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The magic formula for well-being

Saving the clever way

The reviewed DIN 19643

Little treasure hiding in Alsace Piscine des Remparts in Sélestat

Fast, faster – world record! ProMaqua at the Olympics

The Pool Position

Poolsplace – the extraordinary pool exhibition

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Keeping a diary is „in“

PoolDiary now available for Android operating system 15

Two become one – the new F module A real plus in functionality

São Paulo – the City of Superlatives Smart disinfection of pool water with ozone

Championship Report

“Synchronixen” to win silver medal in team contest

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Often certain nationalities are attributed certain characteristics such as a delightful way of life to the French, hot Samba rhythms to the Brazilians or a certain reserve to Northern Germans.

Well, what do all these matters have to do with ProMaqua?

Very simply: In this new issue of Splash you will find several application examples from different countries. On the one hand, they emphasize our customer proximity and on the other hand, that German technology is highly appreciated around the globe. Thus, products from ProMaqua are fully up to date even after revision of the German standard DIN 19643, which is the measure of all things when it comes to designing and evaluating water treatment technology.

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

More about this topic, the reviewed DIN 19643 and the new cooperation of companies specialized in pool building, the Poolsplace GmbH, can be found in this magazine. As usual, our website www.promaqua.com provides detailed information on and technical data of all mentioned products as well as brochures for easy download. Now, enjoy your “plunge” into the exciting world of Splash!


The ultra-modern interconnection of twelve swimming pools in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! in Cuxhaven, Northern Germany, is a perfect example. Anyone thinking this would surely be complicated to handle will be surprised, as the complete monitoring and control of all systems is carried out centrally via computer and remotely via tablet PC.

In the further development of our products and systems, we always focus on optimizing saving potentials.



Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Weinert Sales Manager Pool & Wellness ProMaqua GmbH

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– the magic formula for well-being

Modern pool control made easy – with tablet PC and DULCOMARIN® II Already the Greek and Romans knew of the sea’s healing powers and nowadays, in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! in Cuxhaven, Northern Germany, guests are also benefitting from its effects: bathing and relaxing in real seawater, pleasant treatments with salt and mud - and to make fun complete: varied activities in the children’s paradise or on the giant water slide. Well, let’s go to the North Sea! Cuxhaven with its 50,000 inhabitants is located on the shore of the North Sea at the mouth of the River Elbe and thus, at the northernmost point of Lower Saxony. Here, life is determined by two economic factors: fishery and tourism. The city attracts with several museums and natural monuments such as the tidal flats, which are part of Hamburg’s and Lower Saxony’s Wadden Sea national parks and since June 2009, belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This particular landscape serves for recreation and is an important breeding and resting area for numerous bird species. Besides Bremerhaven, also Cuxhaven has retained its relevance as a location for the fishing industry in Germany and today, almost 40 processing companies with about 1,000 employees are in operation. However, during the recent years another industry has caused an economic upswing: the energy industry with its wind power stations. Due to the advantageous geographic situation at the mouth of the River Elbe, Cuxhaven has established itself as the offshore base port and preferred location for companies operating in the fields of logistics and the handling of 4

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

components for wind energy plants. Since tourism started in Cuxhaven back in the year 1816 with the foundation of a seaside resort, neither locals nor visitors would have imagined with which bathing pleasures they would be indulged in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! today.

Hence, it is not surprising that with more than three million annual overnight stays, the North Sea spa resort Cuxhaven is the most popular spa town in Germany. Extra seawater experience The water park with view to the North Sea offers extraordinary bathing fun in real seawater. Children and adults can choose between several pools for swimming and relaxing: In the huge wave pool equipped with a jet stream canal and a 65 meter long giant water slide, there is a lot of action. In the children’s paradise or in the outdoor pool, however, life is a bit quieter.

The thermal spa having a temperature of 32° C as well as the three cold water and one warm water pool of the sauna area are completely focussing on wellness and recreation. Furthermore, there is a separate therapy pool used for aqua fitness and special health treatments. With the exception of three weeks during winter, the popular Thalassozentrum ahoi! is open all year – thus, an always hygienically clean water quality is the top priority of the municipal operator and also the guarantee for a constantly high number of visitors.

