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One of Thailand’s leading property developer advertises with these lovely pictures in local newspapers. Looking at their property portfolio you can see that every emphasis is given to providing attractive set ups of their community swimming pools. Placing the large pool next to the natural pond with cutting edge view to the vast and green landscape, what a relaxing and impressive feeling these kids can experience


THAILAND .................. and enjoy for many years to come www.pf.co.th


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e all are attracted by the beauty of water and the fun we can have with water. Swimming pools are tailored for this enjoyment. The warm climate and vibrant nature of Tropical Asia, together with its abundant building materials makes this part of the world a heaven for creative architects and pool designers. POOLASIA’s goal is it to showcase their master pieces, providing you with valuable ideas and knowledge with regards to pool design, technology and management.


Issue 1

Cover page of English & Thai edition: Pool lover in Thailand Photographer: Mr.Vichai Chitlalit (Jook) Khun Jook is freelance photographer with 30 experience in photographing and has a club that brings together many photographer friends called “Canon Club”. Meeting every Thursday in Bangkok at MBK department store, 5th floor. Contact: info@poolasia.com

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To give the pool market goals to aim for, POOLASIA is calling for Best Pool contest. The pools will be judged on their water quality, safety, design and attractiveness. This issue we’re looking at the “Top 10 Pools of Northern Thailand”, which was greatly supported by the contenders themselves. It is now up to you to decide which pool is your favorite on www.poolasia.com. We are also going to present Thailand’s outstanding MO ROOMS hotel, with its impressive pool and baths and also the villa pools designed by one of the Thailand’s visionaries, who brings water & architecture so expressively together. We invite pool owners, architects and pool builders to present their pool designs to POOLASIA and we will feature the most interesting one in a later issue. We dedicate the second part of the magazine, POOLASIA’s INDUSTRY NEWS to the professionals and will use this section, which is linked to our webbased partner portal poolasia.info, to highlight recent events and the latest development in the pool industry. Let POOLASIA be your platform for international exhibitions and conferences worldwide, where innovations, environmentally friendly products and the world of new opportunities are waiting to be discovered. POOLASIA features for this year two major fairs in Europe, the PISCINA BCN in Barcelona and the AQUANALE in Cologne. They provide access to markets like South America, Africa or Russia as well. We will be providing you with insightful information which might be valuable to know as future visitors or exhibitors from Asia. Finally we are proud to announce that POOLASIA is Southeast Asia’s official magazine for China’s largest fair, the Pool&Spa&BathCHINA2010, to be held in Guangzhou from March 30th March – April 1st 2010. Let’s explore this huge amazing market, which is blessed with creativity and entrepreneurship and bring the East and West together. Cordially yours Josef Konrad

Dr. Josef Konrad Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Top 10 Pools of Northern Thailand The Hotel Pool Accommodation in Thailand comes in different categories. The trendiest ones are the sophisticated Pool Villa and Boutique Resorts which pop up all over Thailand, followed closely by the outstandingly designed luxury hotels,. In this first issue of PoolAsia Magazine, we will be giving an overview of the top ten ones located in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, North Thailand. Our chosen Top 10 have all paid a great deal of attention to architectural and decorative designs, ensuring that they naturally blend into the tropical environment. Beauty and luxury perfectly blended with harmony and comfort are the newest commandments to follow when it comes to impressing visitors - especially honeymooners, couples, families and corporate guests. The most popular feature of a pool villa resort is the private pools that come with each villa or the centrally located swimming pool with its own landscaped garden. Relaxing spa facilities and massage sessions are a must and masseurs can even be requested to visit your own villa. Needless to say, spacious bathrooms usually feature large bath tubs and separate shower areas. A relaxing atmosphere is a must, so that pool villa resorts become a perfect hideaway, where dreams come true.




THE SELECTION It is our magazine’s concept to guide water and swimming pool enthusiasts to the best swimming pools in tropical Asia and also to assist hotels and resorts to achieve the best results with their swimming pool set up and its management. Because of this, POOLASIA is hosting a Best Pool contest, where readers are invited to give their vote. How we identified the TOP 10 swimming pools? We searched the internet for interesting pools, just the way a tourist looking for a nice pool would do. We then called the hotels and resorts to get information about their pool management, technology and interest in joining the contest. Prior to our phone calls, many hotel engineers had already undergone 1 or 2 days training courses, conducted by Chemical Management Service Co., Ltd. (Thailand), but no one had had any training recently. Finally, we shortlisted 10 out of 48 l hotels and resorts based on the following criteria:

How to attract tourists with your swimming pool? As an ultimate goal, we would like to see the pools as meeting points for their hotel guests. As water quality counts the most, we recommend that all hotels are open about the quality and display chlorine levels for all to see. If displays are in place, then the hotel can win the confidence of their guests. Most people, but especially parents, will undoubtedly appreciate the levels being on display so they know their children are safe when swimming. To provide Aqua Fitness and Aqua Gymnastics courses is another means to attract tourists. In their homeland these activities are obligatory services in water and leisure parks already. It’s not only for to relieve joints and strengthening of muscles, it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy exercise together. Please be advised, when your pool becomes busier, the water treatment must be able to cope with this extra “bathing load” as well.

Water quality, safety, appearance & cleanliness, design, operation, management & service, attractiveness and location 8 of the 10 contenders have been inspected by POOLASIA with regards to all of their pool facilities, pump rooms and chemical storages. The hotels heeded POOLASIA’s recommendations on how to fine tune the operation and to bring down the running costs as well. All contenders filled out the questionnaire as shown on the next page. We have not printed any individual results because of data protection. The winner of the contest will be announced and showcased in an upcoming issue. To vote for your favorite pool, please visit www.poolasia.com. Thank you As a contender for the best pool in northern Thailand, these hotels and resorts have already proven their outstanding quality and attractiveness. However, there is still plenty of room to improve the standard of the pools and in new hotels and resorts as well. Therefore we are going to repeat the contest in near future.



What to learn from some of our findings:

A: Throughout Asia, there is great room for improvement with regards to the filtration efficiency. Many pools look beautiful at night - once illuminated, due to scattering of light caused by fine particles in the water. Light reflections across the pool tiles at night will greatly enhance the attractiveness of the pools. The reasons for: Filtration time is too short (practice 3h morning + 3 - 4 h afternoon ); turnover period too long ( one was even 15 hours). Solution: Since the piping size can’t be increased, the filtration capacity can’t be increased. Flocculation can help. B: The use of liquid test kits for chlorine makes it impossible to get results for the allergenic combined chlorine, the so called chloramines. Combined chlorine should be below 0.2 mg/l or at best not detectable.

Questionnaire for Engineers No.


1 2 3

Size of the swimming pool, width – length – depth in cm ( please not ft)? Volume in m3 (cubic meter)? Pool design: Return water via skimmer of overflow? Turnover rate of swimming pools? This means, how long does it take to pump the whole volume of the swimming pool water through the filter? Has the children pool its own water treatment or together with the main pool? What sort of disinfection you have: 1. Chlorination A: Applying chlorine chemicals B: Production of chlorine with salt water chlorinator (= electrolysis) 2. Ozonisation 3. Active Oxygen (H2O2) 4. UV disinfection 5: Cu / Ag Ionizer

4 5 6

7 8 9

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

If your hotel use chlorine, what kind of chemical you use: A: 90 % chlorine (TCCA) only B: Calcium Hypo (60 – 70%) only C: or both? D: liquid Chlorine (10 -15 %) How is the disinfection conducted (by hand & automatically)? What is the most difficult month in the year for keeping the water clean? If automatic, what is the brand of the measurement & control and dosing system? Any problem with the system? If it is installed, but not in operation, what is the reason for? What is the normal concentration you want to achieve: pH = ? FREE Chlorine = ? Are you doing also testing for COMBINED Chlorine =? What test kit do you use? Liquid or tablet reagents? Do you use algaecide? Do you use flocculents? What are the approximately monthly cost for the water treatment of your pool? Are microbiological (bacteria) tests done? How often? What are the approx. costs per test? If you will improve or invest into the pool, what will it be done in near future? Source of water supply: own water (e.g. from the deep well) or by government? What are the attractions of your swimming pool (for example: counter current system or under water music….) Does your swimming pool has scaling problems (e.g. white dots); or the tiles get loose? Corrosion problems? Does your hotel offer Aqua Fitness to the guests. Interested in on INSTRUCTOR courses? Do you have routine courses for the staff on “life rescue”? Interested in? Are you interested in to participate on professional courses ( 1 - 2 days) or POOL MASTER courses (1 week) Do you have any question or problem? Let us know, we would be pleased to answer & help! Swimming pool general data: Operation time: Pool service from outside or with your own staff ( in-house):

This questionnaire was submitted to the contender ot the Top 10 pools of Northern Thailand in Thai and English language



ANANTARA Resort & Spa Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai

Ideally located in the famous Golden Triangle - where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet this luxurious rustic property of Bill Heinecke, one of the best known foreign entrepreneurs, offers a brilliant view towards the nearby Mekong River and features an elephant camp on site. Located atop a small mountain ridge in the Chiang Saen District of Chiang Rai Province that has an airport, the resort offers 58 guest rooms with balconies opening to enchanting views over the heart of the Golden Triangle, where the Ruak River out of Myanmar enters the mighty Mekong River. The rooms come with double-sized terrazzo bathtubs and a distinctly Thai ambience created with indigenous textiles, art and woodcarvings. For unsurpassed luxury, the resort offers 19 signature Anantara suites with canopied balcony daybed. Fluted glass doors between bed and bath side open to create a spacious flow, while oval-shaped terrazzo tubs allow a soak for two. But it is the 750 mÂł infinity-edge swimming pool with whirlpool overlooking the Mekong Valley into Laos that creates ultimate leisure and recreation. Additionally, there is a fitness centre with gymnasium, squash court, table tennis, sauna, steam room and outdoor tennis courts. The world-famous elephant camp, with trekking trails and mahout training is unique. Nature walking, jogging tracks and bird watching is possible within 160 acres of gardens and bamboo forest. Not to be missed is the sophisticated Anantara Spa. Designed by the well-known architect Bill Hensley, the resort spa facilities blend contemporary design with the natural charms of Northern Thailand. Meditative calm is necessary to appreciate the luxurious treatment rooms with private shower, steam rooms and outdoor balcony tubs. www.anatara.com

POOL HIGHLIGHTS ANANTARA doesn’t spare costs to attract tourists to the northern Tip of Thailand. The swimming pool water has also during Winter time (November - March) comfortable 25 - 26 degree Celsius. Brand: PAC Pool Water Heat Pump,Thailand, 55 KW /380V /187000 BTU As far as we know, this is with 750 m3 the largest heated pool in Thailand. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filtration, which is labour intensive but among all filter types most efficient. It contributes also minerals to the water (very helpful to harden soft water and to increase the alkalinity). Testing for Chlorine with DPD method, which is selective for FREE Chlorine.



Product Highlight For less pool service and more privacy in your pool villa

Automatic Filter Operation No manual operation of filtering and backwashing is necessary.


The original Aquastar series by Praher ensures constant and automatic pool filter purification to guarantee optimal hygiene of the pool water. Four decades of expertise in research and production ‘made in Austria’ stand for the highest quality, safety and durability. Because of the automatic operation, including the backwash operation with a 12–34V DC, 12–230 V AC (50–60 Hz) multi voltage drive (with manual override if required), every pool filter system can be operated both ecologically and economically. This program is topped of by the wide range of piping sets for installation on the filter (available for all commonly known filter types). The resulting comfort, due to reliability and less stress, leaves more time for a pleasant and healthy enjoyment of the pool. www.peraqua.com

FOUR SEASONS Resort Chiang Mai

Set amidst the rural ambience of misty mountains and seasonal rice fields, still worked by water buffaloes, the luxurious resort offers simply the best possible accommodation. A spa voted the best in Asia and an authentic cooking school are the top attraction for guests, who expect the highest standard of services. Located in the secluded Mae Rim Valley, some 16kms north of Chiang Mai City, there are 64 beautifully appointed pavilions, each with a private outdoor sala and luxurious bathroom – next to 16 magnificent private residences with one, two or three bedrooms, live-in housekeeper and a swimming pool adjunct to an natural pond. Set in a spacious three-storey villa, the resort’s spa follows the design of a Northern Thai temple, complete with a fine teakwood interior. Ancient rituals inspire the varied treatments. The atmosphere is informal, yet discreet, with seven private suites, each with its own changing facilities, lockers and a shower. The outdoor shower installation, herbal steam rooms and rain shower massage tables ensure total bliss and relaxation to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Other services include an in-room treatment option, herbal body wrap and body scrub. www.fourseasons.com



POOL HIGHLIGHTS Usage of 90 % chlorine (TCCA) for disinfection. To prevent the build up of the contained stabilizer componant Cyanuric acid fresh water is added. Filtraton with quality deep bed sand filter, Brand : Dinotec


Inspired by the historical and artistic traditions of Northern Thailand, Myanmar and the northern part of Laos, the resort features a kind of royal architecture modelled on the former palace in Mandalay. Its combination of luxuriant exteriors and fine-tuned interiors unveils an exotic world, which is hard to find anywhere else. Set amid 60 exquisite acres of tropical landscapes, including lotus ponds, green rice fields and plantations, the 6-star resort in Chiang Mai is attracting honeymooners and wedding couples en masse by offering ultimate seclusion and luxury for guests seeking a superlative vacation experience. Each of the spacious two-storey 64 deluxe pool villas of the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi occupies its own private compound and features separate living, dining and sleeping areas, with one or two bedrooms and lavishly-appointed bathrooms. There are two swimming pools. The Loy Kham infinity Pool has views stretching over the languid green paddy fields. Charmingly designed you can swim beneath the boughs of a rain tree and step out onto stone lily pads. The blue tiled Colonial Pool recreates the elegance of an era specifically the style of the 1920s Riviera. It is very large, with space for laps and a shallow pool for children. Both pools are created as relaxing spaces with the all-day bars serving light snacks, juices and cocktails

POOL HIGHLIGHTS Water Quality has high priority at Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi The Loy Kham and Colonial pool are salt water pools with 1400 m3 and 1000 m3 capacity. Both are tested for FREE & COMBINED chlorine 4 times/day with digital photometer. Since 90 % chlorine is used in “peak times” and also at the villa pools, the stabilizer concentration will be tested as well, to assure that the chlorine is active and not “ over-stabilized”. The salt water chlorinator ( 2 units, one as stand by) of the Colonial pool can even enjoy air conditioning to assure perfect performance.

The Mandarin Oriental’s Dheva Spa covers an area over 3,100 square metres and features a seven-tier lobby and 25 private treatment suites. The Spa offers a perfect combination of oriental and international therapies employing ancient secrets of herbal remedies and holistic techniques, which are all designed to reduce stress and promote health and wellbeing in a setting fit for royalty. To sum up, the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi is the “non plus ultra” for accommodation in Chiang Mai.


The hotel is interested in to join Pool Master courses. poolasia.com


PHU CHAISAI Resort & Spa in Chiang Rai

Natural materials, such as bamboo and teakwood, give this resort its unique village-like ambience. Located in Chiang Rai’s Mae Chan District and set in the midst of an idyllic bamboo forest, you can enjoy a rooftop candlelight dinner, where all the fresh vegetables and fruits are grown at the resort itself. On a hilltop setting near Little China at Doi Mae Salong and some 50kms from Chiang Rai City, this secluded resort features authentic Lanna-style thatched cottages, which sit amidst a contoured mountainous landscape that is hard to match. Mountain-front bedrooms come in all sizes and shapes. There are 10 superior cottages, 10 deluxe cottages, 10 executive suite cottages, two honeymooner’s suite cottages, and two outstanding pool villas. Rustic elegance and rural luxury, Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort offers it and also animates you to play the spa. In special bamboo treatment rooms, the resort spa utilises a host of fresh herbal preparations and aroma-therapy-based skin care to provide a range of natural scrubs and wraps. Highly recommended are floral baths and facial treatments. The swimming pool is a modest one with 82 m³ capacity, but beautifully designed. However you describe it, Phu Chaisai Resort & Spa is Thailand’s top mountain retreat for those who like Eco-stays and a little bit of adventure.

