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LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 Reference Project

Optimum water quality for Olympic world records Even without high-performance competition swimsuits, the athletes at London 2012 set an impressive nine new world records at the city’s Aquatics Centre. In 34 competitions, a total of 950 Olympians were put through their paces in swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and the aquatics discipline of the modern pentathlon. With the exception of the 50 marathon swimmers, all used the various pools at London’s Aquatics Centre. And the crystal-clear, hygienically pure water - and therefore optimum competitive conditions - are provided by sophisticated water treatment systems from ProMinent. The DULCOTEST® sensors continually and reproducibly measure all the relevant parameters, in even the smallest concentrations. A multi-parameter measuring device from the DULCOMARIN® II product range and amperometric sensors, in conjunction with diaphragm metering pumps from the delta® range, are used to maintain the high quality of water in the training and competition pools. So the athletes can give their all without worrying about potential irritation or damage to the skin, nose and eyes. And for spectators, there is no unpleasant odour. The organisers of the Olympic Games have been relying on water treatment and disinfection technology from ProMinent for many years. In fact, the Heidelberg-based company’s efficient technology was first used at the Munich Olympics in 1972, followed by Seoul, Barcelona, Sydney, Beijing and now London.

Promaqua reference project  

London Olympics 2012

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