The control and monitoring of a total of 12 pools in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! are carried out by the central measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II provided by ProMaqua. Each pool has a measuring point consisting of one M module and several sensors. This complete measuring unit is mounted with clearly arranged components on a pre-assembled plate. It continuously records the parameters free chlorine, compound chlorine and total chlorine as well as redox potential and pH value. All measured data are centrally collected and displayed by the DULCOMARIN® II. Moreover, the wave pool, the outdoor pool and the thermal spa are each equipped with a control module for up to three metering pumps, the so called A module. The measuring and control system controls

the circulation pumps of the corresponding water cycles: If the chlorine value is low, the pump performance is high; if the set value of chlorine is reached, the pump performance will be reduced. For Axel Thienel, the overall responsible for water treatment in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! as well as in all other public pools of the City of Cuxhaven, there was no alternative to the solution from ProMaqua: “Repeatedly, we had handling problems with the former water treatment system and often, repairing was necessary. For this reason, two years ago we started to step by step retrofit all pools with components from ProMaqua.” The retrofit was carried out in successful co-operation with Tricura GmbH & Co. KG, a company specialized in building swimming pools and located near Bremen.

Since then, the new system for water treatment and disinfection is running without interruption – and without any downtimes. Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 5

Another positive effect for the operator is the extremely low maintenance required and consequently, the additionally reduced operating costs, as the system has only to be cleaned. The usual annual exchange of the measuring probes is no longer needed, due to the fact that all ProMaqua probes have a 10 years warranty. One system for all The interconnection of sensors, metering pumps and the central measuring and control unit is effected by means of a CAN bus system. Furthermore, the pool operator uses the option embedded web server and an internet connection for easy remote monitoring and controlling of the relevant measuring parameters of the 12 water cycles in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! – via computer or even more flexible via tablet PC (Android operating system).

„Communication via the bus system really is unique”, explains Axel Thienel. “ The DULCOMARIN® II displays all 12 pools, no other system is able to do this. The handling is just unbeatably user-friendly.“ In order to avoid any false operation or misuse, there are four factory-set password levels, so that the administrator – in this case Axel Thienel – can assign different access rights at different levels similar to those of a computer network. In addition, ProMaqua considers customers’ requests and wishes in its software updates, which are regularly provided cost free. Due to the very positive experiences with the perfect functioning of the system in the Thalassozentrum ahoi!, in the meantime, the City of Cuxhaven has also equipped its two open-air swimming pools as well as another indoor pool used by schools and sports clubs with technology from ProMaqua. The highlight of this fact is, that due to the internet connection of the DULCOMARIN® II units installed there, Axel Thienel can even monitor and control those pools centrally from his office computer or remotely via his tablet PC, too.

Mud makes attractive As described before, state-of-the-art technology ensures an excellent water quality in the Thalassozentrum ahoi! around the clock on 365 days a year. But what about the natural components for the well-being of the water park visitors and patients at the spa resort?


• Reliable monitoring and control of 12 water cycles with central measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II

• Interconnection of all components via CAN bus system and easy remote control with computer and tablet PC (or iPad) via internet connection

One has to know that the European Spas Association has defined strict criteria for a thalasso therapy. First of all, the location has to be directly at the sea providing a direct impact of the sea climate. And of course, treatments using sea products such as algae and mud must be offered. The Thalassozentrum ahoi! in Cuxhaven fulfils these and many more requirements.

So, why not let yourself be treated like a queen or king and make a short holiday trip to the North Sea during autumn or winter time? One thing is for sure: The Thalassozentrum ahoi! in Cuxhaven has something special to offer - for any age and any wish!

Today, thalasso does not only apply to the treatment of respiratory and skin diseases, but also includes wellness offers. As seawater encourages the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, its mineral salts and trace elements strengthen the connective tissue. Especially allergy sufferers and asthmatics benefit from the almost unpolluted fresh sea air. The North Sea climate stimulates and reinforces at the same time the immune system of coastal inhabitants and holiday guests alike. The crowning touch, however, is the optically unsightly dark grey mud. Mud makes attractive, because in the form of face masks and mud-packs, it increases the skin’s natural elasticity and ensures a beautiful appearance – already the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra took considerable advantage of that.