It’s the stunning view www.phu-chaisai.com

Manual disinfection with TCCA ( 90 % chlorine) There is no technology highlight to mention, however the eagerness to provide best water quality by trained staff. The hotel is interested in to join Pool Master courses.




Located hidden in the old town of Chiang Mai, this classical boutique hotel boasts a traditional Thai-Chinese design which utilises vibrant colours and rich stone sculptures within large opening courtyards. Calling a hotel “boutique” means more than simply saying it’s on the small side. A classical boutique hotel generally pays a lot of attention to even the tiniest of details, boasts an extremely personal service and has a very unique design which usually draws influence from traditional culture. Located through a passageway off the second guestroom courtyard, Rachamankha’s 20m teal-tiled pool is serviced by the two-storey pool pavilion, which houses both the pool bar and the massage spa. The pool bar offers a full beverage service and a range of hot and cold dishes that served to you while you relax by the pool. The massage service, performed by well-trained and very experienced masseuses, include all kinds of special treatments. Traditional Thai massage is also available in the guestrooms. There is undoubtedly a classic style to Rachamankha, perhaps nowhere more evident in the hotel than the exclusive library. Fitted from floor to ceiling with polished hardwood and lit by a chandelier the effect is completed by the addition of crystal glasses and a crystal decanter of brandy provided free for guests’ enjoyment.

GM’s ZERO tolerance towards allergenic chlorine products This is the highlight of this hotel. The GM of the hotel conducts personally water tests to cross check the water quality. Hotel guests might appreciate it to see it. With DPD testkit (DPD no.1 & 3) in hand he can distinguish clearly between free and combined chlorine (which causes allergenic reactions and the typical chlorine smell). The hotel applies DuPont’s, “Oxon® Monopersulfate to oxidize and eliminate combined chlorine once it will be detected.

Rachamankha offers 18 superior rooms, 4 deluxe rooms and 2 two-bedroom suites. There is an Asian restaurant in a separate building, which also has a boutique shopping and gallery area on top. Staying at this unique hideaway is an unforgettable experience. The combination of the Lanna Thai interior with a hint of Chinese art, together with the temple-styled architecture has created a haven of grandeur. Chiang Mai’s most important temple is just around the corner – Wat Phra Singh or the Temple of the Lion Buddha.


Pool volume: 220 m3 Human resource development has for this hotel top priority, therefore the hotel likes to join PoolAsia’s Life Rescue and Pool Master courses. poolasia.com


PURIPUNN Baby Grand Boutique Hotel

Another typical boutique hotel is found in the midst of one of Chiang Mai’s centuries-old communities near Wat Ket, where a footbridge was built to the fresh market on the other side of the Ping River. Designed in an Oriental Lanna Thai-style by famous architect Prof. Nadhdorn from Aesthetics Architects GO Group Co.,Ltd. (Thailand), each of the rooms is equipped with all the amenities to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. At the three-floor Puripunn, tradition and heritage is preserved by expert craftsmanship and influenced by architects from days gone by. In all the guestrooms, antiques and dark-wood furniture are featured and are perfectly synchronised with the historic neighbourhood’s trademark of antique wooden houses. Puripunn facilities are all located around a central swimming pool, just as the Punna Cafe, which offers a selection of fine cuisine featuring Thai, Northern Thai dishes, traditional High Tea, and Western entries. The Pool Lounge serves drinks, cocktails and snacks until midnight. Traditional High Tea is served daily from 15:00 to 17.30 in an elegant setting reminiscent of those formerly found in the majestic homes of Lanna Thai nobility.

Hotel owner counts on quality systems and likes to be involved in water QC & management


120 m3 salt water is filtered with a deep bed filter of 120 cm filter bed height. Brand: Dinotec, Filter deluxe 610. Compared to the “ball type” much better filtration can be achieved since water has to pass through longer distance in the filter bed. Testing of FREE chlorine with DPD method

The hotel owner instructs his staff


The hotel is interested in to join Life Rescue and Pool Master courses. poolasia.com

RARIN JINDA Wellness Spa Resort Flanking the eastern bank of the Ping River with stunning views of Chiang Mai’s Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple on the mountain in the west, the resort is conveniently located near the commercial Tha Pae Road just across over the main bridge. Advertised as the luxury boutique spa resort in the heart of Chiang Mai, RarinJinda means “stream of gems” and is named in honour of the famous medical doctor Chinda Singhanet, who owned the 140-year old stylish teakwood house. Nowadays, authentic Thai-theme villas and spa rooms boast the serenity of the place next to outdoor herbal steam rooms and elegant whirlpool. Now serving eleven personalised spa packages, there are 22 deluxe rooms, seven deluxe pool access rooms, five wellness suites and one RarinJinda Villa only. All rooms are decked with private veranda and ceiling fans, overlooking an elegant swimming pool.

Tempered Hydrotherapy pool with assured water quality 2 salt water pools with total 380 m3 volume. Both are disinfected with automatic and pH controlled elecrochlorinator.

But it is the hydrotherapy indoor pool, which is the most highlighted attraction. It comprises eight different treatment stations within one pool. The hydrotherapy pool treatment benefits the body’s blood circulation and respiratory system, toning the body, relieving stress, relaxing the souls and refreshing the mind. Thist is exactly what most Westerners need, when coming to Thailand for health reasons.

Since tempered water tends to trigger growth of bacteria special care has to be taken on the availability of free chlorine at all times. The hotel is interested in to join Pool Master courses.


Product highlight UV treatment of swimming pool water – a new dimension in the field of water conditioning So called “red eyes” of the swimmer and the typical swimming pool smell are caused by chloramine, which develops by the reaction of chlorine with ammonia (urea). UV efficiently destroys chloramine by powerful electromagnetic radiation as part of the natural spectrum of the sun’s radiation.

Easy to install and ideal for upgrading!

Water-Disinfection PURION GmbH is a German company. The core business of PURION is the development, production and sale of high-performance environmental technology. By the use of high effective ultraviolett technologies (UV) we produce high quality plants for water treatment without chemicals. PURION UV installations are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential markets escpecially regarding drinking water and swimming pools. Together with our partner in Thailand and to strengthening our distribution system we are looking for potential customers and

S ales -P artners As a interested partie in Thailand please contact our Thai partner: PURION THAI Co.Ltd. 2/1 Poolsuk Road 77110 Hua Hin Prachuapkhirikhan – THAILAND purionthai@gmail.com +66 (0)871 669 986 Office hours 10 AM – 4 PM As a interested partie outside Thailand please contact PURION GmbH directly. Tel: +49 3682 479087 Fax: +49 3682 479086 uv-technology@purion.eu www.purion.eu



SHANGRI-LA Hotel Chiang Mai This luxury property is not so much a hotel, but more of a palace. If you enter the classical entrance guarded by white stone elephants, you will feel like you are in the palace of the former Lanna Kings of Chiang Mai. Furthermore, the huge and wide backyard of the 12storey city resort is a palm tree studded Garden of Eden. There is an elegant free-form swimming pool, which is flanked by a jacuzzi pool and kid’s pool separately. In this green area, guests will also find the luxurious Health Club and further down behind the resort’s walled Chi Spa complete with nine spacious Thai-styled “spa within a spa” villas. The property is conveniently located in the prime area of Chang Klan Road – not far from the famous night bazaar. All the guestrooms come complete with Northern Thai design and décor with either dramatic mountain views or views towards the Ping River in the east.

. Largest and deepest “salt free” hotel pool in center of Chiangmai impresses with pristine clear water. The 1050 m3 pool is on its deepest point 2.50 m deep. The turnover period of 5.5 h is for a hotel in Thailand and such a pool size very respectful. The filtration is 24 hours /day in operation. This is together with the continuous ORP controlled disinfection and dosing of 10 % Sodium Hypochlorite the reason for, why the water is sparkling clear and very inviting for a swim. The engineering can count on reliable free chlorine readings (DPD method).


The hotel is interested in to join Life Rescue and Pool Master courses poolasia.com


THE CHEDI Chiang Mai The ultimate peaceful and stylish sanctuary in the business centre of Chiang Mai – not far from the daily night bazaar - The Chedi sits on the western side of the Ping River and takes Asian minimalism to the optimal stage of luxury. It was once the British Consulate and today this preserved and freely standing colonial teakwood building serves as the resort’s mainly restaurant which serves up Thai and international cuisine. The Chedi Chiang Mai Designed in contemporary Asian style, every suite is connected to open balconies, which give stunning views towards the river on one side or the mountains on the other side.


Also, next to a health club, it offers spa services, including ten private suites complete with steam showers and “terrazzo” bathtubs.

Salt water pool The pool impresses with it’s clear geometry and elegant design and is surrounded by a natural pond on 2 sides. Unfortunately there are not more data from the hotel available.

VERANDA Chiang Mai – The High Resort Like its name promises, the Boutique Veranda Resort is nestled at the foot of the Doi SuthepDoi Pui mountain chain, which characterises the mystique and forested landscapes of Northern Thailand. The 12 acre resort is just 15 minutes by car from Chiang Mai International Airport and located along the Hang Dong-Samoeng Road. The six plunge pool pavilions provide 133 square meters of luxurious space and are decorated in a contemporary Thai-style. Outfitted with a balcony, the pavilions allow an unhindered view to endless rice terraces, while the living and sleeping area is chic and cosy and includes an open-air bath tub. Upon entering the premises, you will see the “landmark” of the resort - the huge infinity swimming pool. This stunning pool is majestically positioned on the mountain, overlooking the valley. Spa and fitness facilities, a conference room and a special kid’s club are adjunct to the pool complex. Also, the resort offers Tai Chi and Yoga services. For guests, who need to visit downtown Chiang Mai with its myriad of markets, shopping arcades and cultural attractions, there is a convenient shuttle service provided.


VERANDA, a SYMBOL of designed cutting edge pools Measures of main pool: WxLxD: 12 m x 29 m x 1.5 m The elevation of the 530 m3 water body is not only impressive, also the Ozonation with 40 g/h Ozone output, designed as 50 % split flow ( bypass) is remarkable. Secondary disinfection with 90 % chlorine (TCCA). The operator works currently on to adjust the running time of the Ozonator and herewith of the pumps, to assure that all pollutions are degraded completely by ozone and no fragments build-up. These fragments would form with chlorine undesired combined chlorine, which can be measured with the DPD method. The hotel is interested in to join Life Rescue and Pool Master courses

integrated whirlpool in villa pool

water body in lobby as reflecting pool poolasia.com


POOLASIA’s TOP POOLS POOLASIA’s CRITERIA for “quality” pools Safety & water quality (top priority) Construction, installation & water treatment Management & operation Design, attractiveness, value & location Environmentally friendliness & sustainability

POOLASIAS’s ongoing contests: 1. TOP 10 pools of North Thailand ( with issue 1) please apply for 2. Best Boutique Resort Pools in South Thailand 3. Charming Pools of the Golden Triangle 4. Stunning Sky Pools of ASIA ( roof top)

Procedure: 1. Register your hotel pool or recommend us your choice at www.poolasia.com 2. Wait for selection & confirmation 3. Successful hotels will be visited by us and undergo auditing.

Your benefit: We will provide recommendation on how to achive best water quality and the most out of the pool set up, because we want you to be the best and to attract most TOURISTS.

Benefit for the TOURIST:

As in EUROPE, best pool water quality means, drinkable swimming pool water because of children.

Please register now on www.poolasia.com



Tourist can count on POOLASIA’s independent information platform on what to pay attention to in tropical Asia and where to find quality pools.



water’s edge at

Park Hyatt Shanghai

Park Hyatt Shanghai is contender of POOLASIA’s Best Sky Pool ASIA contest The Top 10 will be anounced on 28th September at the ME POOL & SPA 2010 Exhibition, Dubai



design I sky pool asia

In Chinese tradition, the place of honour is always at the water’s edge. Inspired by the wisdom of Chinese practices for health and well-being, Water’s Edge Spa at Park Hyatt Shanghai honours life in harmony with the quiet strength and fluid nature of water. In this meditative place, high above the city, experience of Water’s Edge allows you to escape and surrender to deepest relaxation; to restore harmonious balance to body and mind; to free the spirit and engage in the fullness of life.



attraction I sky pool


sky pool asia


Club On The Pool, HYATT / Tokyo poolasia.com

attraction I sky pool

“BEST SKY POOL IN ASIA” We will be looking for:

stunning views extraordinary design expert quality & value state - of - the - art technology The following categories will be considered: Business hotels Condominium & serviced apartments. for more information & to register, please visit: www.poolasia.com email: sky@poolasia.com


POOLASIA’s 2010 contest


sky pool asia



pool design I hotel


12 1

rooms and 1 center piece of water 1 pool and 12 holistic arts


THE MO ROOMS Hotel Chiang Mai, THAILAND www.morooms.com




pool design I hotel



pool design I hotel

“the art that you can live in”


Northern Thailand

in the heart of Chiang Mai City a small architectural highlight is nested. It is called

MO ROOMS The hotel offers a very unique combination of individual art. Its twelve unique rooms, influenced by the Chinese twelve Zodiac Animals, are design to match each animal behavior and to contribute to balanced living experience for their guests. Each of the TWELVE hotel rooms is an individual artist’s interpretation of THEIR Chinese Zodiac (Sheng Xiao or Birth Animal).

Stacked boxes made of concrete



The construction MO’s exterior structure was a collaborative project which saw designers, architects and astrologers piling different sizes of the box-shaped rooms on top of each other in accordance with Feng Shui ASTROLOGY.


pool design I hotel

Feng Shui &

Swimming Pool

Guiding energy

Back exit of the hotel


. Artists applied the identity of Birth Animal, influencing the entire building process from the initial concept to the unique style of furniture and interior to fit with each zodiac. THE orientation and design of doors, windows, beds and toilets as well as the interpretation of the five body elements (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Metal) are all constructed to provide balance for MO guests. Center piece NAUTILUS The center piece of the property is however the Nautilus look like 55 m3 swimming pool, which absorbs gently the energy flows from corridors and stair cases, and releases it finally precisely to the back exit of the hotel. The integrated round shaped relax pool functions additionally with its center pillar as balancing center piece against the sharp edges of the rooms, which are stacked like boxes centered around the pool, naked Natural boulder in the pool functioning as steps without blaster. Mirrors can be found everywhere around the pool winding smoothly into the pool conform with and at the staircases, since Feng Shui practitioners best Feng shui practice, as the entire underwater often use Feng Shui mirrors to improve the Feng Shui architecture of the totally free-form shaped pool of your house or business. Feng Shui mirrors emit the comes without any sharp edges. Feng Shui energy of water. A function of Feng Shui This pool is a perfect master piece for how on such a mirrors is to draw the beneficial flow of energy (Qi) small and congested plot of land Feng Shui concept into the place it is positioned at, from the pool up to harmony can contribute to balanced feels, the hotel guest will experience it. the rooms. poolasia




pool design I hotel

round edges are characteristic for this pool

pool design I hotel


mirrors wherever you look


“Iron man� in loftily position above the pool serves as chandelier

27 57

Give light to the future !

The new Par 56 tkw ® POWER is the first LED lamp, suitable for all kind of swimming pools, that can replace completely the traditional Par 56 300 W, as well for the model as for light-output .

high-power LEDs , a power consumption of only 71 VA (65Watt) and a lightoutput of 2500 lumen (minimum), the Par 56 With


tkw ® POWER is the perfect solution to save energy and to eliminate maintenance, without changing the existing system.

140° beam angle. Average LED life of 100.000 hours . Warranty 24 months .


