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Special attention to the details of the opening experience and the intricacies of making a premium product package are all on the new agenda of upcoming product ranges.

An interactive packaging range which will increase the time duration of the package from the display rack to its disposal post buying is expected, thus satisfying the need for its involvement with the consumer. Involvement achieved through customization and by creating an area for identity on the package will be an introduction to personalization of packaging, which in a way will give the consumer a platform to associate himself with the package. Personalization can be a source of information for the buyer or the receiver in case of a gift pack. Customized shape, color or message can be a part of the package.

Premium packaging is on the way to mass production as the demand for personalized packages is on the rise

The ‘Cadbury Celebrations’ pack, considered revolutionary for festive gifting in India, has opened up new

The social change taking place in India will indirectly result in modification in packaging design, which cannot be ignored. Considering such a scenario, the emotional selling proposition of a package majorly impacts the FMOT (first moment of truth) while making purchasing choices to the extent of buying a product for not only its content but its dual purpose or increased utility of the package.  15

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