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Sit up and notice student artist and emerging illustrator create joy and delight through her work, Shilo Shiv Suleman Make Shilo Shiv Suleman’s blogs your pit stop this month. The 21-year-old student has an enviable repertoire of work to her credit. She is pursuing her degree in Design and Animation at the Shristi School of Design Bangalore, while she does freelance assignments painting walls, instruments, posters and t-shirts for NGOs. She wanders around the country, illustrating ads, magazines and children’s books. Could you expect any less from the daughter of renowned artist Niloufer Suleman?

Shilo Shiv Suleman

For Shilo, it all started at age 16 when she illustrated a book of children’s poems in Hindi followed by five others - two for Karadi Tales, and one for the Kishkinda Trust in Hampi, Pampasutra by Arshia Sattar - about the river goddess of Hampi. She also wrote an interactive graphic novel for children called ‘Khoya’. Shilo also started blogging when she was 16. “I soon realized that I was running out of words and being flooded by

images. My mouth was sealed shut and I opened my eyes,” she recalls. “I started taking pictures and uploading them on the blog but then realized that my eyes and camera couldn’t capture what my heart saw.” That is when she started illustrating. Art and design was always something close to her heart and she has grown up watching her mother. But what interested her about ‘applied art’ was how everything could became a canvas, right from a can of juice to a book to a wall in a rural area in Bangalore. For one so young, she is clear about how she defines creativity. It is not something elusive that a few lucky are blessed with. “Skill can be taught by others or learned by oneself. Creativity and intuition is in everybody and that creative urge is what needs to be channeled,” says the wisebeyond-her-years Shilo. She believes that most of us swallow the beauty and esthetics which are around us in natural patterns and forms; the lines on a leaf, colors, visions, postures, characters. It’s the same with sounds and tastes. “We are unthinking observers. But if we bring awareness to it and combine it with creative urge, one ceases to be an observer and moves into the role of a ‘creator’,” she assures. Is it that simple? Take a look at her work and judge for yourself. www.

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