Casaloldo (MN) italy - Tel. +39 0376 778670 info@teclumen.it - www.teclumen.it

mo rooms I pump rooms & facts Pool design:

Skimmer pool

Approximately total capacity of 55 m3. Integrated “sit-in-pool” with 4 m3 capacity without aeration, stream or jet function. One opening at the bottom of the circle pool enables water exchange with the main pool. For better circulation however, overflow should be allowed to let floating dirt reach the skimmer.

without surge tank ( = buffer tank to control and to compensate water loss automatically).

MO ROOMS concept is smart and environmentally friendly “Dirt, which physically can be removed by means of filtration, doesn’t need to be treated chemically” by means of oxidizing (chlorination)”

2 FILTRATIONS & 1 DISINFECTION The water treatment is separated in 2 plants. One is integrated in the pool construction as compact “ all in one” unit, supplied by Desjoyaux Chiang Mai, which features: WATER CIRCULATION, JET STREAM, FILTRATION and ILLUMINATION. The model here is 5 years old, 4 months in operation and comes in this project without disinfection (normally it is equipped with erosion feeder or electrolyser).

strainer for trapping leaves and floating dirt



illumination ( 100 Watt)

In-build pump for water circulation

Filtration by filter bag, with only 6 micron pore size, efficient removal of solids is assured. The filter bag has to be removed and cleaned with water 2 -3 times a week. According to the hotel’s owner, Mr. Pinit, this cleaning procedure is for his hotel, due to its very space constraint, a bit complicated. The owner opted for additional sand filtration where manual back washing is required. However this requires that a slim operator climbs into the narrow man hole of the pump room to operate the filter and to check the controller as well.


pool design I mo rooms The second treatment system is installed below ground, right in front of a guest room, comprising the sand filter, pump, electrolysis and the control.

Where space is limited architects often have no other choice than to let the pump room “disappear” below ground. This is also the case at MO ROOMS. Architects should be aware, that this pool “set up” will affect in humid and rainy tropical environments the installed systems and put the burden to achieve good water quality on the operation of the hotel. Intrusion of rain water into the pump room is so likely and flooding almost pre-programed. The Pool Company WORLD CHEMICAL FAREAST, Chiangmai tried hard to make a smooth operation under this site condition possible. www.worldchemical.co.th

CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER The filtration system is good enough for 3 hours turnover period. This means, in 3 hours the complete volume of pool water passes through the sand filter. Additionally the highly efficient bag filter with 6 micron pore size filters particles which the sand filter can’t trap (all particles smaller than 20 micron slip through!) in approximate 8 hours turn over period. WATER DISINFECTION CONCEPT Chlorination on base of salt water electrolysis, where salt is applied to the swimming pool water and chlorine generated during operation of the treatment system.

Authors comment: However the pump must be on for chlorine production. To turn off the pump for energy saving reasons is only a compromise on water quality and on increase of chemical consumption as well. This is mostly the reason for why pools turn green. Why? If the pump runs only 5 hours a day but the electrolyser production capacity is calculated for 12 hours operation time per day (most calculation are based even on 24 hours),

to meet the daily chlorine demand, then the output will be down by almost 60 %. Therefore many salt water systems fail especially at seasons with high chlorine demand as: 1. Sunny hot season: High temperature and UV radiation degrades Chlorine quickly. 2. Raining season: Phosphate containing rain water (air pollution!) triggers growth of algae. It’s their activity which increases the pH, which itself reduc- The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlories the disinfection power of nator; LM3-15, output of 15 grams/ hour chlorine.

What to learn from MO ROOMS? MO ROOMS pool size is approximate 40 m2. Since no buffer tank is installed to store excess water and due to the fact that any outdoor pool acts as water catchment during rainfall the increase of the water volume will result to, that pool water will be drained off. E.g. 50 mm rainfall is not unusual in tropical Asia during rainy season, as consequence 200 l ( 5 l x 40 ) water, in this case saltwater, will be drained off via the overflow. It’s not a dramatic loss for this small pool, but the question arises, is the 40 m2 pool surface equal to the real water catchment area in this architectural congested place there are no gutters are installed on the roof. Recommendation to architects: In tropical regions consider roof gutters and always overflow tanks with extra storage capacity. Water from the heaven is valuable for filter back washing. Sizing of over flow tanks: The rule of thumb, at least 20 % of volume of water circulated in 1 hour. MO ROOMs would need: 55 m3 : 3 = 18,4; 20 % of 18,4 m3 = 3.7 m3. Mr. PINIT agrees fully with the author and will invest soon. Salt water chlorinators need minimum concentrations of salt, as with Zodiac LM 3 it is 3000 ppm and 4000 ppm in routine operation, or in other terms 4 gram /l pool water. Therefore if 200 l pool water is exchanged against rainwater then 800 g salt will be lost every rainy day. It’s good to have the control box of the electrolyser easy accessible for monitoring. The salt concentration should be never below 3000 ppm as required for Zodiac brand, it will shorten the live time of the electrolyser extremely and reduce the chlorine out put as well. More on “What to know about ELECTROCHLORINATION” with upcoming POOLASIA issues. It is the author’s finding, that 60 % of all damaged cells he identified during hotel inspections came from wrong or neglected adjustments of the salt concentration. Author’s TIP: Cross check manually with salt tester! poolasia.com


Designer of Mo’s Horse Room

Apichart Champathong His zodiac is the year of the horse.



pool design I mo rooms

mo rooms I horse room

Being an Element of fire influences the theme of the Horse Room, wood, which even snakes around the air conditioning. Apichart Champathong (1978) comes from Nakorn Sri-Thammarat, South Thailand. In 1999 he won the excellent price for sculptural department from his academy.



Udom Udomsrianan




This is a monkey. Great, this place is right! I should rest here tonight, under the boulder amongst the trees. The weather is comfortable and the moon is full, I will be happy. Tomorrow will be refreshed for the long journey of life‌

pool design I mo rooms

mo rooms I monkey room

INSPIRED BY EARTH Udom Udomsrianan (1956) is a painter and sculptor by training and a lover of art since

childhood. His approach in creating furniture is to embed sculpture in functional objects so that more people can enjoy the pleasures of art. He won the ‘Designer of the Year’ in 2004. Now he is in the position of the ‘Chief of Design and Artist’ in the ‘Planet 2001’.



monkey room’s bath

68 42


bath design I hotel


pebbled floor dominating the room, what a delight for bare feet

drift wood in the bathroom



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Designing Your Pool with Feng Shui Guidelines for Creating an Auspicious Outdoor Oasis Few additions to a home add instant beauty, outdoor livability and enjoyment, and a source of relaxation the way a swimming pool does. Pools used to require time and energy to keep them maintained but with the advent of improved water and pool cleaning technologies, pools can now be incorporated into the landscape with the greatest regard given to style and design. One of the principles frequently called on for pool design is the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.


ABOUT FENG SHUI Businesses in Asia have long consulted with feng shui masters to determine the most prosperous and auspicious way to arrange their offices, doors, and meeting rooms and often look to Feng Shui for guidance on how to create wealth-producing entrances. But Feng Shui has captured the world’s attention and its influence is unmistakable in home design and decorating. Feng Shui, with its roots in the study of the outdoor environment, is a natural choice for landscape and pool design. In Feng Shui, water is a very potent wealth and health stimulator, but Feng Shui also recognizes water’s inherent power and, as such, has certain rules for water and swimming pool placement. These guidelines ensure that the pool is both an asset to the home and an activator of prosperity, abundance, and robust health. Wrongly placed or shaped, a pool can exert powerful energies that create financial and other difficulties for the homeowners. This is why it helps to have a basic understanding of some Feng Shui guidelines to help you create a pool that is not only relaxing and enjoyable, but one that imparts health and wealth-producing benefits as well. AUSPICIOUS PLACEMENT One of the first guidelines regards the placement of a pool. It’s harmful to a home and its residents when the pool is placed directly at the rear of the house. Worse still, is the home, that when entered at the front door, looks directly out to the pool. This arrow-straight alignment means that money flies out the house and is then lost in the pool.



I’ve seen many homes whose owners went bankrupt that had this kind of arrangement. Instead, it’s better if a pool is placed to the side of the house when placed at the rear versus directly behind the house, or if the view from the front door to the pool is blocked with plants or other decorative features. Another option for placement is to put the pool at the front of the house. This might be a good choice when the home has a high privacy wall so that bathers in the pool will also have privacy. As a placement choice, having a pool at the front of the home, particularly if it is on the left as you face out from the house, brings wonderful prosperity energy to the home’s occupants. The left side of the home is also called the dragon side of the home. Dragons love water energy and by adding water in the dragon location, the pool will stimulate the dragon benefits of financial abundance, good health, and family happiness. There are other considerations for placement that could help create extremely wonderful Feng Shui for the home, but a Feng Shui expert should be consulted on how best to tap a home’s unique feng shui energy. Even so, following the placement guidelines above is a very good starting point that will ensure that the pool does not do any harm to the residents. THE ZEN OF DESIGN Shape is another design consideration in feng shui pool design. Smooth, flowing sides that meander are the best shapes for pools. Round, kidney, and free-form shapes help mimic the flowing nature of water, but perhaps most importantly, these shapes do not have any harsh edges. Squareshaped pools create points of energy that are quite harmful. Pools that do have sharp edges or points can be tempered by placing plants at those points to absorb any excess or harmful water energy aimed at the house.

design I feng shui Size is another factor when designing a pool with good Feng Shui. It’s best to keep the pool size relative to the size of the home so that the pool does not overpower the home. A key element in Asian thought and Feng Shui is the concept of harmony. If a pool is large and the home is small, the pool and home are not harmonious. An architect or landscape architect can be consulted to ensure that the pool is the right size for the home.

One pool design that is very popular but that does not enjoy good Feng Shui is the infinity edge pool. With this type of pool, water appears to fall away from the house and, in feng shui, that constitutes draining wealth. An easy corrective feature would be to position spitters or a wall across the zero-edge that has a spillway. This will activate the wealth-enhancing properties of the pool and create a pleasing sound. Flowing water is relaxing and connotes flowing wealth in Feng Shui. Incorporating some type of water flow, waterfall, or fountain fosters the prosperity producing quality of the pool and turns the water into yang water. This type of water produces financial abundance. When water is still it is called yin water. This type of water may become a source of absorbing energy that can cause both financial and health-related problems.

Photo caption: This pool is an example of good Feng Shui. The pool edges blend easily into the environment and look natural. The rounded edges also prevent harsh energy from being aimed at the house. Simple Feng Shui for pools helps merge the indoors with the outdoors and makes the home unified with its landscape.

CLOSING WORDS Pool design today has come so far from the cement boxes from just a few decades ago. Pool designs now work to construct an oasis in the garden and offer homeowners a way to enjoy their homes more while increasing enjoyment and livability. Pools help us to create a peaceful retreat from the speed and bustle of daily living. And by incorporating the ancient art of feng shui, our swimming pools can help us create auspicious environments that beckon beneficial health and wealth energy to our homes for the benefit of all. PoolAsia’s offer: Submit your good example of “Feng Shui Pool” . We would be pleased to publish your pool in upcoming issues. Thank you

Feng Shui expert Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui Ezine and writes about Feng Shui for wealth and well-being. She is available for private consultations and design. Logon at www.redlotusletter.com for more information or email her at info@redlotusletter.com




When designing a pool, it’s most beneficial when the pool looks natural in the environwww.getdecorating.com ment. This is both harmonious and pleasing and creates an environment that feels balanced. What’s more a naturallooking pool promotes the health, wealth, and well-being of the home’s residents and all who come to enjoy the pool.

pool design I residential

Passioned Pool Lover brings Thailand’s dreams to reality To achieve this, the swimming pool water should always be in perfect condition and attractive. He has achieved both goals by setting up his own companies Pool and Fresh Co., Ltd. and the Mika Group Co. Ltd.. As first company in Thailand he called an annual design contest. With 5 professor from different universities as judge, this contest is certainly making an impression. He traveled a lot around the world to learn about how foreign water quality guidelines are implemented, what technologies are used and also to make friends with industry leaders there. Mr. Thongchat Thampramote

Asia’s architectural and pool industry is rich with visionares and creative entrepreneurs, who can achieve also its implementation. The owner of the Mika Group in Thailand, Mr. Thongchat Thampramote is one of them. Even in his childhood, he was attracted by water, at a time where it was in Bangkok still possible to splash in unpolluted water, which has changed in the meantime. So it came that his property company linked it’s projects mostly with water attractions and swimming pool. Based on his own experience with his family, where even his grandparents in a age of 80 + still keep themselves healthy by exercising in the pool, he emphasizes the great opportunity for families to socialize at their own pool at home. The warm water of their swimming pool invites them daily to gather. Convinced that private swimming pools are a great way for families to experience living together rather than spending their valuable weekend in shopping malls and unhealthy fast food restaurants. Instead fostering the children’s health and having fun for the whole family are the great assets of the family pool.



He came up from Bangkok to Chiangmai with his family to visit our Silkwaters Media Representation office and to meet up with the publisher, how to achieve drinking water standards in swimming pools, like people can enjoy in the “Blue Triangle of Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland” Poolasia is pleased to present his achievements and the projects of his extremely satisfied customer.

pool design I residential


MIKA design contest 2009 poolasia.com


pool design I pool villa

Elite Pool Villa in Bangkok


C Design highlights A


It’s very relaxing to observe and listen to the gentle sound of a water curtain falling down to the ground. Since most houses in the tropics don’t come with a roof gutter, it is highly recommended to consider the impact of rainwater which rinses fine dust particles and even birds droppings down from the roof straight into the pool. To deal best with such impacts, the developer opted for continuous disinfection, which is the case with a salt water chlorinator system. A turnover time of 4 hours and operation time of 12 hours assures the efficient removal of filterable pollutions.

To cover the plastic grid of the overflow channel with natural stones is a good idea. However, what you should consider is, that algae and bacteria grow on the surface of the stones. This doesn’t look attractive and more importantly, valuable chlorine will be consumed and bacteria can be released into the swimming pool water. Be advised to select stones with a smooth surface, where “biofilm” can’t develop so fast.

C Be assured that no earth gets into the pool, because organic soil harbours many bugs including parasites. Many of them are even resistant to standard chlorine disinfection.



pool design I pool villa


Technical Data: Swimming pool size 4X12 m, volume 80 m3 System: Salt water chlorinator, Model Chloromatic ESC pH24, complete-self cleaning with automatic pH control Min. Salt Level 3000ppm. Max.7000 ppm. Pump Model: ESPA Silent 75M, 1.2 kW Sand filter: MONARCH, ECOPURE F25 Design Flow 230 lpm, sand 160 kg

Owner: Location: Construction: Swimmingpool: Equipment by: Pool design:

Lecturer of Thamasart University Bangkok Mika Group Co., Ltd. Pool and Fresh Co., Ltd. Pool and Fresh Co., Ltd. Overflow Swimming Pool

www.mikagroup.com www.poolandfresh.com





design I competition


From impression ....to design


w.p o



w.p o

ia.c om


ia.c om

copyright by Dr. Josef Konrad




It tends to be trendy to go for fibre coated or liner pools, also for cost reasons, where mass manufactured pools in uniform shape are of advantage. However, this takes away a lot of potential character and originality. Here at Pool Asia, we love individualism which is why we’ve come up with a competition to promote just that! We’re lucky in Asia; we have easy access to raw materials which are expensive and hard to come by in Europe. From amazing choices of high grade industrial ceramics , unique handmade ceramics and natural stones with wonderful stone carvings. Everything is available, often for very affordable prices and most importantly skilled workmanship. These are pleased to develop their skills further in the world of “architecture with and in water”. We can do so much in terms of design in Asia, so what’s stopping us?...…Nothing!

