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December 2019 | # 112

During the launch of the new International Design Organization at WIDC in Yantai, China


Prof. Ashoke Chatterjee pg 10 |

Editor in Chief |

Why a Chartered Society of Designers? While China is preparing to launch a new international design organization, India Design Council (IDC) is ready to launch the ‘Chartered Society of Designers’ (CSDI). It was a stated mandate for the IDC to form a CSDI when it started as a follow up to the National Design Policy announced by the Government of India on 8th January 2007. The current Council is presided over by Dr. Naushad Forbes, Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshall Group. Praveen Nahar, Director of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is the member secretary. The Council has 32 eminent members from the field of design, academia, media, industry organizations, and government departments. Apart from the primary purpose of ‘Creating, Enhancing, and Sustaining the Practice of Design in India’, there are other reasons why a body like this becomes essential. The design ecosystem in India is growing with ever increasing speed. Anyone can call themselves a ‘designer’, resulting in considerable confusion in Industry, the Government, and among the general public. There doesn’t seem to be any distinction between professional and nonprofessional designers. There are no standards of ethics or delivery to protect the professional practice of design.

Photographed by Sudhir Sharma

Sameer Pawar 02 Hardik Shah 20 Hanumant Khanna 28 Parul Agrawal 34 Srinia Chowdhury 40 Malavika Singh Gupta and Gopendra Pratap Singh 48 Sahiba Madan 54 Nirupa Rao 60


Designindia was founded in 2002. It was started as a platform for interaction for the design community in India and abroad. Over the years it has grown into a forum spread over many social and professional networking domains, linking design professionals into an active, interactive and thought leading community.

CSDI will give the professional designer a much-needed identity, something that will stand for quality and trustworthiness, and over the years come to be recognized by society, Industry, and the Government. The Society will bring tangible benefits for professionals and increase their employability. It will bring in the much-needed pride at being a professional designer and create a clear distinction from other creative professionals. I hope we all enroll quickly and make ‘Indian Design’ a reality in our times. For more information on CSDI and how to join it, watch out for my upcoming blog. Sudhir

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While Sameer Pawar’s day job as Graphics Director, Forbes India is creatively challenging, it is his night time forays into fine art that really keep him going

2  POOL #112

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10  POOL #112

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As Principal Architect at Studio Lagom, Hardik Shah works hard to achieve the perfect balance between less and more

A garden restaurant and cafe in a quiet by-lane of Surat

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As Creative Lead and Designer at Quick Brown Fox Design, Hanumant Khanna has the opportunity to explore new worlds with every project he takes on What drew you to graphic design? HK: Before design, there was art. From when I was a child I remember spending much of my free time drawing. I especially liked drawing trees - using pencil or pen to achieve a textured and layered composition of lines and scratches that became bark, branch, twig, leaf, and root. The stark simplicity of black on white appealed to me. It was my mother who first introduced me to the idea of design as a career. She handed me some literature on The National Institute of Design when I was 16, and for the first time I knew what I wanted to do after school. NID, Ahmedabad was a magical four years of learning. I graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design, and cannot imagine myself a designer today without the time I spent there. You worked with various design studios before starting on your own. What did you learn from that experience? HK: Every experience has taught me something. Some have become lifelong lessons, beacons that guide me even today; others have become cautionary tales, reminders on what not to do or how not to be. I have had the privilege of working with some of the best designers and design teachers in the country; I interned at Itu Chaudhuri Design in Delhi, and worked at Design Temple in Mumbai, and Codesign in Delhi. While I spent my days there diligently engaged in refining my abilities, it wasn’t till later that I realized I had imbibed a lot more than the essentials of good graphic design. 28  POOL #112

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Craft designer Parul Agrawal has created a unique jewelry line to commemorate the black pottery of her hometown

Sikahar earrings (Photo by: Tanjul Sarkar) 34  POOL #112

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Plate (29.5 cm dia, stoneware, wheel thrown hand-buit, slips and sgraffito)

The influence of pop art and Picasso is very visible in sculptor/ ceramist Srinia Chowdhury’s striking creations

What role has a formal design education played in your career? SC: After a BFA (Sculpture) from the College of Art, Delhi I joined NID, Ahmedabad, in 2010 for a Master’s in Ceramic and Glass Design but ran away in three months! I went on to do a Master’s in Fine Arts (Sculpture) at the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata. I believe design runs in human DNA at different levels and I was not ready to polish that skill just yet as I wanted to throw myself in the pool of art. But life has taken a full circle - often when I make commissioned tableware I have to keep juggling between design and art. I am finally at the crossroads, trying to maintain a balance and I am most certainly not complaining - in fact I love it! 40  POOL #112

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Vinayak Arts 986, Sadashiv Peth Dnyan Prabodhini Road Pune 411030



(+91 20) 2447 7253 (+91 98) 2275 7538


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Architect Sahiba Madan has a flair for illustration and an eye for detail that combine perfectly to create truly attention-grabbing spaces

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A National Geographic Young Explorer, Nirupa Rao’s work is inspired by regular field visits into the wild, and informed by close collaboration with natural scientists to achieve accuracy. In these excerpts from a conversation with Sonalee Tomar of ‘The Indian Curator’, Nirupa talks about her commitment to botanical art. Tell us about your journey with Hidden Kingdom.   NR: Hidden Kingdom is something I’ve had in mind for a long time. In college, I interned at the children’s department of Bloomsbury Publishers, UK, that produced the likes of Harry Potter. I realized that we didn’t have much content rooted in our Indian landscape, and if you grew up on a diet of Enid Blyton as I did, you often learned more about their blackberry brambles, badgers and foxes than we did about our own species. Hidden Kingdom is an attempt to address that. It’s a book on the fascinating plants of the Western Ghats, from carnivores to parasites to flowers that stink of rotting flesh. It challenges our perception of plants as passive organisms, showing us their creativity, agency and tenacity. 60  POOL #112

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64 POOL #59

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POOL 112  

In this issue: Prof. Ashoke Chatterjee, Sameer Pawar, Hardik Shah, Hanumant Khanna, Parul Agrawal, Srinia Chowdhury, Malavika Singh Gupta an...

POOL 112  

In this issue: Prof. Ashoke Chatterjee, Sameer Pawar, Hardik Shah, Hanumant Khanna, Parul Agrawal, Srinia Chowdhury, Malavika Singh Gupta an...