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Don't Let One Spill Ruin Your Day In this new age of safety, it is important to remember legal and moral obligations to provide and keep a safe work place. When hazardous chemicals and liquids are being used, it is very important to take a pro-active approach to managing potential spills. One spill can literally ruin your whole day with the cost and effort that goes into the clean up. Prevention is then the answer. This is where spill containment liners become an important asset in the workplace. Used in either permanent or portable applications, a spill containment liner will do as it suggests – contain a spill. Whether its water, fuel or some other substance, a contained spill is much easier and cheaper to clean up, and there is much less impact on the environment.

Secondary Containment liners are designed and used as a solution both for the permanent or temporary containment of liquids or substances that are potentially hazardous to the environment. A company like Fabric Solutions Australia can produce secondary containment liners to suit almost any situation for both temporary or permanent applications. Each secondary containment liner or portable spill bund is made to suit the application, with many different polymeric materials available, depending on the chemicals or contaminants involved. Usage of a spill containment liner can be installed in large permanent areas such as fuelling stations, but can also be utilised in smaller applications with a spill bund, such as with generators, compressors and other onsite machinery that uses potentially hazardous liquids or substances. Drive over models are also available and can have either foam filled sides or collapsible sides depending on application. Spill bunds also come with a wide array of options, including: • The fitting of drain points and/or collection sumps • Supplied with protective groundsheets, floor inserts or wheel tracks available • Can be custom made to whatever size and shape required • For use in almost any terrain

So consider the use of a spill containment system on your worksite and don't let one spill ruin your day.

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Don't let one spill ruin your day