“The THAI Pool” So, now for the fun part! We want you to design in our first contest your THAI POOL; by hand! Send us your pictures and explain why you’ve chosen that particular design. Become inspired by the stunning and unique Thai architecture, and think about how to submerge these design elements into the water; WATER & ARCHITECTURE the THAI way. THE RULES: Designs must be drawn by hand – we will not accept any computer generated designs. They must be sent to us by 31-12-2009 and there must be an explanation letting us know why you decided on that particular theme. Anyone can apply. We will print the winning design in the next issue. Thank you Cordially yours Josef Konrad

Please send photos to: SILKWATERS MEDIA Poolasia’s Design Contest 234/274 Siriwattana Villa, Soi 10, Chiangmai – Lamphun Rd., Nonghoi, Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 THAILAND




LIKE THE LOOK OF THIS POOL? THINK IT WOULD GO PERFECTLY IN YOUR GARDEN? DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED BY POOLASIA? Well, it could well be yours… for the right price. This stunning pool is for sale, only in Pool Asia as ORIGINAL, and if you like it and feel like ‘splashing out’ and buying it, all you need to do is contact us for more information. If yours is the highest bid, we will provide design, For this extra ordinary over flow pool, structural drawings and layout for piping & treatment system, which will meet European Swimming Pool Water Quality standard in any place of this lovely world!



We will feature the entire journey from beginning to end in our magazine as well. Please rest assured it will be a gem of illumination and attraction you never would have believed. The pool will go to the highest bidder. The bidding process will be highlighted on www.poolasia.com. The profit of this project will go to the WAT DON ORPHANAGE and SCHOOL, Chiangmai, THAILAND, where 700 children of Thai hill tribes are waiting eagerly for changes in their lives. We are also calling on sponsors for this project.

“Final bitting will be accepted at our booth at the MEPOOL EXHIBITION on 26th - 28th September 2010, Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center”

Poolasia’s commitment is to bring joy in everybodies life and to provide the platform for the young to build their future on. Thank you for your support Cordially yours Josef Konrad Email us at sky@poolasia.com for more information.





pool side I furniture


pool side


1 4




pool side

pool side I furniture

Wee’s Mobel Art Furniture Pattaya Thailand 1 Zapatus Lounger - red pulut polypeel2 42,790 THB

2 Prince Bed 1- capuccino polystrap 114,000 THB

3 Alexis Bed - grey lacak polyrod 51,000 THB

4 Gondola Single Bed - coffee bean polyrod 91,000 THB

5 Tear drop hanging chair - grey lacak polyrod 115,000 THB



pool side

pool side I furniture






pool side I furniture

KYLINE furniture, a marvelous design that comes with quality and sold over 60 countries worldwide. The raw material is created for outdoor functions since it is tested to be resistant to all kind of weather and temperature range from -70C til plus 80C. Moreover, it is the idea for gardens, beach, balcony and pool side since it is resistant to salt water, fresh water and Chlorine. Environmentally-friendly (non-toxic and recyclable) Highly customized (wide range of profiles, colors, textures, surface effects) Specially designed and engineered for outdoor use, all kind of weather resistant Easy maintenance, 3 years warranty

1 2

Two - 4 Rect. Dining set-black leather polypeel MDF. 194,000 THB

Spring Corner set - java brown polypeel 162,000 THB


Two - 4 corner set - black leather polypeel MDF2 277,000 THB


Pacific cube corner set

pool side

115,000 THB

4 contact: design@poolasia.com www.wee-mobelart.com



pool side I furniture

AT POOL SIDE Combining pleasure with water at pool side

Enjoy the elegant collections of contemporary pool lounger, sun beds, chairs and umbrellas. Specially-made cushions designed for practicality and outdoor use.

pool side

Quality features: sunlight resistance / UV protection non fading water resistance salt water resistance heat resistance non allergenic materials durable warranty period



pool side I furniture

The Nest Welcome to my sunny day!

NEST N C 9090 - a Circular sofa. Back rest in reinforced pvc nylon. Seat Cushion in dry feel polyurethane pad. Upholstery removable fabric for outdoor use. Satin stainless steel frames. For more information on “The Nest” or on any products from SEASONS please contact +662 715 0845 in Bangkok and info@seasonsofliving.com.

The Nest sofa is purely an outdoor sofa designed by Stefano Gallizioli, manufactured in Italy by CORO. The structure of the sofa is made entirely from stainless steel 316, which is much more durable to corrosion from the sea salt in comparison to what is more commonly usedstainless steel 304. The backrest is covered with PVC nylon cord, a material which has both of extreme flexibility and durability. Every cushion of this sofa is made of polyurethane cell membrane, which has a complex structure. This unique structure allows for its ability to quickly absorb water and then releas it, adding on to its characteristic of quick dry. This allows for the sofa to be fully used outdoors, (where its material welcomes not rejects water, is welcoming it) Nest sofa is available exclusively at SEASONS, Gallery of Fine Art and Home Collection.

For collection preview, please visit www.seasonsofliving.com



pool side

Bangkok’s EXQUISITe nest

pool side I furniture Welcome to a TUUCI®

shade experience

Their shade systems inspires with an endless array of shapes, sizes and colors, since their revolutionary collection of components is born from the marine industry. You’ll never again have to worry about damaging saltwater, searing sun or the very worst of nature’s elements. www.tuuci.com

pool side

"Shade is absolutely their specialty"



pool side

attraction I pool

THAILAND & BURMA With the December 09 edition we will be introducing examples from Thailand & Burma



pool side

pool side I photo contest

k n i P k n i h T 66


pool side I photo contest

Pool and Spa lover Susan contacted Pool Asia to let us know how much fun she was having in her home town of Chiang Mai. It is the spa capital of Thailand and simply bursting with pools. Whether you visit a public pool, a hotel pool or whether you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, there is nothing like having a dip to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Susan told us:

There are so many beautiful pools in Chiang Mai – public and private. Many of them have inspired me to build my own pool and I just wanted to share some of the styles and design features I’ve seen with you.

Send us also YOUR exiting photos of your pool party, any romantic experience from your holiday, children enjoying water and more incl. short description to fun@poolasia.com. The file size should not exceed 100 KB! The most exciting pictures will be published and for the winner of the lucky draw a hotel voucher for 2 nights and 2 person in one of Chiangmai’s dream resorts valued 10.000 Baht will be waiting. We reserve all rights of publishing and will then ask for higher resolution of the pictures.

Your FUN TEAM of PoolAsia



pool side

Join Susan next time when she’ll be showing us how water features can add a certain je ne sais qua to any pool.

technology I pool


Desjoyaux – Inventor of the living pool The story begins in 1966. Jean Desjoyaux, keen to share a certain idea of wellbeing with his children, relatives and friends, built the family’s first swimming pool by hand. The Desjoyaux Group now the world’s leading in ground swimming pool manufacturer, supplying over 14,000 pools* on all five continents each year – has always stayed true to this ideal of sharing. Indeed, what could be more satisfying than bringing pleasure to people’s lives and hearing laughter ring out from backyard that flash blue in the sunshine? And the secret of this success? Desjoyaux pioneered two different exclusive concepts (namely, the monobloc structure and the pipeless filtration system) and successfully applied the craftsman’s production values on an industrial scale, opening up endless possibilities in terms of shapes, options and equipment.. DESJOYAUX PIPELESS FILTRATION Looking for rapid installation, anti-leak reliability, effective filtration and water savings? You’ve guessed it – Desjoyaux’s patented filtration concept has all the answers! Inspired by outboard boat engines, the exclusive Desjoyaux system has a completely pipeless design. This eliminates the need for long and costly buried pipe-laying work and reduces the risk of leaks. When installed, the unit can straddle the pool wall, be built into the structure, or be incorporated into stairs (depending on the options available).




Desjoyaux’s filtration unit concept features a submerged filtration compartment that also houses the spotlight, and a technical compartment, built into the pool deck. Filtration: 6 microns screening size Filtration is carried out via a skimmer. The water then passes through a filter with a screening size 6 microns, before being re-released into the pool through the discharged nozzles. This circulation system means that the entire volume of water in the pool can be filtered and also be treated with disinfecting product located in a prefilter. As a result, no waste water is drained off, making the filtration process more environmentally friendly, and the pool water is still crystal clear and free from leaves, insects and other particles. The ingenuity of Desjoyaux’s filtration concept also makes it an ideal solution for the renovation of any swimming pool. It is also available with a number of different comfort options, such as water heating, a blower, counter-current swimming, etc.

technology I pool

Structure: Patented active permanent casing How can rapid construction be combined with enduring reliability and the freedom to create any shape of pool you like? The Desjoyaux casing structure concept, known as the Active Permanent Casing, solves this conundrum.

The shape and size of your pool are determined by assembling a series of panels that form the structure’s “active permanent casing” … This exclusive process ensures that the pool is strong and long-lasting, while offering great creative freedom in terms of its design; the installation technique maximizes the pool’s service life by casting a reinforced concrete bed-slab and by installing the reinforcement and casting the side-walls in a single operation. Your Desjoyaux pool is a rot-proof, self-supporting, monobloc structure. Our casing panels are manufactured using recycled polypropylene mixed with carbonate. In the final stage of recycling these materials, the panels are then buried to form a durable structure. Turning waste into a source of bathing pleasure is a dream come true with Desjoyaux pools. Your pool comes with a 10-year warranty covering the product and installation work.


The Desjoyaux’s filtration system harnesses the gyratory flow principle, generating savings in two areas: By eliminating the need for back-wash maintenance operations, the system saves water and avoids discharging treated water to the sewer. This approach economises an estimated 200 litres of water per operation, compared with sand-based filtration. The circulating pump consumes less electricity, due to the absence of pipes that would normally cause pressure head losses in the water circuit.



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Argusmatik® - Drowning - Detection The swimming pool environment is full of noise and heat. Many swimmers, including an increasing number of children who never learned to swim and many seniors with restricted mobility, are complicating life guarding and pool surveillance. When an accident happens and somebody drowns, questions about responsibility and failures of surveillance come up immediately. Everybody involved in such a case fears problems, and a technical solution is usually thought of as a first choice for this problem.


Lifeguards have to be perpetually aware of the situation in and around their pool at any time, and we expect them to be available immediately at the first sign of danger. Of course they are perfectly qualified for surveillance and first aid, but can we expect that they will immediately recognize when a person in is danger? First aid, especially for somebody drowning in a pool, is always a question of time. Even with the most rapid response to someone drowning, it might already be to late to save their life.The risk of longterm damage is high.

The risk of late detection is the biggest danger when somebody is drowning. The task of the Argusmatik® is to optimize security and surveillance in pools. The Argusmatik® should be considered an excellent tool for any lifeguard.

Argusmatik® – a system saving lives In Dinkelsbuhl, Germany, an accident occurred. A person slipped under the water surface, remained floating, and then sank to the bottom of the pool. The Argusmatik® Drowning Detection System identified the person as being in danger within 13 seconds. An alarm was raised, alerting the lifeguards via wireless radio transmission, and the person was rescued immediately. First aid was given in time that no long-term damage was sustained.

Drowning accident in Dinkelsbühl (Germany)

How the Argusmatik® works The Argusmatik® consists the of following components: • High-tech Software; • Specialized underwater digital cameras; • A small computer processing unit • Wireless transmitting sets for the lifeguards

With these components, the Argusmatik® is able to perpetually monitor all activities below the water surface, as a support to the lifeguards. The cameras take real-time video footage of any activity underwater. The computer then analyzes all images with advanced software, enabling a drowning person to be identified within seconds. How is this possible? The software is able to recognize volumes, colors, different shapes, and motion and trajectories within the walls of the pool. When a drowning person is identified, an internal timer starts. After an extremely short period of time, the system then identifies a motionless person as drowning.



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Because of this intelligent processing, the Argusmatik® is able to identify somebody in danger of drowning, whether they are floating in the water or laying still on the floor of the pool. The big advantage of the Argusmatik® is that the cameras are installed below the surface of the water. As a result, all factors that make surveillance so difficult for lifeguards (like waves, light reflection and light incidence) have no effect on surveillance as they do when cameras are installed above the water. The images captured by the Argusmatik® are perfectly focused, allowing them to be analyzed within seconds – seconds which can save lives.

The Installation


The Argusmatik® system is configured and installed by a specialized installation team after considering any special conditions in your pool’s environment. It is adjusted to all daily changing conditions, such as waves, light reflection, glare from the sun. Many other factors are considered before the Argusmatik® engineers start with the installation. Any input from the lifeguards, who know their pool best, is appreciated during this phase of the project. The Argusmatik® can be installed in any type of pool, whether it is installed when the pool is built or in an existing pool. The cameras of Argusmatik® can be installed in any wall by our experts, whether that is in tiled or concrete walls or walls made from stainless steel. Leaks are guaranteed not to appear, and the cameras are always properly aligned. In existing pools, the installation can be done during seasonal closures. At the beginning of any project, all technical details of your pool are used to help our engineers decide how the camera network will be installed and how many cameras are necessary to have complete coverage of all areas of the pool. After this, all special environmental conditions of your pool are taken into consideration for final adjustments of the software. Once everything is installed and configured in your pool, the lifeguards are taught to use the wireless transmitters. In case of further questions, the Argusmatik® team is also available to answer any questions- not to mention that our engineers are also responsible for maintenance and regular inspections.



The team Overkamp & Weege GmbH Our experience in this specific technical area, where seconds make the difference between life and death, and our excellent product quality have already convinced many lifeguards. Please contact us for references.

Argusmatik® – to optimize safety in your pool – for you, the lifeguards – for you, the carrier – and for your customers, the swimmers

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iPhone 3GS dropped in the pool. Still works!

There are dozens of applications which can be added. This on its own isn’t astounding. There are many phones on the market boasting these characteristics- but are any of them waterproof? If you’re a fan of websites such as YouTube, you may have come across the amazing video of an iPhone (which was being used to film a video sequence at the time) being dropped into a swimming pool- carrying on filming under water. Whether this video is real or not, it quickly generated hundreds of comments and as of this writing, had generated over 718,000 views.

The iPhone, however, is clearly waterproof and this video is proof of that – we even get to see the bottom of the swimming pool. The reaction of the owner after he picks his phone out of the water is utter amazement – much like most of the viewers. It carried on filming and only stopped when he switched it off. Is the iPhone starting a trend of underwater phones? Could we speak to people while in the shower, or perhaps while snorkeling in the sea? Would we really want to? Whether we do or not, the iPhone has opened up a world of opportunities and no doubt in years to come we will have underwater phones available to the mass market.

“I put my original iPhone through the washer and dropped my old iPhone 3g in a pool and both of them still worked- [it] looks like iPhones are pretty water-resistant”, quipped one viewer, while another person, apparently to point out that the video was a fake, said, “He could've uploaded it from his iPhone if it truly was a 3GS video,”Now, we don’t recommend you trying this out to see if it works on your phone, because you’ll probably end up with a phone that can’t even be used to call the repairman.

Do you have any stories regarding gadgets and pools? Have you dropped your phone in the tub and discovered that it still works, or perhaps you took your laptop fishing and dropped it in the river? Whatever the story, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment on our web page (www.poolasia.com) and tell us your tale!




The new iPhone has become hugely popular and is the new wave in mobile technology. As well as being a phone, you can also use it to listen to music, browse the internet, watch TV, take photos and generally organize your life.

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Safety for Children I Pool Fencing As soon as your child is able to crawl it is in immediate danger, it is important to prevent them from gaining access to your pool area unless specifically supervised by yourself. In many western countries, this issue is serious enough to warrant a legal requirement for pool safety fencing. Alas, standards in Thailand have not kept pace.

