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Extend your travel time with a portable recreational fuel or water bladder

Boating, fishing or camping, you can enjoy longer trips away by conveniently storing extra fuel and water onboard with a custom made bladder. Unlike rigid plastic and metal canisters, a bladder tank can be custom made to suit your vehicle, boat or even motorbike. And when empty, they roll up to a fraction of the final fill size and weigh little compared to the final fill weight. The flexibility of a bladder also means you can store them in recesses such as rear footwells, rear or side cargo areas, and many other places that would be hard to fit a rigid canister.

When considering a bladder, be it for fuel, water or some other liquid, make sure its fit for purpose. This means in the case of fuel, the material is rated to hold fuel and won't leak or weep over time. Not all fuels are the same and for a fuel like unleaded petrol the bladder will have to be specially made if they are to last. In the case of water, the material should be a potable grade material, meaning it is water safe and will have no after taste from the material. Other points to look for when buying a bladder is to make sure: 1. It is puncture resistant, as you don't want it leaking in the car! 2. Weather resistant - you will be outdoors after all 3. It is not cheaply produced, sealing and joining techniques such as heat or hf welding are much more stronger than a chemical or glue bonds. Apart from fuel and water you can also store liquids like black and grey water. Advantages here are the bladder will only fill as required, with no airspace. This reduces contamination problems and means you only use the minimum amount of space needed.

Water and fuel bladders can be made in sizes to store liquids from 100 litres to 500 litres. You should always be aware of the amount stored, as a litre of liquid is roughly 1 kg of weight.

Finally, another great advantage of a bladder is that there is a great range of standard fittings that you can customise them with, such as:

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Breather/Vents Elbow fittings Valves Garden hose fittings Barbed fittings Skin fittings Tie downs

So next time you plan a long camping trip consider taking a water or fuel bladder along for the ride and enjoy a longer time away.

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Extend your travel time with a portable recreational fuel or water bladder