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Approved by: Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province

Organized by Guangzhou Grandeur (Hongwei) Exhibition Services Co., Ltd Hong Kong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

International supporters: International Sauna Association (Finland) Korean Spa Society (Korea) Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Queensland (Australia) Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (Thailand) Brazilian Spas Association (Brazil)

China’s Leading Trade Fair in Sauna & SPA & Pool Industry More than 250 renowned brands 12,000 buyers from over 50 conuntries or regions

Renowned Brands on Sauna & SPA & Pool 2013

Industry Data in China 

Mount of SPA care centers, bath and foot massage enterprises: 180,000 or more

Number of domestic swimming pools and water parks: over 12,000

Global trading volume: a good result of over 30 billion euro

Number of People engaged in this business: over 3.8 million

The growth rate of areas in pool and SPA: up to

↑ Waterco (Australia)

↑ Harvia (Finl and)


Early Bird gets the worm

↑ Hot Spring (USA)

↑ ALPHA (Belgium)

Unlimited Opportunies, all at China!

↑ SEKO (Italy)



↑ LASWIN (China)

Currently, trading volume of global pool, spa and sauna products maintains over 30 billion Euros and China is experiencing rapid development in these lines as well. According to the latest statistics from Ministry of Commerce, thousands of world-class swimming pools, sauna clubs, spa centers and recreation centers have been built driven by the recent construction boom. Therefore, output of these lines is increasing at a pace of 25%, especially spa and pool industry with a growth rate of more than 80%, and the output value will reach 50 billion Yuan in 2016. It is believed that continuous and speedy growth will still be achieved in these three sectors in 2013.

Overseas brands from USA, UK, Australia, F inland, Belgium, Italy, and Hong Kong Taped into China’s market by Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013 during May 9-11.

About Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2014 Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2014 will be held at Canton fair Complex- Asia’s largest Complex from May 12th to 14th, 2014.

See What They Say in 2013: It is an impressive trip in China and I will absolutely attend Sauna & SPA & Pool China next year! ---Mr. Risto Elomaa (President of International Sauna Association)

With the good effect of Sauna & SPA &

Well, I saw the potential market in China. I will

Pool China 2013, we are so confident that

probably display more my latest products next

Sauna & SPA & Pool 2014 will reach

year if my schedule is available.

12,000 sqm and over 200 exhibitors are

---- Mr. Alex Salman

expected to participate.


What’s more, International Sauna & SPA & Pool conference will be concurrently held with the exhibition. Mr. Risto Elomaa (President of International Sauna Association) has confirmed the continual participation as a speaker.

Review of Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013

↑ Mr. Risto Elomaa had a wonderful speech in the conference

During May 9-11, 2013, more than 100 famous brands, such as Harvia, Kiyea, LASWIM, JOSEN, EMAUX, Waterco, SEKO, Palintest, HAYWARD, Hot Sping and so on, were exhibited in Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013. According to the statics, 8437 domestic and 1235 overseas professional buyers visited Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013. 82% of them expressed that they will visit again in 2014. Moreover, the first edition of International Sauna & SPA & Pool Conference was successfully held with SPA & Pool China 2013, which provided a good platform for professionals to share business ideas!

↓ Nearly 10,000 buyers on Sauna & SPA & Pool China 2013

Exhibition Scope: 

Exhibiton Fees

Sauna Facility Category: sauna room, steam room, sauna lock, infrared sauna systems, sauna

Standard Booth

controllers, sauna heaters, household floor

(USD 2,200/9sqm)

heating system, etc. 

SPA& Water Care Category: medical spa, spa hot tubs, spa systems, cosmetic, etc.

Swimming Pool Facility Category: control system for swimming pool, water treatment chemistry, water pump, cleaning and maintence system,

Luxury Booth (USD 2,600/9sqm)

disinfection equipment, swimming pool accessories, water attractions, etc. 

Bath Equipment & Supply: shower room, massage equipment, footbath product, bath

→Raw Space USD 220/ m2 (at least 36 m2)

cloth, bath product, etc. 

Image Display: SPA beauty care, fitness equipment, hairdressing and cosmetology, cosmetic, etc.

V isitors We Invite: 

Agents, dealers, traders, distributors, research institutes, design institutes, TV stations, government agencies, etc.

Villa design institutes, decoration & design companies, design institute, architects, real estate

↑ China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex where the canton fair held twice a year

developers;    

companies, investment management companies, etc;

Want to be a participant? Please contact

Clubs, apartments, resorts, KTV, sauna bath centers,

Mr. Jacob Kong

bars, etc;

Tel: +86-20-22074185

Large beauty salons, health clubs, other business

Mob: +86-13416279371

units and chain organizations, etc;

Fax: +86-2082579220

Government departments, hospitals, schools,


industry organizations, trade associations, media, etc.


Hotel, guesthouses, star hotels, hotel management

Sauna & spa & pool china 2014