One solution: Removable pool safety fencing www.katchakit.com


THERE is probably nothing in the world more relaxing than a quick dip in the pool on those long lazy sunny afternoons, we enjoy so many of in Thailand. You will usually find that homes with swimming pools are often easier to rent out on a long or short term rental agreement, and they will command premium resale values compared with homes with no pools. As a result, a simple estimate has determined that there are at least several thousand private residential pools in the greater Pattaya and East Pattaya area. What is surprising to note however, is that 99% of these pools are not properly protected against accidental drowning of children or loved pets. Statistically speaking, drowning is the leading cause of death among children under 5 years of age. Studies show that 95% of pediatric drowning occurs with children between the ages of 1 and 4. If your child or grandchild is within this age group, the possibility of such a tragedy occurring should not be ignored and you should take immediate action to protect your loved ones.



To address this serious safety issue, The Pool Doctors (Thailand) is pleased to announce the launch of their latest product – removable pool safety fencing. Designed specifically to provide an access barrier to the pool for toddlers, young children, and your pets, pool safety fencing has proven itself to be the safest and most convenient form of child pool protection. It is quickly installed around the pool perimeter, and protects the family and pets from accidental pool drowning. It is constructed from high quality material which cannot be climbed, or circumvented by even the most motivated of toddlers. While one occasionally does see some type of pool barrier around pools in Thailand, there are two unique features of pool safety fencing.

Two options First, the fence gate has been specifically designed with children in mind. It cannot be opened by a toddler; it can only be opened by a full sized adult who must pull up on a high mounted safety latch. The gate is also selfclosing and self-latching, which removes the potential for forgetting to close and latch the gate. The second, and perhaps the most appealing feature of pool safety fencing now being installed by The Pool Doctors is, that the fence is completely removable in seconds. This is a big plus when the homeowner wants to host a party or BBQ around the pool. The fence can be removed and then reinstalled in seconds with no tools or other complicated procedure. This is a great advantage over other fixed type fencing, which often cannot be removed when moving home.

technology I safety Pool safety fencing is also 96% transparent, having little if no impact on the view of the pool. You must be aware of the potentially hazardous properties of a pool. The majority of the parents involved in child drowning were responsible people who thought it could never happen to their family. They were careful and had close supervision over their children. So we are literally talking about people who could live next door to you.

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A recent study in the USA makes for some interesting statistics.

Who was in charge of supervision at the time of drowning? - 69 percent of the accidents occurred while one or both parents were responsible for supervision. - 10 percent were adults other than the parents. - 14 percent were sitters. - 7 percent siblings. What was the location of the pool drowning?


The results might help you to better understand why drowning is still the number one killer for children 1 to 4 years of age.

- 65 percent were in a pool owned by the child’s family. - 22 percent at a relative. - 11 percent happened at the neighbor. Drowning happens quickly and without warning. There is no cry for help. 77 percent of the children had been seen 5 minutes or less before being missed and subsequently discovered in the pool. Where were they last seen? - 46 percent WERE LAST SEEN IN THE HOUSE prior to being found in the pool. Of these, 15 percent were thought to be sleeping. - 23 percent were last seen in the yard, porch or patio, not in the pool area. That’s a total of 69 percent that were thought not to be in the pool area. - 31 percent were last seen in the pool or pool area. What activity was the person responsible for supervision involved in at the time of drowning? - 39 percent were doing chores. - 18 percent socializing. - 9 percent were busy on the telephone.

The suddenness of this type of accident and the results it yields is devastating to anyone it touches. According to the owner of The Pool Doctors, “as a new father, I have decided to offer this product in Thailand simply out of my own need. The pool is the last thing that I need to or worry about at this time. I feel strongly that this product fills a huge gap when it comes to the safety of residential and commercial pools in Thailand”. The Pool Doctors (Thailand) can be reached at http://www.thepooldoctorsthailand.com

Address : Bangkok – 78 Samakee Road Tasai Nonthaburi 11000 Tel : 02-952-4591 Mob : 089-921-1345 Pattaya – 151/10 Moo 11 Sukhumvit Rd. Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20260 Tel : 038-233-346 ; Fax : 02-952-4928



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Personal Alarm Systems “Additional layer of protection”


Protect pets as well!

A personal pool alarm system adds an extra safety measure for your baby when you’re near a pool or lake. While nothing can replace good parental supervision, the inexpensive alarm system such as Safety Turtle, from Terrapin Communications Inc., Canada sounds an alert instantly if baby enters the water, allowing adults to react before serious injury occurs. This product is a good choice for families with pools, or those who spend a lot of time at the lake with baby, but to be effective, the turtle wristband must be used constantly.

Personal alarms such as Safety Turtle provide an additional layer of protection to intrusion barriers and alarms. Effectiveness depends on caregiver(s) reattaching the locking wristband to the child after each bath or supervised swim. But no alarm has proven to be an effective substitute for a supervision regimen adhered to by both parents. And no electronic or mechanical device is effective 100% of the time even when used correctly.

Using Safety Turtle in Salt Water Pools A higher concentration of salt in your pool reduces the ability of the Turtle to communicate with the Base Station. The salt increases the pool's conductivity, thus increasing the power loss of a radio signal passing through a given height of water. Therefore, for a salt chlorinated pool, the Base Station is best located pool side, at least 1 meter above the water surface.



Base station as signal receiver and alarm. Lockable Safety Turtle Wrist Band, which comes in 6 colors with each different frequences.

Visit www.safetyturtle.com for more information and let us know your experience with SAFETY TURTLE or other personal alarm systems on www.poolasia.com. SAFETY TURTLE is available from Icarus Sdn Bhd Tel:+6732331392 info@icarus.com.bn


RESORT & Pool Villa

What the receptionist of a RESORT might offer parents with young children: “Welcome to our POOL VILLAs. Enjoy your privacy there and for your child’s safety at the pool side we offer you during your stay our SAFETY TURTLE”

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Principle knowledge of water care You don’t have to have trained for years to achieve good water quality in your swimming pool. But you will find that the more knowledge you have, the more interesting it will be to deal with your pool in daily live.. Man-made containment, the pool The uniqueness of a swimming pool is that water is kept in an artificial man-made container for pleasure activities, the swimming pool, which unless treated, the water becomes polluted and is re-used again and again. To keep this water safe for swimming, where transmission of infection between the bathers has to be prevented, disinfection is required. However by applying these disinfection chemicals, the water changes its characteristics. The pH levels will need to be balanced, the water becomes harder, the chemicals attack the cement and the water loses its clarity and even its color. As overal picture of the water condition the so called water balance ( Langelier Index) will change. Side effect of pool chemical Any chemical that you use will have its side effects. However, it has to be taken into account that the prevention of transmission of infections between the bathers and protection from the natural environment has absolute priority. Swimming pool water should be maintained so that it is always safe and pleasant for swimming.

This sounds like to be a big task, however it is not difficult to achieve if two critical parameters are measured and controlled and it’s interrelation are clearly understood: disinfectant: Chlorine pH level There are many different kinds of disinfectants on the market. This article is going to focus on chlorine; the most common and efficient disinfectant. Following the Guidelines of the WHO (Would Health Organization) for Recreational Bathing Water (www. who.int/water_sanitation_health/bathing/en/), chlorine is the only acceptable disinfectant permitted in public swimming pools because it provides residual disinfection and prevents transmission of infections between the bathers. Other products will perform the same task, but chlorine will destroy most bacteria in well under 30 seconds, alternative product take up to 90 minutes which means they provide essentially zero protection against disease. All public pools must use chlorine and all private pools that are used by more than one family member should also consider the use of chlorine. Combination of disinfection technologies such as Chlorination with the powerful Ozone as primary or secondary disinfection are efficient, require however good understanding how to apply.

Good operational practice for maintaining swimming pool water

keep the pool water pristine clear, also for safety reasons keep the water at all time free of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. keep the water free from growths of algae ensure the water is neither toxic nor irritating to swimmers prevent the formation of undesirable smells or taste in water prevent corrosion of the pool surround, its fittings and equipment prevent scale formation of the pool



pool guide I chemistry

How to add chlorine The way in which chlorine is added to the swimming pool water has significant effect on its disinfection results. The following graphics illustrate the results.

Manual disinfection: Applying Chlorine manually once a day or every few days will result in the fact that most of the time the chlorine concentration is either too high or too low as required for disinfection. This disinfection practice is the main reason that chlorine by-products, the cause of the chlorine smell, develop.. The pool will have many “time frames� where it is not safe for swimming and remember, if you have a heated pool, this is the prime condition for bacteria to multiply. Their growth consumes most chemicals.

Continuous disinfection WITHOUT control = static disinfection Tablet chlorinators (also known as erosion feeders) release chlorine depending on the water flow. They only work when the pump is in operation. It depends on the pre-adjusted dosing rates as to whether or not enough chlorine is available. This method does not adjust to the occupancy of the pool and on how strong the sun is shining (UV rays destroy chlorine!). It is a much better option than manual disinfection, since the repeated growth of bacteria or algae can be prevented. However it can turn out to be costly, since chlorine will be released during times where it is not necessary.

Continuous disinfection WITH control = dynamic disinfection Automatic dosing is the most economic and environmentally-friendly way of adding chlorine. It assures healthy swimming pool water at all times with chlorine levels being as high or low as necessary at all times. Moreover, since the pH levels will also be controlled, you can be assured that the chlorine is doing its disinfection job efficiently. This will significantly contribute to the reduction of the costs. Of course, the investment costs are the highest, but the running costs are the lowest if proper pump rooms are provided and good trained service for measuring the sensors are in place. Decide yourself, how much is your health worth to you?



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The importance of pH The pH has strong impact on the disinfection power of chlorine This is for every pool owner, hotel & resort manager important to know and for all doing pool business a fundmental fact. Why? The principle function of chlorine is to kill bacteria by oxidizing it’s cell. Nothing else it should do ( but it does!). The faster the better and with less concentration required the better as well for a healthy swimming. How efficient it can disinfect depends on the pH of the water, there it has to act. We have to talk about 2 different “forms” of Chlorine. The Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is the active form of chlorine and the Hypochlorite Ion (OCl-) is the one which has virtually no disinfection power and is therfore called the “incative form” in table 1 as below.


Looking at the table 1 as below, it shows us, that at a pH 5 all the Chlorine is in active form (100% activity). But nobody should swim in water with an pH of 5. The most disirable condition exists between pH 7.2 and 7.5, representing also the pH of the tear fluid. At a pH of 7.2 chlorine does exist to 66 % of HOCl, loosing already 34 % disinfection capacity. At a pH of 7.5 already 50 % of chlorine disinfection power is lost. Since most pools do have even higher pH values you can imagine how much disinfection power will be lost. In other words: If a pool requires at a pH of 7.8 three drums of chlorine chemicals per month, then it will need at a pH of 7.2 only two drums.

Active form of Chlorine

Inactive form of Chlorine



% OCI-

5.0 6.0

100 96

0 4

















Table 1

pool guide I chemistry

The importance of water testing Testing of and keeping pH in correct levels should be seen as the basics of any cost cutting effort and of course to assure that the pool is safe for swimming. The author knows public pools with pH values of 3, which is equal to the pH of vinegar acid. Frequently exposed swimmer like competition swimmer have to face this problem most, there dental erosion is the consequence. Public health departments have already investigated these facts and published papers. We will report in upcoming issues. Chlorine in 10 mg/ l and more concentration! How can this happen? Pools can come with Chlorine concentration above 10 mg/ l, where even quality test kits fail to test properly. To such extremely oxidizing environments even small children are exposed to, especially in medium priced and aging service apartments or condominium buildings. The reason for is, that for example some building managements do the outsourcing with the cheapest possible pool service available, without knowing that as consequence this company, or it’s subcontracted service, has no other choice as to apply chlorine as “surplus” which should last for example for 1 week. Time is money! These pools look pristine clear, but they are not operated for swimming purpose. The author recommends to pool lover, who do swim in community pools or visit hotels and resort pools, water park or public pools frequently to make themselves familiar with water testing and buy a test kit, which can be used for years (good reagents have guarantee periods of 10 years) and to conduct water testing on their own on sceptical pools.

Test kits come with liquid, powder of tablet reagents for pH & chlorine testing. They are designed as color comparator, where the developing color will be compared with the imprinted or plastic color standard. The later one is long lasting and non fading. As pH indicator functions Phenol Red. For FREE Chlorine ( Hypochlorious Acid) only the DPD No1. reagent reacts specifically, whereas the cheaper reagent OTO reacts with the free and combined (already reacted) chlorine. This non-distinguishing reagent doesn’t provide accurat information whether the pool is safe for swimming or not. Poolasia will feature in the next issue “All about Test Kits” and provide information on where to buy quality test kits in South East ASIA.

Pooltester 1









DPD No. 1

9 7.4 7.2 pH 7.0

Procedure of testing for pH & Chlorine


Their findings are so helpful especially to children, who we can’t be taught not to swallow swimming pool water.

SAMPLING: What to know about representative sampling Always take the sample from the same place. This is generally best at the furthest point from the return to the pool of the freshly disinfected, filtered water. Take the sample from approximately 30 cm below water surface. Always rinse the sample container several times with the water before taking the sample for testing.


2.0 1.5 Cl 0.5


health I beauty

health I beauty

Chlorine on your skin...?

For frequent swimmer and pool lover:


After swimming, how can you prevent the Chlorine of the chlorinated swimming pool water continuing to act as an oxidizer on your skin and hair? Taking a shower and rinse it off with water will help a lot. However shampoo which contains activated carbon, like from Bamboo Charcoal, will help you to get rid of efficiently of all remaining oxidizer by inactivating Chlorine (HOCl) by means of reduction to inactive Chloride ion, at the end nothing else as salt.

PuPechPrai Products are available on the Walking Street (Sunday Market) at Ta Pae Gate, opposite to Toyota Dealer, Chiang Mai, Thailand. www.heartmade-homespa.com

Beauty instead of chocolate BABOR Advent calendar

Imagine; 1 gram of bamboo charcoal has up to 600 square meters of surface area. Its ability to attract and hold (adsorption) a wide range of chemicals, minerals and other harmful substances is well known.

PuPechPrai Co., Ltd. is located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. This is still a small family business. All products they produce are heart made and handmade with care. They create their own special formulas for every item.




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Author’s Recommendation WHO Launches First Ever International Guidelines on Creating Safe Places to Swim World Health Organization

Guidelines for Safe Recreational Waters, Volume 2 Swimming Pools and other Recreational Water Facilities This book provides an authoritative assessment and referenced review of the health hazards associated with recreational water and swimming places. It also provides a comprehensive review of water monitoring and assessment, including ways to monitor water, educate users, good practices for design and construction, and good operation and management. The Guidelines include both specific guideline values and good practices. They address a wide range of hazards, including safety, water quality, contamination and air quality hazards..

This document is the first to provide comprehensive guidance for managing swimming pools and similar facilities so that recreational benefits are maximized while minimizing any negative impact on public health. This volume is extremely useful to anyone involved in overseeing the management of a pool or any other recreational water environments. Some particularly interested people might be national and local authorities, owners, operators, designers both of public and private pools, special interest groups, public health professionals, scientists, and facility users.

for more information: www.who.int

ISBN 0951700766

Swimming Pools

SWIMMING POOL WATER Treatment and quality standards for pools and spas

1st issue, July2008 776 pages

ISBN 9789814217101

Bali Chic

The essential guide for everyone involved in the design, treatment, management and inspection of pools of all sorts – expanded, refined, updated, still authoritative. PWTAG is an independent, non-commercial membership organization in the UK dedicated solely to raising standards in swimming pool water treatment.

Bali Chic is an indispensable guide to the latest attractions of this verdant island. It brings the many facets of Bali to life with features on the latest and greatest places to dine, shop, and unwind. In addition, this edition profiles many of the best hotels, spas, stores and secret spots that only the locals know about. It tells you what you need to know to make the most stylish decisions during your stay on the ‘Island of the Gods’.




Price € 79.00

Price £54 each (Overseas) including postage and packing.