• Extremely low maintenance required and reduced operating costs


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

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Saving the clever way

DIN 19643

Perfect equipment for saving resources provided by ProMaqua For whomever planning or building a public swimming pool, it is the measure of all things – the German standard DIN 19643. After the Law on the Prevention of Infection, it is the second most important regulation in Germany for swimming pool water and defines the chemical, physical and microbiological limit and reference values. Recently, the standard has been completely reviewed and offers some interesting innovations

Another remarkable innovation of the DIN 19643 concerns filter backwashing: The residue-free backwashing is now possible also with chlorine dioxide systems.

It is almost like a little revolution, because according to the new DIN 19643, the circulation rate can now be reduced at any time if the water parameters are within the required specified range.

As a consequence, the operators of public swimming pools, for example, can actively reduce the circulation rate dependent on the water parameters from 10 p.m. in the evening to 6 a.m. in the morning and are not obliged to operate at full-load anymore.

For example, the Bello Zon® CDLb from ProMaqua can be used in buildings having a large pipeline system. The system uses the chlorite/acid process in which chlorine-free chlorine dioxide is generated from a sodium chlorite solution using hydrochloric acid in a batch process. Due to its elaborate reactor design, an outstanding efficiency well over 90 percent is achieved.

This guarantees a costefficient, environmentally friendly operation with minimal use of chemicals.

In case of good hygiene parameters and corresponding conditions this results in a considerable decrease in costs for energy and chemicals. The quasi “thinking” measuring and control unit DULCOMARIN® II in combination with the matching sensors and metering pumps is perfectly suited fur such applications. When the weather conditions are poor and the number of visitors is low, in open-air pools this modern control concept can exactly adapt the circulation rate based on the water parameters and thus, can optimally exploit the high saving potential. Furthermore, according to the new DIN 19643 the operating data can be processed electronically and directly transferred to the authorities – that is easily done with the DULCOMARIN® II and a computer or tablet PC. Here, too, resources are saved, as the generation of printouts is eliminated. 8

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

Facts • Perfect adaptation and control of cir- culation rate with measuring and con- trol unit DULCOMARIN® II • Residue-free filter backwashing with chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDLb • Reduced costs for operation and chemicals

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 9

Little treasure hiding

in Alsace

The facility was opened in 2009 and during last year, almost 130,000 visitors have enjoyed the water attractions offered on an area of more then 4,000 square meters. After the French Ministry of Health banned the disinfectant Polyhexanide (PHMB) used, for example, in pool cleaning agents, as a consequence, the pool operators in Sélestat had to retrofit their installation.

Facts • Ready-to-fit metering system ProCal for disinfection with calcium hypochlorite • Reliable production and metering of chlorate-free disinfection solution with one system

• Reduction of operating costs due to considerable water savings

The picturesque region of Alsace between the Rhine River and the Vosges mountains is well known for its excellent cuisine and impressive churches. There are numerous smaller places as well, which attract visitors with their interesting history going back to medieval times. Some of them even hide unique treasures. One of these locations is Sélestat, a small town with nearly 20,000 inhabitants, situated on the River Ill in the triangle between Strasbourg, Colmar and Freiburg in Breisgau. Besides the romantic old town with its typical winding alleys, there are several remarkable buildings such as the Romanesque St. Faith’s Church or the mighty clock tower of the original city fortification. But what makes Sélestat so particular? The most famous son of this city is the German humanist Beatus Rhenanus, born in 1485. As he died in 1547, he bequeathed his native town about 670 leather-bound books, his complete private library. Already at that time, this was an inestimable value, because the manufacture of books and manuscripts was very expensive.


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

Thierry Gombart, technical responsible at the „Piscine des Remparts“, explains: “We informed ourselves about various methods for water treatment and visited, for example, the swimming pool of a neighbouring city. There a combined process with chlorine and ozone is used. The excellent water quality and the considerably reduced operating costs have convinced us to also install this technology provided by ProMaqua in our facility.” Thus, the retrofitting of the swimming pool in Sélestat was carried out during the regular maintenance period at the end of December 2011. A complete treatment system for a total of three pools and one water slide is now operating around the clock. It consists of the following components: In all three ProCal systems for disinfection with calcium hypochlorite, three hose pumps DULCO®flex DF4 for flocculant metering, three Beta® type diaphragm metering pumps, three OzonePacks each having an ozone generator and a contact tank as well as one multi-channel multi-parameter measuring and control unit DULCOMARIN® II for the overall central control.

