a time, a fair maiden named Snow White spoke out against the evil queen. This didn't make the Queen very happy, so she banished Snow White from her kingdom, infringing on her first right.

Snow White was terribly frightened, so she ran into a small hut at the edge of the woods. There she saw a moonshine distillery, because of a law passed that prohibited alcohol.

Once inside the hut, she was shot in the leg by a small, gun wielding man, for he had the right to bear arms. boom

Snow White went to court, which was watched over by a jury, and sued the dwarven family for 5,000 jewels. Thankfully, the court ruled this as overly excessive and nullified her claim

Still angered by this injustice, Snow White told an army to search the home of the dwarves, but the dwarves would not allow it, due to the fact that there was no search warrant.

The army was exhausted after this long day, but knew that they could not quarter themselves inside the moonshine distillery house. So they went on their way.

All this time, the dwarf's slave Dopey was working in the mines giving them diamonds and other precious stones. Meanwhile, Snow White pulled some strings and passed a law to abolish slavery

Angered by the loss of their servant, the dwarves buried Snow White alive, but were witnessed in the process by the Prince.

The dwarves quickly claimed the privilege to be tried in front of a grand jury and demanded their rights to a fair and speedy trial. They also said that they had a set of unalienable rights.

The Prince contacted his friend Duke Madison, who was called the father of their kingdom's Constitution and asked if he could become the supreme ruler and judge, but the Prince was denied his request because power was limited in their kingdom

The Prince then went to his room and cried for a long time, for his love was murdered and he was denied power.

Epilogue The dwarves were found guilty and were sentenced to a life in prison. The Prince took therapy and soon recovered from watching his love be murdered. The Queen died and a King took her place. Under his rule the alcohol ban was repealed three amendments later and Dopey started a successful whiskey distillery at the home where he once was enslaved.

The End

Pictures: All from Google Images 1.http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_amendments_to_the_United_S tates_Constitution 2. v=pIKhRERqPS4 3.

Snow White, the Seven dearves and their rights  

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