Price U.S. $25.0

This book describes the wide range of system technology for swimming pool planning and installation. Passages containing legal references in this manual are the German/European technical standards. These should be considered recommendations in the absence of local requirements and standards.




ISBN 9783883820866



The SEA Games, a short history The South-East Asian Games (or the SEA Games) are a multi-national sports event which are held every two years for all countries in Southeast Asia. They are very famous regionally for being the only competitive event that is internationally recognized that includes local Southeast Asian Games. Despite several troubled periods, including at least one time which the games had to be cancelled altogether, the SEA Games have continued to be one of the events that every nation in Southeast Asia looks forward to, and have been instrumental in fostering peaceful dialog between nations that historically have not always been friendly. So how did these games get started? In 1958, Delegates from the South-East Asian Peninsula (SEAP) had a meeting in Tokyo. South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma (now Myanmar) and Malaya (now Malaysia) all decided, as a group, to start a biennial sports competition as a way of increasing international cooperation. They called it the “South-East Asian



Peninsular Games”. The first games were held in December of 1959, in Bangkok, Thailand, with Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, South Vietnam and Laos competing in 12 sports. In 1975, the Philippines and Indonesia were first considered for joining the SEAP Games, and they were formally admitted in 1977. That same year the SEAP Federation officially changed it’s name to the South-East Asian Games Federation, and the games were officially called the SEA Games for the first time. Since then, East Timor has also been added to the list of participating nations, and the events have been expanded to include nearly all official Olympic events and several indigenous sports, such as Sepak Takraw, a volleyball-like game where a whicker ball is kicked back and forth over a short badminton-like net. This year marks the 50 year anniversary of the first SEA Games, with the 25th SEA Games to be held for the first time in Laos, in its capital Vientiane. There is a definite feeling of pride in the air in Vientiane.

Going for Gold


hailand is famous for many things; unfortunately swimming is not one of them. However, one young teenage is determined to put Thailand on the map and PoolAsia met her to find out more. Patarawadee Kittiya, known to friends and family as Ploy is a 15 year old superstar. She is a national champion and hopes one day to be an Olympic champion.

to a new club where her and her mother felt that she could develop her technique. However, this wasn’t as successful as her and her family had hoped. Her father took it upon himself to give her the best opportunity possible and actually built a half Olympic sized swimming pool where she could dedicate her time training. This pool was finished when she was 12 and has grown to become one of the most successful training pools in the whole of Chiang Mai.

Her swimming career began at an early age. In fact, she was just 4 ½ when she first took to water. Her mother Ms. Nipa Kittiya told us that Ploy was a sickly baby and throughout her toddler years. She constantly ran a fever and had trouble with her airways. Her doctor told Ms. Nipa that Ploy needed to exercise, despite her young age. Faced with a choice of aerobics with her mother or swimming in the pool next door, Ploy chose the latter. She could not have made a better decision had she tried. She began swimming at the pool in Chiang Mai Land, in the centre of town. This public pool was where she found her calling and overcame her illness very quickly. After just one year, Ploys swimming coach convinced her and her mother that she had a gift and had to take the sport seriously if she wanted to compete. At the young age of six, Ploy had her very first competition. After this, she developed a taste for competition and it was not long before she was regularly competing in meets across the country. When Ploy was just 10, she felt that she needed to advance her swimming career further and moved

It has enabled Ploy to go for gold; something which she has succeeded in many times. While she was at other clubs, she was not allowed to train as often as she wanted because she disturbed other people, however with a pool dedicated to competing athletes, she was sure to improve. Another reason why her father decided to build the pool was to improve the water quality that his daughter was training in.



He studied pool preparation and soon became an expert in chlorine levels and pool maintenance. The pool has the perfect level of chlorine so it is neither dangerous nor ineffective. Ploy continued to improve under her new coach, Mr. John Glenister Evans, Australia. He is retired coach and use to be coach for 40 years Together with Glen her parents and fellow simmers, Ploy wants to put Chiang Mai on the map where swimming is concerned. She is well on her way, being the national butterfly gold medalist (winning the gold against people of all ages; some 10 years older than her) and gaining silver in the freestyle across 200m, 400m and 800m. Her aim for this year is to gain a medal in the SEA games, in Laos in December where she represents Thailand. However when it comes to long term goals, there is only one on her mind: the 2016 Olympics. Even then, she’ll still only be in her early 20s!

For more information on this swimming pool and how to get your child lessons here, contact:

Swimming Team Chiang Mai Open everyday - Learning swimming (beginner) Start at 4.00pm to 7.00pm 1,500 Baht per month , 1hour per time - Training swimmers Morning session start at 6.00am to 7.30 am Afternoon session start at 5.30pm to 7.30 pm Basic 1,500 Baht per month Advance1 2,000 Baht per month Advance2 3,000 Baht per month - Playing Start at 6.00am to 5.00 pm Childrent 30 Baht per time Adult 60 Baht per time

CONTACT: 125 Tambol Nongjom, Aumphur Sansai, Chiangmai 50230 Thailand Tel: +66 (0)5312 7209, email: kittiya123@csloxinfo.com


Ms. Singdala from LAOS is bracing for the medals at the SEA Games as well! Lao will enter athletes in all 28 fin swimming race categories, 84 swimming race categories and 16 diving categories in the team for the 25th SEA Games in December 2009. The Lao Swimming Federation is hoping it will be in medal contention in the fin swimming events and Jina Singdala is one of those fin swimmers hoping to achieve a medal placing. www.laosoc.com www.laoseagames2009.com



The official mascot for Aquatics and Fin Swimming of the 25th SEA Games in LAOS Philippine: CLEAN UP The Philippine Fin Swimming Federation Inc. once again organized their International Coastal Clean Up Day in 2009. The country used to be badly hitten by so many typhoons.


POOLASIA is pleased to meet them at the SEA Games in LAOS and to experience their great spirit. We do whish all of you GOOD LUCK!

THAILAND: The team of the Thai Diving Association at the Golden Final of the World Cup in Sevilla. Great achievements can be expected with the new Fin Swimming National Trainer, Vladimir Karmazin, who was 3 times World Champion in Fin Swimming and Orientation and previously couch of the German National Team.




Monofin swimming Fin swimming is swimming with fins. This can either be bi-fin, which uses a double-bladed swim fin or monofin which uses a single-bladed swim fin. Fin swimming is a form of speed competition in the SEAGAMES and WORLD GAMES. POOLASIA is pleased to report from both games, the achievements of their champions and young super stars and how best water quality is provided in their competition pools. With one fin, swimming is much faster than with two. The monofin swimming technique coordinates the entire body into a single swimming muscle affording the swimmer better propulsion and greater speed. The monofin brings people closer to every swimmer's dream - to swim with the dolphins.



Monofin swimming was introduced in the 1972 Fin swimming Championships in Moscow. The monofin resembles a dolphin tail which is capable of propelling swimmers up to 12 kph.

Monofin Movement The primary movement in monofin swimming is the undulation forwards of the hip and the descendant impulse of the legs. The main source of power derives from the swimmer’s midsection, involving the lower abdominal and back muscles, buttocks and quadriceps. The monofin swimmer extends the arms forward, locking hands together, blocking the head between the biceps. The undulating movement starts in the shoulders, with maximum amplitude towards the hips; the legs almost don’t bend to transfer the movement of the monofin. This technique is called dolphin kick. www.finisinc.com




SOMMAP SAS, France TĂŠl : + 33 4 42 82 28 38 www.sommap.com; www.sweammer.com








bath I fitting


The character of LULU really comes into its own when emphasis is placed on particular features. Using light – or even coloured light. Or with individual accessories. The brochure on the LULU range can be downloaded at






Lulu bath mixer www.dornbracht.com



bath I fitting

Lulu fitting www.dornbracht.com

IN-BATH magazine from dornbracht

the spirit of water as download on www.dornbracht.com





bath I sanitary ware

Turkish Delight This Istanbul toilet by VitrA has been called the iPod of commodes for its uniquely fluid shape and transparent polycarbonate seat and lid with LED lights. From $1,277 www.vitra-bathrooms.com



bath I wellness

Wood & Water appealing atmosphere softly touching

“Imagine, bathing in natural wonders� poolasia.com



is a live material. Even after being cut, it keeps breathing, radiating warmth and emitting resin aromas. Wood deepens your perception of life through providing interaction between Man and Nature. Its structure exhibits the golden amber color of well-treated wood — its luminosity creating a positive atmosphere.



bath I wellness



26 100

poolasia.com poolasia.com

bath I wellness

Wooden bathroom ware designed by Munich-born Markus Horner boasts a perfect surface which attracts attention and provokes the desire to touch. With no doubt his products can help turn any bathroom interior into something exquisite, striking and amazing. Markus personally oversees every single step of production — from developing the design to applying the sealing varnish layer. Each object is made by glueing dozens of wooden rings to each other. When properly polished, the wood is thoroughly soaked in mordant solution and covered with at least 10 layers of special varnish. This varnish conforms to certain requirements and the German Act of Foodstuffs and Commodities (Paragraph 35 and DIN EN 71), which is applicable to children’s toys.

NanoCover The next drying phase takes several weeks. The final stage involves applying NanoCover to produce a glossy waterproof surface which requires no special care. The entire production, including a final shape cut, requires a craftsman’s skill, so the whole process takes 12 weeks. Facing materials can be chosen from his wide selection of both ordinary and precious wood species. As a rule, a model frame bears a color tone to meet a client’s unique preferences. All wash basins and all bathtubs feature a smart bath plug engraved with the designer’s copyright logo and a product serial number in order to emphasize the exclusive concept behind each item. At a client’s request, it is also possible to have the plug chrome surface engraved with the name of a villa, yacht etc. His products come with a 10-year guarantee.

26 101

poolasia.com poolasia.com



bath I wellness

Mr. Markus Horner Ammonitum GmbH Wilbrunnenstrasse 45 CH-6314 Unterageri Switzerland Email: contact@ammonitum.com www.ammonitum.com



hospitality & pool I GM’s corner

A quality pool will make or break any hotel Small “high end” Boutique Resorts & Hotels do require very specific skilled management teams in order to meet the quality expectations of their demanding guests. But with limited manpower available to manage and operate the swimming pool, it can be difficult to consistently maintain the water quality. But it is this unseen maintenance that could be the turning point for a successful hotel. The General Manager (Mr. Paul Walker) of the RACHAMANKHA Hotel has the answer. Get involved, acquire knowledge and encourage the staff to be become experts. It’s all about capacity building and saving cost as well by doing the right things at the right time. It’s definitely not about outsourcing. This approach is the guarantee for developing the swimming pool as a key attraction of the property. It will become the focal point of any establishment. POOLASIA interviewed Mr. Walker so that he could share his experience with you.

RACHAMANKHA, Boutique Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 24 guestrooms

The Interview

GM’s corner

As GM of a small hotel how do you manage to achieve good performance of your swimming pool? I think the key to our hotel’s pool management is knowledge and having a clear goal as to what we want to achieve. For me it isn’t enough to have a tidy and attractive pool area and the smell of chlorine in the morning, I wanted to know what was happening in the water, I wanted to be sure that my guests were swimming in clean, disinfected water yes, but not a chemical soup. I sought out consultants who could educate myself and my team on how to achieve and maintain the water quality we want; this was no easy task as of course a lot of pool supply companies are in the business of selling chemicals so want to promote chemical use and here we were trying to reduce our chemical use. With the right advice, regular testing, consistency is key, of more than simply ph and free chlorine and careful adjustment to the results and you can achieve a very nice quality of water giving your guests a much better pool experience and reduce your costs too.



GM, Mr. Paul Walker

Your water looked quite good when we met the first time. What did you learn from this meeting? Well, the obvious lesson was that an attractive pool is not necessarily a safe pool and of course that just because you can detect chlorine in your water doesn’t mean it is disinfecting it. Again, knowledge is key, you must understand, or have someone who understands, some basics of pool water chemistry. This knowledge is key to your peace of mind that your guests will enjoy a safe pool: ultimately that is our aim, we want the guests to have a great time with us and take only good memories away with them, and maybe a few extra inches around their waistline from the restaurant’s great food.

hospitality & pool I GM’s corner

What did you bring in action? A whole new knowledge base and set clear goals. The pool and filtration system is in place, we cannot do anything about that, so we are tied to chlorine use for disinfection but we could change our treatment regime and chemical usage. We re-trained the staff and set new systems and regimes for testing and treating, and as a team agreed on the goal and standard we had set for ourselves. Working closely with our consultants we brought the pool water round to where we wanted it to be and with their continued support and advice we are maintaining this achieved quality. It is a very organic process, changes are possible even hourly in pool water quality, I am sure we still have a lot to learn so working more closely with our consultants has proven essential to maintaining a consistency to our pool water quality. What do you think about PoolAsia’s initiative to promote the job: Pool Master As said previously, in my opinion knowledge is key, so by promoting a position like Pool Master you are giving this subject the weight and focus it deserves and can set a benchmark for pool staff service standards and modus operandi. A pool should be a great asset to a property but will be only if it is properly managed and developed, and of course for consistency in this respect the pool needs to be in the hands of a dedicated person or team who keep on top of new developments in pool management and regularly update their knowledge base to make the most of this asset. By designating a pool master, or masters, in a property this consistency, this benchmark is guaranteed. Are you going to highlight in your marketing campaigns, that your hotel is among the 10 Best Pools of Northern Thailand? Certainly, I think it is something to be proud of and as I said previously I think a pool is a great asset to a property so any recognition for good quality I am certainly going to share with the world. Wherever we are, when we use a facility we expect the management to have prepared it fit for use, I think it would come as quite a shock to most people if they knew of the dangers lurking within the crystal clear waters of a badly managed pool. With most of Thailand’s tourists coming from the heavily regulated western world they naturally expect that the facilities we provide are of a high and safe

enough standard to be fit for use, due to strict government controls, but that clearly isn’t the case, and I think this recognition highlights this issue to our advantage. We see our pool as an asset to our business, we do care about our guests’ health and well being while they are in our house, we are aware that the responsibility is with the property to do the research, to do the work and to provide and maintain a good, safe water quality in our pool, and advertising this fact will of course be to our sales and promotional advantage. What can you recommend to the management of small hotels? I wouldn’t presume to tell my peers and fellow hoteliers how to run their business but equally I would recommend that they don’t presume, as I once did, that everything is right just because it looks right. Where pools are concerned they are an asset to any property, or should be, but they aren’t a facility we can take for granted with just cursory care. Pools require detailed work, research and management on a daily basis and I feel it is our responsibility to do this for our guests. But I am also sure the payback is there, at the very least in the knowledge that you have taken good care of your guests in providing a high quality of service and safe pool water for your guests. I sincerely hope that more property managers and owners will look into their pool facilities in more detail as a result of this publication and your efforts and if so, then the days of the chemical soup will be over in our region. Thank you Mr. Walker, we appreciate your valuable insights for our readers

Publisher’s note: We were very impressed with how motivated the hotel staff were. The hotel plans to have a display of the water levels, including: pH, concentration of free chlorine and combined chlorine, stabilizer (Cyanuric acid) and Turbidity. The management’s ZERO tolerance towards combined chlorine as unwanted allergens in swimming pool water will certainly help them to achieve European Water Quality Standards for swimming pools.

POOLASIA will conduct 1 day courses for Management & Engineers & Pool Owner titled: “Principles of Good Pool Operation” in 2010 together with affiliated partners to be selected yet, as part of POOLASIA’s certifying POOL MASTER program for Southeast Asia. Interested affiliates and participants please register on www.poolasia.com



GM’s corner

If your pool water is an imbalanced chemical soup your guests will take away a lot more with them from your property than simply memories and it will be all bad for them; it is our responsibility to care for our guests while they are in our house and I see pool water safety as equally important as kitchen hygiene.

hospitality & pool I GM’s corner


GM’s should

know about WATER management

There are many reasons why all hotel management should know the basics about water and swimming pool management. It’s ultimately their responsibility to accept the fact that influential hotel guests request free stays in his President Suites as compensation for their blonde hair turning green. It can be even worse when a hotel inspector of a reknowned tour operator group, which specializes in tourists over 50 years, asks the hotel to take responsibility if their client catches legionnaires disease. While on Phuket during the dry season, happened to glance out the window and saw the arrival of another eagerly awaited truck loaded full of water.