Economic disinfection with ProCal The compact and pre-assembled treatment and metering system ProCal offers the operators of small to mediumsized swimming pools a comfortable and economic solution.

As a granulate, calcium hypochlorite is only dissolved when it is needed and produces a highly effective disinfectant when dissolved in water. This happens entirely free of chlorate, with minimal effect on the pH value and always reliably. In any case, the requirements of the pool operators in Sélestat are fulfilled: „We neither wanted combined chlorine nor chloramines in the pool water or the ambient air”, says Thierry Gombart. “The disinfection parameters of the combined process by the ProCal system and the OzonePack are perfect, the pool water is crystal clear and hygienically clean. We are very satisfied with our decision of installing the ProMaqua system, as compared to the former use of PHMB, we have already saved 8,000 m3 water in only six months!” Whether these statements would have also impressed the humanist Beatus Rhenanus will remain concealed. But physical exercise in a modern water park such as the „Piscine des Remparts“ would have been a welcome change for the scholar - without any doubt!

Furthermore, it is the only and almost completely intact humanist library, which was rewarded last year by being added to the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. The former granary was turned into a museum, so today, one can admire the books of the private library of Beatus Rhenanus and manuscripts of Sélestat’s Humanist School. Among the many other medieval works exhibited, there is also the oldest still intact book of Alsace from the 7th century. For booklovers and historians a real Eldorado!

Medieval history, but up-to-date technology Those who might now suppose that anywhere in Sélestat things would be old-fashioned, are definitely wrong. The public swimming pool „Piscine des Remparts“ is equipped with the most modern technology for water treatment and a popular place for leisure activities.

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 11

Fast, faster -

world record!

During the Olympic Games this summer, also without wearing streamlined racing wet suits, the swimmers set nine fantastic new world records in the Aquatics Centre in London. A total of 950 athletes participated in 34 competitions of the Olympic sports swimming, diving, synchronised swimming as well as the swimming race of the modern pentathlon. Except of the 50 marathon swimmers, all athletes competed in the various pools of the Aquatics Centre.

Since decades, the hosts of the Olympic Games count on reliable water treatment and disinfection provided by ProMaqua:

In Munich 1972, the efficient technology of the Heidelberg based company was used for the first time. Then came Seoul, Barcelona, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and this year, London.

The multi-parameter measuring device DULCOMARIN® II and amperometric sensors in combination with delta® type membrane dosing pumps ensure a constantly high water quality in the training and competition pools. The athletes can give their best without any harm to skin, nose or eyes. And in the odour-free swimming hall climate the spectators feel at ease, too.

The Pool Position How do you decide when making larger or long-term purchases? If you consider buying a new car, you can make a test drive and if you are looking for a new mattress, you can try it, too. In Germany, water friends are now offered the possibility to thoroughly examine and even to test complete swimming pool installations before purchasing.

By means of its well-engineered products and systems ProMaqua guarantees crystal clear, hygienically clean water and thus, perfect competition conditions. Even lowest concentrations of all relevant water parameters are continuously and reproducibly recorded by DULCOTEST® sensors. Aquatic Centre, London

Manufacturers of lamps or furniture have it easy: They build a spacious showroom, decorate it appealingly with their products and then advise the interested customers directly at the object. But what are doing single producers of swimming pools and swimming pool technology for whom such an investment is far out of reach?

Exactly – they co-operate, implement a consistent approach for supporting specialised retailers and finally, establish the company Poolsplace GmbH. Looking and touching allowed This year in June, the first so-called flagship store was inaugurated in the „World of Living“, a huge theme park focussing on living and building of the German manufacturer of prefabricated houses Weber Haus in Rheinau-Linx near Strasbourg.