But where is the water from? Answer: unknown sources; let’s hope it’s not from a chicken farmland! The tank; covered with a thick crust of rust from spilled water does nothing to inspire confidence at all. With basic knowledge in hand, these “impacts” can be dealt with properly. We will try to create awareness in this magazine and provide answers about all topics related to water. We welcome any questions, comments or concerns at www.poolasia.com

GM’s corner

Helpful principles about water managment and safety worthwhile knowing To prevent explosions, better check your pool chemical storage:

Properly managed pools do NOT require algizides.

Inorganic CaHypochlorite ( 60 - 70 %) and organic Chlorine ( Trichloro -iso -Cyanuric acid, TCCA, the so called “90 % powder chlorine” look almost the same and can therefore be brought together, by mistake which can result in fatal consequences. As 60 % CaHypo acts as strong oxidizer and reacts with organic components as lubricants and also with the organic content of the TCCA; ignition and/or explosions will occur. Reports are rarely are released about such tragedies, but the author knows that it happens sadly so often. Loss of eyesight, severe burns of the torso, limbs and head are common consequences if not worse. How could it have happened? Have a look how the pool chemicals are stored. You may be shocked that an explosion hasn’t happened yet! Many opened containers, often from different suppliers and with and often without labels are often placed next to each other. It happens mostly when new or temporary staff clear up the site and fill the chemical powder containers together.

For the cost of one 1 l of these often very expensive liquids, a quality test kit with DPD 1 reagents can be bought which determines FREE Chlorine. This FREE Chlorine is what you want to see in your pool, 24 hours a day, year round and what you must have in your water distribution especially in the tropics to prevent so called biofilm development. Without biofilm, NO Legionella. Common algizides are Copper based ( CuSulphate) and turn blond hairs (e.g. Scandinavian) by frequent swimmers green.



Hazardous test kits: Liquid Chlorine test kits based on OTO ( Ortho -Tolidine) are common and cheap, but unfortunately they are suspected of being carcinogenic (causing cancer). Operator who conduct water testing should be advised not bring it in contact with skin. Better to wear gloves. In next issue we will be talking about the “silent decay of the pool construction” Josef Konrad

hospitality & pool I GM’s corner

Just 8 seconds to do your pH/ chlorine or pH/active-oxygen test! „Rap-i.d. press&break“ is a twin version as an - all in one pH- and chlorine tester. The usage is really simple!: Press, break, test, done! In just 8 seconds testing is done and a little later you can read your individual pool-data of pH/ chlorine or pH/active-oxygen. With the „rap-i.d. press&break“ you've got the entire set of measuring instruments in one hand. No single components any more!

POOL i.d., Germany


December 2009

outlook Technology & Design Highlight

Water Park Bavaria / Germany

pool concept natural pool, success in Europe, ready for ASIA? Chlorine free and environmentally friendly

product review Cleaning Robot your best pool assistant

guide Review on quality test kits & digital photometer

Review on QUALITY robots available in Asia Commercial cleaner for public pools & water parks Reliable assistant for residential pools




TOP 10 Boutique Pools of Southern Thailand contest Where water quality & design counts



attraction Solar heating of swimming pools

Giardia Chlorine resistant parasite in pools

Product highlight Dimensioning Calculation of cost savings

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more guides and pool design coverages instead of the INDUSTRY NEWS ASIA

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BUILDERS BULLISH Property: The Home Builder Association recorded more than 2 billion baht in sales, up 25% from last year, from its recent Home Builder Fair 2009, August 23 -25, reflecting rising consumer confidence, according to president Mr. Panthep Thanchitikul. The association found the price range between 2.5 million and 5 million baht was the most popular, at 37% of total sales, followed by 20% in the 5-10 million bracket, and the rest in higher and lower price ranges.

The average home price offered at the fair was 4.2 million baht, close to last year’s figure. The event drew 60,000 visitors, down 25% from the previous year, but on-site sales rose from 1.5 billion to 2 billion baht. Mr. Panthep said the group’s research showed good demand and it was confident that its members would achieve the target of 10 billion baht in 2009.


A: Ms. Uraiwan Wasunkajorn from Pool and Fresh Co. Ltd. proudly accepts the offer from Dr. Josef, publisher of the Poolasia Magazine to be promoted with their Pool Design contest, the only one in Thailand. Amazing design’s are waiting for to be shown and to be brought into reality as well with Pool &Fresh’s mother company MIKA Group.


B: Aren’t the Home Builder’s Mascots charming? C,D: Mr. Pachara Pongboriboon, GM of J.D. Pools highlighted the SPECK counter current system. It has drawn much interest not only among the kits. Doing exercise at home is “IN”.





Three Countries, One Destination Project will help Laos




Wat Xieng Thong, Luang Prabang

By Reinhard Hohler, Chiang Mai (09.09.2009)

Long seen as less developed than some of its neighbours, Laos has been welcoming visitors for about a decade.

By 2010, the country aims to attract over a million visitors a year to boost the economy, which has few exports or industries. Critics of Laos tourism plan to boost visitor numbers have said a greater influx of tourists could destroy the peacefulness the country is known for, however, authorities have promised they will be mindful of the situation. Soukaseum Bodhisane, Vice Chairman of Laos National Tourism Administration (LNTA) said: “We have to preserve and develop, but we have to maintain some conditions. First, we have to share the benefit for the people at the grassroots level, and second we have to help share the benefit for the community. Third, we have to have benefit for the tourists also. And we have to preserve biodiversity.” Despite its growing popularity, tourism in Laos is expected to take a hit from the global economic downturn. Regional co-operation could prove to be the secret ingredient to fighting the recession, as Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have banded together to showcase the various attractions each country has to offer. Soukaseum Bodhisane said: “We, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, try to organise the Three Countries, One Destination Project. So we would like to co-operate”. The three countries also plan to upgrade infrastructure, facilitate border checkpoints and establish better air links between World Heritage sites. poolasia.com




Good news for swimming pool enthusiasts in Malaysia Record attendance at Malaysia’s biggest swimming pool seminar and presentation of the Ministry of Health’s initiatives A record 143 people attended the seminar on “Pool & Spa Water Analysis and Treatment Guidance” in Kuala Lumpur on 5 May 2009. Among them were 33 officers from various Malaysian Government agencies connected with pool management. It showed that the Government had seen the need to upgrade the technical knowledge of their officers through seminars. Actifchem Sdn. Bhd. has organized swimming pool seminars and workshops in Malaysia since 2003. Their three objectives are: to educate the audience on the proper water treatment and management of swimming pool and spa; to disseminate information of governmental pool water quality monitoring guidelines and to make known to the participants what quality products are available from the company for use in the pool industry. The seminars and workshops had attracted enthusiastic responses because Malaysians are eager to upgrade their knowledge and education.

Ms. Noorazlina binti Zainuddin, the Actifchem Team and Mr. Martin Woelk, Tintometer GmbH, Germany



Ms. NoorAzlina binti Zainuddin, Ministry of Health and Mr. Clarence Lim, GM of Actifchem Sdn. Bhd.

Ms. Noorazlina’s message to the seminar audience about Malaysian Government initiatives on swimming pool water quality monitoring is as follows in brief: Malaysian Ministry of Health until now doesn’t have any Act on rules or regulations governing the swimming pool water quality monitoring, but local authorities at various states have their own monitoring guidelines program. The Ministry is now cooperating with the local authorities and public in development of a database for a guidelines monitoring system to be implemented before year end. The public swimming pools operated by local authorities, hotels, resorts, water parks and apartments are to be effected by the monitoring system. Ms. Noorazlina binti Zainuddin is presently working as a Senior Principal Assistant Director, Engineering Division, Ministry of Heath. She is also Head of Scientific Unit, Environmental Health Section. It is the Government agency responsible to plan, implement and monitor environmental public health programs including monitoring of public pool water quality. She is the person with authority in planning and implementing the monitoring program.





Mr. Andrew Cheah with the Viva Tropicana’s new “Ambassadors” for responsible swimming water quality management at the ASIAWATER 2008 Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur



ne can say that the co-founder of the Viva Tropicana SDN BHD and MD of ISZA Trade SDN BHD Mr. Andrew Cheah has spent more time in his life in pump rooms troubleshooting than some athletic swimmers in the competition pool. With his acquired unique expertise in hand and the companies obligation to provide with innovative technologies outstanding water quality especially the children as patrons of the water parks and public swimming are the clear winner. Viva Tropicana SDN BHD was established in 2007 as a know-how and technology provider to cater to the growing need for state of the art treatment concepts in the recreational water business.

viva tropicana sdn bhd, reg. 778249-H No: 5-3, Jalan 3/ 116D, Kuchai Entrepre-neurs’ Park, off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Tel: + 6016 3366905 Email: info@viva-tropicana.com.my www.viva-tropicana.com.my



The company offers: - Supplying of swimming pool treatment products Authorized agent for: Dinotec GmbH, GERMANY, www.dinotec.de Sugar Valley s.l., SPAIN, www.sugar-valley.net Werner Dosiertechnik GmbH, GERMANY API Waterfun GmbH, Germany, www.apiwaterfun.de - Proprietary pool treatment chemicals - Provide consultation for pool water quality management - Operate and manage Public Pools





Tourism investment conference 2009 30 September 2009 - 01 October 2009 New World Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Bullish Outlook forecasted in the Vietnamese Tourism Real Estate Market An interview with Mr. Phan Huu Thang, one of the speakers at the Tourism Investment Conference 30 September - 1 October, 2009 and currently the head of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Department, was conducted by the VietNamNet Bridge. The report pointed to an extremely vibrant Tourism Real Estate industry in the years to come. These are the important facts and figures from the interview:

Real estate is the second biggest magnet for foreign direct investment (FDI) with nearly 300 projects are licensed and total registered capital is $33.9 billion.

Foreign investors have shown special interest in real estate projects that will serve the tourism sector. The many large resorts that were licensed in 2008, include the $4.23 billion Ho Tram complex project by Asiana Coast Development, a Canadian investor, in Ba Ria-Vung Tau. Prior to that, the same province allowed a US investor, Good Choices, to a license to build a $1.3 billion five-star hotel, entertainment and restaurant area. Starbay Holdings was licensed to build the $1.65 billion Bai Dai tourism complex on Phu Quoc island.

The immediate focus is on Vietnam’s 3,260 kilometres of coast, 125 beaches, beautiful landscape and cultural heritage, in order to be able to build up a tourism real estate market of international scope.



These include projects along the central coast, all our beautiful beaches from Quang Binh south to Ninh Thuan. •

Other areas with big potential include the Red River Delta, Mekong Delta, the mountains of northwest Vietnam and the Central Highlands area. All these places can be ideal areas for resort development.

Developments that are targeted include: Chains of villas, resort apartments and villas associated with golf courses

The event is the perfect platform to take advantage of the immense potential of the burgeoning Vietnamese Tourism and Hospitality markets. This is a great opportunity to gain country insights and importantly network with some of the top government officials and top corporate professionals that will be invaluable in gaining invaluable market access to the Vietnam's Tourism and Hospitality industries.


VietNamNet Bridge – Phan Huu Thang thinks Vietnam’s tourism real estate market will see a boom in five years if investors can realize its potentials and have reasonable market development strategy. That’s why he’s setting up an industry association. And we hope that we will have 300 members by the next year.



Thang: You are right that Vietnamese corporations have a big advantage that foreign investors do not have: lots of suitable land. Most of the best tracts have fallen into the hands of domestic investors. They have pushed land prices up. Meanwhile, foreign investors do not have land to carry out projects and encounter difficulties in site clearance. The problem is that many Vietnamese investors do not follow long term investment plans. They just wait to see the land price escalating and then sell the right to develop a project to foreign investors. I think that our businesses should get together to settle the problem. TBKTVN: Is that why you have taken the lead in organizing an industry association, the ‘Vietnam tourism real estate branch’?

Phan Huu Thang, head of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Department

Thang: Domestic real estate corporations are still weak in financial capability and management technology. We still do not have an overall plan to develop the market.

In an interview given to Thoi bao Kinh te Vietnam (VNEconomy), Phan Huu Thang, currently the head of the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Foreign Investment Department, said that real estate developers should promote investment in resorts, because this will be a key segment of the market in the time to come.

Therefore, domestic developers need to work together to make suggestions to the State about reasonable policies which can help develop the market. It is necessary to settle the existing problems, including high land prices, complicated procedures and poor infrastructure.

TBKTVN: Which investment model for tourism real estate can bring the highest returns?

On August 29, we will establish an executive board, and in October, we will organize a conference on tourism real estate. We hope that we will have 300 members by the next year.

Thang: The chains of villas, resort apartments and villas associated with golf courses have become the favourite models. Villas have been designed with features that allow people to relax while staying close to nature. Hill slopes, forest and mountain areas, lake or coastal areas are the top choice for resorts. This sector includes lots of facilities that serve tourist visitors – hotels, villas, vacation apartments, recreation and sports areas, casinos, natural or artificial landscapes, restaurant zones, cultural and historical sites, and, of course, service industries and training activities.

We are also seeking foreign partners, especially from US, Japan or Asia. VietNamNet/TBKTVN The newspaper Tuoi Tre reported on 08/14/2009 at the the population conference that the population hit 85.8 million in April 2009, an increase of 9.5 million since 1999. Vietnam is the world's 13th most populous country.

TBKTVN: Domestic real estate developers have a big advantage in that they are able to access almost unlimited tracts. Why do they have an inferiority complex vis-à-vis foreign developers?





PoolAsia introduces one of the leading market driver of Asia’s hospitality in Asia: Mr.Michel Van Der Hoeven He’s speaker at the Tourism Investment Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 30 September - 01 October 2009 In the 8 years Michel has been with Minor International, he has led the hotel group’s business development activities, including driving the global expansion of the Anantara brand. To this role, Michel brings with him 15 years of related field experience in the AsiaPacific region: serving as General Manager for Six Senses responsible for managing luxury resorts in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and serving as a regional director and a major shareholder of the holistic resort operator Sanctuary Resorts, for which he was instrumental in developing resorts in Bali, Cambodia and Thailand. Minor International is Thailand’s largest hospitality operator; publicly traded with a market cap of more than to 1 Billion US$. Minor International operates over 1,200 restaurants, over 25 luxury hotels and re-

Anantara Dhigu, Maldives sorts with an additional 12 in the pre-opening phase and 31 luxury spas operating from China through the Middle East and Africa. The Company also developed and owns four award-winning Four Seasons’ Hotels & Resorts and operates three Marriott Resort & Spa franchises.

The company’s strength in human resource development and focus on marketing distribution has caused the luxury Anantara brand to become widely recognized as one of Asia’s preferred luxury resort, spa, serviced Michel Van Der Hoeven suites and residential mixed-use brands. With branded residences already in Bali and Thailand and with new Anantara Residences coming online soon in Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Dubai, Anantara has been able to help owners leverage our branding for their projects.

The Anantara brand is rapidly becoming the luxury travel experience of choice for the "know luxury" traveler; whether in urban or exotic destinations, combining luxury, experience, indigenous design, activities and impeccable service within their offering. Current Anantara properties are open in various locations in Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Bali and Maldives with new Anantara properties in various stages of construction in Vietnam, Phuket, Morocco, India, Oman, Indonesia, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sri Lanka. Several properties leverage the brand value by introducing residential components to the resorts. Anantara Spas are open in Jordan, Istanbul, Tanzania and Zanzibar in addition to the earlier mentioned resort destinations.

In the next issue, PoolAsia will show case PoolAsia’s Collection of the most outstanding swimming pools of the Anantara Group.





28th - 30th October 2009

FSB — GERMANY’s International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities — will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Around 500 companies from 44 countries will be presenting their latest products, innovations and services in Cologne, Germany on a gross exhibition area of around 62,000 m². The trade fair’s conceptual sponsor is the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS). The 21st IAKS Congress As part of the IAKS Congress, the “who’s who” of the sports and leisure industry will meet on all three days of FSB for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. This internationally renowned event, which is organized by the IAKS, will feature expert speakers offering a wealth of well-founded information on the latest topics of interest in the sector, and top planners and operators will present unusual projects. The presentations will address topics ranging from the transport and mobility concept for the London 2012 Olympic Games to the innovative financing and construction concept for the Singapore Sports Hub and the concept for the FIFA World Cup 2014 stadium in Brazil. One highlight of the IAKS Congress and FSB will be the presentation of the IOC/IAKS Award and the IPC/IAKS Special Prize 2009 on the evening of 28th October at the “Theater am Tanzbrunnen”. The world’s only international architecture prizes for exemplary sports and leisure facilities that have already proven themselves in operation are presented every two years at an award ceremony by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the IAKS.

About IAKS The IAKS is the No. 1 contact when it comes to the design, construction, equipping and maintenance of sports facilities and sports-oriented leisure facilities. You can benefit from our almost 40 years of experience in the collection, evaluation and dissemination of information on sports facility construction worldwide. IAKS contributes to the creation of functional, cost-effective and environment-friendly sports and leisure facilities. www.iaks.info

The Watercube, National Swimming Centre Beijing

IOC/IAKS AWARD 2009 And the winner is: CHINA The International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announce this years winners of their international architectural award for sports and leisure facilities. A jury-session with international personalities honoured seven projects with Gold, nine with Silver, eight with Bronze and argued for four Special Distinctions. Ten participants were awarded with an IPC/IAKS Distinction. The winning entries come from 14 countries worldwide. The triumphant winner is China with two gold, two silver and one bronze medal as well as with two IPC/IAKS Distinctions. The Olympic Stadium (“Bird’s nest”) in Beijing won the gold medal in the category “Stadia” and also the IPC/IAKS Distinction for Accessibility for its outstanding offers for athletes and spectators with a disability. All winners of the IOC/IAKS Award 2009 on www.iaks.info






HISTORY of SPECK: 100 years of innovation in pump making


Daniel Speck, the company founder

hat started was a father’s dream of independence which then became reality 100 years ago in Germany and has continued through to his sons, grandson and great-grandsons and is still continuing today with enormous

success internationally. 100 years ago, on a summer Sunday morning in Nuremberg a city in the German state of Bavaria, the Speck story began. While walking along the Schweigger Road, Daniel Speck and his eldest son Otto, then 19, discovered an empty workshop which allowed them to dream vividly about their own small business. A clumsy attempt to peer through a halfopen window brought a paraffin can crashing to the floor of the workshop thus attracting the attention of the owner who lived above. The inquisitive pair announced their serious interest in the property. A very relieved owner whose small business was coincidentally for sale then joined the two Specks for a few beers in a nearby beer garden. A missed lunch with the family and a surely heated debate between father and son sealed the purchase of machinist’s workshop by handshake that same afternoon. At the time Daniel Speck was employed by MAN as a foreman. The first products produce by Speck were transmission parts which sold well but with their limited capital could not be produced in large quantities.



In 1910 Daniel Speck invented a garage compressor for pumping up vehicle tyres which could be produce at a much lower cost. It was the production of the plunger reciprocating pump, “DSN – Daniel Speck Nuremberg” that laid the foundations for its successful history in pump building. In 1918 the company moved into new premises in the Hadermuehle in Nuremberg and within four years expanded into the adjacent building with its own 6 horsepower water-powered mill. In 1936, the four sons Otto, Walter, Willy and Karl were taken into the company as shareholders and its name also changed to “Daniel Speck & Soehne (sons)”. The number of employees grew to 70 so that at the end of the 1930s two omnibuses were necessary for company outings.

1918, Horse-drawn vehicle at Hadermuehle


Willy Speck, who was a swimming pool enthusiast established at various European trade fairs that all the swimming pool pumps on the market were produced in the USA. Thanks to his conviction that “… we can do that too!” this situation would soon change. In the mid-1960s, swimming pool technology had become the central topic in the sales company. So in 1965 and 1967 the entrepreneur, who was innovative and prepared to take risks, was able to bring his first two pool water circulation pumps, the cast metal BADU® 13 and BADU® 17, onto the market. But two disadvantages disturbed him: bronze pumps were expensive, and if iron pumps were idle for a long time, they put rusty water into the pool. In 1968, experiments with a new material for pump building produced the world’s first functioning, corrosionresistant all-plastic pump, the BADU®19.


In connection with the development and sale of swimming pool products, under the leadership of the sales company, several companies were formed abroad: 1969 Speck-Pumps South Africa, 1975 Speck-Espanola, 1978 Speck-Pumps Australia (later Speck-Pumps International), 1981 Speck-Pumps-Pool Products USA. Today, the three independent Speck companies, with 900 employees in production sites throughout the world – including about 650 employees in Germany – are well positioned internationally. Many customers have had close links to the house of Speck for many years – certainly one of the most important reason that today we can look back over 100 years of successful company history! It is often a joy to see continuing into the next generation, and the children continuing their fathers’ work together.

With the encouragement of a customer, in the early 1970s the BADU® Jet counter-flow swimming pool system was developed and produced. However, Willy Speck could not wait until the moulds for the plastic parts were produced before his new private pool was build – his cousin Walter Speck cast a unique bronze BADU® Jet for him. Willy Speck never lost his entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to his own swimming pool, he experimented at home – to the great suffering of his wife – with cleaning filter cartridges in the washing machine.

2004, Rollout in Neunkirchen of first BADU90 at the new factory

This apparently unusual method finally worked better than he had ever hoped.





WATER TESTING Good understanding of the water chemistry is the key for proper pool water management and safety for the swimmer.

Actifchem Seminar, 2009 Kuala Lumpur

PoolAsia encourages mayor water test kit manufacturer in the USA & Europe to provide affordable quality water test kits especially in emerging counties of Southeast Asia. We try to convince them to invest into these markets by establishing direct dealerships, rather to treat them via sub dealer through e.g. Australia or even Europe, which make the costs per test unnecessarily expensive and for the end user hardly affordable and further to support their dealer by conducting water quality awareness workshops. One the most supportive company’s to the pool industry, and as consequence for the benefit to the end user in Asia is the company TINTOMETER GmbH, Germany. We asked Mr. Martin Woelk, caretaker of the swimming pool water testing division to tell us more about the company.



LOVIBOND® Pool and Spa Water Analysis – Instruments and Reagents Water is our passion. For over 120 years we are specialised in the development of innovative instruments for water analysis. As the leading European Water and Swimming Pool Technology Company in terms of Single Water Testing the Tintometer® GmbH in Germany is manufacturer of the latest water analysis technology under the brand LOVIBOND®.



From MiniKits for rapid visual tests to highly sensitive electronic measurement devices for private and public swimming pools – our multi faceted water analysis products and reagents give you reliable solutions in a single package. We work closely with leading associations, such as the German federal swimming pool and wellness association (bsw), the Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association (SPATA) in UK and the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) in the USA. To get in contact with domestic and professional Pool- & Spa Operators we participate as an exhibitor at the most important Fairs, e.g. PISCINA in Spain, Aquanale in Germany, Piscine in France and Pool / Spa / Patio Expo in the USA.

We are also looking forward to participate at the next PoolAsia Symposium in Southeast Asia / Thailand in 2010. It is our objective to control regularly the hygiene standards, e.g. for disinfections such as chlorine, pH-value, Total Dissolved Solids, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness etc. to make sure that world wide swimming and bathing is and will be under all circumstances some of the most popular leisure activities for children and adults. TINTOMETER GmbH LovibondÂŽ Water Testing Germany Martin Woelk

poolasia 1 - 09 XX poolasia.com




400 companies from over 30 countries have confirmed their presence in PISCINA Barcelona 2009 The International Swimming Pool Show, Piscina Barcelona, is approaching its next edition with very good prospects. With three months to go before the show is held, from the 20th to the 23rd of October, 400 companies – 62% of them foreign – have confirmed their participation, which reinforces its role as a leading global sales platform of the sector. During the four-day event, Piscina Barcelona will provide participating companies with the best setting for making contact with new clients, presenting new products and expanding their distribution network. “The show is a fundamental promotional and business tool for exhibitors, even more useful in the current economic climate”, says the director of Piscina Barcelona, Isabel Piñol, who adds “We must remember that the last show had an audience of over 20,000 trade visitors, 33% of whom were from 110 foreign countries. 90% of these visitors said they would be back at the next show”. Visitors from110 foreign countries In addition to the show’s traditional exhibits - which include (among other products) swimming pools; physical and chemical water treatment; wellness, fitness, spas and hydrotherapy baths; covers; and purification (filters and pumps) new sectors have been incorporated, such as safety equipment and sports and recreational facilities. The latter is a growing sector due to the population’s increasing interest in sport, health and wellness.

Access to Latin American markets In order to support this new sector, the show will host the first Ibero-American Congress on Sports and Recreational Facilities and will bring together professionals from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The show will also be hosting the Piscina Barcelona awards for exhibitors. Just like at the last 2007 edition, it is divided into two categories: the first is given for the best technological innovation and the second specific award which, this year, will go to the best safety proposal. These awards are judged by a technical panel of prestigious professionals in the fields of construction, swimming pools, wellness and sports and recreational facilities. July 2009

RECOMMENDATION This is an “2 in 1” event, combining in one visit the regional market in Europe and access to the booming market in South America. It has never been easier. We highly recommend you to visit this event and to combine it with the discovery of fabulous Barcelona.There you can enjoy the pleasant late autumn season of Spain at that time as well.

“Casa Battlo”, a must see in Barcelona





"HIGH TECH POOL PRODUCTS MADE IN AUSTRIA" With a wide range of products out of its own production Peraqua – the pool division of Praher, a company with a long-standing tradition – has captured a strong position in the pool industry. All signs clearly show that Peraqua and Praher are focusing on growth which can already be seen at the buildings. In 2001, the company opened a new branch for logistics, sales and marketing for both sites, expansions are already planned or under progress. The main driver of the business is and always has been export. “We already exported to the Central European Countries during the 1970´s. Today we deliver our goods to more than 80 countries worldwide,” explains Wolfgang Irndorfer, CEO of Peraqua. Meanwhile the company has established 8 subsidiaries around the globe. In Canada, Peraqua has a second production site in operation for doing business on the Canadian, American and Latin American market. In 2004 both the core businesses of this family enterprise founded in 1971 were separated in two independent brands: Praher Valves is supplier of valves and accessories for industrial plants, Peraqua has its competence in the area of pool technology and pool accessories and has developed itself to a professional supplier for the private and public pool construction.

Today, Peraqua develops and produces an ever growing range of products. The main focus of the company is research, development and of course production of high quality and durable plastic products in Schwertberg, Austria. “Our continuous growth during the last years is proof enough that concentration on technical high quality and premium class products was absolutely the right thing to do,“ says Mr. Irndorfer. One more advantage is the company boasts its own tools and mould constructions. With more than 150 different kinds of plastics and colours in its repertoire, the company is able to react flexibly and fast (Irndorfer) in respect of trends and market needs. The high-developed automation in production and installation guarantees the delivery of new products Now, Peraqua is ready and willing to capture the Asian market with its high quality products and is looking for motivated partners, pool constructors and importers in all regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Indonesia who are interested in a serious and long-lasting cooperation. Interested parties are invited to contact Peraqua by emailing irndorfer@peraqua.com or call +43 664 60178 2011 Address: Wolfgang Irndorfer MBA / Managing Director Peraqua GmbH, Handelsstraße 8, A-4300 St. Valentin, AUSTRIA (EUROPE) Tel.: 0043/7435/584880, www.peraqua.com





Stainless steel pools NEW to Southeast ASIA German stainless steel pool manufacturer seeking business partner

Edelstahl-, Schwimmbad- und Metallbau Ltd is a medium-sized family owned enterprise based in Pirna, Saxony in Germany. Our employees have specialised in the construction of stainless steel swimming pools since 1993. We can draw on 30 years of expertise in metal working and industrial equipment production for the chemical industry. Our manufacturing programme encompasses the design, construction and assembly of pools of every type, size and design as well as the equipment and features required. In collaboration with experienced planning offices and specialist companies, we also offer our customers unbiased advice, including feasibility studies for renovation or new construction. Stainless steel is a high-quality, superior material that lends itself ideally to a great number of uses under a wide range of conditions. We have made it our goal to give our customers the very pool they want. Our highly skilled and motivated employees and our technically advanced production combine to ensure that, however individual your needs and requirements may be, we can meet them.



e.s.m. Edelstahl- Schwimmbad- und Metallbau GmbH KunstseidenstraĂ&#x;e 3 D-01796 Pirna, GERMANY Tel. +49 (0) 35 01 / 46 66-34 Fax +49 (0) 35 01 / 46 66-11 e-mail: info@esm-pirna.de Internet: www.esm-pirna.de




SPA WORLDS – EWA presents visions for the future at the FSB Fair 2009 on 29th October 2009

Inspired by tradition – the European Waterpark Association and the Cologne Fair Company expose more than 50 contributions to an international competition for young architects and designers at the FSB Fair in Cologne from October 28th to 30th 2009. The students were asked to present their visions of SPAWORLDS based on the different bathing cultures of the world. The results of the competition will be exhibited in hall 11.1, booth J 050.

“Back to nature” – that might be the headline of the competition according to the contributions. Most of the students of architecture and interior design that participated at the competition have chosen organic shapes and materials like wood, schist and bamboo. Even in a year that is devoted to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the German “Bauhaus” pulsating lines and biomorphic shapes dominate the right angle and functionalistic design.

On Thursday, October 29th at 11 AM the president of the EWA Dr Michael Quell and representatives of the Cologne Fair Company and the jury will award the prizes to the winners of the competition. The prizes worth 2.500 €, 1.500 € and 1.000 € are donated by Dorena Freizeitanlagen GmbH & Co. KG, the Kölnmesse GmbH and by PAETAU SPORTS Versicherungsmakler GmbH. International experts, among them the President of Association of German Interior Designers Prof. Rudolf Schricker, form the jury.

A wooden wave created by the student Thomas Gruß offers various possibilities for a relaxation close to the pool. Jana Schnelle was inspired by the cupola of the oriental hammam and renewed the idea with an open construction of bamboo and coloured glass. But there are also some real futuristic designs like the draft of the young student Julia Hofmann: two dynamic tubes offer space for sauna and wellness treatments.

Following “Visions of Waterworlds“ (2003), “Water Toys for Kids and Adults“ (2005) and “Water Dreams / Water Spheres“ (2007) SPA WORLDS is the fourth international competition organized by Europe’s leading association of indoor and outdoor waterparks and the Cologne Fair Company with the aim to attract the world of waterparks to young designers and architects and to present innovative new concepts to the waterpark and leisure industries.

With the exceeding design of the SPA WORLDS the visitors will be addressed with all senses.

For further information please contact Dr. Klaus Batz at EWA Office, Breite Gasse 38, D-90402 Nürnberg (Germany) phone : +49 (0) 911 24 06 145 fax: +49 (0) 911 24 06 146 mail: info@freizeitbad.de www.freizeitbad.de, www.waterpark.de

Pool Water Analysis Lovibond® - The Original

Tintometer GmbH • Lovibond® Water Testing Schleefstraße 8-12 • 44287 Dortmund • Germany sales@tintometer.de • www.tintometer.de poolimage_a4_hoch_gb.indd 1

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