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

Visitors can comprehensively inform themselves about all issues related to swimming pools on 1,400 square meters of exhibition area: Two prefabricated pools with classic filtering technology, a beautiful natural pool and a swimming pond with chlorine free, crystal clear water as well as showers,

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 13

whirlpools and an exclusive pool house are practical examples in order to support customers in making the right purchasing decision. Equipment provided by ProMaqua GmbH is also part of the exhibited pool technology and the company closely co-operates with the specialised firms of the Poolsplace GmbH.

This first flagship store – more are planned in the future – aims at a detailed initial guidance of interested customers. However, direct sale is not taking place, due to the fact that the concrete implementation of an individual pool project requires competent support from experts. Thus, the visitors are recommended specialised pool building companies in their local area.

More information about the Poolsplace GmbH and the flagship store are available at

Keeping a diary is „in“ PoolDiary now available for Android operating system After the successful introduction of the electronic operating log “PoolDiary” for the Apple iPad, the versatile application is now also available for devices running with the Android operating system. The app records and displays all relevant parameters and technical operating data of multiple pools and installations. Additionally, further basic values such as incoming supply, weather data or pellet consumption can be freely selected and defined. For optimizing the water quality and key operating figures, the recorded data is ready for easy digital transfer – and that in compliance with the requirements of the reviewed German standard DIN 19643. All in all a huge benefit and extra cost saving for the operators of public swimming pools.


Two become one

– the new F module

The already powerful measuring and control device DULCOMARIN® II DXCa for simultaneous monitoring and control of up to 16 water circuits has been equipped with another function extension: the new F module. It combines all former functions of the A and the P module including among others: circulation mode, automatic backwashing, water level regulation, heating regulation and gutter cleaning.

However, the new module is capable of much more, as it also controls the opening and closing of the pool cover, the reverse flow system, the massage jets and it even switches on and off the underwater lighting. The user’s benefits of the innovative system are less installation effort and easier handling

So the F module is a real plus in functionality!

Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Also on holidays except on Christmas, New Year‘s Eve and New Year


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 15

São Paulo

– The City of Superlatives

Smart disinfection of pool water with ozone If you think Berlin is a big city, you are right – by German standards. However, that is nothing compared to the metropolitan area of São Paulo, the largest industrial agglomeration of Brazil and even of entire Latin America. Samba, soccer and the Formula One are well-known export hits. But for millions of Brazilians the numerous private institutions in the fields of culture, sport and leisure activities play a particularly important role.

Since the middle of the 19th century, European coffee drinkers have massively supported São Paulo’s economic rise: The favourable climatic and soil conditions for growing coffee in the highlands of São Paulo, the short distance to the Atlantic Ocean with the export harbour Santos and an increasing demand in Europe provided ideal prerequisites. In addition, a targeted immigration policy was forced, which also attracted many Italians and Germans to the South American continent. The biggest boost was initiated by industrialisation and thus, by 1934, already more than one million people lived in São Paulo.

In the state of São Paulo the SESC has a network of 32 facilities, mostly sports and cultural centres. In that way, the institution develops ongoing and informal educational work, which focuses on the appreciation of human beings and supports their personal autonomy. Additionally, it fosters the contact with others and the learning of different ways of living and thinking.

For all Brazilians, participation in the offered cultural and sports activities is available for little money.

Sport and fun for everybody The SESC is a private promoter of different facilities for cultural, sports and leisure activities in nearly 30 Brazilian cities. It is the result of a solid cultural and educational project, which, since its creation by trading and service companies, is known for innovation and social transformation.

Industry - driver of economic growth Did you know that more than 1,000 German companies with about 230,000 employees are located in the Brazilian metropolis? Two German car manufacturers are among the most important employers all over Brazil. Following the European Union and the United States of America, it is the third most important investment place of the German economy. You could even say that São Paulo is the “largest German industrial town”.

Today, São Paulo has more than 11 million inhabitants and belongs to the top ten of the worldwide metropolitan areas. Compared to the German Rhine-Ruhr region – ranking about 25th in the world – it covers almost 60 percent more area and has four times the number of inhabitants. However, not every one of that many people will become a famous soccer star or a celebrated Formula One racing driver making it possible to live a life outside the slums situated on the outskirts of the city. For that reason, there is, for example, the non-profit institution Serviço Social da Comércio (English: Social Service of Commerce), abbreviated SESC, which was already founded in 1946.


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 17

Most of the centres in São Paulo have a swimming pool and, as the SESC is a pioneer in choosing its building systems, for the first time, this year in April some of the pools were equipped with technology provided by ProMaqua. The great advantage: Due to its compact design, the disinfection system OZONFILT® OZVa 3 could be integrated in the existing premises of the SESC Bom Retiro without any problems.

The plant for treating and disinfecting the 400,000 litres of swimming pool water is operating around the clock. It is designed for opening hours on six days a week and for an average of about 7,000 visitors per month. Easy handling The system consists of the main components ozone generator, mixer, contact tank, activated carbon filter, circulation pump, sensors and sand filters. The plant installed at SESC Bom Retiro in São Paulo produces ozone from the oxygen of the ambient air and at the same time does the dosing. The air treatment is carried out as a drying process under variable pressure in order to guarantee a reliable ozone production even if there is high air humidity such as in a swimming pool. After six hours, the entire pool water has run through a complete circulation cycle. Flavio Magesi, responsible for water treatment of the swimming pools operated by SESC Bom Retiro, has been enthusiastic from the beginning: “The synchronizing of the

ozone dosing and the volume flow by the system is convenient and very easy to adjust. The complete handling really is simple and the plant is running very smoothly.” He adds: “Compared to chlorine, the ozone is extremely efficient when it comes to eliminating bacteria and other micro-organisms. Our pool water now has a crystalline quality, is odour-free and shows no or only a very low formation of chloramines. Due to the new system, also controlling of the pH value has become easier.”

Further facilities of the SESC, also in other states of Brazil, have already expressed their interest in the installed equipment. But for a change, what about “importing” some real Brazilian culture – for example, taking Samba dance lessons?

„Super power“ ozone The advantages of an ozone plant in addition to conventional disinfection of pool water by means of chlorine are fully exploited at the SESC Bom Retiro: The oxidizing power of ozone is sufficient for the complete spectrum of substances contained in the water and combined with the activated carbon filter, delivers excellent results. Furthermore, the ProMaqua ozone plant OZONFILT® OZVa does neither require an injector nor a pressure booster pump and is highly effective as, due to the special construction of the mixer, more than 90 percent of the ozone is dissolved in the water.

Thus, operating costs are considerably reduced by a lower usage of chlorine, decreased electrical input power of the circulation pump as well as a smaller amount of backwashing water.

“Synchronixen” to win

silver medal

in team contest

In the last issue of Splash we reported on the demanding sport synchronised swimming and the “Synchronixen” of the German sports club VW Mannheim.

In the Italian city of Riccione, exactly these female swimmers have achieved a magnificent second place in the team contest behind the favoured Americans at the 14th FINA World Masters Championships 2012 in June.

Due to their excellent technique, perfect synchronicity and always radiant smile, the five swimmers reached the second place in the technical routine. In the free routine, they fascinated audience and judges likewise with a brilliant performance to rock music and became first, which in the final results was rewarded with the silver medal.

All in all, the decision of the pool operator SESC in São Paulo to invest in well-engineered technology made in Germany is paying off:

The visitors of the swimming pool enjoy an excellent water quality and pure bathing fun. Fakten • Reliable disinfection with ozone plant OZONFILT® OZVa • Trouble-free subsequent installation into existing premises • Easy handling and reduced operating costs

We hope, you have enjoyed this issue of Splash – The ProMaqua Magazine and invite you to have a look at the upcoming issue. www.promaqua.com/splash


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012 19






The easy way to control your pool equipment.

The pool control system EcoPad with easyDrive • So easy you won’t believe it: control your swimming wiimmin ing g pool pool o systems sys y te tems tems ms using usi sing ng g your you ourr tablet tabl ta blet bl et PC. PC. C. • Incredibly economical: requirements-based pump pum ump and an nd temperature temper te erat atur ure e control. cont ntro troll. • No-compromise safety: control all operating g and water wat ater er parameters par aram amet eter e s using usin ing g the latest late test st touchscreen technology.

More information: www.promaqua.com


Splash The ProMaqua Magazine 05/2012

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